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February Events - The Houston Club


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									                                         The HOUSTON Club

                                                                  FEBRUARY 2011            Volume 59, No. 2

February Events                        Join us Friday, February 11th for a romantic
February 2nd -
Wine Tas�ng - California 2007            “Queen of Hearts” Dinner at The Houston Club
February 6th -
Super Bowl XLV Party ($25+ Adults,
$15 Children)
February 8th -
Girls Just Wanna Have Funds -
 Complimentary, Ladies Texas Hold’Em
February 11th -
Breakfast with TALK650 Radio -
 Complimentary Hot Breakfast,
 Queen of Hearts Dinner ($65++)
February 17th -
Dinner & a Movie Night - “Charlie
 Wilson’s War” ($30++)
February 20th -
Bridal Open House - Complimentary
February 24th -
Business Networking Social
 (sponsored by iFROG Solu�ons),
 Ladies Wine Social, YP Game Night

         Join us for the
     BIG GAME at
    The HOUSTON Club!

               February 6th

       $25 Adult Buffet
       $15 for children
    Make your reservations now!              http://www.best-us-romantic-getaways.com
                                                                         The HOUSTON Club
                               It’s THAT �me of the              2010 - 2011 Board of Directors
                               year again!
                         The 45th annual edi�on        President: Charles L. Henke
                         of the Super Bowl will be
                         held at the Cowboys           Vice President: John L. DeVault
Stadium in Arlington, Texas. If you can’t make it      Secretary / Treasurer: John A. Anderson, Jr.
to Arlington, join us for good food and cold drinks,
and cheer your team on at The HOUSTON Club.            Directors: Thomas Be�, Ma�hew Dickson, William D. Hanna,
                                                       Hershel J. Howard II, Frank S. Hinnant, Stephen C. Jacobs
     Join us for the BIG Game!                         Ex-Officio: Bernard S. Hruzek
               Sunday, February 6th
                     5:00pm                                     COMMITTEE CHAIRS
                                                                    Ac�vi�es Commi�ee: Tonya Anderson
                  $25 Adults Buffet
                                                                    Finance Commi�ee: John A. Anderson, Jr.
                    $15 Children
                                                                    House Commi�ee: William D. Hanna
 Reservations are required. Call (713) 225-1661                     Membership Commi�ee: Eric Feighl
                or reserve online.
                                                                    Wine Commi�ee: James Moore

                                                                      The HOUSTON Club
                                                       MANAGEMENT                         Arteerean Jefferson
 Join us on Facebook! Search for The HOUSTON           Nadia Eloufir                       Concierge
 Club and click “like”.                                General Manager                    713-225-1661
                                                       713-229-2209                       arteerean@houstonclub.org
                                                       nadia.eloufir@houstonclub.org       Shirley Jones
                                                       FOOD & BEVERAGE                    Member Event Coordinator
                                                       Luz Botello                        713-229-2213
Add “The HOUSTON Club” to your LinkedIn                                                   sjones@houstonclub.org
                                                       Execu�ve Chef
                                                       chef@houstonclub.org               Hanna Doyle
                                                       Allan San�ago                      Member Rela�ons Coordinator
                                                       Service Director                   713-229-2207
 CHANGE in “The Clubber” distribu�on...                                                   hdoyle@houstonclub.org
  Starting with the March 2011 issue, The Clubber      asan�ago@houstonclub.org           CATERING / SOCIAL EVENTS
 will begin being published Bi-Monthly with                                               Mesita Partridge
 an additional 4 pages, boosting it to a 16-page       ACCOUNTING
                                                       Lucy Carreon                       Catering Director
 newsletter. Therefore, the next Clubber issue                                            713-229-2212
 will be “MARCH / APRIL 2011”. We will also            Controller
                                                       713-229-2217                       mpartridge@houstonclub.org
 provide you with a monthly calendar of events
 that will accompany your statement.                   lcarreon@houstonclub.org           Terri Porche
   For all the latest Club news and to make                                               Catering Manager
 reservations, please take a look at our new                                              713-229-2214
                                                       Cynthia Fodell Mo�                 tporche@houstonclub.org
 website. In addition, we are opening up The           Membership Director
 Clubber for advertising. If you are interested,       713-229-2216                       Melissa Jones
 please see the website for the rate sheet or          cynthia@houstonclub.org            Banquet Manager
 contact Hanna Doyle at (713) 229-2207.                                                   713-229-2206

