Praxis Business Plan 2007-2012

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       Praxis Business Plan


This is a working document approved by the Praxis Board outlining our broad strategy over a
five year horizon.

Praxis Business Plan
1      Introduction
1.1    Global realities

UNHCR assist 20.8 million refugees 9 million of whom are children and they estimate
that there are a further 20-25 million Internally Displaced Persons around the world.
It is also estimated that within five years there will be 50 million environmental
refugees. War and conflict, impoverishment and environmental degradation are the
principal reasons why people are forced from their homes. Displacement is a major
global reality which impacts upon the lives of individuals, communities, countries and
continents. Global movements of people are more than “stocks” and “flows” of people.
They are an intertwining of personal and communal stories and an interchange of
identities, sense of belonging within a shared ownership of space.

Patterns of migration have changed since
1990 through the collapse of the Eastern       By the middle of the century, 200
bloc, the persistence of regional conflicts,   million more people may become
economic globalisation and ease of travel.     permanently displaced due to rising sea
Experiences of both migrants and the           levels, heavier floods, and more intense
communities which receive them are both        droughts.
positive and negative. Attendant to the
issues of displacement are fundamental         The Stern Report
and vital issues of human rights, conflict
resolution, equality of access to services and of opportunities, self-actualisation,
community formation and community cohesion or integration.

1.2    Challenges

The nature of war and civil conflict in many parts of the world although described as
“low intensity” has devastating impact on local populations. There is considerable
abuse of children, as child soldiers or through sexual exploitation. Gender-based
violence increases. Makeshift weapons leave distressing physical injuries. The
infrastructure of poor countries is destroyed and communities are left deeply divided
with both perpetrators and victims living side-by-side and even the distinction
between the two becoming blurred. The deepest challenge of our time is to engage
with those people displaced by conflict, ensure they have access to justice and
services which meet their needs and to heal the wounds of war in communities.

Government policy is constantly changing, frequently in response to an external
agenda such as media attention, heightened security or new conflicts. Asylum status
is increasingly difficult to acquire and immigration rules become more complex and
difficult for individuals, no matter how bona fide, to comply. As a result there is an
increase in undocumented and other highly vulnerable migrants. These groups are
particularly difficult to engage with and provide them with the support they need.

1.3    Refugee Community Development

      Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012

Praxis has developed a community development model1 which aims to promote
“active and equal citizens” and “equal and active communities”. It identifies four
aspects of effective community development for displaced people. The first is
personal empowerment for individuals to overcome the trauma of flight and develop
the knowledge and skills for settlement in a new country. The second is positive
action taken by displaced people themselves often in the form of a community or
faith based organisation. The third is community relation through which new
communities are able to interact with other communities, some long settled and some
who are also in the process of settlement. This stage is vital in the creation of
cohesive communities. And finally, there is the need for participation and voice, so
that displaced people are able to play a key role in the formation of the policies and
services which affect them and to participate fully in civic life.

The “refugee sector” in the UK is experiencing change as the number of asylum
seekers able to gain entry to the UK is reduced. Competition for funds is fierce and a
number of organisations are currently facing closure. Our distinctive role within the
sector relates to community development and leadership development for refugee
led initiatives in addition to our locally based services in East London. In following
the model, however, we find ourselves relating to a broader agenda of community
cohesion and integration and are able to work with a wider group of partners and

1.4     Community and faith based organisations

Community and faith based groups play a highly significant but under-valued and
poorly resourced contribution in the community development process. Many promote
the values Praxis espouses within displaced and conflict-ridden communities. They
are a space for self-organising, cultural affirmation and provide much needed
assistance to individuals. They play an important role in the creation of multi-cultural
and cosmopolitan places.

Praxis had its origins as a community and faith based organisation. We have a
strong experience of building an organisation and as we have expanded in size, we
are able to assist others following the same path.

We have organised three highly-valued Action Learning Exchanges which have
involved 120 refugee community organisations on a national level. For the past five
years, Praxis has been an important partner to the National Human Rights Centre of
Liberia. From this we have gained experience of international work. We are training
groups working with migrants in the Czech Republic. These are stepping stones to
the building of solidarity with others through the sharing of experience and the
building of partnerships.

1.5     The East End

East London is rapidly changing, with the development of the Thames Gateway and
the Olympic sites. It is anticipated that a new population the size of Leeds will live in
the area. The regeneration programme will create new housing, new prosperity and
with it low paid work, higher house prices and a subsequent increase in
homelessness. The area, already one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse

 Developed by Praxis for the National Refugee Integration Forum Community Development Sub-
Group, commissioned by the Home Office

       Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012

in the world will demonstrate more of the phenomenon of “hyper-diversity”. This was
strongly emphasised in the London Olympic bid.

We believe that the needs of newcomers cannot be overlooked in this development
and that we should play a strategic role in advocating and supporting them. There
are aspects of Praxis work, for example in interpreting, training of professionals,
employment advice and guidance and ESOL, which will be much needed.

East London will not be alone in experiencing these issues and many areas in the UK
and Europe will be experiencing similar patterns of regeneration and population

1.6      Unique experience

2008 will be the 25th anniversary of the formation of Praxis and it is seen as an
opportunity to refresh the organisation and to equip it for a new period. Much is
changing in our area of work and the demands increase daily. This Business Plan
developed by the Board of Directors will enable the organisation to contribute its rich
experience, knowledge and skill gained from direct and costly engagement. Praxis
has an awareness of the multi-layered and complex interaction between
displacement and development at local, national and international levels. We also
have a tool bag of positive responses to enable us to make a real difference and to
make a significant contribution to changing the hard reality of too many people’s lives.

2        Overview
2.1      Purpose

Praxis is a community based organisation whose vision is:

A world where people are no longer forced to move but are able to do so for
mutual enrichment.

Because, we believe that transformation is possible even within experiences of
conflict and displacement, our mission is:

To be with displaced communities, listening and acting through our common
humanity to create and nurture reconciliation, human rights and social justice.

Praxis was formed in 1983 by the Robert Kemble Trust. It became an independent
organisation in 1997. Throughout its history it has worked with people displaced from
the bitterest conflicts of modern times.

2.2      Objectives

      A. To be the hub of a network of engaged individuals and groups for the purpose
         of enabling access to justice, exchange, dialogue, peace-building and
         understanding between new, established and conflictive communities.

      B. To be proactive in accompanying and providing practical support for the
         defenders of the rights of displaced people and in the creation of
         environments within which peace and democracy can flourish.

        Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012

      C. To provide a programme of projects for displaced communities in East
         London rooted in action/research which both contribute to and learn from our
         wider network.

