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News _ Buzz _ Verity – September 13th


									     News & Buzz @ Verity – September 13th
               Please find attached the Members’ Event Listings.

           Fitness Updates follow the Verity programming events.

Upcoming Happenings
September 14th @ 2:00pm: New - The Mommy Club
September 17th @ 6:30pm: Eating Right Workshop #2 of 4 sessions
September 19th @ 6:30pm: Wine Club
September 19th @ 6:30pm: Armani Make-up workshop
September 20th @ 6:30pm: Armani Make-up workshop #2
September 24th @ 6:30pm: Another Members’ Dinner!
September 25th @ 6:30pm: Authors Night – Verity Member Denise Marek Calm
September 25th @ 6:30pm: Eating Right Workshop #3 of 4 sessions
October 1st @ 6:00: Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation - SPACES AVAILABLE
October 2nd @ 6:30pm: Eating Right Workshop #4 of 4 sessions
October 3rd @ 6:00pm: Further Explorations in Mindfulness –COMPLETELY FULL
October 9th @ 6:30pm: Book Club
October 18th @ 7:00pm: Contemporary Dance Performance and Discussion

Save the Date – Details to Follow
October 4th @ 6:30pm: Thanksgiving Center-piece arranging with Genevieve!
October 17th @ 6:30pm: Wine Club
October 22nd @ 6:30pm: Stephen Lewis Foundation film screening followed by a
October 25th @ 6:30pm: The Wine Ladies at Verity for Tango and Wine
October 30th @ 6:30pm: Author’s Night with Verity Member Carolyn Ellis

Club News
Verity Connection – launch in 9 days!
The countdown has begun! We are 9 days away from launching Verity Connections -
Verity’s Verity Members Only, password protected, website!!

Verity Members have access to Kids & Company!
New Membership Benefit – Child Care that Flexes with You!
Verity is pleased to announce that we are now a corporate member of Kids & Company –
Canada’s leading provider of reliable, high-quality child care that caters to the specific needs
of working mothers just like you. This means that as a Verity Member, you now have access
to Kids & Company’s flexible child care options, including:
- High-quality, full-time and part-time child care at any one of 10 locations in the GTA
- Back-up care in case your caregiver is sick, school is cancelled or you are called in to work
- Extended care if you need to work weekends or take an overnight trip
- Enriched Montessori Kindergarten program at select locations
- No late fees when you arrive after 6 p.m. to pick up your child
To register your child at a Kids & Company centre or for more information about your child
care options, please call 1-866 MY KIDCO or visit Kids and
Company works with Canadian companies to create progressive, family-friendly workplaces
that support employees to achieve a better balance.

Verity and Anne Klein Promotion
As a follow on from the AK fashion show last week, Verity Members will receive 25% off
their purchases until October 15th. To redeem this fantastic offer please pick up your savings
card from the Concierge desk.

Bridge @ Verity
Bridge is back! Audrey is coming to teach “Game’s Most Popular Conventions”
Date:                 Wednesday’s September 19th and 26th
                      Please arrive at 6:45pm and be ready for play at7:00pm
R.S.V.P:              Lindsay ( or ext. 236)
Cost:                Members: $25.00 per class
                      Non Members: $35.00 per class
Are guests welcome? Yes

Details on Upcoming Happenings – By Date
New - Mommy Club!
An opportunity for Verity Moms (and their children up to age 5) to meet one another and
have some social time. We will be coordinating guest speakers for this time slot and will let
you know in advance.
Dates:        Fridays – location will vary, please check with the Concierge when you arrive.
Time:         2:00-4:00pm

In Vino Verity (Wine Club)
A guided wine tour up the Rhone, from south to north, with Rogers & Co. wine importers.
Founded in 1984 by Miriam Rogers and her husband, Rogers & Co. will be presenting about
8 of their wines from the Rhone region. All of the wines will be available for purchase at
wholesale prices (by the case).
Please note: RSVPs are required 48 hours prior to event, no walk-ins please.
Cancellations are required 24 hours prior to event or a charge will apply.
Date:                   Wednesday, September 19th @ 6:30pm
R.S.V.P:                Lindsay ( or ext. 236)
Cost:                   TBD
Are guests welcome? Yes, space is limited.