 2      FEBRUARY 2011      The HOUSTON Club
                          Derrick Allen - Consultant                Hugo Chambon Rothlisberger -
                           WellnessShield                            Spirits Educator                            Employee Spotlight
                          Brandon Arthur Bibby - A�orney             Cognac Ferrand USA, Inc
                           Sadler Law Firm                          Tim R. Samples - A�orney                                       Santos       J.
                          David A. Collins - Manager and             Bracewell & Guiliani. LP                                    Zelaya - If you
                                                                                                                                 have had lunch in
                           Professional Clothier                    Kenneth J. Simon - A�orney
                                                                                                                                 the Bush Room
                           Festari                                   Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell, LP
                                                                                                                                 then you know
                          Jay T. Comeaux - Independent              Sco� Smyre - Work Force                                      Santos.    Since
                           Distributor                              Management Consultant                                        1978, Santos has
                           Comeaux Wellness Advisor                  Automa�c Data Processing                    been providing wonderful service
                          George Michael DeGeurin, Jr. -            Frank Edward Tegel - Global Account          and anticipating your needs
                          Criminal Defense A�orney                  Manager                                      leaving you and your guests
                           Foreman, DeGeurin & Nugent                The Lubrizol Corpora�on                     lacking nothing. We are proud to
                                                                                                                 have Santos on our team and look
                          Richard L. Fannin - Vice President,       Paul J. Van Osselaer - A�orney               forward to many more years to
                          Senior Wealth Planning Strategist          Van Osselaer & Buchanan, LLP                come.
                          Wells Fargo
Meet our Newest Members

                                                                    G. Michael Wilson - President and CEO          Congratulations Santos!
                          Thomas Feighny - A�orney                   EQUITAX Property Consultants, Ltd.
                           Steven S. Toeppich & Associates, PLLC
                          Mateo Zavale�a Fowler - A�orney
                          Bracewell & Guiliani, LP
                                                                                                        Member Spotlight
                          Robert Gaude�e - Sr. Vice President/
                                                                                                 Sherri Charrin - The HOUSTON Club
                          Chief Commercial Officer
                           GenOn Energy
                                                                                               welcomed Sherri Charrin and her husband, Pierre,
                                                                                               back as members last year after taking a hiatus to
                          Brian Harry - Head of Americas                                       be involved with their children’s activities. They
                           Upstream Consul�ng                                                  are both native Houstonians and second-generation
                           Wood MacKenzie                                                      members who have celebrated family occasions and
                          DaSean Jones - Law Student                                           holidays at the Club for almost 75 years.
                           Army Reservist                                Sherri’s professional background as a communications specialist has led
                          Terry Kernell - A�orney                     to work in law, insurance, real estate, and cause marketing. She holds a
                           Hoover Kernell LLP                         degree in Paralegal Science and Business Studies, and several professional
                          Teresia (Terri) King - Managing Partner     licenses. Currently, she writes about Houston and puts together six regional
                           ACTION Gypsum Supply                       newcomer guides for Post Oak Publishing, Inc. Along with her reports about
                                                                      Houston businesses, Chamber, neighborhoods, schools and the cultures
                          Sapna Kumar - Assistant Professor of        that make up our diverse city, she is in charge of their Web site content
                                                                      and online marketing. The Greater Houston Builders Association recently
                           University of Houston Law Center
                                                                      recognized Charrin’s outstanding work with the Best Award for Associate
                          Steven McNew - Managing Director            Internet Marketing Campaign.
                           Navigant Consul�ng                            Sherri is always interested in expanding her business base through
                          William Meznarich - Director                consulting, and is particularly adept with the use of social media in marketing
                          Virtuoso Selec�ons                          and new applications in the legal field. She is a member of the State Bar
                          Stephen Cur�s Morgan - Business             of Texas, Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce, and several
                          Development                                 other distinguished professional organizations. When she is not working,
                           TransTex Gas Services                      Sherri spends her time cooking, reading, playing with her rescued dogs, and
                                                                      working on her Web site: www.charrin.com.
                          Ma�hew Stephen Muller - Owner
                                                                          Each Wednesday, Sherri is at the Club attending the meeting of the
                          Ma�hew Muller PC
                                                                      Kiwanis Club of Houston, where she serves as a director and recipient of
                          Trevor Glenn Pinkerton - A�orney            their distinguished service award. Numerous fund raising projects have
                           Bracewell & Guiliani. LP                   reaped the benefits of her innovative ideas and tireless efforts. Sherri has a
                          William “Bill” Rioux, III - Director        deep commitment to the community and is proud of her Houston heritage.
                          Flex Discovery Solu�ons, Inc.

