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					 T h e F a t h e r F u n c k e n C o u n c i l # 1 5 0 4 & As s e m b l y

Volume 4, Issue 8                                                                                               April - May - June 2010

Inside this issue:                          Grand Knight’s Greeting
2 •• Chaplain’s Message
                                                    pring is finally here, (I never did complete my honey
     Dart Tournament Report                         do list, sorry Claudette) and with it comes the final
                                                    few months of this fraternal year. It seems this year
3 •• Deputy GrandCampaign
     Rose Sunday
                 Knight’s Message                   has been especially busy with the sale of the Colum-
                                            bus Centre and 100th anniversary preparations. Plans for
                                            Council 1504’s 100th event in August are almost complete. I
4 • K of C Centennial News                  hope you had your picture taken and are planning on at-
                                            tending this once in a lifetime celebration. We have seen
5 •• Mother’s Day Breakfast
     Foundation Committee
                                            both new and annual events run over the last several
                                            months with more scheduled over April, May and June.
    • Feather Party Report                  Please keep checking the web site for articles about what
                                            Council 1504 is up to and how we are making a difference
6 • Bowling League                          in the K-W community. During the February general meet-
                                            ing, we had the honour of hearing Father Lobsinger speak on his recent trip to India,
                                            as well as the Member of Parliament for Kitchener Centre, Stephen Woodworth, about
7 •• New CorporationWinners
         Trip Draw
                     Executive              Faith and Politics. Who knows, this might be the start of a lector program.
    • Horseshoes!
                                                The K of C Charity Foundation Committee has been doing a fantastic job planning
8   • In Memoriam
    • Wedding Anniversaries
                                            fundraising events. They meet every 2nd Saturday of the month at 10am. Any member
                                            who wants to have input and make a difference please come out. We will require sev-
    • Prayer List                           eral members to Chair Council events, i.e.: the Charity Golf event set for September.
                                            New members are especially welcome.

                                                Council will be voting in a new Executive at the next May General meeting to lead
Dates to Remember...                        and guide us in overcoming hurdles that seem to pop up. Please come and cast your
                                            vote in this very important selection process. As I reflect on my term as your Grand
Mother’s Day Breakfast ............ May 9
                                            Knight I would just like to congratulate those members who have given time and en-
                                            ergy to see this Council grow. I have limited space so I will not list you all by name. I
K of C Annual Convention ....... May 23     will mention that all members now chairing events have done an outstanding job. Ac-
                                            tive members like those who help run the Bingo, are involved in membership drives,
Horseshoes League ................ May 27   charitable fundraising, attend Council meetings and when asked step up and help are
                                            greatly appreciated and required. If there were one thing that every Council requires
Submissions for 100th Anniversary           it would be ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP. To keep moving forward we will need not only
Commemorative Booklet ......... May 31      new, but also inactive members to stand up and show your support. Even bringing
                                            family and friends out to enjoy the events we run helps. As we go forward Council is
                                            being asked to improve relationships within our parishes, as well as contributing more
                                            in charity for the many in need in the community. I trust the next Grand Knight will
                                            receive the same wonderful support and advice that was shown me.
 The Lord does                                  On behalf of Claudette and myself have a Happy Easter Season!
 not take away                                  God Bless You All,
 from your span of life
the time you spend at the                       Michael DeLenardo
 Knights of Columbus.                           Grand Knight, Council 1504
PA G E 2                                                            THE ECHO                                            VOLUME 4, ISSUE 8

  Chaplain’s Message
  Faith, Hope and Charity
  My Dear brother Knights,

  As many of you know, I had the opportunity to make a pilgrimage to India this past January.
  It truly was a memorable journey, one of the highlights being riding a very large elephant
  down the street as we processed to Mass (see picture below).
  The Catholic Church in India is alive and well even though it is a great minority. Only 2% of
  India is Catholic yet the Church operates 40% of the schools and social institutions. The
  Catholics in India truly have a sense of the need to reach out and help serve the least of Je-
  sus’ brothers and sisters. As well the Catholics of India have a very visible love for their
  Faith, their Church and their Priests. When one has very little of this world’s possessions, we often look to the
  greater gifts of Faith, Hope and Charity.
  As Knights of Columbus, we have pledged ourselves to strive for these greater gifts. The service we offer our par-
  ishes and communities, the charities we support, the love we give our Church and her ministers the Priests and
  Bishops are all signs and ways we strive for the greater gifts.
  We must be careful not to settle for the lesser gifts of the things
  of this world but make every effort to strive for the gifts of God.
  As we celebrate the great gift of the Resurrection of our Lord
  Jesus from the dead, I pray we all will, more and more, strive to
  be witnesses of this glorious event through our striving for the
  greater gifts.
  Wishing you and your families God’s continued blessings during
  this Easter season, I remain,
            Yours in Christ,
            Reverend Wayne L. Lobsinger, P.P.