2.3        Keys to success

Praxis is known as an organisation of integrity and will employ its core values in the
development of an ambitious strategy, working with all who share them. These
values are defined as:

          Acting with integrity
          Building solidarity within and between communities
          Respecting and enhancing the dignity of people who are displaced
          Facilitating new relationships for the positive transformation of conflict,
           exploitation and injustice
          Innovating the right response in changing times

Praxis will build on its substantial reputation within the refugee voluntary sector and
use its experience built up over nearly 25 years to drive an expansion programme.

Praxis will use its key contacts with Refugee Community Organisations in the UK,
grassroots organisations in Europe and the developing world as the base for its
future work, ensuring that it remains a grounded organisation engaged with some of
the toughest and boldest responses to continuing world conflict.

Praxis will take the opportunity afforded to East London of the upcoming Olympic
Games to promote itself and the internationalism and multi-culturalism at its heart.

Praxis will operate as a flexible, light, modern organisation, maximising the use of
new technology and employ networked rather than monolithic structures.

3          The Business Plan
3.1        The Organisation - Legal entity

Praxis is a registered charity (1078945) and a Company Limited by Guarantee

3.2        Organisation’s History

Since its inception Praxis has promoted human rights through a direct engagement
with people from a variety of conflict situations, Chile, Colombia and the Andean
countries, South Africa, Namibia, Philippines, the Middle East, the Horn of Africa,
Rwanda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo amongst others.

Praxis has provided direct services in advice, educational and employment guidance,
ESOL classes, high level skills training for health care professionals and interpreters,
and accommodation. Praxis has supported a number of community groups who
have engaged in such activities as prison visiting, community arts,
Praxis’ services are reached by 120 community groups, 1,500 advice clients and
trainees and well over 1000 participants in activities and events.

          Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012

3.3        Governance

Praxis has an experienced Board of Trustees, chaired by Clare Tickell CEO of NCH.
Its membership combines skills from the voluntary sector, business, academia, policy
formation and has one-third representation from the community groups in
membership of Praxis. Its Director Vaughan Jones has been with the organisation
since its inception.

3.4        Premises

Praxis operates from sizeable premises in Bethnal Green. It has a long lease which
is held on its behalf by the Robert Kemble Trust. There are substantial plans for a
major re-development on the site and Praxis has the potential of three other

3.5        Funding

Praxis has a turnover of £1.1 m. Its funding is derived from statutory and charitable
funds. Income levels have been reasonably constant over the past three years,
despite an increasingly difficult funding environment.

26.5% of our funds are from Europe (although often via UK sources), 18%from
central government, 19.5% from local authority and 36% from charitable foundations.

                        Charitable                  sources     Charitable
                         Donation                     27%        Donation
                           36%                                     36%
                                                   Governme   Local
               64%                                    nt    Governme
                                                     18%       nt

4          Operating environment
Our work reaches into the areas of responsibility of a number of government
departments – Home Office, Department of Communities and Local Government,
Department of Health, Department of Employment and Skills and the Department for
International Development.

There are a number of other organisations working in this field.

          Large international NGOs
          Large voluntary sector agencies working specifically with refugees
          Large voluntary sector providers some of whose beneficiaries are refugees
          Generic advice agencies and their second tier organisations
          Generic community development organisations
          Migrant and refugee community organisations – capacity building
          Migrant and refugee community organisations

          Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012

          Faith based organisations and faith communities

Praxis does not aim to compete but complement and make a distinctive contribution
within a broader movement for the rights of displaced people. In so doing it will
market its service to the larger organisations both governmental and non-
governmental and seek to provide services which assist them in meeting their own
responsibilities. It will deliver its work in a manner which empowers and builds
smaller community based organisations.

5          Strategy and implementation
5.1        Organisational Strategy

Praxis is developing a cutting edge service linking directly to the values and aims
outlined in this plan. On their own they will enable the improvement of services for
displaced people, counter marginalisation, promote cohesion and broker empowering
partnerships between active and committed people and groups. We do not envisage
being just a provider of direct services, although we will continue and develop our
service. Our strategy will be to add value and assist others working at ground level
through the provision of technical support and the facilitation of networking.

5.2        Marketing Plan


As Praxis is committed to working with displaced people, it seeks to address the
needs of four groups.

          Individual displaced people
          Defenders of the human rights of displaced people
          Community and faith based initiatives led by displaced people
          Professionals working with displaced people

Praxis will work extend its work beyond our current beneficiaries on the basis of the
following criteria, listed in order of priority:

          Intensity of need and experience of conflict
          Impact on cohesion, reconciliation and peace building
          Invitation from local community group or service provider
          Connection with Praxis’ network
          Capacity of Praxis to deliver
          Funding opportunities

Beneficiary Needs

Our beneficiaries (individuals, community based organisations and public authorities)
have a number of important needs which Praxis will address through this Plan.

          Provision for new communities needs to be comprehensive, people centred
           and community based
          Neighbourhoods which see a high level of “churn” in the population need
           distinctive services for new arrivals which contribute to a wider sense of

          Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012

        identification and cohesion. Service providers need assistance in developing
        services which promote community cohesion rather than separation.
       Community development approaches should not be limited to capacity
        building: they need to draw refugee and migrants and the organisations into
        full participation as “equal and active citizens” and “active and equal
        communities”. (cf Praxis Community Development Framework).
       Initiatives taken by displaced people themselves at grassroots level need
        support, particularly financial and technical to sustain them. Funders also
        need to have confidence in the groups they fund and often ask small groups
        to be in a partnership with a larger organisation.
       There is a need for the amplification of the voice of displaced people within
        service provision and policy making. It is important that there are effective
        mechanisms for this to be developed.

Core service and projects

Praxis will operate a core service which may be purchased or commissioned and
both initiate and respond to commission for specific projects in line with our values
and objectives.

Added value

Coherence will be given to the whole programme of work as Praxis inter-connects
those who participate into with a growing international network. It will exist virtually
through the advantage of new technologies and through regular Action Learning
Exchanges. This network will amplify the voice of community based organisations
and displaced persons in service provision and policy making at local, national and
international levels.

There will be six service areas related to each of our three objectives:

Objective A

Action Learning Exchanges –
high profile events bringing together leaders of community based organisations for
mutual learning and voice – nationally and internationally.
Interactive website –
maximising new technologies to facilitate growth of the organisation and mutual
exchange between members
Peace building projects
Initiating focused interventions in communities in conflict or traumatised by conflict

Objective B

New Communities Support Service
providing a helpline and support package for community based organisations
providing advice and assistance in claiming rights
Consultancy and training
providing specialised support and training for professionals working with displaced

Objective C

New Resident’s Service

       Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012

providing specialist advice and training at the centre in Bethnal Green and through
outreach and providing and interpreting and ESOL service

If Praxis is successful in the broadening its funding base then it has the potential to
diversify into the provision of circular migration projects, campaigns and publications
and in a greater use of community arts in projecting the voice of people displaced.