       In Memoriam -
         Mr. Michael Brown, Mr. Alfred Glassell, Mr. Jake Kamin, Mr. Alexander Waugh and Mrs. Frank Liddell
                                                                                                               The HOUSTON Club      FEBRUARY 2011      3
                                                                                     A Message from the Manager
                                                                                       We are already well into 2011 and starting the
                                                                                     year with many initiatives and a chockfull calendar.
                                                                                     We are continuing with the events you have come
                                                                                     to love at the Club, such as Dinner & a Movie,
                                                                                     Distinguished Speaker Series, and Wine Events
                                                                                     featuring our amazing Cellar Selections.
                                                                Additionally, we are adding unique events connecting us with our
                                                                city, such as the Frostbite Cigar Night hosted by the Houston Business
                                                                Journal, monthly breakfasts accompanied by live radio broadcasts
                                                                from Business Talk 650 Radio, fun Business Networking Socials
                                                                which in January featured the extraordinary bartenders from Anvil
                                                                Bar & Refuge.
                                                                   On the horizon, we have our Golf Outing in March and our Club-hosted
                                                                Energy Summit in May, featuring an impressive lineup of speakers on
                                                                a wide array of subject matters. In our ongoing quest to increase the
                                                                Club’s relevancy, we have installed upgraded communication lines so
                                                                that we can now stream events, such as weddings to relatives who
                                                                cannot attend, support teleconferencing and provide live feeds for
                                                                business meetings and seminars. I also invite you to visit our website.
Alexander Porter Root House, at 1410 Clay Avenue occupied       It has been transformed into a dynamic tool allowing you to pay your
a full block bounded by Clay Avenue, Austin Street, Bell        bill, print receipts, download the calendar, make reservations and
Avenue, and LaBranch Street; built 1893-94; demolished          read about upcoming events at your Club. These improvements in
1925.                                                           technology only support the real reason why people join a Club, and
                                                                that is to get together in an environment where you connect with fellow
  In 1882, Alexander Porter Root, a Yale-educated banker        Members, whether socially or for business.
who would join The Houston Club in 1895, purchased the             In order to facilitate this purpose, we are finding more ways for you
property and former house that stood in the very same place     to utilize the Club by starting Clubs-within-a- Club, such as our Book
(Stevens House) until 1893 when it was demolished, and a        Club. In this Clubber you will find an invite and instructions as to how
newer, fashionable late Victorian house took its place; the     to get started. “Girls Just Wanna Have Funds” is another great new
A.P. Root House.                                                group, initiated by our Member, Dianne Newman. As we have proudly
  Typical of the public spirit which has always characterized   announced Luz Botello’s promotion to Executive Chef (read more in
Houston Club members, the heirs of A.P. Root gave this          our Vintner’s section of this Clubber), you will see a push to provide
block to the City of Houston as a Christmas present in          great quality and value along with choices that fit your lifestyle, such
1922.                                                           as organic items and the use of trans fat free oils, happy hours with
                                                                great everyday drink prices and complimentary food selections.
 The HOUSTON Club and It’s City, “One Hundred Years”,              Bottom-line: we want to see you more often in 2011 and strive for
 Dorothy Knox Howe Houghton, 1994, pg. 11-12.
                                                                the Club to continue to enrich your professional and personal life.

           Join us for            The HOUSTON Club Golf Tournament

                                           Sunday, March 13th
                                               at Redstone Golf Club
                                                                                                        Open to Men
   $160+ per person                                                                                       and Women
       - includes forecaddie
         (gratuity not included),                    Tee Time starts at 12:30pm                          * 36 players max
         greens fees & golf cart

                                    We will do prizes for Longest Drive and Closest to the Pin!

