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                          city locAtion
                          UTS haymarket Campus - convenient,
                          and close to public transport.

                          DAy & eVening clAsses


                          MoDern fAcilities
                          Free wireless internet access,
                          multimedia lecture theatres and
                          exclusive computer labs.

                                       pAul seKhon
                                       Juris doctor Student
JUriS doCTor
The Jd AdvANTAge                                  worLdwide APPeAL                                   gLobAL exPoSUre
You already have a degree and are ready           Graduates of UTS:Law degrees have often            Regular research seminars and visiting guest
for the fast-track. You’re looking for an         gone on to international careers - working in      lectures by leading legal academics keep you
original, streamlined and internationally         Shanghai, Tokyo, London and New York.              in touch with contemporary issues of law.
recognised course of law study which reflects
your life experience and caters for your
other commitments with flexible day/night
                                                  iNFormed iNveSTmeNT                                PerForm oN The
classes. most of all you’re ready for your next   Education, at every level, is an investment.       worLd STAge
challenge: a UTS Juris Doctor (JD).               In return for a sustained effort, commitment       UTS offers the opportunity to be part of
                                                  of time and university fees, a JD graduate         trained student teams involved in national
As a course of study designed solely with         attains sharp analytical skills, highly
graduates in mind, you will enjoy the                                                                and international mooting competitions.
                                                  improved career prospects and possibilities,       Other competitions available include
advantage of learning with like-minded,           increased earning capacity and a range of
talented peers. Together you will forge the                                                          negotiation, client interviewing and witness
                                                  invaluable graduate attributes.                    examination. Your study of law will be
kind of collegial, professional network few
other university degrees can offer.                                                                  enriched with opportunities by real-world
                                                  PrACTiCAL                                          application of knowledge.
As a graduate, you can advance your
career achievements to date with a shift in       LegAL TrAiNiNg
direction – for instance, with a UTS JD and       Unlike other university courses, the UTS           iNTerNATioNAL exChANge
a prior career in banking and finance, you        JD is the only Sydney JD that equips you for       UTS provides International Exchange as
can build on your existing experience and         admission to practice by including the option      an opportunity for students to gain an
professional network to enter a new career        to undertake the Practical Legal Training          international perspective on their courses
in a commercial law firm, or as corporate         (PLT) component.                                   and careers. Studying on exchange provides
in-house counsel.                                                                                    an exciting way to gain intercultural
Note: While the Juris Doctor is an                grAdUATe ATTribUTeS                                knowledge, skills and experience. UTS has
                                                                                                     agreements with universities in Asia, UK
exclusively graduate-entry course, it must        Being a successful law graduate in today's         and Europe which enable the exchange of law
be distinguished from a master of Laws,           world requires more then just knowing the          subjects for a semester.
which is offered to law graduates wishing         law and how to apply it. Graduates need to
to further specialise in an area of law.          be able to think critically, analyse information
The JD is not a doctoral level award. Both JD     and its source, behave professionally              grAdUATe emPLoYmeNT &
and LLB students are required to study the        and manage work and life priorities in an          SUmmer CLerKShiPS
11 areas of knowledge prescribed by the           effective manner.                                  UTS participates in the legal clerkship and
Legal Profession Admission Board.
                                                                                                     internship programs and UTS students gain
                                                  UTS Law recognises these attributes                a high proportion of available positions.
whY ChooSe A UTS                                  as "Graduate Attributes", which are
                                                  the characteristics, qualities, skills and
JUriS doCTor                                      capabilities possessed by students by the          SYdNeY’S FirST, The
Choosing to undertake a UTS JD ensures            time they complete their law degree at UTS.        UTS:LAw Jd
your experience of studying law is
                                                                                                     Launched in 2008, UTS:Law has
streamlined, flexible and professionally          Graduate Attributes include critical thinking,     established itself as the foremost provider
relevant. As a student you will benefit from a    disciplinary knowledge and lifelong learning.      of JD education in Sydney.
comprehensive curriculum review recently
undertaken in close consultation with the
legal profession. Day and night classes, as       mASTer oF LAwS oPTioN                              Offering experienced academics skilled in
                                                                                                     demystifying the technical legalese of law -
well as intensive block subjects and summer       The UTS LLm is also brand new and                  UTS:Law has been top rated by the Federal
school, allow you to fast-track your degree       articulates well with the JD, allowing             Government for Excellence in Learning
and graduate one year (or more) ahead of          specialisation in a range of areas that build      and Teaching in 2007, 2008 and 2009 - plus
undergraduate LLB students, as well as            on the excellent foundation of the JD degree.      the Faculty’s right-in-the-city location, the
manage your study around other personal           Add an LLm and you will be well ahead              UTS JD provides a balance of both teaching
and professional commitments.                     of your peers, finished in 1.5 years before        excellence and flexible learning.
                                                  someone doing a LLB and LLm at another
                                                  university in Sydney.

