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What is the US Communities – GTSI & Tech Depot Alternate Source Contract, #250-001-07-
In July 2007, the State of Florida, Department of Management Services approved the use of the
U.S. Communities Technology contract # RQ03-605674-16A as an alternate contract source for
products and services not on State Term Contract. The contract was competitively solicited by
Fairfax County, VA, awarded to GTSI Corp. in 2003, and includes language that allows other
government agencies throughout the U.S. the ability to use this contract as a cooperative
purchasing contract vehicle.

Who are GTSI Corp. and Tech Depot?
GTSI Corp. is the sole awarded Contractor on this contract and their focus is on systems
integration and IT Solutions. Tech Depot is an authorized sub-contractor to GTSI under this
Contract and their focus is on technology products, including hardware, software, and

What is the intended use of this contract by State Agencies?
This contract is intended to fill the voids for products and services not available on existing State
Term Contracts. This contract also offers the ability to purchase turnkey, complex, multivendor
solutions off of a single contract. Additionally, financial (leasing) services are available for
products and services, which may not be available on other contracts.

What is available under this contract?
Everything that GTSI and Tech Depot offer under the US Communities Contract that is not
available under a State Term Contract.

What entities in the State of Florida are eligible to use this contract?
DMS has used their authority to approve this contract for use by State Agencies for products and
services not offered on other State Term Contracts. Non-State Agency eligible users may use
this contract without additional paperwork from DMS however; these users are responsible for
determining whether their local laws require any additional steps.

If a customer wants to purchase IT products and/or services available on this contract,
what process should be followed?
The Agency can contact either GTSI or Tech Depot. The appropriate supplier will process the
order and coordinate delivery

Does this contract meet the competitive solicitation requirements of section 287 of Florida
Yes. See section 287.042(16)(a).

When does this contract expire?
April 30, 2009

Are quotes (RFQ’s) required on this contract?

Is it acceptable to purchase of turnkey or complex solutions requiring a mix of hardware,
software and services through this contract?

Can products and services available on this contract be leased with DFS approval if they
are not available for lease on state term contract?
Yes, the contract allows for leasing, but DFS approval may be required for State Agencies.
Can an agency get credit toward MBE/SBE/Local Business targets using this contract?
The contractors on this contract are actively working with the Office of Supplier Diversity on this

Where can I find additional information about this contract?
Additional information regarding this alternate source contract is available at:

Are customers subject to any additional fees when using this contract?
No, customers are not subject to any additional costs or fees on this contract. This contract is
subject to the 1% transaction fee to paid by the contractors for all purchases.

Who should a state agency or other eligible user contact if there is a performance or
customer service issue that needs to be resolved?
You may contact the sales representatives below:

For GTSI Corp. purchases, contact:
Todd Robinson                                          850-364-4532
Peter Van Kirk

For Tech Depot purchases, contact:

Jerret Simmons
Brian Shunk

What type of payment methods are accepted for ordering under the contract?
Purchase Order and Credit Card

Where can I see my contract pricing from GTSI and Tech Depot?
For Tech Depot, visit www.techdepot.com and click on the public sector tab, your state and

For GTSI, visit http://www.gtsi.com/florida GTSI and Tech Depot’s pricing structure is a minimum
percentage off Manufacturer’s List Price.

Are GTSI and Tech Depot registered in MyFloridaMarketPlace?

Do GTSI and Tech Depot offer free shipping?
Yes, Tech Depot offers free shipping via UPS ground. GTSI offers free shipping via direct from
manufacturer or a third-party carrier.

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