           For Reservations: Please call (713) 225-1661 or reserve online at www.houstonclub.org

   4      FEBRUARY 2011      The HOUSTON Club
Energy Summit
                                                                 Catering at The HOUSTON Club
in conjunction with HALLIBURTON:                                                   Meet our new Catering Manager
  A�er Macondo & Moratorium on Deep Water Drilling:                               Terri Porche lives for great parties,
  Next Steps                                                                    socializing and creating the perfect event.
                                                                                With over nine years in event planning, she
Date:     Tuesday, May 11
                                                                                looks forward to creating memorable events
Location: The HOUSTON Club – The Texas Room
                                                                                here at The Houston Club.
                                                              Terri, originally from Mississippi, now resides in Sugar Land,
          Registration: 8:30am – 9:00am
                                                           with her 5 year old son Jamison. She enjoys antique shopping,
          Conference: 9:00am – 5:00pm
                                                           traveling, entertaining and spending time with family and
   The HOUSTON Club Cocktail Reception:                    friends.
         5:00pm – 7:00pm                                      Terri’s goal is to increase the club’s revenue by networking,
                                                           strategic prospecting and marketing to Houston’s finest.
Mark your calendars for Wednesday, May 11th to
participate in THE ENERGY SUMMIT brought to                The HOUSTON Club is the perfect place to hold your next
you by The HOUSTON Club in conjunction with                corporate meeting and we would like to reward you with the
HALLIBURTON. There will be notable Subject Matter          following special offers.
Experts from across the oil / gas / energy spectrum, an
Exhibition Hall, one-on-one discussion opportunities       CORPORATE CATERING
with our Presenters for exhibitors and sponsors, and a      Introductory offer:
Networking Cocktail Reception.                                • Try The HOUSTON Club on us. Call today to receive
Exhibitor hours: 8:30am – 6:00pm                                  a complimentary breakfast for 10 with complimentary
                                                                  audio visual equipment. First time bookings only.
Ticket price: Early Bird tickets: $199 – available until      • Book a second meeting with us and receive complimentary
April 30, 2011                                                    AV, and 10% off food and beverage.

Presenters:                                                        * Offer expires March 31, 2011

 • Neal Anderson: CEO, Wood Mackenzie,                     SAVE THE DATE!
   “Unconventional Resource Plays”
                                                           The Houston Club’s Bridal Open House
 • Gregory Kallenberg: Producer / Director,                February 20, 2011 2pm- 5pm
   “Haynesville” – Creation of a clean energy future
   with a focus on natural gas, conservation and           Join us for an exciting afternoon of Cocktails, Lite Bites, Houston’s
   renewables                                              finest Vendors, Make Up session with Platform Makeup Artist,
 • Paul Bulmahn: ATP Oil & Gas - “Open Letter to           Sotina of Simone and Blush, Bridal Fashion Show featuring bridal
   the President: ‘Please issue a permit so we can go      fashions from Parvani Vida Bridal Boutique, and door prizes.
   back to work . . . ’”                                   What better way to get a head start on this year’s bridal trends
                                                           than by attending The Houston Clubs Bridal Open House.
 • Richard M. Blades: CPCU, Vice Chairman,                 RSVP by February 16, 2011 to tporche@houstonclub.org or 713-
   J. Wortham & Son, L.P. - “Trends in Energy              229-2214
                                                           Complimentary Admission
 • Doug Hanson: Hewlett Packard “Marketing from a
   Global Perspective” -
                                                            LOVE POTIONS 
 • Project Managers / Supply Chain Managers from
                                                           Enjoy this delicious cocktail this Valentine’s Day.
   one or two of the following Deepwater projects:
 • “Jack St. Malo”: Chevron and Mustang
                                                                Love Po�on #9
 • “Mount Olympus”: Shell
                                                                                  2 oz Hennessy VS
 • “The Hebron Project” – Exxon / Worley Parsons.                                 1 oz Grand Marnier
                                                                                  1 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
                                                                                  Shake, strain and serve in a sugar rimmed
                                                                                    cocktail glass

                                                                                        The HOUSTON Club      FEBRUARY 2011      5
                                                Scene at the Club
     Christmas Eve Dinner

                                                         ABOVE LEFT: Member, James Putnam looking for some sweet
                                                         treats to serve his granddaughter.

                                                         ABOVE: Suzanne Ogle with family ge�ng ready for a splendid
                                                         Christmas Eve Buffet.

                                                         LEFT: John and Lucy MaWhinney enjoying the holiday evening’s

                                                                  Wine Tasting

                                                      LEFT: Mr. Donald
                                                      Schmuck and wife,
                                                      Mar�ta sampling
                                                      some of the evenings
                                                      fine Burgundy’s.

