; properties of carbon cycle
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properties of carbon cycle


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									                     Carbon dioxide and its special properties
Carbon exists in the form of carbon dioxide including one oxygen atom and two carbon
atoms. Carbon dioxide is collected in several ways. It is found in the gas eliminated
from the volcanoes, when burning organic compounds and in the process of respiration
of humans or animals. Plants consume carbon dioxide during photosynthesis and they
can produce carbohydrate that is a substance such as sugar or starch that includes
carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Under minus 78 degrees, carbon dioxide condenses into
white crystals.
Dioxide carbon is a colorless gas doing harm to humans because carbonic acid will be
formed when carbon dioxide combines with mucous membrane in nose and spit. So, if
you take in carbon dioxide at high volume, you will feel stinging pain in nose and
throat as well as a sour taste in mouth. Carbon dioxide is also a compound used for
producing acid.

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