Jd ProgrAm
The standard progressions for students undertaking PLT within the degree are shown below.

 3 year full-time standard program                  2 year accelerated program                          Part-time standard program
 YeAr 1                                             YeAr 1                                              YeAr 1
 Autumn Semester                                    January-February (intensive)                        Autumn Semester
 Perspectives on Law 8cp                            Legal method and Research 6cp                       Perspectives on Law 8cp
 Legal method and Research 6cp                      Autumn Semester                                     Legal method and Research 6cp
 Contracts 8cp                                      Perspectives on Law 8cp                             Spring Semester
 Spring Semester                                    Criminal Law 8cp                                    Criminal Law 8cp
 Torts 8cp                                          Contracts 8cp                                       Torts 8cp
 Criminal Law 8cp                                   Spring Semester                                     YeAr 2
 Australian Constitutional Law 8cp                  Real Property 8cp                                   Autumn Semester
                                                    Torts 8cp                                           Contracts 8cp
 YeAr 2
                                                    Australian Constitutional Law 8cp                   Australian Constitutional Law 8cp
 Autumn Semester
                                                    Law Option 1 6cp                                    Spring Semester
 Real Property 8cp
                                                                                                        Real Property 8cp
 Commercial Law 6cp                                 Summer Session                                      Commercial Law 6cp
 Equity and Trusts 8cp                              Commercial Law 6cp
 Law Option 1 6cp                                   Law Option 2 6cp                                    YeAr 3
                                                                                                        Autumn Semester
 Spring Semester                                    YeAr 2                                              Equity and Trusts 8cp
 Corporate Law 8cp                                  Autumn Semester                                     Administrative Law 8cp
 Administrative Law 8cp                             Equity and Trusts 8cp                               Spring Semester
 Evidence and Criminal Procedure 6cp                Corporate Law 8cp                                   Corporate Law 8cp
 Law Option 2 6cp                                   Administrative Law 8cp                              Law Option 1 6cp

 YeAr 3                                             Evidence and Criminal Procedure 6cp                 YeAr 4
 Autumn Semester                                    Spring Semester                                     Autumn Semester
                                                                                                        Law Option 2 6cp
 Civil Litigation 6cp                               Law Option 3 6cp
                                                                                                        Law Option 3 6cp
 Ethics and Professional Conduct 6cp                Civil Litigation 6cp
                                                                                                        Spring Semester
 Law Option 3 6cp                                   Ethics and Professional Conduct 6cp
                                                                                                        Evidence and Criminal Procedure 6cp
 Spring Semester                                    Legal Skills 6cp                                    Civil Litigation 6cp
 Legal Skills 6cp                                   Advocacy 6cp                                        Ethics and Professional Conduct 6cp
 Advocacy 6cp                                       Practical Experience 0cp
                                                                                                        YeAr 5
 Commercial and Estate Practice 6cp                 Summer Session                                      Autumn Semester
 Property Transactions 6cp                          Commercial and Estate Practice 6cp                  Legal Skills 6cp
 Practical Experience 0cp                           Property Transactions 6cp                           Advocacy 6cp
                                                                                                        Spring Semester
                                                                                                        Commercial and Estate Practice 6cp
                                                                                                        Property Transactions 6cp
                                                                                                        Practical Experience 0cp

