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                                     John R Avery
                                    Downers Grove -IL 60516
                               630-969-5395(h) 312-848-2785(c)

I am a seasoned Sun/Solaris System Administrator with 19 years of system admin and
networking experience with Solaris and Microsoft Windows; 4.5 years as an Instructor for
various Sun Microsystems courses; 5+ years combined experience with PERL and
Bourne/Korn Scripting; 5+ years of experience with Technical Writing. I have installed,
configured, and/or administered hardware, peripherals, operating systems, and/or software in
heterogeneous, server/client, Sun, Windows, HP/UX, Linux, and Macintosh environments;
provided end-user support, training, and tutoring in those same environments. I have a particular
talent for compiling, composing and documenting best practices and procedures, and for
facilitating and enhancing communication among project team members. I have 2.75 years of
experience as a Mobile-MMS production-software administrator. Solaris-10: general familiarity
with Containers/Zones; some detailed knowledge of ZFS and SMF.

OPERATING SYSTEMS: SunOS/Solaris 2.4-10; Windows 3.x-XP (Also Linux; HP/UX)
APPLICATIONS/UTILITIES: Solaris Volume Manager (SVM, aka "SDS"); Veritas Volume
Manager (VxVM); Veritas NetBackup; Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) 5.1; Jumpstart; Sun Live
Upgrade; Sun Flash Archive (FLAR); UFS; RBAC; SUDO; Microsoft Office; Open Office
(StarOffice); Norton Utilities and Antivirus; McAfee Antivirus; PCAnywhere; Nokia MMSC
3.2; Nokia/724 AGW-4; Ericsson MMSC-2.5 (Also X-Window; Tripwire; TCP Wrappers;
SystemEdge (sysedge); Sun Management Center 3.0)
LANGUAGES: Bourne/Korn scripting; SED; NAWK; PERL
HARDWARE: Sun servers and workstations; Sun and Quantum tape libraries; Intel-based
servers, workstations, and laptops (Dell and others) (Also scanners; PCM/CIA add-on cards;
Cisco routers; ethernet hubs and repeaters; Sun disk-arrays and storage cabinets; RSC
interfaces; Sun smart-card technology; internal and external modems)

   Sun Certified System Administrator for Solaris-2.6, -7, -8
   Sun Certified Network Administrator for Solaris-7 and -8

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Resume                                                                           John R Avery


New York Stock Exchange (Consultant)                                            2010 - Present
Role ―Unix/Linux Admin / Operations-Shiftdesk Level-1
Key Deliverables ―Monitor production electronic-trading-applications and troubleshoot
problems; process End-of-Day routines; perform "release" routines as needed; perform
Unix/Linux admin tasks as needed.

   Ordered processing of NYSE-Arca's "End-Of-Day" routines.
   Monitor trading-systems with HP Openview; HP Insight; Big Brother; in-house tools.
   Login to Solaris & Linux to perform daily "release" installations; analyze & troubleshoot.
   Use Tidal to monitor and manage remote enterprise-wide jobs.
   Use Service-Now to create, track, and process tickets for issues, changes, and incidents.
Technologies Used ―Solaris 9 & 10; Redhat Enterprise Linux 5; Big Brother; HP Insight; HP
Openview (OVO); Tidal Enterprise Scheduler; Service Now .

DeVry, Inc (Consultant)                                                             2010 - 2010
Oak Brook -IL
Role ―Solaris 10 Administrator/Engineer
Key Deliverables ―Use Sun/Solaris skills to build & maintain & troubleshoot servers and
zones on various levels of Sun server hardware; to work various trouble-tickets. Use general and
specific Unix/Linux skills to help prepare and implement a platform-migration to Red Hat Linux.

   Jumpstart Oracle(Sun) Solaris servers; some from FLAR images.
   Build-&-configure or copy-&-configure Solaris-10 Non-Global Zones.
   Execute various system and network utilities to gather troubleshooting data for projects.
   Research and construct documentation for enterprise-wide system-build specifications.
Technologies Used ―Sun 6320-6340; Solaris-10; VxVM; SUDO; snoop; Wireshark; Remedy.

SunGard (Consultant)                                                                2009 - 2009
Role ―Solaris System Admin / Documentation & Training & Tutoring & Scripting Consultant
Key Deliverables ―Provide Sun/Solaris and Scripting and general IT skills for a platform-
migration project from CICS on IBM-mainframe to Unikix on Sun/Solaris.

