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Photos taken of DeSoto Yearbook shots


									Items examined in the MVC – February 18, 2010

   -   1972 DeSoto yearbook photo of man feeding TOM on his desk with a baby bottle, ID man in
       picture for MemMag article

West TN Normal School (51 items) – 1912 - 1925

   -   Ask about ephemera for this period in the collection, as well as the two following it.
   -   Examine Memphis Press & CA materials to look for article coverage of the opening of the school,
       campus events, sports stories etc.

       Photo collection currently has:

       Subject Matter of Photos          # in Collection                More Needed?
       Class of “” photos                10
       Faculty                           3                              Yes
       Building exteriors/Campus         13
       Building Interiors                2                              Yes
       Classroom Scenes                  3                              Yes
       Sports Events/Teams               12
       Plays/Music/Art                   3                              Yes
       Candid shots of students          5                              Maybe
       Student Group photos

The DeSoto 1916: A compilation of Certain events and Phases of Life at West Tennessee State Normal
School as Chronicled by the Senior Class

   -   First ever annual for the School
   -   Pg. 10 full photo of faculty with list of names, disciplines and colleges on pg. 11
   -   Pg. 38, Junior Class of 1916
   -   Pg. 41, 4A class
   -   Pg. 44, 3A class
   -   P. 46, 2A class
   -   Pg. 48, 1A class
   -   Sigma Alpha Mu, pg. 52 photo on steps of admin building
            o Literary society, founded in 1912, yearly play production, also have worked to purchase
                materials in order to decorate the dorms (wallpaper, photos, etc.)
            o Used the greek Sigma
   -   Kappa Lambda Sigma, started in 1913 as Claxtonian Literary Society, changed later that year to
       Kappa Lambda Sigma
            o Pg. 55 is their yearly photo
    -   Forum Debating Society, formed in 1912, primarily interested in social work and debate more
        generally; oratory followed by a banquet at Thanksgiving
            o Pg. 58 is their yearly photo
    -   Seymour A. Mynders Club, pg. 61 for photo
            o Fraternal relationship with Sigma Alpha Mu
    -   Inter-normal Debaters


    Old Miss Club

    Gibson County Club

   Orchestra and Band – pg. 70 (took picture of orchestra and not band, because photos overlap at

   Girls Glee Club and Men’s Chorus – pg. 72

Pg. 76 – 1915 Men’s Football Team

    -   Played various groups in the 1915-1916 season including local high schools and the first
        battalion of the state militia team
    -   Team is referred to as “the blue and grey warriors” and the Normal

Pg. 83 – Wearer’s of the N – Letterman

Pg. 86 – YWCA

PG. 88 – YMCA

DeSoto, West Tennessee Normal School 1917

-Messick Elementary School was used as the practice school

- Official school magazine is the Columns, named for the columns on the front of the admin building

- pgs. 11-14 more easily ID’d photos of early faculty; pictures from 1916 are better quality so they might
be copied and I can use this labeling to ID the pictures

Pg. 62 – Columns Staff

Pg. 63 – Inter Normal Debaters

Pg. 64 – Student Council (I believe they are first in school’s history)
Pg. 66 – stud. Gov. first introduced in 1912. Disbanded after first year. Winter 1916, Women’s Self-
Government Assn put in place by faculty and female students so that co-eds were allowed to write and
enforce rules and regulations for their own dorm, instead of having the faculty govern their comings and

Pg. 72 – Kappa Lambda Sigma, officers and debaters

Pg. 73 – Kappa Lambda Sigma group photo

Pg. 77 – Seymour Mynders

Pg. 80 – Forum Debating Society

Pg. 86 – Shelby County Club

Pg. 87 – Tipton County Club

Pg. 92 – photos of the Caldwell Players, a new club for people who are actors; organized by people who
were in a production that year of Taming of the Shrew

Pg. 96 – Band photo, pg. 98 orchestra photo, (listings of members are on the page proceeding the photo