      The Juris Doctor is a postgraduate legal qualification that has provided me with the flexibility and opportunity to
participate as a member of the prestigious ‘Jessup International Law Moot court competition’ team whilst continuing
  to work part-time and complete my degree. I chose UTS because its Law Faculty was held in high esteem amongst
 friends already in the legal fraternity for providing courses that concentrated on the practical industry aspects of the
   legal profession. The lecturers are always approachable and willing to spend that extra time to assist students in a
 lecture, tutorial or private meeting if the student requires it. They go above and beyond their duty as teaching staff to
                                                                                                            the students.
                                                                                                             Justin Sing
                                                                                                  Juris doctor graduate
CoNTACT hoUrS                                                          SUbJeCT LiSTiNgS                                 moderN FACiLiTieS
classes for full-time students are generally                           To assist you in planning your study program,    We have state-of-the-art facilities including
timetabled during the day. registrations                               full subject lists and descriptions are          wireless technology, multimedia lecture
in evening or other classes are subject to                             available on our website.                        theatres, a purpose-built moot court and
availability and no guarantees are provided                                                                             trial courts to practise your legal arguments
in securing preferences. As a guideline a six                          TimeTAbLe                                        and advocacy skills. The Faculty also
credit point subject requires attendance of                            The official UTS Autumn and Spring               features computer labs solely designated
three hours each week and an eight credit                              Timetable is released online mid-november        to law students and available for extended
point subject requires attendance of four                              each year for timetable information for the      hours, private research rooms, law library
hours each week over a 14-week semester,                               following academic year. This allows you to      and study spaces.
or equivalent. For every hour of tuition you                           search for subjects and plan your semesters.
will need to dedicate a minimum of 2-3 hours                           All core law subjects are offered each           CiTY LoCATioN
of reading and preparation. core teaching                              semester every year. not all elective subjects   Located just a few minutes walk from
hours for on-campus classes are generally                              are offered each year but will be offered        central railway Station and right on the
timetabled on Monday to Friday, between                                within a 2 year cycle.                           door step of major metropolitan and
the hours of 9:00am and 9:00pm. evening                                                                                 suburban bus routes, the UTS Haymarket
classes generally commence at 5:00pm                                   ASSeSSmeNT                                       campus is quick and easy to get to after
and finish at 9:00pm to enable attendance                              JD assessment varies from subject to             work. The campus has the added benefit of
in more than one class per night. There is                             subject, between formal examinations,            being close to chinatown, Darling Harbour
no teaching past 9:00pm. Intensive block                               research work, class participation,              and the cinema complexes if you want to
mode subjects are offered in Summer                                    essays, assignments, seminar/tutorial            socialise after class, eat out or take in a
Session. contact hours are equivalent to                               presentations, take home examinations or         movie. Park at one of the numerous parking
the contact hours for subjects offered on a                            a viva voce. Students will be advised of the     stations located on Quay Street and get a
weekly basis (around 36 hours) but block                               official assessment criteria in the first week   discount by showing your student I.D.
classes are held over a concentrated period.                           of a semester when Subject outlines are
                                                                                                                        Disclaimer: The information in this brochure is correct
Distance subjects are taught via UTSonline                             provided in class or made available online.      as of July 2010. The University reserves the right to alter
and will require time to participate in online                                                                          any matter described in this brochure without notice.
                                                                       All written assignments should follow the
discussions and group work, download
                                                                       uts:lAw guide to written communication
audio recordings of lectures and submit
                                                                       which is available to download from our
assignments via the Digital Drop box.
                                                                       website. An assignment cover sheet must be
                                                                       attached to all submitted work.                  law.uts.edu.au
UTS:McU / Job 15930 / AUgUST 2010 / UTS:crIcoS ProvIDer coDe: 00099F
juris Doctor (JD)
A grADuAte entry lAw Degree
DesigneD to equip you to enter
the legAl profession