                                                                              Funeral Home
                                                                                      621 King St. W.

                                                                                  (519) 745-9495
                                                                                       Bros. John &
                                                                                       Dennis Fedy

                                                    MIXED DART TOURNAMENT
On Sunday, March 14, 2010 we held our 8th Annual St. Pat’s Mixed Dart Tournament in the Members’ Lounge. Once again it was a tremendous
success due to the overwhelming support of the K of C Friday Night Mixed Dart League players. We hosted a total of 68 dart players, which made
for a fun-filled, long day of darts.
The $100.00 proceeds of the 50/50 draw went to our local Council’s Charities Fund. Many thanks to
Mike Ryan Jr. and Eldon Killen who kept the action going throughout the day, and to Mike Ryan Sr. for
organizing the team play. Also, special thanks to Irish Jack Nolan for the usual personal and efficient
bar service. You always do such a good job, Jack!
Once again we are proud that one of the two teams in the final for the day was led by our own Toni
Mattern and company. Toni plays both in the Friday night league and the Tuesday Ladies’ league.
Well done – again!
Thanks to everyone for your participation and support. Let’s do it again next year.
                                                                                      Sláinte, Nora Ryan
VOLUME 4, ISSUE 8                                       THE ECHO                                                                  PA G E 3

 Deputy Grand Knight’s Message
 As I prepare this article for the upcoming newsletter regarding the annual car draw, I am
 proud to say we are starting our third month in ticket sales, and sales are going well. In
 the past you would be hearing who the winners are, but due to a change in our newsletter
 mail out, you are getting an update at this time.
 As for the winners, they will be announced in our July edition of the Echo. There will also
 be an update posted on the Knights of Columbus website following the draw which will be
 held at our annual convention on May 23rd at the Double Tree Hotel in Toronto.
 I would like to again thank the members and their wives who took the time to help with
 the selling of these tickets, and in doing so helped make a difference in someone’s life.
         God Bless,

         Brother James Padgett,       DGK
         519-893-6359 (

       Cathy Hess - Manager
             Bill Hess

    Quality used cars and trucks
           bought & sold
       Trade-Ins Accepted                       Annual Rose Sunday Campaign
                                                The Annual Knights of Columbus Rose Sunday Campaign will once again be held
                                                throughout the month of May. Our council will be selling roses at all the Parishes within
                                                our council area after each mass for a voluntary donation. All funds raised through this
                                                campaign will go to support local Pro Life charities. Last year we raised over $4000,
  1572 Highland Rd. W., Kitchener               and we are looking to top that this year.
Bus: 743-6820         Res: 744-9685
                                                In addition to asking all members to be generous in purchasing these roses, we will be
        Jim Goodyear                            looking for volunteers to assist in selling theses roses. If you are able to help in spend-
                                                ing a few extra minutes after mass at your parish, your help would be greatly appreci-
                                                ated. Our council's Round Table captains will be calling members to ask for your help.
                                                In parishes that do not have a Round Table program I will be trying to find some mem-
                                                bers to help as the date approaches.