                Services Development                     Potential Diversification
                International Exchanges                  Circular migration projects
                Interactive website                      Campaigns and publications
                Peace building projects                  Community arts (Forum Theatre)
                Advice work support service for MRCOs

                Training Programme
                Advice Helpline
                Praxis Competency

                Market Development                       Client Development
                Action Learning Home office              Other London Boroughs and PCTs
                Artists website City University          European Union
                Liberia Project - Comic Relief           Difid

                Faith Comm. Advice LDA                   Employers
                Put yourself in integration Prague EKG   Larger Foundations
                Refugees into Housing HACT               Peace organisations
                New Residents - LBTH CPF Time Bank       European CBOs
                Interpreting LBTH                        Southern community based NGOs

                                     Current        Market        New

(See Appendix 1 – Projects / Appendix 4 Logical Framework)

5.3           Outputs and targets


By 2012, Praxis will be constructively engaged with communities in East London, UK,
European countries, Liberia and other international situations of conflict and post-

Praxis will have made a significant contribution to community cohesion and
integration with specific communities, both virtual and spatial.


             A membership of individuals and organisations in London, UK, Europe
              and the southern hemisphere actively engaged in activities which
              cohere with Praxis’ values.

             Facilitated opportunities for awareness raising, exchange, dialogue and
              campaigns with defenders of the human rights of displaced people.

             Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                             - 10 -

          Time limited projects in locations of tension or with communities who
           have experienced trauma

          Community based organisations empowered to provide better services

          Professionals working with displaced people better able to provide
           appropriate services

          Professional and valued services for displaced people, through advice
           and communications support (interpreting and ESOL)

(See Appendix 2 Outputs)

5.4        Monitoring and Evaluation

The plan will be monitored on an ongoing basis through monthly management
information. A baseline study will be conducted at the outset of the five year plan
and impact studies will take place for projects and for Praxis overall

(See Appendix 8 Monitoring and Evaluation)

6          Management
As a not-for profit organisation, Praxis seeks to manage the organisation with clarity
of focus and discipline, guided by our core values and purpose.

6.1        Resources –

Acquiring new resources is an essential component of this plan. In order to do this
we will focus on the three essential areas for a voluntary organisation – time, brand
and money.

6.2        Time and People

This plan requires an enthusiastic, talented, committed and well-trained professional
staff team. It will be headed by the Strategy and development team consisting of the
Director and three others. The plan recognises that within the refugee and migrant
communities are people of entrepreneurial drive and energy. A distinctive feature of
the development of this strategy will be the way in which it employs these skills.

(See Appendix 7)

6.3        Brand

Praxis is an established brand with a reputation for innovation and integrity and will
continue to be so as this plan is rooted in our core values. However, we need to
strengthen the brand by demonstrating our achievements and sharing our work with
a wider group of people and groups. Our 25th anniversary in 2008 and the Olympic
year 2012 provide two vital milestones as opportunities for promotion and expansion.

The Praxis website, our annual report, a service pack and other promotional
materials are essential tools for Praxis staff to market the service.

          Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                             - 11 -

6.4        Money

Most funding which is available is project based and driven by an output culture.
Praxis needs to lock into this funding whilst at the same time developing the
resources to sustain the infrastructure, ensure continuity of a basic service and invest
in research and development. This requires each project area to generate or attract
a regular source of income.

Three key approaches to fiscal management:

          Ensuring each employee consciously contributes to the resource gathering
           process by reaching agreed targets in service delivery and when appropriate
           assisting in the procurement process. The organisation will provide
           appropriate incentives to employees to participate in the disciplined culture
           required to achieve this.
          A named manager will be responsible for ensuring each project breaks even
           and that a cluster of projects makes a reasonable surplus.
          By working closely with commissioners through good customer care
           mechanisms and by maintaining a reputation for consistent high quality
           delivery, we will ensure funding is easier to secure.

Financial targets, reserves and pricing policy

However, we need our unrestricted income to exceed expenditure on an annual
basis for three purposes: to provide a modest reserve, which will cushion the
organisation from unexpected events and cash flow worries; to invest in development
and to fund unpopular or riskier work unattractive to funders. Our aim is a surplus of
2% of income over the life time of the Plan, which although modest has the virtue of
being achievable.

Approaches will be made at the outset of this plan to encourage new investment in
the work of Praxis.

Great care will be taken to provide proper pricing of products although it is
recognised that many of our purchasers are looking for low cost solutions while
Praxis is seeking to provide a high quality service. Projects may well be subsidised
but it will need to be clear that the subsidy has been secured from external sources.

(See Appendix 6 - Funding)

6.5        Engaging with others – strategic partnerships

In the implementation of this plan, Praxis will develop a number of strategic

Praxis will join forces with the Migrant Organisations Development Agency, who have
developed a considerable expertise in training migrant and refugee community
organisations in organisational development and in the production of an e-bulletin
and directory.

Praxis will work with Sho-Net, a commercial company with a social concern, in the
delivery of technical support to community based organisations in ICT and

          Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                         - 12 -

We will partner academic institutions for the delivery of effective training and
research projects building on existing relationships. We will also work with the
Institute of European Social Services of the University of Kent in developing a strong
European dimension to our work.

6.7    Technology

Praxis will utilise the best technology to establish means of communication with our
network, enabling exchange to take place virtually on a global level.

An improved ICT system will also contribute to increasing efficiencies in service

(See Appendix 9 ICT)

6.8    Risks

This strategy recognises that Praxis does not adopt a conventional voluntary sector
approach. Whilst it has the merit of being organisationally light and has the potential
for organic growth, impacting significantly beyond its immediate parameters, it is not
without risk. These risks relate primarily to the hostile public perception of our
beneficiaries, the volatile global context and erratic and limited funding regimes.

(See Appendix 3 – Risk Assessment)

7      Financial forecasts
The Plan anticipates a year on year improvement in our finances starting from the
current base of just over £1m.

      Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                                   - 13 -

                                          2007-8            2008-9         2009-10        2010-11        2011-12

EU                                         130,000.00         470,000.00     710,000.00    820,000.00      830,000.00

Local Authorities                          460,000.00         350,000.00     400,000.00    450,000.00      500,000.00

Government Departments                      90,000.00         100,000.00     120,000.00    140,000.00      200,000.00

Charitable Trusts                          210,000.00         275,000.00     370,000.00    425,000.00      490,000.00

International Trusts and Government         85,000.00         150,000.00     240,000.00    500,000.00      600,000.00

Corporate donations                         10,000.00          50,000.00      75,000.00    100,000.00      150,000.00

Self generated income                       40,000.00         118,000.00     170,000.00    215,000.00      270,000.00

Total                                     1,025,000.00      1,513,000.00   2,085,000.00   2,650,000.00   3,040,000.00


Fundraising                                 40,000.00          50,000.00      75,000.00    100,000.00      125,000.00

Direct Project costs

Tutors, sessional staff and consultants     50,000.00          70,000.00     150,000.00    175,000.00      200,000.00

Events and activities                       60,000.00         175,000.00     200,000.00    250,000.00      300,000.00

Beneficiaries' expenses                     20,000.00          40,000.00      80,000.00    100,000.00      120,000.00

Transfer to Projects                        70,000.00         120,000.00     200,000.00    330,000.00      500,000.00

Publicity and marketing                     10,000.00          20,000.00      30,000.00     40,000.00       50,000.00

International Travel                         6,000.00          10,000.00      20,000.00     30,000.00       40,000.00

Staff costs

Strategy and Development                   177,000.00         182,300.00     188,000.00    193,600.00      199,000.00

Support services                            91,500.00          98,795.00     101,758.85    104,811.62      107,955.96

Network Team                               105,000.00         153,700.00     168,431.00    281,412.36      337,227.94

Service Development Team                   265,500.00         392,625.00     528,219.50    625,299.98      653,320.89

Indirect Costs                             120,000.00         181,560.00     250,200.00    318,000.00      364,800.00

Total                                     1,015,000.00      1,493,980.00   1,991,609.35   2,548,123.96   2,997,304.79

Surplus to reserve                        10,000.00         19,020.00      93,390.65      101,876.04     42,695.21      266,981.90

          Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                         - 14 -

Assumptions for budget
      The budget is based on committed income and expenditure and reasonable forecasts for year one.
      There is an increase in income year on year as a result of greater investment in fundraising.
      Charitable trust income will increase in the area of project funding.
      Self generating income will consist of training, interpreting and the advice line.
      EU income will increase year on year through our partnership with the University of Kent.
      Although Tower Hamlets is a key purchaser of services, we recognise that in income fluctuates year on year largely in relation to
       regeneration opportunities. It is assumed that we will begin to work in other boroughs in a limited way thereby increasing the local
       authority income.
      Although we will work to secure increased income from government departments, the budget recognises that we are swimming against
       the tide. During the course of 2007/8 there will be the opportunity to bid for Home Office Integration funding. This budget does not take
       this opportunity into account.
      Greater emphasis on international work should bring new sources of income.
      A growth in the staff team to 30 FTE
      Indirect costs assumed to be 12% of income (based on current situation)
      Fundraising costs at 5% of income
      Inflation at 3%
      The surplus is an approximate based on what is realistic, given the high level of restricted funds. However, as income generation and
       contracts increase it will be possible to secure a higher level of surplus to build up the reserve.

      Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                    - 15 -


 Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                         - 16 -

Appendix 1 Projects
Praxis activities and projects will meet our specific objectives.

Objective A

Service area 1      Praxis Action Learning Exchange
for displaced people and the organisations they form

An Action Learning Exchange is an opportunity for activists in community groups to come together for an intensive learning
experience. These have been successfully delivered by Praxis on a number of occasions and it now has considerable expertise in
the methodology. The events take place over a minimum of 4 days and bring together as many as 100 people. There are a
number of core components in an exchange – experience sharing – analysis – round tables for dialogue with key decision makers –
action planning.

At the heart of the Action Learning Exchange is a desire to enable a coherent and collective voice from within displaced
communities. This powerfully places a demand on Praxis to have a campaigning edge, a high profile and to articulate an authentic
voice to the wider public.

Service area 2       Praxis website

Our website will be interactive and contain information and resources vital to our membership.

Accessible sources of advice and support
Web-based Advice Manual (by subscription only)
News of network members
Reports from International partners
Daily news bulletins from areas of concern for Praxis
Exchange of views

      Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                         - 17 -

Advice Manuals
Accessible sources of news from countries with which we have links

Service area 3       Peace building

Praxis will be proactive in seeking funds from charitable sources to initiate projects which seek to bring about a transformation in
relationships in past situations of conflict.

We will work with the NHRCL in supporting its work in relation to the Truth and Reconciliation process.

We will work with targeted neighbourhoods to bring about new understandings between communities and foster intercultural

These projects will employ well developed skills in conflict resolution and the healing of memories. Praxis will seek in the initial
stages of this plan to ensure that sufficient of its staff have the high level of skill and sensitivity to undertake this work.

Praxis will also provide information on lesser known or little understood areas of conflict e.g. Guinea, Liberia, Burkina Faso through
the website, seminars, press briefings and establishing flows of information from grassroots organisations.

Objective B

Service area 4    New Communities Support Service
for community based organisations, UK and international

Service                  Specification
Helpline (Mon-Fri        Telephone and e mail advice during office hours for CBOs working with displaced people.
Supported Services       A distinctive facility for CBOs to enable them to deliver high quality advice – Praxis will provide a Package
                         of web-based advice manual customised to the locality, training, supervision and support, a database, and

      Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                        - 18 -

                        an annual evaluation.
Organisational          Support to CBOs in their organisational development to be offered in partnership with MODA
Fundraising service     Support to CBOs to develop their funding base in partnership with Sho-Net
Technical support       Technical advice and support in ICT In partnership with Sho-Net
in ICT

Service area 5       Consultancy service

Service                   Specification
Strategic planning        Consultancy service to local authorities, PCTs, Police, Prison and Probation in the analysis of need and
                          development of services
Training courses          Training in inter-cultural learning, community development approaches, conflict resolution
Models of service         Bespoke service for organisations wishing to be more creative and proactive in response to new
delivery                  migration

Objective C

Service area 6        New Residents Service
for Local Authorities, PCTs, Housing Associations, Prisons and Probation Service, religious institutions, employers and other
service providers in Europe for displaced people.

Service                  Specification
Helpline (Mon-Fri        Telephone and e mail advice during office hours for professionals working with displaced people.
Casework                 On or off site casework service for organisations who deal with displaced people as part of a broader
                         service. Caseworkers can also be seconded to organisations with full supervision and support included.
Casework Plus            Casework service delivered in client’s language of choice
Communication            Interpreters provide for health and social care, housing, immigration, criminal justice services and related

     Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                       - 19 -

Skills                  organisations.
ESOL courses            ESOL courses provided from Beginners to Advanced, customised to the needs of particular professions.
                        Communication skills for health care professionals.

    Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                       - 20 -

Appendix 2 – Outputs
Objective Service area          Performance Measure                       Success Indicator
A         Action Learning       1 ALE per year involving increasing       Effective and valued exchange of information and
          Exchange              numbers of people                         experience, new insights into the needs of displaced
                                                                          people, effective dialogue with decision makers and
                                                                          participants better equipped for their work.
                                ALE take place in 3 strategic locations   Location increases the reach of the network and
                                – London, Liberia and Brussels            symbolises the nature of the dialogue required
           Website              Number of hits to website                 Exciting and constantly changing website – used
                                Variety and relevance of the content      regularly by network members and wider community,
                                Accessibility of design and               attracting interest in Praxis and the issues we address
           Truth and            Effective support given to NHRCL in       Process in Liberia strengthens move towards social,
           reconciliation       working with the TRC through              political and economic stability
                                brokerage of funds and technical
                                Minimum of 1 project working              Healing of conflict through well-facilitated interaction
                                intensively with a particular community   resulting in significant changes to the lives of individuals
                                (e.g. Rwandan) and 1 working in a         and communities.
                                neighbourhood                             Praxis develops new skill base
                                Monthly updates to website. Monthly       Greater awareness by general public
                                seminars, briefings re lesser known       Material used by lobbyists and press
                                situations of conflict
B          New                  Minimum of 10 CBOs deliver services       Quality of advice and support work provided by CBOs
           communities          within the framework of the Praxis        increases both the outcome for the individual and the
           support              Package                                   credibility of the CBO
                                                                          CBO develop a greater loyalty to the network
           Consultancy          Minimum of 10 organisations uses          Consultancy results in better understanding by public

    Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                       - 21 -

Objective Service area          Performance Measure                       Success Indicator
                                Praxis consultancy                        bodies of the needs of displaced people and
                                                                          subsequently improves services provided for them
                                Monthly training courses operative        Professionals working with displaced people better
                                                                          equipped to meet their needs
C          New Residents        Advice given to minimum of 8000           Accurate and helpful information delivered to those who
           Service              people over the 5 year period             need it in a form which they understand easily
                                Casework provided to Praxis own           Individuals better equipped to take control of their own
                                clients and clients of other              situations
                                Minimum of 20 organisations purchase      Praxis knowledge base is used and valued by other
                                services from Praxis                      providers
                                High quality interpreting service for a   Public services more effective for those unable to
                                minimum of 3 public service providers     communicate effectively in English
                                ESOL classes provided on a weekly         Participants able to communicate effectively and improve
                                basis                                     their life chances accordingly

    Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                        - 22 -

Appendix 3 - Risk
Risk                                Impact       Corrective action
Funds not forthcoming for all of     High        Recognise the central place of
the work                                         forward funding strategies and
                                                 prioritise them.

                                          Undertake the work which can
                                          be funded
Funders’ timetables do not          High  Need to be flexible and make
cohere with the Praxis plan               pragmatic but clear sighted
Key funders no longer able to       High  Ensure diversity of funders and
fund (e.g. Probation)                     that core funding requirements is
                                          spread across projects from a
                                          range of funders
CBOs not trusting of Praxis and    Medium Ensure that there the practical
to absorbed by local demands to           advantages of participating are
give time                                 clear and actual
Insufficient funds for central      High  Ensure proper pricing policy
resources e.g. IT
Conflicts are too intense and           High     Begin with the individuals who
intractable to resolve                           want to work with the process
                                                 and achieve what is possible
Praxis perceived as partisan in         High     High quality facilitation
conflicts                                        techniques and clear public
                                                 statements – care of media
Framework of human rights not           High     Work with those who promote

     Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                        - 23 -

Risk                                ImpactCorrective action
recognised in some contexts               and defend human rights
Government policy counters the      High  Be attuned to changing
work and limits resources                 demands and requirements
                                          while maintaining core values
Media not interested                High  Promote alternative means of
                                          spreading information – radio /
Only services are funded and        High  Recognise the value of the
networking is under-resources             interventions made but continue
so the Plan loses its cutting             work with volunteers and low-
edge                                      key
Public bodies do not recognise     Medium Sensitise through media
the importance of serving new
Lack of skill within Praxis        Medium Invest in systematic programme
                                          of staff improvement

     Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                                  - 24 -

Appendix 4 Logical Framework
Vision: A world where people are no longer forced to move but are able to do so for mutual enrichment.

                         Narrative Summary                                        Verifiable Indicators                    Means of               Important Assumptions
Praxis purpose
To be with displaced communities, listening and acting through our       Praxis engages with communities in          Annual Reports           Sufficient resources available
common humanity to create and nurture reconciliation, human rights       East London, UK, European countries,
and social justice.                                                      Liberia and its neighbouring countries                               Sufficient trust in the process is
                                                                         and other international situations                                   forthcoming
                                                                         Positive changes toward community           Baseline situational     Levels of conflict are not too
                                                                         cohesion in specific localities             reports                  extreme
                                                                                                                     Visits / reviews /
                                                                                                                     External verification    Willingness of communities to
                                                                                                                                              seek positive change
In order to achieve our objectives are:
Objective A
To be the hub of a network of engaged individuals and groups for the     Praxis has an active membership of          Data from records        Resources available to provide
purpose of enabling access to justice, exchange, dialogue, peace-        individuals and organisations in                                     consistent service
building and understanding between new, established and conflictive      London, UK, Europe and in the
communities.                                                             developing world                                                     Individuals and CBOs willing to
                                                                         Members are actively engaged in             Member’s own reports     Members are not distracted by
                                                                         activities which cohere with Praxis                                  other priorities
                                                                         values                                      Input to exchanges
                                                                         Members are interacting with each           Evaluation reports       Members are willing to participate
                                                                         other through new technologies and
                                                                         organised exchanges to mutual
Objective B
To be proactive in accompanying and providing practical support for      Positive changes in the social, political   Benchmark studies        Forces working against peace
the defenders of the rights of displaced people and in the creation of   and economic environment for Human                                   and democracy are not too
environments within which peace and democracy can flourish.              Rights defenders as a result of Praxis’     Member                   powerful to inhibit change
                                                                         intervention                                organisations’ reports

       Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                                 - 25 -

                        Narrative Summary                                      Verifiable Indicators                    Means of             Important Assumptions
                                                                                                                  Monitoring on 6
                                                                                                                  monthly basis

                                                                                                                  External evaluation
Objective C
To provide a programme of projects for displaced communities in East   Active and valued services serving up      Project evaluation     Resources available
London rooted in action/research which both contribute to and learn    to 5000 individuals a year by the end of   reports
from our wider network.                                                the plan                                                          Service contract culture still seeks
                                                                                                                  Project records        services of this nature
                                                                       Significant impact on community            Benchmark studies      Changes in demography and
                                                                       cohesion in Tower Hamlets and                                     regeneration patterns are not too
                                                                       neighbouring boroughs                      Participant feedback   overwhelming

                                                                                                                  Impact evaluation      Agitation from other pressure
                                                                                                                                         groups containable
In pursuit of these objectives our outputs will be:
Objective A
a Action Learning Exchanges bringing together the membership for       Action learning exchanges take place       Exchange evaluation    Adequate funding
mutual enrichment, analysis and creation of common action.                                                        reports
                                                                       Quality and value of exchange              Exchange evaluation    Cooperation of participants
                                                                       Action plans are produced and              Exchange evaluation
                                                                       implemented                                reports