> Includes Practical Legal Training (PLT)
> Part-time and full-time
AcceLerATeD oPTIon AvAILAbLe

                                            shApe your future
CoUrSe STrUCTUre                                 2011 ACAdemiC YeAr                                modeS oF STUdY
The course comprises a total of 144 credit       The academic year is divided into two             The JD is offered in both part-time and
points. The study components for course          main semesters, Autumn Semester and               full-time study modes. Part-time study refers
completion are as follows:                       Spring Semester. Summer Session offers            to a 'reduced' semester load and part time
> 102 credit points of compulsory core law       the optional opportunity to accelerate your       students may need to attend day classes.
  subjects (14 subjects);                        course by undertaking up to two subjects in       Classes for full-time students are generally
> 18 credit points of law options (three         intensive mode.                                   timetabled during the day. Registrations in
  subjects); and                                 Autumn Semester:                                  evening or other various classes are subject
> either 24 credit points of practical legal     28 February 2011 - 10 June 2011                   to availability and no guarantees are provided
  training subjects (five subjects) or an                                                          in securing preferences.
                                                 Spring Semester:
  additional 24 credit points of law options
                                                 01 August 2011 - 11 November 2011
  (four subjects).                                                                                 hoNoUrS
                                                 Summer Session:                                   To qualify for honours in the Juris Doctor,
                                                 December 2011 - February 2012
AdmiSSioN reqUiremeNTS                                                                             candidates must attain a minimum
Applicants require a Bachelor's degree in a                                                        average mark of 80 per cent across all
discipline other than law. Completion of this                                                      subjects attempted.
qualification does not guarantee entry into
this course. Offers are based upon academic
merit and are made on a competitive basis.

                          engAge. eDucAte. eMpower
                          These words guide our efforts to equip graduates with the essential skills
                          required of top-tier, critical-thinking, socially-responsible legal professionals.
                          The UTS JD has been developed in close consultation with the legal profession.
                          A first in Sydney, in response to evolving needs and a globalised work environment.
                          Professor Jill mcKeough
                          UTS Faculty of Law
how To APPLY                                2011 FeeS                                              eNroLmeNT
Australian Citizens &                       $63,300 Australian Citizens &                          All classes have enrolment quotas. Once
Permanent residents                                 Permanent Residents                            you are made an offer it is important that
Applications are lodged via the             $71,580 International Students                         you accept your offer and enrol as soon
Universities Admission Centre.              Note: Fees are charged at the rates set for the year   as possible. Evening classes have spaces
www.uac.edu.au                              enrolled per subject and are increased annually.       reserved for part-time students but are
international Students                                                                             released to all students 4 weeks before
Applications are lodged via the             Fee-heLP                                               semester starts. Registrations in evening
UTS International Office.                   The Australian Government offers a                     or other various classes are subject to
www.uts.edu.au/international                Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP)                 availability and no guarantees are provided in
                                            which provides eligible fee-paying students            securing preferences if you enrol late.
APPLiCATioN deAdLiNeS                       with a loan to cover their tuition fees. In 2010,
Autumn Semester                             the lifetime FEE-HELP loan limit is $85,062.           FUrTher iNFormATioN
Australian Citizens & Permanent Residents   The loan limit is indexed each year.                   e: law@uts.edu.au
- 31 January                                www.goingtouni.gov.au                                  p: 1300 ASK UTS (1300 275 887)
International Students
- 15 December
Spring Semester
Australian Citizens & Permanent Residents
- 30 June
International Students
- 15 June

Summer Session
Australian Citizens & Permanent Residents
- 29 October
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