Pg. 100 – the chorus

YWCA and YMCA photos on following pages

Pg. 112 – 1916 Football Team

Pg. 114 – 1916 Baseball Team

Pg. 116 – the track team

Pg. 119 – first girls basketball team to play matches against other schools, Standing: Brady, Johnson,
Ruffin, Norris, Thompson, King; Kneeling: Crenshaw, Yancey, Jeter, McCree & Lea

Pg. 121 – the Tennis club

The Columns, January 1918, vol.5, no. 4 (The Yearbook Issue)

    -   Smaller issue because of the war; first issue dedicated to boys who fought in War and not to
    -   Regular class photos

Pg. 26 – Junior Class

Pg. 28 - 4A class

Pg. 32, great candids of the Seymour Mynders Club members; might be able to magnify if photographed
Same of all the clubs which are between there and pg. 43

Pg. 34, Sigma Alpha Mu candids

Pg. 36 – Forum Debaters

Pg. 38 – Kappa Lambda Sigma

Pg. 56-57, small candids of students

The Columns, 1919 (Yearbook Issue)

Good photos of President and Dean, as well as a full photo of campus I think we lack

Jr. Class

4A Class

Pg. 30 – photos of girls on Student Council, still primarily over the girls dorm life



Book is generally fairly stiff at spine; issue produced by the Columns so will not photograph further
unless it proves necessary

The Latin Club was formed at this point; members in togas in photos (most likely the photo we already
have of students in togas is of the Latin Club) They perform classic Greek plays that year they did Dido
and Aeneas

Sigma Alpha Mu did fundraising for soldier and French and Italian children who were orphaned during
the war – School had “adopted” 100 of them the year before and they were contributing to the
children’s support

Football team for 1918-1919 – all dressed in military uniforms and the photo is labeled in small print
“Student Army Training Corps”

Good shots of the girls basketball team

DeSoto vol. III (1920)

    -       Good quality photos of the staff that appear to be ID’d in such a way that you could identify
    -       There is a candid beneath each formal portrait for members of the senior class
    -       Pictures in this volume of significantly better quality than earlier photos
    -       Sigma alpha mu candids has girls labeled “suffragettes”; various members in earlier years were
            also given the label
    -   1919-1920’s girls basketball team, referred to as the Tigers

DeSoto, vol. IV (1921)

    -   Smaller class due to changed graduation requirements
    -   Number of teachers in city schools who were awarded diplomas that year who had undertaken
        most of their training elsewhere and completed it that year at the Normal
    -   Similar photos to earlier volumes
    -   Girls team is referred to as the Tigresses
    -   Should get a copy of the photo of the men’s team on 98; tigers on the breast of the uniform and
        normal written down the button placket – City Champions 1920 pg. 98

Desoto, vol. V (1922) –

    -   Volume dedicated to Mrs. Seymour A Mynders
    -   Pg 11, neat photo of students studying in the library
    -   Photos w/bios of the Faculty
    -   Pg. 23, art class and class room
    -   Pg. 25, great photo of the Mikado production
    -   Pg. 28 and 29, good photos of the Home Ec “labs” and the Domestic Arts lab with sewing
    -   Manual arts class with “the shop” and Agriculture class with the cows
    -   Pg. 32, students in penmanship class
    -   Great photos of clubs from this year
    -   Football teams referred to as tigers again, letterman sweaters have T’s on them as well as the
        older N
    -   Pg. 100, photo of the lab
    -   Pg. 104 and 105, photos of the students of the Training School and synopsis of this year’s going
    -   Nov. 12, 1922 first weekly edition of the Columns

Desoto, vol. VI (1923)

    -   first year for a female “sponsor” of the Yearbook (like homecoming I think)
    -   Thelma Ramsey of Puryear, TN
    -   Scates Hall is new men’s dorm that year, pg. 13
    -   Interior of Dining Hall with people eating in it, pg. 16
    -   “Tri-State egg laying contest buildings” pg. 17
    -   Great photo of students in a chemistry lab, pg. 65, may be able to ID from group photo on the
        next page
    -   Photo of students in the Training School
    -   Great candids of the students in different organizations; girl named John in the Sigmas (think
        she is mentioned in earlier years on basketball team…)
    -   “Forum Fun” boys in drag; one of the Sigma girls dressed as Charlie Chaplin
-    P. 102 and 103; “Normal Song” – school song from this period; page to remember a play “the
    Fascinating Fanny Brown” appears to be a story about a cross-dresser? Performance was given
    to raise money for the Memphis Municipal Orchestra