Armani Make-up workshop
Giorgio Armani cosmetics and Verity are holding the makeup event of the season. Patricia
Bensimon, National Face Designer for Giorgio Armani cosmetics will be onhand specifically
to conduct these two-hour, deluxe makeup lessons.
Exclusivity and privacy are important elements of Giorgio Armani cosmetics service, and
therefore participation is limited for each session, allowing you more personalized attention
to develop your fall looks with Mrs Bensimon and our Face Designers team.
Furthermore, you will be amongst the first ones to discover and try the new skincare line by
Armani: Crema Nera, an obsidian mineral regenerating cream.
Product will be available for purchase.
Date:                    Wednesday, September 19th @ 6:30pm or Thursday September 20th
R.S.V.P:                 Lindsay ( or ext. 236)
Cost:                    No charge
Are guests welcome? No, and space is limited

Members Dinner!
We are inviting all Members who want to be a part of a wonderful evening to connect and
meet other Members. Enjoy 3 courses of Lorenzo’s fabulous cuisine, paired with wines by
Please note: RSVPs are required. You must respond by Thursday September 20th, no
walk-ins please.
Cancellations are required 72 hours prior to event or a charge will apply.
Date:                  Monday September 24rd @ 6:30pm
R.S.V.P:               Lindsay ( or ext 236)
Price:                 $115, including drinks, taxes and gratuity
Are Guests Welcome? No, this is for Verity Members only

Author’s Night with Verity Member Denise Marek Calm
If there were a simple process that would allow you to stop worrying, and truly move
forward in your life . . . wouldn’t you want to know about it? In Calm, Denise Marek reveals
a proven 4-step process designed specifically for women who worry. This simple, yet
powerful formula will help you to stop worrying, eliminate self-limiting beliefs, and develop
greater inner peace. You’ll discover strategies to immediately reduce worry, and put an end to
“what if” thinking. Find out how to transform fear into action, and learn how to finally stop
worrying about what others think of you. Discover how to let go of the need for
perfectionism, regain excitement for life, and restore your peace of mind. Based on Denise
Marek’s From Worrier to Warrior seminar, the 4-step process in this book has already been
proven effective with thousands of women across North America. No matter who you are,
where you’ve been, or what you’re going through, apply the practical steps in this book and
you too will stop worrying. Calm is the key to re-connecting with the inner peace you desire
and deserve. Denise Marek is known as The Worry Management Expert! An international
speaker and television personality, she has helped thousands of women to transform their
feelings of worry into feelings of inner peace. In June 2001, Denise earned the coveted
Toastmasters International Accredited Speaker Award for Professionalism and Outstanding
Achievements in Public Speaking. For more information, visit:
Calm is available for purchase at the concierge desk.
Date:                      Tuesday, September 25th @ 6:30pm
R.S.V.P:                   Lindsay ( or ext. 236)
Cost:                      No charge
Are guests welcome? Yes

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation
Now that the hectic fall season is quickly approaching, would you like to feel more in control
of your life, be more personally and professionally effective, have more energy, feel greater
calm and peace within, and live a happier life? Then this course is for you.
Meditation transforms lives. Learn to meditate in your daily life while sitting, walking, on the
treadmill, in a meeting, or on a flight.
In this 8 week course you will learn Mindfulness Meditation. During each class there will be
a teaching, as well as formal meditation sitting. New and experienced meditators are all
welcome and will equally benefit.
Mindfulness Meditation enables us to be present in our lives, regardless of circumstance. It
is about being present in the moment with ease and experiencing life to the fullest.

Course Leader:
Maria Gonzalez has been meditating for over 15 years. She is a business person and has
taken meditation teaching from the Dalai Lama, Shinzen Young, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Lama
Jetsun Yeshe and Ken McLeod.

