Gerald Berry made a motion to accept the minutes from the April 21 by g4lLQMnZ


									                             TOWN OF THORNDIKE
                                      Selectmen’s Meeting
                                            May 5, 2010

Those attending: Kari Hunt, James Bennett, Steven Fitton, Gerald Berry, Roger Collinet, Martina
Eicchorn, Peter Quimby, Anthony Brillard, Budd Tibbetts and Carol Coffin

Jim called the meeting to order at 6:35p.

Gerald Berry made a motion to accept the minutes from the April 21, 2010 Selectmen’s Meeting
as written. Steve Fitton seconded the motion. All in Favor, motion carries.

Energy Committee
Jim moved to pass over and return if someone attends.

EMA Budd attended his first EMA meeting and they discussed Emergency Preparedness in case
of a Hurricane.

IPS charged the Fire Department $60.00 for alteration. Peter called and Mike Canon waived the
alteration charge.
Peter ordered one AV-3 000 SCBA mask, size medium, for Jake Gurney, he is attending a 75
hour course and the current SCBA mask he is using will not seal properly and in order to do the
training he must have a usable mask. It will cost $212.00. The mask was shipped on May 5,
2010. The department voted to take the cost of this out of the TVFC Account.

Engine 6 pump test (Hale pump), Pump did pass, with the following notations: Pump primer
valve needs to be rebuilt or replaced, a 4 inch adapter seal is leaking,(we can repair this in
house), the master drain needs to be replaced the relief valve recovers slowly and is sticking,
90W oil in pump should be changed annually (Holds 2 gallons).
Peter called K&T Fire Equipment and spoke with their tech (Patrick) on May 5, 2010. He quoted
Peter the following: Primer cannot be rebuilt, but will cost $400 for a new primer. The Master
drain will need the “0” rings replaced and will cost approx.$50.00, the relief valve should be
replaced at a cost of $125.00. The work will take 6-8 hours, labor rate is $65.00 per hour. The
estimated cost of repairs is $575.00 for parts plus $520.00 for labor, totaling $1,095.00. Warrant
request is for $1,300.00 since this is an estimated cost of repairs.
They can do this within the next two weeks. We should have this done. before the June 5th live
burn exercise.

On June 5th the Thorndike Fire Department and 11 other departments will be participating in a
live burn, each town will be sharing the cost of getting the building ready at 26 Mt. View
Road. The building has been donated by Bub Raven. Peter said the burn is very intensive and
will take a lot to get ready.
Brooks, Jackson, Freedom, Unity, Troy, and Montville have been billed $120.00 for compressor
use. Peter said this will now be done again annually in May.

Peter attended a Chief’s meeting in Brooks on April 28. They are redoing the automatic response
mutual aid agreements between Thorndike and neighboring towns. Peter will continue to give the
Selectmen updates.

Upcoming training:
EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operators Course-2 days). Peter and Clyde will be attending this and
Peter said the class will soon be mandatory for all drivers via the State.
Pumps 1 & 2 Class. 16 hours each.
Low Incline Rescue. Will do on one of our training nights. Instructor will be Paul Lawrence from
Brooks Ambulance.

Peter sent 3 pagers and 1 Kenwood handheld for repair at Yankee Communications. Peter
wanted to keep the cost close to the $190.00 the town received from Brooks for the sale of used
gear. The bill was $193.90.

Michelle attended a Class in Bangor on Animal Welfare, she said there have been many changes
with the Animal Welfare Program and they would like to see the Town Animal Control Officer
handle more work.

Michelle said if a person suspects an animal with rabies and wants it tested, they will have to pay
$150 to the MAFG. Michelle included that you do not shoot an animal suspected of rabies in the
head because the brain is used for testing.

If a resident is having problems with bears and beavers you can call a local hunter who then can
obtain a license from Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to take care of the situation.

You may not remove a beaver from its home unless you get a permit from IF & W, the this may
only happen if it is causing major problems.

Michelle asked if the Town could do an ordinance for Animal Welfare. This will help because
some fees will be able to stay in the Town verses going to the State.

Michelle is working on unlicensed warnings for the Town of Thorndike. She said there are 31
unlicensed dogs, and that is $725 in late fees the town will keep.

Jim wanted to know where the Warrant to Collect fees for Unlicensed Dog was. Michelle and
Kari said it had been repealed, but would check in to it.

Cemetery: Jim wanted to clear up a couple of things that Anthony commented on. During last
meeting Anthony said he spoke with someone that witnessed Tom running over a stone and had
to help Tom put the stone back in place. Jim said he spoke with Abbott and Abbott said he
didn’t help Tom move the stone, but saw Tom hit the stone, when Tom was done; Abbott looked
at the stone and saw a small chip.

The second thing Jim was told, Anthony wanted to talk with Tom before he begins mowing.
Jim told Tom he does not have a to answer to Anthony. Tom is a Town Employee and only has
to answer to the Selectmen. If Anthony bothers Tom he will have Anthony removed.

Appointment: Gerald made a motion to appoint Barry Tweedie as an Appeals Board Member.
Steve seconded the motion. All in favor, motion carries.

Jim added that the only appointment remaining is for the Recycle Center.

The triangle on the Town Farm Road, has been ditched, Barry estimated the work at $700 for
one side, but decided to do both sides while equipment was there.

Window Boxes:
Jim would like to get rid of the old dirt in the window boxes and get new dirt and pick up flowers
for the window boxes. Gerald made a motion to get new dirt and the flowers for the window
boxes. Jim seconded the motion. All in favor, motion carries.

A warrant in the amount of $40,823.72 was signed by selectmen.

Gerald made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Steve seconded the motion. All in favor, meeting
adjourned at 7:35pm

Respectfully submitted,

Kari Hunt
Town Clerk.

1st Selectman

2nd Selectman

3rd Selectman

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