                                                      RIGHT: William
                                                      Meznarich with
                                                      Club staff assis�ng
                                                      him with this wine

Picture ID correction from January’s Clubber: A sincere apology goes out
to the S. Echevarrio family (inside bottom - page 7) for mis-identification of
their photo.
 6      FEBRUARY 2011      The HOUSTON Club
                                           Scene at the Club

   New Years Eve Party
                                                                                                              LEFT: (l to r)
                                                                                                              Mark Haller, Anne
                                                                                                              Hinnant Haller,
                                                                                                              Melanie and Dale
                                                                                                              Loughmiller, Amy
                                                                                                              and Frank Hinnant
                                                                                                              ge�ng ready for a
                                                                                                              fes�ve NYE.

ABOVE: A fantas�c setup for the
Casablanca Nights - New Years Eve Party.

                                            ABOVE: (l to r) Bill and Carolyn Hanna, Sr., John and Tonya Anderson, along
ABOVE: Ma�hew Dickson and wife,             with Bill and Debbi Hanna ge�ng ready for an evening of fun.
Jennifer dancing the night away.

                                                                   LEFT: Bill and Stephanie Gilmore spend some �me
                                                                   socializing with Mr. DeVault during the New Year’s Eve
                                                                   ABOVE: (l to r) Bever’s guests, with Mr. & Mrs. Gary
                                                                   Bevers enjoying the NYE dinner.
                                                                                       The HOUSTON Club      FEBRUARY 2011      7
                                                  Featured Reciprocal Clubs
  Colorado Springs - El Paso Club: Located at “the foot of Pikes    the Mount Stephen Club have turned this home into a
Peak” in the center of the financial district, the El Paso Club is   privileged place for business meetings and private gatherings
one of Colorado Springs landmark buildings.                         or quite simply, refined meals in a quiet and private setting.
                                                     The club is      Today, the Club is renowned for its reputation and
                                                  within walking    impeccable service; it offers one of the best foods in the city.
                                                  distance     of   This landmark is open to the public on weekends.
                                                  and a short         Orlando - University Club of Orlando: Located in
                                                  drive from the    downtown Orlando, the Club offers a host of services and
                                                  internationally   amenities – including both formal and informal dining options
                                                  f a m o u s       for Members and guests, networking and business programs
                                                  Broadmoor         and events, accommodating meeting rooms, and top-quality
                                                  Hotel Resort.     fitness facilities.
                                                  It    is   also     As Orlando has
                                                  conveniently      grown in size and
located near the United States Air Force Academy, United            sophistication,
States Olympic Committee complex as well as the joint Army/         The University
Air Force Space Command.                                            Club has evolved
  El Paso Club was the prime meeting place for the many newly       from an informal
made millionaires who spent money lavishly and entertained          social     group
in a manner similar to the very high society of London. El          to the city’s
Paso Club earlier day social functions were one of the factors      premier private
that contributed to the Colorado Springs’ nickname of “Little       club. Founded
London.”                                                            by a group of “university men” and other community
  With the passing of the fabulous old timers whose antics and      members, the Club was granted its first charter in December
deeds are now recorded in the El Paso Club history, the club has    1926 and opened its doors in downtown Orlando.
taken on a different image and has gradually transformed into         The Club maintains a strong presence in Orlando, thanks to
the elegant, much-envied downtown club of Colorado Springs.         a Membership that includes a wide range of Central Floridians
                                                                    who share common philosophies and interests.
  Montreal Canada, Quebec Mount Stephen Club: In 2006, the
Mount Stephen Club celebrated its 80th anniversary. Founded
                                                                      Tokyo American Club: has been fostering a sense of
by a group of Montreal businessmen, the Club started in 1926
                                                                    community among its Members and their families since it was
on the estate of George Stephen, co-founder and first President
                                                                    established in 1928. With more than 3,500 Members from
of the Canadian Pacific Railway. The house, built between 1880
                                                                    50-plus nations, the Club offers a diverse range of cultural,
and 1883, is located in the heart of downtown Montreal, in an
                                                                    business and recreational activities and amenities in the heart
area known as the Golden Square Mile, once the wealthiest
                                                                    of Tokyo.
residential neighborhood in Canada. It is one of the last intact
                                                                      Whether forging new friendships, exploring the culture,
mansions of the area and one of most beautiful examples of
                                                                    enjoying a superb meal or seeking a calm respite from
                                               late Victorian
                                                                    the bustling city, the Club provides rich experiences for
                                               in         North
                                               America. The
                                               yet     muffled
                                               ambience, as
                                               well as the fine
                                               cuisine of