   Work with IBM-Mainframe staff to determine needs for platform-transition.
   Tutor IBM-Mainframe staff on workaday familiarity with Unix/Solaris.
   Use MS-Word to document the Unix/Solaris/Unikix/Uni-SPF versions of procedures.
   Produced elaborate menu-driven Korn-shell scripts to automate various tasks and procedures.
   Evaluate text-editors for their utility within SunGard Asset Arena environment on Solaris.
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Resume                                                                          John R Avery

CSC & Exelon (Consultant)                                                          2009 - 2009
Role ―Solaris System Administrator
Key Deliverables ―Provide Sun/Solaris & Unix and documentation consultation and apply
skills in the preparations and execution of DR exercises for a few dozen major servers.
   Review DR how-to documents: offered suggestions to fix mistakes; for improvement in
    clarity; lead the effort to update & fix approximately 17 DR docs, using MS-Word.
   Execute the DR procedures for several or more different servers and server-types; provide
    backup and assistance to others, in the DR project, for their procedures.
   Rack-&-stack & build Sun servers; config ALOM; confirm & polish Solaris baseline configs.
Technologies Used ― Sun Fire E4800; E6900; E15K; Sun Fire V440; V490; V880; Sun
SPARC E M4000 & M5000; E T5220 & T5240. Solaris-8; 9; 10. Symantec/Veritas Volume
Manager (VxVM); MS-Office.

Cingular / AT&T                                                                    2006 - 2009
Hoffman Estates -IL
Role ―Production Operations Administration and Support for Mobile Multimedia Messaging
(MMS), primarily with the Nokia Multimedia Message Service Center (MMSC).
Key Deliverables ―Help administer & maintain multiplatformed & clustered MMS systems
that together process up to 1 million msgs at approx 47.68 GB per hour. Install fixes &
upgrades; implement config-changes. Assist customer-care personnel to resolve individual-
customer issues. Produce and/or maintain various scripts in PERL and Korn and SQL.

   Help preview & polish & rollout new MMSC complex, 2006/Autumn.
   Help preview & polish & rollout two new MMSC complexes, 2008/Spring-Summer.
   Use MS-Office to compose and maintain roughly 100 cheatsheets and tutorials for the
    platforms for MMS, Instant Messaging, and Email/Antispam.
   Utilize VCS to monitor, maintain and troubleshoot Websphere MMS services.
Technologies Used ―Sun/Solaris-8; HP/UX-B.11.11; Linux 2.4.21- #2;
SystemEdge (SNMP; sysedge); Veritas Cluster Server (VCS); Nokia MMSC-3.2; Nokia/724
AGW-4.0; Ericsson MMSC-2.5; Korn-shell & PERL & SQL scripting; MS-Office; Remedy.

Sun Customer-Services and Lucent Technologies                                      2005 - 2006
Role ―Sun/Solaris and general Unix System Administrator; Sun-technologies consultant;
technical writer and documentation consultant.
Key Deliverables ―Serve as an onsite Sun-technologies consultant in various server upgrade
and installation projects. Serve as a technical writer and documentation consultant for various

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Resume                                                                           John R Avery
projects. Act as the Primary System Administrator—and provide Second-Tier technical
support— for several Sun/Solaris and HP/Tru64 servers and Sun/Solaris workstations.

   Sun/Solaris technical/procedural consulting for installation project for Sun V890 servers
    using Sun's Live Upgrade & Flash Archive; also installation & configuration of VxVM.
   Sun/Solaris technical/procedural consulting for upgrade project for production servers, using
    Sun's Live Upgrade; install & config of VxVM) to migration away from SVM (SDS).
   Participate in a "Unix Lockdown Project": verify & update logins for dozens of systems.
   Design & implement a Run Book for Unix systems, using Apache Web-services and
    PERL/CGI scripts.
   As Primary System Administrator of several Unix servers, install or upgrade the OS and
    various utilities, including SUDO; OpenSSH; VxVM. Scrub/update various configurations.
   Create and/or process and resolve service tickets in HP OpenView Service Desk.
Technologies Used ―Solaris 2.5-9; Tru64 4.0; several models of Sun and HP servers; Solaris
Volume Manager; Veritas Volume Manager; Sun Data Collection Explorer; Sun Live Upgrade;
Sun Flash Archive; Hewlett Packard OpenView Service Desk; Tripwire; SUDO; OpenSSH;
McAfee Antivirus; MS Internet Explorer; MS Office; Winzip; NTP; Jumpstart