                                                If you are able to help at your parish or you are able to assist in other parishes, or even
                                                if you have any questions about this campaign, please feel free to contact me via e-mail
                                       or you may phone at 519-576-2004. This is an excellent opportunity
                                                to get involved in a council program with minimum effort or commitment. It is also a
                                                great chance for new members to get involved. The more members who volunteer
                                                ahead of time would greatly ease the planning of this event, and would be immensely
 DEADLINE for next ECHO:
  Tuesday, June 1st, 2010                       Look forward to hearing from many of you.
     (for the July-Aug-Sept Issue)
                                                                                      Ted Jasica, Rose Sunday Campaign Chair
PA G E 4                                                                THE ECHO                                                     VOLUME 4, ISSUE 8

  Centennial News
  To celebrate our 100th anniversary we have planned a trip to Notre Dame University
  in South Bend Indiana on the weekend of November 12 to 14, 2010.
  This trip will include transportation, accommodations at the Sacred Heart Parish Cen-
  ter (movie Rudy) and a football game ticket to Utah vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish.
  Final cost has not been finalized, but figure approximately $500.00 for the transporta-
  tion, accommodations and ticket. Any other costs will be at your expense.
  Due to limited accommodations a cheque for $500 per member, payable to K of C
  1504, will be accepted from June 1st to 12th, and must be deposited in Brian
  Schmalz’s mail slot at the Knights. A draw will be made at the general meeting on June 15th to finalize who goes, and a back up
  list in case anyone is unable to go.
  In order to qualify you must be a current member in good standing with Council 1504.
  PLEASE NOTE: This week-end involves an extreme amount of walking! You will need to share a room with someone, as the
  accommodations have 2 single beds per room.
  During January and February approx 190 brother Knights came to the Columbus Centre to have their photos taken for our Cen-
  tennial Photo Directory. The Centennial team was very pleased with the turn-out and is now in the process of completing the di-
  rectory. A big 'Thank You' goes out to all the members their spouses and family members for making this a success.
  The Centennial team has unveiled the new Centennial flag at our January general meeting which is on display in our council
  meeting room downstairs. For the next edition of The Echo, we expect to have a photo raising the flag at the Columbus Centre to
  commemorate our 100th Anniversary.
                                                                                               Whit Husk, Cemtennial Chairman
  Dear Brother Knights:
  I am soliciting for submissions that will be considered to be included in our 100th Anniversary Commemorative booklet. If you
  have stories or pictures of the history of our council please forward your written submissions in Word format or pictures via email
  to my email address:
  Documents and pictures that are not in electronic form may also be considered. These documents must be entrusted to us for a
  brief period of time so that we may scan them. Deadline for submissions is May 31, 2010. Please call me at (519) 880-3690.
                                                                                                           Yours in Christ, Kevin Morrissey, Editor

                                                                                                                             PUT YOUR AD HERE
                                                                                                                              Interested in advertising
                                                                                                                              to your brother Knights?
                                                                                                                                 Do you know of any
                                                                                                                                 business that would
                                                                                                                                 benefit from placing
                                                                                                                                  information here?
                                                                                                                                 CONTACT THE
                                                                                                                             FINANCIAL SECRETARY
                                                                                                                            FOR MORE INFORMATION.
VOLUME 4, ISSUE 8                                                      THE ECHO                                                        PA G E 5

                                                                                 Mother’s Day Breakfast
                                                                                                     Sunday, May 9th
                                                                                                     9:00 AM ~ 1:00 PM
                                                                                                 Victoria Park Pavilion
                                                                                             This new event, in partnership with
   Schreiter-Sandrock                                                                        Marillac Place, needs your support!
   Funeral Home & Chapel
                                                                                      We will need volunteers to help flip pancakes,
    51 Benton Street, Kitchener
                                                                                      do some clean-up or anything else required.
           (519) 742-4481                                                              If interested in helping for an hour or two,
         Bro. James Padgett                                                                 please contact Brian Schmalz at:
                                                                                                     or call 519-743-5457.
                                                                                       This is your opportunity to give back to the
                                                                                     community by coming out to support this event.
                                                                                   For more information, please check the K of C website
                                                                                    at or go to