                                                                                                                  Regular monitoring
b Expansion of the Praxis membership of individuals and community      Numbers of members                         Database               Others share our values and wish
organisations committed to the advancement of our values               Stated aims and activities of              Members own            to work with us
                                                                       organisations                              documentation
c Promote specific projects in identified areas of conflict geared     Projects set up and delivered in           Project evaluation     Funding available and
towards the promotion of truth and reconciliation.                     identified areas                           reports                cooperation from partners
d Logistical support to network members in the delivery of their own   Quantity and nature of the support         Members reports        Resources available
projects.                                                              given
                                                                                                                  Monitoring data        Willingness of members to take
Objective B
a Emergency advocacy for individuals and groups as necessitated by     Positive outcomes                          Reports                Authorities willing to cooperate

       Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                                  - 26 -

                         Narrative Summary                                       Verifiable Indicators                 Means of                Important Assumptions
b Increased capacity of grassroots organisations to deliver effective   Quality of human rights advocacy          Monitoring               Existence of and compliance with
human rights advocacy through case work and representative voice.                                                                          human rights legislation and
                                                                                                                  Reviews                  framework
                                                                        Effectiveness of human rights             Monitoring               Adequate resources
                                                                                                                  Impact evaluations       Responsiveness of governments
                                                                                                                                           to representation

                                                                                                                                           Presence of democratic structures
                                                                                                                                           and legal process
c Greater awareness of the causes of conflict and profiling of lesser   Extent of exposure in media               Number of articles       Media willing to change its
known conflict areas.                                                                                             and reports              agendas
                                                                        Numbers of people responding to           Monitoring               Sufficient interest and lack of
                                                                        urgent action calls                                                overload
Objective C
a New residents are able to access public services as a result of       Numbers of new residents                  Project monitoring       Public services receptive to new
accessible information and improved communication.                                                                and evaluation           residents
                                                                        Quality of the interventions
                                                                        Quantity and effectiveness of the
b Individuals are assisted to settle through access to immigration      Positive outcomes from advice and         AIMS database            Operating environment does not
status, health care, education and training and housing.                casework                                                           become too hostile and
                                                                                                                                           regulations increasingly make it
                                                                                                                                           difficult to help some people
c Professionals working with new residents are assisted to improve      Significant and measurable                Participant’s feedback   Consent and support at
the accessibility and appropriateness of their service.                 improvement to the quality of services    Participating projects   management and political level
                                                                        provided to new residents by              own documentation
                                                                        participating organisations               External reviews

d New residents are assisted to participate in constructive self-       Numbers of people participating           Monitoring records       New residents want to participate
organised activities.                                                   Quality and impact of activities          Feedback from            Adequate support is given and
                                                                                                                  participants and         presenting issues not too complex
e New residents are enabled to interconnect with other communities to   Quality of interaction                    Baseline surveys         Other external factors, such as
ensure effective and genuine community cohesion                         Individual sense of identification with   And ongoing              increased community tension
                                                                                                                  monitoring               don’t set the process back

        Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                                 - 27 -

                        Narrative Summary                                         Verifiable Indicators                 Means of             Important Assumptions
In order to achieve these outputs we will
Objective 1
a Organise Action Learning Exchanges in the UK, on a European level       UK Exchange 2007                         Exchange evaluation   Funding available
and internationally, drawing in network members and focusing on                                                    reports
distinct themes.                                                          Liberia Exchange 2008                    Exchange evaluation   Funding available
                                                                          European Exchange 2009                   Exchange evaluation   Funding available
                                                                          UK exchange 2010 / 11                    Exchange evaluation   Funding available
                                                                          International exchange 2012              Exchange evaluation   Funding available
b Organise an annual event, normally during Refugee Week, for the         Event held annually                      Project evaluation    Funding available
whole network.                                                                                                     reports
                                                                          25 Anniversary event 2008                Project evaluation    Funding available
                                                                          International event in Olympic year      Project evaluation    Funding available
c Analyse the need amongst communities and through outreach               Action Research in Tower Hamlets         Project reports       Groups wish to belong
encourage their participation in the Praxis programme.                    2007 reports – 5 new organisations in    Records of outreach
                                                                          membership                               sessions
                                                                          4 other UK based Action Research         Project reports       Funding available
                                                                          projects focusing on new communities     Records of outreach
                                                                          2 situation reports on other areas of    Project reports       Ease of travel
                                                                          conflict                                                       Interest by partners
                                                                          1 report on European context             Report                Funds available
c Develop and facilitate pieces of work in post-conflict situations and   Pilot project in 2008 in UK              Project reports       Funding available
in local communities designed to reconcile antagonists and re-connect     2 additional projects by 2012            Project reports       Funding available
broken and divided communities.                                           Support Truth and Reconciliation         Reports from NHRCL    Funding available
                                                                          process in Liberia                       Monitoring visit
                                                                          1 comparison project in UK and Africa    Project reports and   Funding available
                                                                          in 2011                                  monitoring visits
d Provide mentoring, training, access to organisational development,      Support given to 30 CBOs by 2009 and     Staff reports         Funding available
consultancy for member groups developing their own initiatives.           50 by 2012                               Feedback
                                                                          Partnerships established with capacity   Working agreements    Organisations willing to work with
                                                                          building organisations                   and monitoring        Praxis

       Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                                 - 28 -

                         Narrative Summary                                       Verifiable Indicators                  Means of               Important Assumptions
Objective 2
a Mobilise the network in support of individual members experiencing     Number of responses to urgent            Staff reports            Nature of communication between
harassment and victimisation.                                            requests                                                          UK and country partners
b Provide a Praxis model for UK based advice services, incorporating     Pack developed by 2008                   Pack available           Funds available
manuals, database, training, supervision and evaluation and broker       10 CBOs use the pack by 2009             Contracts agreed         CBOs able to secure resources
support for the development of country wide para-legal service in        30 CBOs use the pack by 2012             Contracts agreed         CBOs able to secure resources
Liberia.                                                                 Funds and technical support provided     NHRCL report             Funds and technical skills
                                                                         for NHRCL in Liberia                     progress on service      available and conditions in
                                                                                                                                           country favourable
c Ensure our website is a source of information provided by people in    1000 hits per annum                      Reports on hits to web   Sufficient people are interested
the countries themselves, hold seminars and events, invite interest                                               pages
from media, make representation to government. – Extending work in       Partnerships with 5 new organisations    Staff reports            Logistics make contact possible
Liberia to Mano River Basin and 1 or more other country (Kurdistan /                                                                       Resources available to maintain
Burkina Faso / Namibia / Chile or Colombia)                                                                                                contacts
                                                                         10 seminars per year                     Press articles           Press are interested in the issues
Objective 3
a Walk-in advice service, outreach work, offering casework,              2000 individuals seen per annum by       File reviews             Funding available
counselling, mentoring support to individuals in immigration, housing,   2009                                     AIMS Data base
benefits, health, education and employment                               3000 individuals by 2012                 monitoring
b Interpreting service – contracted service with statutory and other     1 contract with Tower Hamlets in 2007    Contracts                Continued need and interest in
providers (self-financing)                                                                                                                 purchasing service
                                                                         Contracts with 5 other providers by
                                                                         Level of surplus                         Accounts                 Commissioners have necessary
c ESOL and Communications courses                                        Monthly courses for minimum of15         Course records           External funding available or
                                                                         students                                 Staff reports            partnership formed