Lockheed Martin and Social Security Administration                                  2003 - 2005
Baltimore-MD (Springfield-IL; Raleigh-NC; Nashville-TN; Columbus-OH)
Role ―Sun/Solaris System Admin and Field Production Support Tech for the SSA's Document
Management Architecture (DMA) of their Electronic Disability (eDib) Program.
Key Deliverables ―Onsite installation, configuration, logistics, and customer support for a
quadraplatformed architecture for processing, storage, backup, and retrieval of data related to
SSA disability cases. Diplomatic liaison between state-level users, where most systems are
installed, and the SSA, who designs, funds, implements, and maintains the architecture.
   Onsite setup, installation, configuration, troubleshooting, backup, and maintenance of
    Sun/Solaris server-equipment, MS-Windows servers and workstations, scanners, and UPSs.
   Install and configure various utilities on MS-Windows and Solaris servers.
   Trained the state-level users and admins on how to use and maintain the architecture.
   Team administration of six pair of Sun V880s, each in a different state (of the US); each with
    Sun L100 tape-library and Sun StorEdge 3900 with 2 or more T3 disk-arrays.
   Discover, compile, compose, and document various official technical, administrative, and
    customer-relations procedures used in the project, using MS-Word.
   Provide documentation (using MS-Word) and mentoring for various Lockheed Martin (LM)
    DMA Team members, in the field and elsewhere.
Technologies Used ― Sun V880 w/ Solaris-8; RSC interface; Sun StorEdge w/ Sun T3 arrays
using FCAL; Sun L100 tape-lib w/ MC300 interface; SDS; VxVM; Veritas NetBackup; Dell
servers & workstations w/ MS-Windows 2000 and XP; Brooktrout ISDN-PRI interfaces;
Powerware 9125 and 9170+ UPSs; Powerware LanSafe III Plus; Tripwire; MS Office; WinZip;
Ethernet FC and TWP; TCP/IP; DNS; NTP; SSH; Jumpstart

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Resume                                                                       John R Avery

NSC Systems Group; Sun Microsystems / Sun                                       1998 - 2002
Nashville-TN (Downers Grove -IL); Menlo Park -CA (Chicago-IL; Itasca-IL; Downers Grove -
Role ―Technical Education Specialist; Customer Training Instructor III
Key Deliverables ―Prepared and presented Unix and Sun technology topics, in the forms of 2-
to-5-day courses, mostly experienced sys-admins ―topics including introduction to Unix; basic
SunOS/Solaris end-user usage; SunOS/Solaris system admin; SunOS/Solaris network admin;
scripting in Bourne & Korn shells; SNMP with Sun Management Center.
   Taught Course: Introduction to Unix
   Taught Course: Introduction to Solaris: Solaris-2.6, -7, -8, -9
   Taught Course: System Administration I: Solaris-2.6, -7, -8, -9
   Taught Course: System Administration II: Solaris-2.6, -7, -8, -9
   Taught Course: TCP/IP-Networking: Solaris-7, -8
   Taught Course: Scripting for System Administrators
   Taught Course: Sun Management Center -3.0 (SNMP)
   Use MS-Word and Open Office to produce technical and procedural documents as handouts
    and cheatsheets for classroom use and possible production use.
Technologies Used ―Sun Solaris -2.6, -7, -8, -9; SPARCstations 5, 10, & 20; Ultra
SPARCstations 1, 2, 5, & 10, Sun Enterprise 450, Sun Blades 100, 1000, 2000; Solstice Disk
Suite; Solaris Volume Manager; Sun Management Center 3.x; Solaris Management Console;
Ethernet Twisted-Pair; TCP/IP; NIS; DNS; NFS; UFS; NTP; DHCP; RBAC; RIP; RDISC;
SMTP; FTP; HTTP; SSH; SNMP; LDAP; IPv6; SED; NAWK; Bourne & Korn scripting.

University of Chicago                                                           1990 - 1998
Role ―Microcomputer Support Analyst,
      Departments of Pathology, Surgery, and the Ben May Institute
Key Deliverables ―General system and network administration, and end-user support, in a
networked, multiplatformed, client/server, academic environment.
   Install, configure, and maintain Sun systems as servers to multiplatformed clients.
   Manage backup and recovery with ufsdump and ufsrestore, and Legato Networker.
   Install, configure, and maintain various desktop client systems: MS-DOS; MS-Windows-3.x-
    NT; Macintosh; NeXTStep on NeXTstations.
   Provide end-user on-the-job training and tutoring and daily support.
   Department of Pathology: create, from scratch, a multiplatformed client/server network.
   Department of Pathology: transition a small, isolated, proprietary network to a
    multiplatformed, TCP/IP network integrated with the entire campus.
Technologies Used ―Sun Solaris-2.4-2.5; MS-DOS; MS-Windows-2.x-NT; Macintosh; Sun
SPARC hardware; NeXTStep OS and NeXTstations; MS Office; Norton Utilities and Antivirus;
McAfee Antivirus; PCAnywhere; C shell; Syntax Totalnet Advanced Server; Legato Networker.

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Resume                                                                        John R Avery

   BME, University of Louisville, Louisville-KY
   Courses in Statistics, Calculus, Social Sciences, University of Chicago, Chicago-IL

   Various company-sponsored courses in Security (Sun Microsystems)
   Red Hat Enterprise Linux System Administration
   Symantec's Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) 5.1
   Oracle/Sun's Solaris-10 Features for Experienced Solaris System Admins

   SAGE: USENIX Special-Interest Group for Professional System Administrators

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