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									Job Description

Main Scale teachers are expected to achieve the professional standards for teachers as stipulated
by the TDA according to their pay scale.

Responsible to          Subject Leader (SL) Year Leader (YL)

Liaising with           Headteacher / Deputy Headteacher / Assistant Headteacher / Teaching Staff /
                        Associate Staff / external agencies and parents/carers

Responsible for         Promoting the school’s Culture & Ethos through the pastoral care of students
                        and through the provision of a full learning experience

Purpose of the job

        Implement and deliver an appropriately broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated
         curriculum for students and to support a designated curriculum area
        Monitor, challenge and support the overall progress and development of students as a subject
         teacher and a Form Tutor
        Facilitate and encourage an outstanding learning experience which provides students with the
         opportunity to achieve their best
        Contribute to raising standards of student attainment
        Share and support the school’s responsibility to provide and monitor opportunities for
         personal and academic growth
        Teach lessons that are at least ‘good’ and to share aspects of good practice
        Promote the school’s core values of ‘Self-Discipline’, ‘Endeavour’ and ‘Excellence’ at all times
         and to commit to the school’s single concept of 100%
        Actively seek all areas of responsibility within the job description
        Be an excellent role model supporting and promoting the school’s ethos and values


Teaching & Learning

a.   Undertake a designated programme of teaching, including the setting and marking / assessment
     or work, ensuring outstanding progression through an enhanced learning experience for
     students using a variety of active engagement strategies
b.   Teach good and outstanding lessons to ensure the learning experience is enhanced and partake
     in the necessary training to ensure good lessons are the norm
c.   Ensure that effective ICT skills and school subjects specialisms are reflected in the learning
     experience of students
d.   Continually develop learning materials which include differentiated lesson plans, schemes of
     work, resources and effective Assessment for Learning strategies (AfL)
e.   Maintain high standards of Behaviour for Learning (BfL) in accordance with the school’s rewards
     and sanctions systems finding time to praise student’s achievement as regularly as possible
Pastoral Care

a.   Be a Form Tutor to an assigned group of students
b.   Celebrate success at every opportunity to motivate every child
c.   Monitor behaviour management systems so that effective learning can take place
d.   Actively promote the progression of individual students and of the Tutor Group as a whole
e.   Liaise with the Year Leader to ensure the implementation of the school’s pastoral curriculum
f.   Register students, accompany them to assemblies, encourage attendance and punctuality and
     students participation in other aspects of school life
g.   Evaluate and monitor the progress of students keeping up-to-date records as may be required
h.   Contribute to pastoral Action Plans
i.   Alert appropriate staff to issues associated with students within the Tutor Group making well
     informed recommendations as to how these may be resolved
j.   Communicate as appropriate with the parents/carers of students who deserve praise or who
     may need to become more aware about concerns
k.   Contribute to the delivery of PSHEE, citizenship, enterprise, work related learning and other
     cross-curricular initiatives according to school policy

Operational / Strategic Planning

a.   Assist, and where necessary lead in the development and implementation of appropriate
     syllabuses, specifications, resources, schemes of work, marking, assessment policies and teaching
b.   Attend all subject, pastoral and whole school meetings as required
c.   Support others in the review and implementation of the School Development Plan (SDP)
d.   Contribute towards the school’s Self Evaluation Form (SEF)
e.   Motivate other staff and students to work effectively
f.   Attend evening events as required
g.   Participate in staff training and the school CPD programme always seeking to improve the
     standard of Teaching & Learning and Pastoral Care

Discipline and General Welfare

a.   Act as a point of contact for the general welfare, guidance and discipline of students in line with
     whole school procedures
b.   Be visible before school, during break and lunchtimes and after school, offering support for
c.   Inform Subject and Pastoral Leaders about the progress of students
d.   Ensure that students are aware of, and adhere to, the school rules, the student code of conduct,
     and the school Culture & Ethos
e.   Ensure that students attend subject and pastoral detentions when necessary
f.   Conduct weekly checks of student exercise books to ensure the highest standards are maintained
g.   Contribute to the delivery of PSHE to ensure development of student welfare
Monitoring Student Progression

a.   Monitor academic progression for individual students’ using relevant data for each ‘group’. e.g.
     Target Grades/Levels, Academic Monitoring Scores, Grade Reports, GCSE examination results,
     KS2 data, KS3 data, Jesson / FFT / Raise online / ALPS and ALIS (if applicable)
b.   Inform Subject and Pastoral Leaders when there are concerns in standards of attainment and
c.   Check the correct use of Student Contact Books in order to promote the setting of homework,
     recording of assessment results, target setting and collection of commendations
d.   Ensure effective evaluation of student learning experiences
e.   Be party to an on-going programme of formal and informal observations during lessons
f.   Keep up to date with educational and pedagogical developments
g.   Develop strategies for various groups of students to enhance their progress such as Gifted and
     Talented, EAL students, ethnic groups, looked after children etc.

Reports and Assessment

a.   Undertake a designated programme of marking / assessment ensuring progression is closely
b.   Ensure that accurate records are kept of student learning and other relevant achievements
c.   Use data from assessment that takes place at regular intervals in the school year to enhance
d.   Ensure the efficient production of school reports ensuring that they are completed according to
     agreed schedules


a.   Attend assemblies to celebrate student achievements and to raise awareness of themes linked to
     the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of students
b.   Contribute to the organisation of subject focused ‘Theme Weeks’ which promote awareness
     throughout the school at a pre-arranged point in the academic calendar e.g. Geography Action
c.   In line with the school’s Culture & Ethos, help develop a sense of community through
     encouraging, promoting and publicising trips and activities
d.   Assist in the organisation of Applied Learning Challenge Days
e.   Administer rewards and sanctions ensuring that achievements are well communicated with
f.   Actively support and engage the involvement of all students in the learning process through a
     range of ‘student voice’ events and activities
g.   Actively support whole school charity events such as Sport Relief 2012
h.   Play a full part in the wider life of the school community participating in and organising extra-
     curricular activities which may include sporting activities and other societies
Developing self

a.   Reflect on the quality of teaching and its impact on student progression and use the findings to
     inform planning and classroom practice
b.   Maintain a detailed and well-informed knowledge of how skills can be used to underpin teaching
     and support wider professional activities
c.   Show evidence of professional study and involvement in wider professional networks
d.   Work towards further accreditation of their expertise
e.   Develop and share high quality teaching materials with colleagues
f.   Produce and share lesson plans to support active engagement strategies

The duties outlined in this job description are in addition to those covered by the latest School
Teacher’s Pay and Conditions Document. It may be modified by the Headteacher, with your
agreement, to reflect or anticipate changes in the job, commensurate with the salary and job title.

Whilst every effort has been made to explain the main duties and responsibilities of the post through
this Job Description and the Person Specification, each individual task undertaken may not be

Staff will be expected to comply with any reasonable request from a line manager to undertake work
of a similar level that is not specified in this Job Description


The work carried out helps raise student motivation, aspiration and achievement, improving
behaviour and contributing to a wide range of school objectives within the School Development Plan

WCGS works effectively towards the Every Child Matters Agenda (ECM) ensuring that children and
young people are healthy, safe, enjoying achievement in a positive way and understanding the
importance of economic well-being.

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