        Bro. Roger Cann

Foundation Committee                                                                                 Feather Party A Success
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members who regularly attend our commit-
tee meetings, and all the great ideas, discussion and suggestions made throughout the frater-        On Dec 1st, 2009 we held our annual
nal year. The input you made at these meetings made a positive impact on the events our              “Feather Party” and approximately 80
council has run to date and are instrumental in shaping all council future events. Your atten-       people attended. As usual all those
dance has helped in my task to oversee all council events much easier. Thank you all and I
                                                                                                     who attended had a great time and
look forward to your continued support.
                                                                                                     many went home with prizes. This is
The Foundation Committee is a committee that oversees all council events. We not only look           one of our main fund raisers, and we
at each event to ensure that it does not conflict with any other council events, but we discuss
                                                                                                     are very excited that we raised ap-
each event in depth to review its success and make suggestions on improving them in the
future. We also discuss new ideas and events for the council.                                        proximately $1,800.00 to help us
                                                                                                     grow and continue with our charity
This fraternal year our committee was instrumental in shaping the Trip Draw and how to make
it even better next year. We set up the new collaboration with the Dance for Life Youth              work.
Group, the upcoming Mother's Day Breakfast fundraiser for Marillac Place and the new Com-            A hardy “thank you” goes out to all
munity Document Shred Event. We are now in early discussions for events coming in the                who attended for making this a suc-
new fraternal year. We plan on discussing all regular events, plus we already have several
                                                                                                     cess again this year. Also to all the
new events coming.
                                                                                                     brother knights, members and friends
If you have any suggestions for our current events, or have ideas for new ones, this is the          who volunteered in any way with any
place to bring them up. We meet the 2nd Saturday of each month at 10am. We try to keep
our meetings reasonably timed not to take away too much of everyone's valuable time, but at          of the functions it takes to run this
the same time our discussions are substantial and fruitful. It is also a great committee to see      raffle. To all those who contributed to
if there are any events that you may be interested in volunteering for, and seeing if it fits your   our prize table, and to Conestoga Ca-
talents.                                                                                             tering for the catering of the “free
If you want more information, or you would like to get an occasional e-mail about our commit-        sandwich” all received.
tee, send me an e-mail at and I would be happy to answer
any questions or send you a reminder of upcoming meetings.                                           Whit Husk,              Norm Brown
                                                                                                          PGK                Co-Chairman
Ted Jasica, Foundation Committee Chair
PA G E 6                           THE ECHO                            VOLUME 4, ISSUE 8

                Knights of Columbus
             BOWLING LEAGUE

                                                K of C Travel Card
                                             Anyone that has paid their 2010 dues and
                                            not received their 2010 white travel card,
                                          please contact Brian Schmalz at 519-743-5457

                                                                     Check the
                                                                     FOR UP-COMING
                                                                       ABOUT OUR

           507 Frederick St., Kitchener                              LEAGUE!
                 (at Expressway)
                                           > <
VOLUME 4, ISSUE 8                                                                        THE ECHO                                                               PA G E 7

      IN THE LOUNGE                                                             The New TRIP DRAW Winners...
                                                                                The New Knights of Columbus Trip Draw in January was a big success. Over $9,400
                    LOUNGE HOURS                                                was raised for those charities supported by Council 1504.
                                                                                The Trip Draw Lottery tickets were pulled on Tuesday, January 19th after the K of C
                     TUESDAY TO FRIDAY:                                         General Meeting at the Knights of Columbus Hall.
                  1:00 pm - 6:00 pm                                             The first prize ($5,000.00 Alaska Cruise) was won by Eugene Belanger with lucky ticket
                                                                                number 34. Other top winners included Dave and Diane Chevrefils who will be vacation-
                            SATURDAYS:                                          ing in Hawaii on their $4,000.00 holiday, while Martin Kreutzer goes to his $3,000.00
               12:00 noon - 5:00 pm                                             Dominican Republic getaway. Twenty-eight other winners pocketed cash prizes totalling
                                                                                $14,000.00 in the amounts of $1,000.00; $500.00 or $100.00.
        Posted hours are minimum hours                                          The new draw format was a big hit and is eagerly anticipated for next year. Here is a
       of operation, and may be extended                                        complete list of the lucky winners:
        for leagues, dinners and parties.
                                                                                $5,000 Alaskan Cruise: Eugene Belanger

      CONESTOGA CATERING                                                        $4,000 Hawaii (air, hotel, car): Dave & Diane Chevrefils

