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					Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   Can I pay friends and family to help me with packing and transit of my belongings
     to my new address?

A.   All out of pocket expenses can be claimed, including hire of van, fuel and subsistence
     allowance. No payment to the individuals helping you move can be claimed.

Q.   Some of my belonging will not fit into the Accommodation I am going rent. Can I
     pay friends or family to store these items?

A.   It would be difficult to approve payment for this expenditure, as there are a number
     of Inland Revenue and value for money issues attached with this. If you have any
     storage requirements, a Registered Company should be used.

Q.   If I am currently renting accommodation, can I claim my rental accommodation in
     Hull against relocation expenses?

A.   No, any relocation claim must be related to additional expenses incurred as a result
     of moving to Hull.

Q.   If I moved from furnished to unfurnished accommodation, can I claim for

A.   No, with the exception of white goods.

Q.   What is meant by “immediate family” in the Relocation Policy?

A.   This covers partner and children/stepchildren. It does not extend to parents and
     other relatives. If there is no “immediate family”, then a visit with one other person
     may be claimed.

Q.   If I am living in rented accommodation in Hull but my family are still elsewhere,
     can I claim for travel at weekends for them to visit me, or vice versa?

A.   No

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