History of Athletics and 1922 Football Season

Hart, N. Key, “Normal Celebrates Decennial in Athletics With Victorious Football Team,” pg. 131-

-   First time the boys football teams are listed as “Tiger”
-   Professor C.H. Wilson, first football coach
-   First season in 1913 saw the school playing against Memphis prep school teams
-   First few years were successful but Wilson left the position and other coaches struggled to
    make the team successful; WWI also took a toll on school athletics
-   1922, first year that the Normal school played college class football instead of prep school
    “In 1922, the Normal Tigers went on a rampage that noted the most successful season in the
    school’s history. Entrance was effected into college class football with pronounced results,
    and Prep schools, once prone to crow over our team, shrinkingly crept away from the might
    Bengal.” (132)

-   Coach Lester S. Barnard took over in the 1922 season and he was the first full time athletic
    director the school employed
-   Coach Barnard was an undergrad football star who was able to effectively teach students how
    to play
-   Team who had the motto “Every Man a Tiger” (should amend narrative for Memphis
    magazine article to include this info)
-   Make sure to get copy of pg. 141, first half of the team: 1. Captain, Eva Briggs, Guard; 2. “Bill”
    Deverell, forward; 3. “Snooks” McDaniels, forward; 4. Ozella Morris, jump center; 5. Gladys
    Dunkle, S., center
-   First annual field day, April 6 and 7, 1923; great photos from the meet

Desoto (1924) vol. VII

-   Volume dedicated to Prof Priestly Hartwell Manning, good photo of him in the front

November 28, 1923: “Negro wedding in chapel by Y.W.C.A.” ???

-   Great photos of the dorms and campus
-   Pg. 14, inside of Jones Dining Hall
-   Must get pics of the “home economics labs” pg. 16 and a picture of the first Campus School bldg
    on pg. 17
-   Great photos of the faculty from this year’s book as well
    -   Want copies of page 66-68; information on the new Normal School facility and the teachers and
        students of the school
    -   Pg. 78 and 79, cast photo of Pirates of Penzance and synopsis etc.
    -   Pg. 131 “the name of tiger was given the Normal athletes some years ago, but the fight and
        never-say-die spirit manifested by the football team of 1923 more clearly exemplified the tiger
        spirit than ever before. “Every man a tiger” was the prayer breathed through many a
        heartrending contest.”
    -   UT’s team at this point is referred to as the “Doctors”
    -   Pg. 142 photo of the other half of the 1924 champs, 1. “Bill” Deverell, forward; 2. Louise Verdel,
        Center, captain; 3. “Snooks” McDaniel, forward; 4. Ozella Morris, Jumping Center; 5. Meb Burrus

DeSoto (1925) vol. VIII

    -   November 8, 1924 – Normal School made Teacher’s College
    -   Last year for a 4A class at the U, quite small by comparison with others
    -   Collect pg. 139 for photo of 2nd half of girls bball team: Carolyn Yancey, forward; Madge
        Marshall, guard; Lois Ward, guard; Helen Grills, guard

West TN State Teacher’s College (17 items) 1925 - 1947

Subject Matter of Photos            # in Collection                     More Needed?
Group shots of classes of           2                                   Yes
Faculty                             0                                   Yes
Building exteriors/campus           6
Building interiors                  2                                   Yes
Classroom scenes                    0                                   Yes
Sports Events/Teams                 7
Plays/Music/Art                     0                                   Yes
Candid shots of students            0                                   Yes

    -   Consider looking for other articles
    -   Serious lack of photos from this period, really need to look through available sources