     OFFERING SPECIAL RATES TO MEMBERS AND                                      $3,000 Dominican Republic: Martin Kreutzer
                                                                                $1,000 Cash: Tibor Keizer; Angela Merkley; Michael Fortney, K of C Seniors Club,
                   SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY                                      Jackie Martz, Gary Mathyssen, Ray O'Brien, Rick Soetemans
    Rooms for Receptions, Anniversaries,                                        $500 Cash: Janise Grosz, Eileen Blewitt, Eldon & Sue Killen, Ben Colussi, Manuel Fi-
        Parties, Stag & Does and                                                gueiredo, Grant Ertel, Mike McKelvie, Russell Hayward, Frank Murovec, Paul Ziegler
           all other Gatherings.
       Family or Corporate Events.                                              $100 Cash: Jan Ryener, Sherri Borho, Jack Hammer, Trevor Trimble, Sharon
                                                                                Page, Carol Husk, George Uhrig, Diane Lettan, Gerald Parsons, Reva Cooper
                       PLEASE CONTACT
           Bill Jackson or Ron Solomon                                            Congratulations to all the winners!
                                                                                             Annual Knights of Columbus 1504
 DEADLINE for next ECHO:                                                                      Corporation Executive Results:
     JUNE 1, 2010                                                               Columbus Kitchener Inc. held its 60th Annual Meeting on February 23,
                 (July-Aug-Sept Issue)                                          2010, and the following Directors were elected:
                                                                                Chairman - Mike Ryan           Council Liaison - Jack Nolan
                                                                                Vice Chair - Whit Husk         Sports Liaison - Bernie Logel
                                    ACCURATE                                    Treasurer - Eldon Killen       Board Members - Brian Schmalz &
                                   BUSINESS MACHINES
                                            Since 1977                          Secretary - Norm Brown                           Reinhart Schreiter
                                                                                Building and Grounds - Jim Hibbs
Discount Laser Cartridges, Sales, Service & Repairs to all makes of Printers,
                Typewriters, Fax Machines, Shredders etc.

                        Bro. Manfred Aulich                                                         Horseshoes League
                                                                                                     It’s not too soon to think of horseshoes!
                                                                                The 2009 Knights of Columbus Men’s Horseshoe season begins Thursday, May 27.
                                                                                Players of all abilities are welcome since a handicap system is used and the league is
                                                                                always looking for new competitors. Entry fees are $25.00 for K of C members and
                                                                                $40.00 for non-members which includes all equipment, trophies and prizes and an enjoy-
                                                                                able yearend banquet.
                                                                                New players and those that didn’t play last year who would like to compete, please call
                                                                                Mike Ryan at 519-893-4664.
                                                                                You can also leave your name and phone number at the Columbus Centre bar, 110
                                                                                Manitou Drive.
Knights of Columbus Hall                                               Phone: 519 893-1504      E-mail:
110 Manitou Drive                                                      Fax:     519 893-6210  
Kitchener, Ontario N2C 1L3                                             Website:

                                                          IN MEMORIAM
                                              To you, Lord, we humbly commend our brothers.
                                         In this mortal life you loved them always with a great love.
                                 Now that they have been freed from all evils, bid them enter into Eternal rest.
                                       Dennis Feeney (Dec. 2009)   Lorne Kuntz, Sr. (Dec. 2009)
                        Biff Collins (Jan. 2010)   Frank Quinn (Feb. 2010)   Dennis Connelly (March 2010)