Date:               Mondays, for 8 weeks starting October 1st, 15th, 22nd, 29th,
                    November 5th, 12th, 26th, December 3rd – 6:00-7:30pm
R.S.V.P:            Lindsay ( or ext. 236)
Cost:               $520 (plus GST $31.20); Total: $551.20 (includes 2 CDs)
Are guests welcome? Yes. Cost is $600 (plus GST $36.00); Total: $636.00 (includes 2 CDs)

Verity Book Club
Join us in the Library as we discuss Daniel Gilbert's lovely new book, Stumbling on
Happiness: "Think you know what makes you happy? You won't know for sure until you
have read this book."
Most of us spend our lives steering ourselves toward the best of all possible futures, only to
find that tomorrow rarely turns out as we had presumed. Why? As Harvard psychologist
Daniel Gilbert explains, when people try to imagine what the future will hold, they make
some basic and consistent mistakes. Just as memory plays tricks on us when we try to look
backward in time, so does imagination play tricks when we try to look forward.
"In a book that is as deep as it is delightful, Daniel Gilbert reveals the powerful and often
surprising connections between our experience of happiness and how we think about the
future. I confidently predict that your future will be happier if you read this path breaking
"A lucid, charmingly written argument for why our expectations don't pan out"
This is a brilliant book, a useful book, and a book that could quite possibly change the way
you look at just about everything."
"If you stumble on this book, you're guaranteed many doses of joy."
"This book is brilliant. It's a book that will be talked about by people everywhere. Trust me
on that."
Date:                       Tuesday October 9th at 6:30pm
R.S.V.P:                    Lindsay ( or ext 236)
Cost:                       Complimentary
Are Guests Welcome? Yes

Contemporary Dance Performance and Discussion
Claudia Moore, performer, choreographer and artistic director of MOonhORsE dance
theatre, is one of Canada's most celebrated contemporary dancers. She will perform a short
solo by Canadian dance icon, Tedd Robinson, and speak about the effects of physical
expression on our health and wellbeing in all aspects of our lives. Claudia will then engage in
an open discussion with Verity Members on how dance impacts all aspects of our lives-
physical, emotional, spiritual and creative. Trained classically at the National Ballet School,
Claudia emerged as one of Canada's foremost contemporary creators and performers. She
was muse to Robert Desrosiers and also performed with Toronto Dance Theatre and Les
Ballets Blaska in France. Her most recent work, EVER THUS, was presented at the Young
Centre for the Performing Arts. "Now in my fifties, Dance continues to be my passion and
my ally- a source of challenge, strength and great pleasure. Communicating through Dance,
with my bones, muscles and skin, connects me to others, stirring our mutual
curiosity, mystery and delight in the human experience."
" of the most beautiful and expressive bodies in Canadian dance..." Michael Crabb,
Dance Connection
"...a sensitive commentator on the human condition" William Littler, Toronto Star
Date:                     Thursday October 18th at 7:00pm
R.S.V.P:                  Lindsay ( or ext 236)
Cost:                     Complimentary
Are Guests Welcome? Yes

Fitness ‘Tip of The Week.’
Working out and massage go hand-in-hand! Did you know that massage helps relieve
muscle tension and stiffness, reduces muscle spasms, enhances athletic performance,
promotes deeper and easier breathing, strengthens the immune system and improves
circulation of blood? This and a whole lot more! Book your massage with one of Verity
Spa’s RMTs today. Now available every day of the week!
New promo package: $350 for 3 x 30-minute personal training sessions and 3 x 60-minute
massages…to be used together!

New! Yummy Mommy & Baby Bootcamp!
No matter your current level of fitness, this class is a great way to get fit while bonding with
your baby, meet other new Moms, and feel more energized. Babies from 4 weeks to 6 1/2
months are safest in a front carrier, while older babies are best in a back carrier. All classes
will include a warm up and stretch, standing exercises, interactive floor work, an aerobic
circuit and a cool down stretch. It is recommended that all participants have their 6 week
postnatal check up before starting Yummy Mommy & Baby Bootcamp classes.
Dates:          Monday September 24th through October 29th.
Time:           12:15-1:15pm
                Contact Jennifer ( or ext 225)
Cost:           $15 per class

                       Please also see our monthly calendar.
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