CASS COUNTY COMMISSIONERS
                             MAY 5, 2008

      The Cass County Commissioners met in regular session at 1:30 PM in
the government building hearing room, Logansport. In attendance were Dick
Rusk, Dave Arnold, Jim Sailors, Attorney John Hillis, and Auditor Dawn
Conner. Dick Rusk opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

                      MINUTES & EXPENSE CLAIMS
      Dave Arnold motioned to approve the April 21 minutes, Jim Sailors
seconded. Dave Arnold also motioned to approve the expense claims, Jim
Sailors seconded. Both motions carried unanimously.

                        HIGHWAY & ENGINEER REPORT
       Jodi Coblentz reported that the north half of the deck on Bridge 104 at
Broadripple was poured on 5/1. The Lewisburg Bridge is now open to traffic,
but is still not complete. A ribbon cutting will be scheduled once the project
has been completed. Original plaques will be placed back on the bridge. A
portion of the sidewalk on the Bartlett Street Bridge was washed out during
winter flooding. LaPorte Construction is scheduled to begin repairs on 5/2.
The repair costs will be submitted to FEMA. A stakeholders meeting will be
held in May on the CR 300 S project. Portions of New Waverly have been
paved and should be finished by 5/9. Jodi recommended the SEM Materials
bid for bituminous; Dave Arnold is not ready to accept the bid. Pipes have
been placed, and ditching and berming are complete on CR 375 N. Chip and
seal will begin after stone is placed. Berm and ditch work is scheduled to
begin on CR 275 S. The department is continuing to patch, and is still
waiting on delivery of replacement parts for the grinder. Jodi is researching
software programs to allow for a true fleet and parts management system.
Dave Arnold requested that one route be directed for traffic in construction
project areas to cut back on repair costs on roads.

       County Assessor Judy Lewis presented her plan for office consolidation,
effective July 1, 2008. She also briefly discussed employee responsibilities
and requested that the pay budgeted for trustee assessing is approved as pay
for a deputy in her office. The Board thanked her for the information.

                             HEALTH INSURANCE
      Jim Sailors discussed the bids submitted for a 6-1-08 renewal on the
county’s health insurance coverage. Four bids were submitted; bid #1, $3.7
million; bid #2, incomplete quote as no laser information was provided; bid
#3, $3.1 million; and bid #4, submitted as $2.9 million, but lowered to $2.6
million through the presentation process. The savings are significant as
premiums paid over the last year totaled $3,618,104.04. The Board
emphasized that benefits to employees will not be less than the current
provider, and deductibles, co-pays, and aggregate amounts will stay the same.
Dave Arnold motioned to approve bid #4 submitted by the Henriott Group.
Jim Sailors seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

                            COMMISSIONERS DEEDS
       Jim Sailors motioned to take deed to the remaining 19 properties that
failed to sell in commissioners’ sales. Dave Arnold seconded and the motion
carried unanimously. Dave Arnold noted that he is aware of interested buyers
for five of the properties.
                             HEALTH DEPARTMENT
       Jason Geisler, Environmentalist, was present to request the summer
intern to continue with the mosquito control program. Jim Sailors questioned
the ability of the three environmentalists covering these duties. There was
discussion about the department’s busy season during the summer due to
festivals, etc, and Dave Arnold questioned a travel request from Karen
LaTourette during the busy season. Dave also noted that he would like to see
extra dollars kept in the Health Maintenance Fund to cover expenses if and
when the county is faced with an emergency situation. Dave Arnold motioned
to disapprove the summer intern position, Jim Sailors seconded and the
motion carried unanimously.

       Mike Day was present to request replacement of a full time correction
officer. Jim Sailors motioned to approve, Dave Arnold seconded and the
motion carried unanimously. Mike also reported that average for inmates is
140-155 as of May 2, 2008.

                     COMPREHENSIVE MASTER PLAN
      Tina Mendenhall, grant writer with Mendenhall and Associates,
discussed the process for the grant application for the County’s
comprehensive master plan. Bids from engineering firms have been
submitted and are as follows:
      United Consulting
      Kendig Keast Collaborative, Chicago
      Strategic Development, Bloomington
      LSL Planning
      Abonmarche, South Bend
      Chester L. Hicks/R.E.A.C.H., Louisville
      S.E.H., Madison, WI
      RW Armstrong, Indy
      Kevin Gardner/ KGA, California

      Bids will be scored by the scoring committee on May 12th and the public
hearing will be held on June 9. Council is considering the request for funding
on May 16th, and the grant application should be submitted by the end of

                      PUBLIC COMMENTS & ADJOURN
      Alan McCloskey, Consolidated Union, thanked the Board for the
opportunity to work with the county on the health benefits plan. He offered
his assistance with the transition to the new company. There were no other
public comments and the meeting adjourned unanimously.

                              Dick Rusk, President

                              Dave Arnold, Vice President

                              Jim Sailors, Member

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        Dawn Conner, Auditor

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