DeSoto (1926) vol. IX, West Tennessee State Teachers College

    -   Dedicated to Brister since he had lead them from being a Normal School to State Teachers
    -   Campus photos are not good quality and the faculty section has been really hacked up
    -   First class to receive B.A.’s from the Institution instead of certificates
    -   Seniors posed in caps and gowns for first time
    -   Fairly recent alums are teaching at Campus school at this point
   -   Pg. 60 and 61 are the space for campus school info; classes were big enough at this point they
       couldn’t fit the whole school in one photo; also taken in front of the new school bldg, and not on
       the admin steps as before
   -   During this time, the older kids did electives in home ec, etc. on the University’s campus
   -   Campus school basketball team, kiddie band and “minuet” photos
   -   Lunch room, Girl Scout room, PTA, Principals office, first grade classroom
   -   First ever summer term for the College
   -   Photos for first 3 school “beauty queens”: Addie Lou Walker, Adeline Baer and Sadie Lee Dillard
   -   Picture of the completed training school on page 84
   -   Good photos of orchestra and glee club;
   -   Student council is still all female; looks like there may be a male officer for 1926
   -   147, good photo of the football team
   -   Basketball uniforms state “Teachers” because they just became State Teacher’s College
   -   Women’s uniforms say “Tenn. Teachers” but they are clearly referred to as the Tigresses still;
       tied Middle TN in the state championship game

DeSoto (1927) vol. X, West Tennessee State Teacher’s College

   -   Dedicated to Mrs. Seymour A Mynders
   -   Good quality photo of the campus as a whole
   -   Useable photos of the faculty
   -   Thelma Ramsey is teaching 5th grade at the Training school 2 years after she graduated from the
       Normal School, she also graduated with her B.S. in this year
   -   Lots of good shots of students as well as small candids
   -   Queens Marjorie Borden and Helen Spicer
   -   Pg. 116, photos of male cheerleaders for football team; in general most cheer leaders from this
       period were male
   -   Plenty of good photos that can be collected of multiple sports teams as well

DeSoto (1928) vol. xi West Tennessee State Teachers College

   -   Dedicated the book to Gov. Austin Peay because his administration was giving more funds to the
       college so that they were able to put up new buildings and grow as an organization
   -   Pres. Brister’s only son John Jr. died at age 15 in September 1927
   -   Looks like they may have added a new library and a new gym in this year
   -   Pg. 22, campus aerial that shows the recent construction of the gym and the library
   -   New college jazz band, the Memphonians formed in 1927, photo on page 102

DeSoto (1929) vol. xii West Tennessee State Teachers College

   -   Pg. 6, great drawing of a Tiger with the Alma Mater text superimposed over it
   -   Better photos of Mynders and the Men’s Dorm (Scates) pgs. 11 and 12
    -   Nice exterior photo of Brister Library, pg. 13; photos of new gym and of the completed Training
        School bldg. pgs. 16 and 17 (these are already in the collection and have been photo-shopped
        for use from Memphis Magazine
    -   Moonlight scene of the campus with Model T’s parked out front of the admin building, p. 18
    -   Good photos of the faculty from this year
    -   Great pictures of the girls basketball teams, pg. 96 Ellen Baird World’s free throw champion
    -   Pg. 121 “The 11th Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Ride in Autos”
    -   HELL Club – Hearty Eaters Loud Laughers Club, great photos on pg. 135
    -   “One day I chanced to pass, a beaver damning up a river, And a man, who had run out of gas,
        Was doing the same thing to his flivver.” (169)

DeSoto (1930) vol. xiii West TN State Teachers College

    -   Neat deco artwork for the dedication page, pg. 5
    -   Dedicated to Thelma Ramsey’s husband Denver Baughan
    -   Quality of the photos from this year is very grainy
    -   Class of 1929, Academic Procession on the steps of the admin building
    -   New social club for women, Xi Beta Nu
    -   New club for men, founded in 1927, Phi Lambda Delta
    -   New club for men, founded in 1929, Phi Delta Sigma
    -   Motto for girls basketball team “get up and keep playing unless your dead”.
    -   Manning Hall added this year, decent photo in the ads section