                                                                         Monthly courses in advanced              Course records           External funding available or
                                                                         communications                           Staff reports            partnership formed
d Training courses for professionals in refugee community                12 Training courses per year involving   Courses run with         Interest by professionals in
development, working with undocumented migrants, and other               240 participants                         positive feedback        purchasing courses
subjects                                                                                                          from participants
                                                                         4 training courses in other European     Courses run with         Interest by professionals in
                                                                         countries per year                       positive feedback        purchasing courses
                                                                                                                  from participants

       Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                                   - 29 -

                          Narrative Summary                                     Verifiable Indicators                  Means of               Important Assumptions
                                                                        Courses sustained and financially self-   Annual surplus          Professionals able to purchase
                                                                        supporting                                                        these courses from training
e Facilitation of self-help activities – space, technical assistance,   Premises regularly in use by CBOs for     Monthly report on use   Adequate premises available
brokerage of funds                                                      a range of activities                     of premises
                                                                        50 CBOs make use of facilities over       Funding agreements      Bid writing successful
                                                                        the 5 year period                                                 Funding sources available
                                                                                                                  Feedback surveys
                                                                                                                  from users
f Provide organisational development for small groups, with partners    Minimum of 50 CBOs receive support                                CBOs wish to work with us
or through a separate contract                                                                                                            Potential partners are willing
                                                                                                                                          Funding is available for small
                                                                        Funding is secured                        Contract                Praxis able to bid effectively
g Refurbish premises                                                    Premises refurbished by 2010              Project concluded and   Funding, planning consent and
                                                                                                                  all contracts           agreement from landlords is
                                                                                                                  completed               obtained
h develop partnerships with other providers to enable complementary     Partnership with MdM and Red Cross        Regular reports from    Partners are happy with working
services to be available on our premises                                Continues                                 partners and liaison    with us and have the means to do
                                                                                                                  meetings                so
                                                                        Partnership with training providers for   Agreements reached      Government contracts with 3
                                                                        vocational courses by 2009                                        sector

        Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                          - 30 -

Appendix 5            Implementation Plan
Activity                                                   07/08          08/09     09/10   10/11   11/12

                                                    Qtr1 Qtr2 Qtr3 Qtr4 Hlf1 Hlf2
Business Development
Appointment of Business Development Manager
Production and promotion of service pack
Fundraising (see separate strategy)
Stakeholder event
Develop Interpreting Business
Roll out Interpreting Business Tower Hamlets
Secure new contracts for Interpreting
Extend Interpreting business
Market advice line to Probation Offices
Market advice line to other providers
Market training courses
Training courses promoted and administered
Marketing section established and fully operative
Baseline studies
Impact studies
IT upgrades

Network Development
Action Learning Liberia
Action Learning / 25th Anniversary
Action Learning / Brussels
Action Learning / London
International Action Learning (Olympic)

      Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                         - 31 -

Activity                                                      07/08   08/09   09/10   10/11   11/12
Re-design website
Regularly update and improve website
Support NHRCL
Investigate other areas for international development
Truth and reconciliation project Liberia
Truth and reconciliation project –targeted community
Truth and reconciliation project - neighbourhood
Awareness raising and media work
Service Development
Advice line live
Interpreting service recruitment of interpreters
Interpreting service
ESOL courses established
ESOL courses operative
Advice Package prepared
Advice Package operative – take up increasing progressively
Advice and casework – take up increasing progressively
People development
Staff induction to Plan
Staff training programme developed
Staff training programme live

      Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                        - 32 -

Appendix 6 – Funding

Income sources

Income generation

There are a number of areas where Praxis can operate within the ethos of a social business. These are through a subscription to
an advice helpline, a training programme for professionals for which a fee will be charged and an interpreting service. These
services will be marketed to Local Authorities, PCTs, Housing Associations and Prison and Probation staff.


It will be necessary to take a discerning approach to contracts. However there is the potential for commissioning to take place for
services in the areas of advice giving both first and second tier, capacity building for CBOs, ESOL and other training and
international development.


There are some areas in which we will continue to be grant-dependent. This is particularly the case in relation to campaigns,
community based reconciliation work and smaller projects delivered by community groups. It is necessary for Praxis to widen its
reach into trust funders not normally associated with this area of work.

Corporate giving

Praxis will approach companies for sponsorship. Companies which invest in countries where Praxis has a concern or which
operate in neighbourhoods where Praxis seeks to have an impact might see the value of a more cohesive community and wish to
invest in it.

Companies might also be willing to sponsor specific events and activities, such as Action Learning Exchanges.

     Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                         - 33 -

There is the potential for companies which employ a large number of staff with low levels of English language competency to
purchase services from Praxis if they want to upskill their workforce.

New approaches to finance

Praxis will pursue the possibility of alternative models of financing our core work. We will explore the possibility of a Bond which
could become the basis of a “legacy fund” from the Olympic Games of 2012.

      Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                        - 34 -

Appendix 7                 Staff Teams
The Praxis staff team will be recruited on an equal opportunities basis and we aim to ensure that it properly reflects the
communities we serve. All staff will receive our in-house training and be required to reach a high standard of qualification. The
minimum will be NVQ level 4 in the recognised area of work. Our staff training policy and plan will ensure that all staff have the
resources to achieve this.

In order to delivery consultancies of a high standard, we will develop relationships with experienced consultants – Praxis

Praxis works with people who have entrepreneurial drive and possess a range of professional skills. We therefore have a pool of
people who can drive the organisation as Board members, staff and volunteers. By harnessing the capacity of our beneficiaries,
we can both facilitate their settlement and give a sense of ownership of the organisation. This does require a significant investment
in volunteer support and staff development. Our training programme should be geared toward the training of people in the skills
required to deliver Praxis’ activities. The organisation will therefore provide work experience opportunities and career pathways
into the mainstream. The training opportunities will be in project management, public relations, customer care, fundraising, advice
giving, community arts and community development. The training will ideally be delivered through a partnership with an academic
institution and careers advisors.
The teams will be:

Strategy and Development     Project teams                               Responsibility
Business Development Manager Finance and Forward Funding                 Forward funding
                                                                         Financial controls and budgeting

                                Admin and personnel                      Planning
                                                                         Premises management

     Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                        - 35 -

                                                                        Personnel management
                                                                        Legal compliance
Network Development Manager     Membership support                      Action Learning
                                                                        Action Research
                                                                        Recruiting members
                                                                        Providing mentoring and resources
                                                                        Volunteer support
                                Campaigns                               Website content
                                                                        Press and media
                                                                        Truth and reconciliation projects
Services Development Manager    Advice, casework and supported services Advice, casework and support to participating CBOs
                                Communications (ESOL / Interpreting)    Providing an Interpreting service

Staff may sit in more than one team.

     Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                        - 36 -

     Skills area          Network development          Service Development         Business Development
                         Membership Campaigns Partnerships Advice Communications Admin Finance & Forward

Advice                   X                       X         X                     X
ESOL                                             X                X
Interpreting                                     X                X
Community                X                                        X
Community arts           X                                        X
Evaluation               X                  X    X         X      X              X      X
Press Public                                X
Finance                                                           X
Marketing                X                       X         X      X
Fundraising              X                                 X      X
Administration           X                                 X      X              X
Staff development        X

     Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                          - 37 -

   Appendix 8                Monitoring and Evaluation

The sources of information are:

       Advice and casework entries in the AIMS database –
       Member’s database
       Staff reports
       Feedback from participants of all activities and services
       Feedback from stakeholders
       Literature reviews

Evaluation will take place from the outset of the plan.

Base line studies will take place in 2007/8 in relation to Praxis’ own capacity, the needs and issues facing displaced people in the
areas in which we intend to work. These will include situation reports

Impact studies will be produced at the end of each project and learning will be shared within Praxis and where appropriate
disseminated to a wider constituency.

       Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                         - 38 -

   Appendix 9 ICT requirements
The table below links the various initiatives Praxis needs to undertake with the technology that will be required to assist

 Initiatives                                      Technology
 Exchange of information and experience           Website, e-learning video-conferencing
 Bulletins and dissemination of information       System for collecting, collating and disseminating information
 Liaison with professional bodies                 Contact management database
 Networking with specialist agencies              Contact management database
 Referrals                                        Contact management database
 Data collection forms and reports                Databases and a management information reporting tool

 Individual and group Advice                      Case management system
 Supported Services                               e-learning, website, video conferencing,
 Interpreting                                     e-appointments, contact management database, video conferencing
 Training, Action Learning, ESOL                  m-learning, e-learning and self-help ICT systems
 Liaison with other relevant agencies             Contact management database
 Promotion of network                             Website
 Fundraising                                      Donor database

   Infrastructure Upgrade

Upgrade Primary Server (Praxisbs) to Small Business Server 2003 and redeploy as a Primary Domain Controller, File Server, E-
mail Server and Database Server.

Upgrade current File Server (Praxisfp) to Windows Server 2003 and redeploy as an Application Server.

      Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                        - 39 -

Upgrade current Database Server (Praxisdb) to Windows Server 2003 and redeploy as Terminal Server for remote access.

Replace the 17 desktop computers running Windows 2000 with Windows XP – SP2.

Replace the Windows NT time tracker computer with a Windows XP – SP2 computer.

Create a standard company wide desktop configuration with the following applications:
Pentium III or Celeron 600MHz
10GB disk space
512 MB of memory
Windows XP Professional
Office 2003 Professional
Jaws PDF Creator
Mcafee Anti Virus
Mcafee Anti Spyware
Alchemy Phone Manager Pro
Adobe Acrobat Reader

Upgrade the 12 Windows XP - SP1 computers to Windows XP - SP2.

House keep the existing windows XP computers.

Upgrade the telephone system to Avaya IP office.

   List of new equipment/Software that is required
   In order to get 17 desktop computers running Windows XP Pro, Praxis can either upgrade the existing machines or buy new
   ones. We have listed below the financial implications of each option.

     Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                        - 40 -

Server Hardware – Hardware Upgrade:

Desktop Software:
MS Office 2003 Pro
Mcafee Anti Virus
Mcafee Anti Spyware
Jews PDF Creator

Server Software:
Small Business Server 2003 Premium
Windows 2003 Server Standard
Mcafee Group shield for exchange
Mcafee Protection Pilot

Telephone system:
Upgrade to Avaya IP Office
Take out maintenance contract

   Maintenance/support of network & infrastructure
   In order to insure that the infrastructure continues to meet and respond to the needs of the organisation the following must be

Maintenance contract for telephone system
Setup a Network and PC Support agreement with clearly defined services levels
Management of Virus and Malicious threats
Adequate patch management
Adequate backups

     Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                         - 41 -

   Implementation of databases and applications

   This phase will focus on databases and applications that are required to meet the organisation’s goals. While some of these
   have already been identified at a high level, a more detailed analysis is required. This analysis will help Praxis to identify
   solutions for:

Departmental or Line of Business applications (LOB)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Research Databank
Fund Raising
System integration
Analytics and reporting

   Line of Business Applications (LOB)
   Currently information is stored in word documents and spreadsheets. Advice & Orientation recently implemented AIMS. As far
   as we can determine only Finance (TAS Books) and Advice & Orientation (AIMS) has LOB applications.

   Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Database
We identified a contact management database as one of Praxis’ key technology requirements. Limited contact management will
exist in the various lines of business applications; however, they will not provide a holistic view of Praxis’ interaction with its clients.
A CRM system is the best way to provide this holistic view.

The CRM software integrates with the various LOB applications. In situations where a LOB application does not exist, the CRM
software may be adapted to meet the requirements of the LOB.

    Website development
In order to facilitate greater collaboration, sharing and easy access to information an Intranet site should be developed.

      Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012
                                         - 42 -

   Right level of in-house ICT expertise and areas of responsibility

The most cost effective way for Praxis to support its systems is to introduce a two-tier support system where ICT issues are initially
routed to the in-house support person. If the issue cannot be resolved internally, it can be escalated to the external support team.

A knowledge base can be created to store all issues together with the action that was taken to resolve them. This will facilitate the
ongoing development of the internal support person.

   Praxis’ staff responsible for providing first level support must be able to communicate effectively and have a reasonable
   understanding of:

All the standard desktop applications
The LOB applications
Microsoft Small Business Server 2003, in particular the operating system tools to manage disk space, e-mail usage, create users,
reset passwords, and manage backups, Event / Error logs
The network infrastructure
How to respond to security issues, monitor anti Virus software
Manage printers; and
Respond to PBX related queries

   Aspects of ICT to outsource

In order to focus on core activities the following ICT activities can be outsourced:
Business analysis and design
Business application development
Major infrastructure and applications upgrades
Integration projects
Second line Network Support; and Training

      Praxis Business Plan – 2007-2012

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