                                       Allan & Barb Vodicka                 John & Lucy Leblanc               16 Gordon & Catherine MacKay
WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES               6 Carl & Bonnie Miller
                                    7 Frank & Ginny Hess
                                                                         31 Jeff & Sandy Thompson                Bill & Cathy Hess
                                                                                                                 Wilfred & Rosemary Corriveau
APRIL                                                                    JUNE
                                    9 Edward & Donna Piwowarek           1 James & Mary Straus                   Robert & Christine Murovec
 4 Dale & Barbara Willson           10 Russell & Krita Getz                                                   17 Helmut & Carol Kassik
                                                                         2 Bryce & Lisa Ward
   Eugene & Henriette Spieker       11 James & Betty Reaume                                                      Claude & Lillian Lessard
                                                                         3 John & Toni Langdon
   Joseph & Jean Murray                Anthony & Ruby Szedetzki                                               18 Mark & Elaine Ancion
                                                                            Reinhart & Georgina Schreiter
   Edward & Loretta Mello           15 James & Jules Kovarik                                                  19 Walter & Mary Bruder
                                                                            Thomas & Judy Wilhelm
 7 David & Dianne Lippert              Brian & Phyllis Schmalz                                                20 Barry & Jeanette Ruetz
                                                                            James & Mary Simon
13 Terrance & Lori Molloy           17 Walter & Anne Van Niekerk                                              22 Dan & Joanne Dineen
                                                                            Michael & Carolyn Baltaz
15 Louis & Teresa Arruda               William & Donna Renaud                                                    Patrick & Janie Bolden
                                                                         4 Fernando & Cidalia Melo
16 Andrew & Theresa Goodwin         18 Daniel & Margaret Spain                                                25 Christopher & Karen Gehan
                                                                         6 Murray & Pauline McLaughlin
   Joseph & Yvonne Sutherland          Wilf & Brenda Bowering                                                 26 Jerome & Loretta Zettell
                                                                            George & Kathy Sehl
19 Whitfield & Carol Husk           20 Edward & Delphine Hergott                                              28 Eugene & Pat George
                                                                         7 Gary & Joyce Megaffin
   James & Rita McKenna                John & Joyce Shewchuk                                                     Michael & Mary McKelvie
                                                                         8 James & Joan Lagassie
20 Henry & Rita Ignor               21 Norbert & Patricia Kuntz                                               29 Douglas & Lori Shushack
                                                                            Peter & Debra Bey
   Donald & Carole Cameron          23 George & Elaine Kramer                                                    Francis & Joan Troupe
                                                                         9 Michael & Claudette DeLenardo
24 Frank & Louise Haggerty          24 Wilbert & Therese Sommers                                              30 Noel & Nancy Pilon
                                                                         10 Allan & Janet Kaehler
25 David & Margaret Mintz           25 Edgardo & Mercedes Perez                                                  Jack & Rosemary Traplin
                                                                            Anthony & Joan Collins
26 Roger & Debra Collins            26 Bruce & Nancy Ertel                                                       Rene & Janet Couture
                                                                            Stan & Theresa Blaskavitch
   Mario & Katrina Peretti             Gerald & Denise Munroe                                                    Casey & Kerry Philippi
                                                                         11 John & Heather Flanagan
MAY                                 27 Nick & Elizabeth Osbelt              Michael & Sofia Panchaud
2 Anthony & Gloria Becker              Fred & Janet Greidanus                                               If you are celebrating an anniversary
                                                                            Fernando & Yancy Font
  Ray & Ruth O’Brien                28 David & Susan Luft                                                   during one of the months listed above and
                                                                         13 Kenneth & Bernice Wettlaufer    your name does not appear, or is incor-
5 Orval & Theresa Kuskoff              Neil & Nancy Devereaux               Alan & Jean McElhone
  Johann & Linda Leinweber             Jack & Lorraine Nolan                                                rect, please advise the editor so the cor-
                                                                         14 James & Diane Padgett           rection or addition can be made.
  Bernie & Jeanne Zettel            29 James & Edna Ball                    Zigmund & Isabelle Coulas
  Albert & Sylvia Waechter             Herman & Carol Harvey             15 Leonard & Marie Solomon         WE EXTEND MANY HAPPY WISHES
                                                                                                                ON YOUR SPECIAL DAY !

Keep them in your prayers...                                             Lord, You invite all who are burdened to come to You.
                                                                         Allow your healing hand to heal me.
Please remember in your prayers the good health of the                   Touch my soul with Your compassion for others.
following Brother Knights...                                             Touch my heart with Your courage and infinite love for all.
                                Archie Hummel
                                                                         Touch my mind with Your wisdom,
                                Bob Orazek                               that my mouth may always proclaim Your praise.
                                Andy McAuliffe                           Teach me to reach out to You in my need,
                                Murray McLaughlin                        and help me to lead others to You by my example.
                                Jean-Paul Munroe                         Most Loving Heart of Jesus, bring me health in body and spirit
                                Emil Recktor                             that I may serve You with all my strength.
                                Earle Sauve                              Touch gently this life which You have created,
                                Wilf Weiler
                                                                         now and forever. Amen.
If any member knows of any Brother Knight who needs our prayers and spiritual support, please forward names to the Knights of Co-
lumbus. Because of the Privacy Act, we no longer have access to the patient lists of the hospitals. If you know of a Knight in hospital
now or recently, please call Dan Dineen at 519-742-2500 ~ Visitation Committee

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