DeSoto (1931) vol. xiv West TN State Teachers College

    -   Neat use of color on the cover
    -   First active use of color in the drawings
    -   Dedicated to Coach Zach Curlin and Allyn McKeen and the 1929-1930 Mississippi Valley
        Conference Championship Football Teams
    -   Great 2 page photo of the campus with labels for the buildlings
    -   Neat drawing of the tiger in red behind the Alma Mater again this year
    -   Good quality photos of faculty and staff from this year
    -   Championship football team for this year; would like to use shots of individual team members as
        well as action shots from the football field which are over description of the players
    -   Should collect photos of boys & girls basketball teams from this year
    -   New women’s club in 1929, Gamma Tau Alpha
    -   The 9th Muse Poetry Club

DeSoto (1932), vol. xv

    -   Devoted to Scates
    -   Varsity football team referred to as the “tutor tigers”
    -   New sorority, Zeta Chi, founded 1930
    -   Quality of photos is good throughout the annual

DeSoto (1933) XVI

    -   Color on the etchings is really beautiful for this year
    -   Shorts and socks got a lot shorter for this year’s girls basketball team
    -   Good photos, most of the ones that are typically included from year to year
    -   1932 was first year that there was a “club council”, forerunner of Hellenic Council
    -   First year to formally call homecoming queens, Miss “”; Miss State Teacher’s College 1933,
        Evelyn Pannill
    -   Court includes: Miss Mary Elizabeth Taylor, Miss. Mabel Dean
    -   Pg. 93, teachers participating, “Armistice Sponsors, 1932”, car with tassels on it
    -   “What made you think I was drunk last night?” “You were looking in the cuckoo clock for eggs”
    -   “If all the broiled beefsteaks in the dining room were placed end to end, the result would be a
        hot line of bull

DeSoto (1934) XVII “21st Anniversary” of the college

“Pageant of the Years” In 1909, under the impetus of a great spirit of educational campaign begun by
leading spirits in the educational world, the people of the state awoke to the fact that Tennessee was
lagging far behind other states in the new drive to educate our people for modern life. The campaign
culminated in the plan of the Legislature to erect teacher training schools in the three great divisions of
the State, and accordingly the Education Act of 1909 gave birth to West Tennessee Normal School.

Many communities of the western portion of the state vied for the location of the school. When the
citizens of Memphis donated 81 acres of land for the location of the institution, with the promise of
money grants, it was legally located there. The succeeding years have each brought additional buildings
and enlargement of scope and student body.”

1912: Administration building, Mynders Hall, President’s Home. Formal opening of school, September 9,
1912, 305 enrollment

1919: Two years High School dropped, third year College added

1920: Three years college work required for graduation from Normal School

1921-24: Men’s Dormitory, Dining Hall, Training School

1925: Full fledged college, granting degree of Bachelor of Science

1927-1928: Library and Gymnasium

1929: Manning Science Hall
1934: Equipment valued at $1,500,000. In 21 years has had well over 12,000 students, now has over 660
graduates with Bachelor of Science degree. Has hundreds of graduates in Elementary and High Schools
of surrounding territory. Average enrollment now 850.

   -   Great photos from the football games with the band in the front, pg. 72, 73, 74
   -   Tumbling team photos, pg. 82
   -   Photos of tennis players from matches, pg. 83
   -   Good action shots of the baseball team as well as “historic photos” pg. 85
   -   Pg. 116, The Glee Club, singing in the Hall of Science at the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair
   -   Alice Gemmil, freshman Queen, p. 118
   -   Name changes on the newspaper to Tiger Rag, staff photo on pg. 119
   -   Homecoming Queen, Frances Tyree, Miss State Teachers, pg. 131
   -   Court: Frances Barrom, Eleanor Irving, and Alice Randolph Hindman
   -   Pg. 142 and 143 candids
   -   Fake Tiger Rag published as end of book, gossip column sorta stuff

1935, DeSoto XVIII

   -   Pg. 44, panorama photo of the year’s graduating seniors on their first day as freshmen in 1931
   -   Pg. 47, male gymnastics team: Bobby Clower, Sam Bauman, Nelson Wilson, Paul Haaga, Marion
       Lineberry, Howard Burkett, Chester McKenzie, J.B. Price, John Colby & F.B. Teague
   -   Pg. 48, girl tumblers
   -   Great scenes from King Lear production by the Sock & Buskin Club pg. 90 and 91
   -   Dorothea Adler, Miss State Teachers, pg. 97
   -   Martha Moore, Freshman Queen pg. 104

