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									                                      Westmont High School Sentinels Booster Club
                                                  December 14, 2011

Members Present: Cortney Anderson          Rob Burns           Janet Flint           Blake Frodin
                 Keith Johnson             Mary Johnson        Beth O’Malley         Frank Prado
                 Dennis Renner             Sue Terlak          John Thurm            Kathy Thurm
                 Leicia Vandercar

AGENDA ITEM          TOPIC OF DISCUSSION                                                      ACTION
Call to Order        The meeting was called to order at 7:06 p.m. by Mary Johnson.
President’s Report   John Chorney is not in attendance tonight. Thank you for coming to
(John Chorney)       tonight’s meeting.
Secretary’s Report                                                                            Motion to approve November 9,
(Janet Flint)                                                                                 2011 meeting Minutes
                                                                                              1st Cortney Anderson
                                                                                              2nd Beth O’Malley
                                                                                              Motion passes

Treasurer’s Report   As expected, not too much income in November. December has               Motion to approve    December
(Cortney Anderson)   already brought in $2,000 from membership, spirit wear, and              Treasurer’s report
                     concessions.                                                             1st Frank Prado
                     November concession expenditure of $949 was mainly to fund cash          2nd Beth O’Malley
                     boxes for winter sports.                                                 Motion passes
                     We paid for a Sportswear order in November.
                     We paid $1,500 for advertising artwork for scoreboards. That amount
                     will be passed on to the vendors.
                     We have not received bills for wish list items. Some have not come in,
                     and Dennis will check on others.
                     Final payment on the scoreboard has not yet been made. Waiting for
                     response from Kim Anderson regarding status.
                     Chamber of Commerce has received the $5,000 sponsorship check
                     from the Village and will be forwarding same on to us.
                     We are earning 55% on our expenses for concession stands, which is
                     similar to last year.
Athletic Director’s   A recommendation has been made to the School Board for the Varsity           2012 Football Schedule:
Report                baseball coach. The decision should be done at next Board meeting.           8/24/12 – Away at Herscher
(Dennis Renner)       A committee of three baseball athletes asked the prospective coaches         8/31/12 – Home vs. Plano (201
                      five questions. These boys did a very good job of asking thoughtful          Night)
                      questions.                                                                   9/7/12 – Home vs. Wilmington
                      The I8 Conference banner in gym has a spelling error. It will be fixed.      (Alumni Appreciation)
                      The 45-second shooting contest and other shot contest seem to be             9/14/12 – Away at Seneca
                      picking up momentum. The contests are done at both girls’ and boys’          9/21/12 – Home vs. Reed-Custer
                      games.                                                                       (Wildcat Night)
                      Football schedule for next year has been completed. We have five             9/28/12 – Away at Dwight
                      home games.                                                                  10/5/12 – Home vs. Lisle
                      PA system speakers need to be evaluated and possibly replaced.               (Homecoming)
                      Nothing new to report on IHSA TV.                                            10/12/12 – Away at Coal City
                      School team banners will be moved over Christmas break to home side          10/19/12 – Home vs. Peotone
                      by weight room.                                                              (Senior Night)
                      Dennis is meeting with Mike Mayoris and Pete Trojan concerning the
                      regional and sectional banners.                                              Each section of bleachers in gym
                      It was brought to our attention that it is difficult to know which side of   will be marked with “Home” or
                      the bleachers to sit on for games.                                           “Visitor.”
                      Hall of Fame nomination form has been put on website. One
                      nomination has come back.
                      Freshman wrestling coach was hired.
                      Freshman baseball coach will be interviewed.
                      Sue Zapinski has been recommended and approved as the new
                      Varsity Softball coach.
                      IHSA free or reduced lunch athletes can accept reduced fee for sport if
                      the Booster Club were to offer.
                      Senior action shots need to be in by next week to be put up over
                      Christmas break.
Membership            We have 106 members.
(Melissa LoGiurato)   Letterhead and envelopes have been received and an ample supply is
                      in concession stand.
Fundraising            Unfortunately, Absolutely Delicious has not gotten back in contact with DATE CHANGE - Spaghetti
                       Sue Terlak regarding a fundraiser night. Vincitori could be a possibility. Dinner is Friday, February 3,
                       A good time to do the fundraiser would be January.                         2012.
                       Spaghetti Dinner date has been changed. We will have the Spaghetti-
                       eating contest again. Volunteers are needed to help in all areas.
Concession Stands      Attendance at boys’ games has been low, so that has affected sales in
(Beth O’Malley)        concession stand.
                       Trying to order the correct amount of pizzas for games so we don’t
                       have a lot left over.
                       Band Parent Organization has been given a bill for items used for Craft
                       Fair concessions.
Half-Time Promotions   Split-the-Pot not doing too good.
(Kim Heller)           For shooting contest at girls’ games, Mr. Renner picks someone from
                       the stands. At the boys’ games, we sell tickets.
Senior Parent Night    Nothing to report.                                                        Winter Senior Parent Night is
(Liz Meneses)                                                                                    February 15, 2012
Senior Banquet         In Mr. Carr’s newsletter, it was mentioned the need for pictures.
(Theresa Host Barry    Remember that we can get photos from yearbook staff.
and Blake Frodin)
Sports Apparel         We sold another letterman jacket, for a total of 3 sold: 1 girl, and 2
(Liz Meneses)          boys. Stadium chairs have been ordered. We sold $500 at Craft Fair.
                       Cross Country girls post-season sportswear ordered and hopefully will
                       be delivered before Christmas break.
Scholarship            Frank Prado and Keith Johnson put together a Word document for all
                       present to review and discuss. This would be a blind application. The
                       Booster President would be the person to accept the applications and
                       assign number to each application. Essay – need something specific
                       to write about. Five Booster members will be on committee reading the
                       essays and decide the winners. Lower GPA requirement from 3.0.
                       Frank and Keith will make changes to the application, and we will vote
                       on it at January meeting.
Volunteers                                                                                       8th Grade Parent Night is
                                                                                                 Wednesday, February 8, 2012.
Voting Items   Nothing voted on.
Old Business   Nothing to report.
New Business   Nothing to report.
Next Meeting   Wednesday, January 11, 2012, at 7:00 p.m.

Adjournment    Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.              Motion to adjourn
                                                           1st Blake Frodin
                                                           2nd Cortney Anderson
                                                           Motion passes

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