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JOB DESCRIPTION - Raglan Housing Association


									                                JOB DESCRIPTION
Job title:              Head of Human Resources
Post holder:
Department:             Human Resources
Location:               Head Office – Reading
Responsible to:         Chief Executive

Job purpose:            To provide a strategic, effective and comprehensive human
                        resources and learning and development service throughout
                        Raglan which supports the Business Plan objectives, vision
                        and values.

Responsible for/duties:

1.    To develop, implement and monitor an effective HR strategy which supports the
      overall business aims of the Association and contributes to its success.
2.    To advise the Board, committees, EMT, SMT and OMT on HR matters and to
      provide support and guidance to the group for the HR implications of any
      strategic or operational issues.
3.    To lead, manage and provide support and guidance to the HR team ensuring
      good communications between all staff and consistency of approach regardless
      of location or function To develop HR staff and support them in acquiring new
      skills and competencies.
4.    To ensure the delivery of a comprehensive HR Business Partner service to
      support customer departments to achieve their strategic and business
      objectives. This will include advice, job evaluation, case management,
      management of disciplinary, grievance, harassment and whistleblowing
      matters, sickness and absence management, restructures, relocations,
      transfers and redundancies.
5.    To ensure the delivery of a comprehensive HR Shared Service team to manage
      day to day transactional work and provide excellent customer services to our
      staff. This will include recruitment and selection, use of the Resourcelink
      database, contractual variations, payroll, management reporting and
      information, pensions and benefits administration and learning and
6.    To manage the delivery of a comprehensive learning and development service
      to our customers which supports the learning needs of staff and underpins
      corporate aims. This will include management development, NVQ training, and

JD No   70-xxx
Version 1
Revised December 2011

      in house training as well as support for induction; self managed learning and
      the Investors in People accreditation.
7.    To set and monitor budgets for HR, ensuring that value for money is obtained in
      all purchasing decisions. To maintain and monitor tendered services and
      contracts and preferred supplier arrangements.
8.    To be responsible for drafting, maintaining, monitoring and updating all HR
      policies, procedures and guidance, ensuring they are appropriately consulted
      on and approved, and that they comply with legislation, good practice and
      internal requirements such as equality and diversity. To ensure such
      documents are available to staff.
9.    To be responsible for developing and maintaining an organisation wide
      remuneration structure which meets needs and aspirations? To ensure that the
      Association’s job evaluation, grading and salary structures are correctly
      operated and their integrity maintained, and the HR staff and line managers are
      confident in their use. To review such systems from time to time subject to
      internal or external demand.
10. To ensure that induction, performance management and other procedures are
    properly implemented, maintained and monitored and support corporate aims
    and objectives.
11. Through the team, to manage the ongoing development of the Resourcelink HR
    database. To promote the widest and most efficient use of the HR self service
    database and the online learning and development tools and ensure
    appropriate training and support are available.
12. Via the team, to ensure that all personal and sensitive data is stored and
    maintained in accordance with data protection and confidentiality requirements
    and good practice and that all HR staff and managers are aware of their
13. To promote good employee relations in any way appropriate, but in particular
    through support and liaison with the Association’s Staff Committee.
14. To maintain knowledge of current legislation, regulatory requirements and good
    practice and assess and manage risk to the organisation and offer appropriate
15. To have a clear understanding of all personal and team responsibilities under
    the Association’s health and safety and risk procedures and to work in
    accordance with them. To ensure the provision of the Association’s
    occupational health advice and employee assistance provisions.
16. To put in place and maintain internal audit procedures for HR, and seek
    feedback on services offered with a view to improving them where possible.
17. To participate in Business Continuity (BCP) activities and to ensure disaster
    recovery and business continuity plans are in place and are kept up to date for
18. To comply with the Association’s Equality and Diversity Policy and procedures,
    to ensure HR policies, procedures and practices reflect them and to participate
    in promoting them.

JD No   70-xxx
Version 2
Revised December 2011

19. To comply with the Association’s Whistle Blowing Policy and support staff who
    report concerns or investigate such concerns.
20. To carry out any other duties of a similar nature and type, and carrying the
    same level of responsibility, as may from time to time be directed by the
    Association through the post’s line manager.
21. To undertake such flexible and additional working hours as may be necessary,
    within reason, to facilitate the efficient fulfilment of the Association’s services.

Staff subordinates:       Supervises       Team of 10.

1. Manages departmental HR budget.
2. Manages organisational learning and development budget.
3. Leads on all employment issues.
4. Member of the senior management team.
5. Reports to the Chief Executive.

Knowledge & experience required
1. Sound knowledge of employment law and employment issues.
2. Experience of managing a multi-disciplinary and multi-locational team.
3. Minimum MCIPD qualification
4. Minimum of 5 year’s HR experience
5. Minimum of 3 year’s staff management experience.

Competencies & skills required:
1.    Good interpersonal skills.
2.    Excellent communication skills.
3.    Good verbal and numerical reasoning skills.
4.    Good negotiating and influencing skills.
5.    Good analytical skills.
6.    Excellent customer service skills.
7.    Quality focussed, gets it right first time.
8.    Ability to manage change.
9.    Ability to manage and motivate a team.
10. Ability to set, monitor and manage budgets.
11. Ability to set objectives and deadlines, prioritise workload and meet targets.

JD No   70-xxx
Version 2
Revised December 2011

12. Computer literate.
1.    The Rules, Standing Orders and established policies of the Association.
2.    May not, except as authorised by specific or standing instruction, commit the
      Association contractually.
3.    May not sign Tenancy Agreements.

JD No   70-xxx
Version 2
Revised December 2011

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