1936, DeSoto XIX

   -   Pg. 19, graduating seniors from the College who did student teaching at the Training School
   -   Pg. 57, football team in leather helmets
   -   Pg. 84, first pan-hellenic council, also a separate student club council
   -   36-37 was the first year there was a student handbook published; Dean JM Smith brought the
       idea to the council; it contains resume of the year’s activities, extensive information on the
       curriculum and requirements for graduation, description of the campus and places of interest
       guide in Memphis
   -   Helen Ford, Miss State Teacher’s College, pg. 102
   -   Court: Martha Witt, Elizabeth Conley, Edna Hopper; Freshman Queen, Kathryn Rhodes
   -   Pg. 112 and 113, good candids that are labeled with subject’s names

1937, DeSoto XX

   -   Professor Grover H. Hayden in his chemistry lab, pg. 1
   -   Pg. 47 and 48, some good football scenes
   -   Pg. 50 “Looking Forward”
       “In keeping with an ever increasing sentiment for a better football team on the part of the
       alumni, students, faculty and friends of State Teachers College, its entire athletic program has
       been completely reorganized. An Athletic Association, composed of approximately 150
       businessmen and friends of the College has been formed. The function of this organization is to
       support and sponsor, both morally and financially, the new football program. The officers of the
       Association are Reverend Alfred Loaring-Clark, President; Sawyer Campbell, Vice-President; and
       Charley Gates, Secretary-Treasurer. The entire administration of the football program is in the
       hands of the new Athletic Committee which is composed of Dr. Webb Key, chairman; R.W.
       Johnson, Secretary-Treasurer, Norris Blackburn, H.M. Frizzell, O.H. Jones, J.M. Smith and R.M.

   -   Girls basketball featuring “Vikings” and “Danes”; there is also intramural basketball for girls
       social clubs
   -   Pg 56 and 57, table tennis, tumblers, freshman basketball teams for girls “blues and greys”,
       tennis matches and students on hill side watching tennis matches
   -   Intramural softball for the boys clubs
   -   Sock & Buskin presented “Beyond the Horizon” by Eugene O’Neil
   -   Miss Virginia Allen, Miss State Teacher’s College 1937; pg. 98
   -   Court: Martha Witt, Phyllis Smith
   -   Fredna Pierce, Freshman Queen
   -   109-111, some decent snapshots

DeSoto, (1938) XXI

   -   Panorama shot of crowd, I think from a football game on opening pages
   -   Good shot of Manning Hall from the front
   -   Athletic committee members have photos on the faculty page
   -   In re-arrangement of football program, asst Coach Allyn McKeen gets promoted to head coach
       and Cecil Humphreys is hired as his asst coach; appears with team in yearbook
   -   Good photos of sports activities from the gym, women’s basketball is strictly an intramural at
       this point, they are no longer playing as a formal team
   -   Candids at the end of the clubs section
   -   Addie Young, Miss State Teachers College, 1938
   -   Mary Lou Cole, Freshman Queen

DeSoto, 1939, XXII

   -   Really cool embossed cover with a tiger on it
   -   Neat panorama of downtown Memphis
   -   Candids at beginning of activities section
   -   Dixie McElvray, Miss State Teacher’s College
   -   Fredna Pierce, Campus Queen; Court: Jeanne Kenyon, Frances Griffin, Martha Jones
   -   Mary Gladys Webb, Football Queen; Anita Perry, Freshman Queen
   -   Great montages of photos from sports games

1940, DeSoto XXIII

Memphis State College (27 items) 1947 - 1957

Subject Matter of Photos          # in Collection                     More Needed?
Group shots of classes of         3                                   Yes
Faculty/Administrators            3                                   Yes
Building exteriors/campus         6
Building interiors                4
Classroom scenes                  4
Sports Events/Teams               0                                   Yes
Plays/Music/Art                   0                                   Yes
Candid shots of students          8

   -   Will need significantly more photos from this period as well

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