   8      FEBRUARY 2011      The HOUSTON Club
             Breakfast TALK650 Radio at The HOUSTON Club

  The debut broadcast of Breakfast with TALK650 Radio was     College Money Guys sponsored the show along with Knapp
a smashing success! Chef Luz greeted about 75 attendees       Chevrolet. Grab your friends and colleagues and join us
and participants with a hot breakfast buffet and made-to-     again February 11th as we bring live radio back down town
order omelets. Radio guys Brent Clanton, Steven Kay and       for a second time . . . you don’t want to miss this!
Scott Arthur hosted our very own Brannon Lloyd, Jr. as The

    “Just wanted you to know the radio show was                        If you missed the first
  outstanding this morning! I really enjoyed it and intend
                                                                 Breakfast TALK650 Radio show
  to try to a�end many of them during the year. The
  se�ng was wonderful and cozy for a cold morning. I                from The HOUSTON Club,
  really liked being in the three smaller rooms, but moving     join us on February 11th for the
  the tables in the same room with the announcers was                     second broadcast,
  the �cket! The conversa�on of the show was great and
  your staff always provides excep�onal service.”
                                                                 live from the Members Lounge.
    Thanks for reviving this unique ac�vity.
                   Richard L. Fannin, Vice President                      Complimentary breakfast
                   Senior Wealth Planning Strategist
                                                                            from 6:30 - 9:30am
                                                                           Show starts at 7:00am
 Welcoming Committee Search - we are looking for
 members to join our new Welcoming Committee who
 specialize in the Oil & Gas and Legal sectors. Members                        To reserve your seat,
 who are interested can email hdoyle@houstonclub.org                       please call (713) 225-1661 or
 for more information.                                                            reserve online.

                                                                                     The HOUSTON Club      FEBRUARY 2011      9
         MARCH - Save the Date!
Cancellation Policy: Reservation cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to all events,
                           otherwise the full charge will be incurred.

                    Wednesday, March 2nd
                        WINE TASTING
                                                                      e Houston Club
                     5:30 - 7:00pm, $35++                        Members Social
                  Explore wines from our Cellar!
                                                                       Tuesday, February 15th
                                                                              5:30 - 7:00pm
                   Wednesday, March 2nd                    New members to the Club, please attend and
                  DISTINGUISHED SPEAKER                   network with fellow members and have a drink
                    SERIES with Dr. Sloan                           with the Club’s Manager.

                   12:00 - 1:30pm, $30++                   Complimentary Beer & Wine, accompanied with
                                                                            hors d’oeuvres
                                                                      Reservations required.
                                                               Generously underwritten by iFrog Solutions.
                 Tuesday, March 8th
                   5:30 - 7:00pm                                      The HOUSTON Club
             Learn about personal finance and
         investment basics while enjoying girl-�me                   Dinner & a Movie
                             Sunday, March 13th
                                                             “CHARLIE WILSON’S WAR”
                             THE HOUSTON CLUB
                             GOLF TOURNAMENT
                         Tee Time starts at 12:30pm

                     Tuesday, March 15th
                         MEMBERS SOCIAL
                             5:30 - 7:00pm
              Enjoy complimentary Beer & Wine
              accompanied with hors d’oeuvres

                 Thursday, March 31st                             Wednesday, February 16th
                    5:30 - 7:00pm                                       5:30 - 8:30pm | $30++
                                                                For Reservations: Please call (713) 225-1661 or
                    BUSINESS NETWORKING                              reserve online at www.houstonclub.org
                      SOCIAL                                           Our deep appreciation goes out to iFrog
                                                                      Solutions and College Financial Advisor’s
                                                                       for their gracious support of this event.
                   LADIES WINE SOCIAL

                             YP GAME NIGHT            “Club within a Club”�
                                                      The HOUSTON Club is looking for people who would be interested
                             (complimentary)          in starting a “Book Club”. If you or someone you know would be
                                                      interested, please contact Hanna Doyle at (713) 229-2207 or email
                                                      her at hdoyle@houstonclub.org.
10      FEBRUARY 2011      The HOUSTON Club
                                 Happy New Year, 2011 is already      through various hospitality trade websites. The postings resulted
   Cellar Notes                off to a fast pace with great events
                               hosted by the Wine Committee.
                                                                      in well over 100 applicants that were interested in interviewing
                                                                      for the position. Nadia Eloufir with her expertise and using her
                               January began with an outstanding      industry contacts helped the committee narrow down the applicant
                               Burgundy tasting with a selection      pool to the top six candidates. The candidates were interviewed
                               of well aged wines from our cellar     by her and then scheduled to prepare a sample menu for the
   and we ended the month with an incredible seven course dinner      committee to taste and evaluate. All the candidates prepared the
and scotch pairing in tribute to Robert Burns. I would like to        same menu and part of the challenge included an extra course
thank Wine Committee member Ted Hirtz for his tireless efforts        in which the candidate prepared their signature dish for the
in making the Burns dinner the overwhelming success it always         committee. Throughout the process we sampled the cuisine from
is every year.                                                        some very talented candidates but the resounding conclusion the
   Coming up this month we have another great wine tasting,           committee came to was none of the chefs were as talented or a
featuring California wines from the cellar all representing the       better fit for the Club then our Sous Chef Luz Botello.
wonderful 2007 vintage year. The ’07 vintage was tremendous              It is with great pride that I am pleased to announce that the
across the board and we have some incredible wines to share with      new Executive Chef for the Houston Club is Luz Botello. This
our members. Also, in February we are celebrating Valentine’s         promotion of Luz is the result of his talent and unwavering
Day with a romantic dinner on the Friday, February 11. This           commitment to the members of our Club. It is the culmination
dinner is being organized by committee member Gerard Vacca and        of a career that has spanned 33 years of service to The Houston
the format and food will be a real change of pace from Valentines’    Club. I would like to thank my fellow committee members Stacy
events of the past. Please join us with your special date for a       Owen, John Devault, John McNeely, Roxanne Pirooz, Charlie
seductive evening of fine wine, gourmet food and cool jazz.            Henke and Nadia Eloufir for all of their hard work throughout
   Apart from the incredible wine supplied from our cellar the        this process.
other component making these events truly spectacular is the             Please help me in congratulating Luz on his promotion and on
Club’s food. Recently, I had the honor of serving as chairman         a job well done. Cheers!
of the search committee to hire the Club’s Executive Chef. The                                     - Jimmy Moore, Chairman
committee began its work last October with several job postings                                      Houston Club Wine Committee

                               Join us at        The Houston Club                         for the

                               Queen of Hearts Dinner
                                                  Friday, February 11th
                                                       6:00 - 10:00pm
                                                      $65++ per person
                                                    ~ Featured Menu ~
              Stuffed Artichokes, Traditional Caesar Salad, Carved Whole Roasted Fish,
                   Chateaubriand with a Shallot Demi-Glace, Seasonal Vegetables,
                              and for dessert Cherries Jubilee Flambe...
                             each paired with great wines from our cellar

                                  Seating will be in a romantic atmosphere of candlelit small tables
                                  as native Texan jazz singer, Nancy Sofka, warms the mood of the
                                  room with her jazz music.
                                       BandStart Promotions

                               Please join us for a festive night of fine food, wine, and conviviality.
                                       For Reservations, please call (713) 225-1661 or reserve online.

                                                                                                The HOUSTON Club      FEBRUARY 2011      11
                       The HOUSTON Club
                             811 Rusk
                       Houston, Texas 77002

                                                                                                                                          (713) 225-1661

                                                                   1                      2                        3                 4                 5
                                                                       Wine Tasting -           Committee
                                                                        California 2007         Meeting

                   6                      7   Wine Committee 8                            9                    10                    11                12
                                              Mtg.                                                                      Breakfast
The “BIG Game”                                Girls Just Want to                                                        TALK650 Radio
Party                                         Have Funds
                                                                                                                        Queen of Hearts
                                              Ladies Texas                                                              Dinner
               13                        14                    15                         16                       17                18                19
                                              Membership                                       Dinner & a Movie
                                              Committee Mtg.                                   Night - “Charlie
                                              Members Social                                   Wilson’s War”
                         Valentines Day
              20                         21                    22                     23       Board Mtg.      24                    25                26
Bridal Open            Finance                                                                 Business
House                  Committee Mtg.                                                          Networking Social
                                                                                               Ladies Wine Social
                        Presidents Day                                                         YP Game Night
              27                         28

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