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Data Infrastructure Upgrade

              RFQ#: 001

     Date Posted: February 17, 2011
                                Proposal for Consultant

Proponents are cautioned to carefully read and follow the procedures required by the Request for
Quotation (RFQ), as any deviation from these requirements may be cause for rejection. Except as
expressly and specifically permitted in these Instructions to Proponents, no Proponent shall have
any claim for any compensation of any kind whatsoever, as a result of participating in this RFQ,
and by submitting a proposal each proponent shall be deemed to have agreed that it has no claim.

Questions related to the intent of the proposed work should be directed to:

Marc Pillon
Manager Information Technology
Windsor Public Library
850 Ouellette Avenue
Windsor, Ontario
N9A 4M9
Telephone: (519) 255- 6770 Ext. 4451
Facsimile: (519) 255-7207

Any correspondence with regards to this document must be provided in writing. Responses will be
provided to all proponents. Any communications not in writing will not be considered valid.

Date and Place For Submitting Proposals
Proposals may be addressed to the Barry Holmes, CEO, Windsor Public Library and will be
accepted up to and including March 4, 2011. Proposals submitted after the designated closing
time on the due date will not be considered regardless of the circumstances that resulted in the late
arrival. Fax and email submissions will be accepted.

Barry Holmes
Chief Executive Officer
Windsor Public Library
850 Ouellette Avenue
Windsor, Ontario
N9A 4M9
Telephone: (519) 255- 6770 Ext. 4425
Facsimile: (519) 255-7207

By responding to this Request for Quotation, Proponents agree to accept the decision of the
Windsor Public Library as final. Windsor Public Library reserves the right to reject any or all
proposals and also reserves the right to award a contract to other than the proponent submitting the
lowest total cost.

                                Proposal for Consultant

Project Supervision and Administration
This project and contract is under the administration of Windsor Public Library.

Accuracy of RFQ and Related Documents
Windsor Public Library has provided herein information as accurately as possible, but assumes no
responsibility for the completeness or the accuracy of the information presented in this RFQ, or
otherwise distributed or made available formally or informally during this procurement process.
Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Windsor Public Library will not be bound by, or
be responsible for, any explanation or interpretation of the proposed documents other than those
prepared in writing.

Under no circumstances shall Proponents rely on any oral statement by Windsor Public Library or
its employees, agents, advisors or Proponents.

All the information contained in this document, or from a separate written request from Windsor
Public Library is subject to the provisions of this section. Unless specifically stated elsewhere to
the contrary, this document shall take precedence over any other, if there is any discrepancy
between the wording of this and any other documents referred to herein, or which become a part of
any resulting contract.

Due Diligence
Proponents are solely responsible for conducting their own independent research, due diligence,
and any other work or investigations and for seeking any other advice necessary for the preparation
and accuracy of their proposal.

Proposals shall remain valid and open for acceptance by Windsor Public Library for a period of
thirty (30) days following the due date for receipt of proposals.

Conflicts of Interest
Proponents must disclose to Windsor Public Library any potential conflict of interest, including
any which may involve Windsor Public Library Proponents, Board members or members or
employees of Windsor Public Library who may have a financial interest in a proponent. A
“conflict of interest” statement must be submitted with the proposal, which states whether
there is or is not any such conflict. If such a conflict of interest does exist, Windsor Public
Library may, at its discretion, refuse to consider the proposal. If Windsor Public Library discovers
that a breach of these provisions has occurred, Windsor Public Library reserves the right to
disqualify a proponent or to terminate any agreement that arises from the RFQ.

                               Proposal for Consultant

                         PROJECT TERMS OF REFERENCE

The purpose of the Windsor Public Library Infrastructure Upgrade is to provide new server and
storage systems to facilitate the day-to-day operations of the Library. The current system in place
consists of an IBM BladeCenter attached to a 2 Gbps IBM Fibre Channel SAN with a total of 12
physical servers. The intent is to reduce the number of physical servers by utilizing Citrix
XenServer server virtualization software and migrating existing physical and virtual machines to a
new iSCSI SAN.

(Please see Appendix “A” for information on existing infrastructure)


       Three (3) servers with dual, six (6) core processors for a total of 36 cores
       Intel 64-bit architecture
       Minimum 48 GB RAM per server
       Room to add at least 50% more memory for growth
       Enough network interface ports (NICs) to provide a minimum of 4Gbps throughput
          from each server to SAN
       TCP/IP offloading enabled on NICs
       Certified for operation with Citrix XenServer
       Options for 3 and 5 year next business day support

      At a minimum, provide connectivity through the iSCSI protocol
      At a minimum, provide useable disk space of 5 terabytes
      Full support for real-time, application aware, quiesced snapshots for Windows Server
        2003/2008 and Linux
      Thin provisioning of disk space
      Easily scalable for additional capacity
      Fully redundant hardware with hot swappable components
      Monitoring and notification tools to inform staff of pending problems
      Energy efficient to match WPL green initiatives
      Certified for operation with Citrix XenServer
      Options for 3 and 5 year next business day support

       Desired Features:
           Ability to integrate with equipment from any vendor for storage expansion
           Deduplication of data
           Ability to add SSD cache and/or other performance acceleration features for
              potential future requirements
           Fast and thin volume/LUN cloning
           Workload prioritization based on volume/LUN
                                  Proposal for Consultant

            Provide Citrix XenServer licensing
            Solution should leave no single point of failure
            All other supporting components to complete solution

Windsor Public Library is requesting submissions from all qualified technology vendors who
demonstrate expertise and experience installing and configuring the hardware and software

The Proponent shall:

        Demontstrate experience installing and configuring Citrix XenServer 5.0 and/or above on
         proposed SAN solution
        Install and configure hardware and software according to WPL needs
        Migrate existing systems (see Appendix “A”) using P2V and V2V tools
        Enable automated failover of all VMs in case of hardware failure and demonstrate it works
        Minimize downtime and complete the work during and/or after regular operating hours as
         required by WPL
        Work with existing 3rd party vendors and suppliers as required
        Provide training and/or knowledge transfer of all components to WPL staff in order for
         staff to perform normal day-to-day operations of all systems and software installed
        Provide a timeline of activities and events from notice of sucessful bid to completion;
         include an outline for migration process
        Itemize all costs including but not limited to:
             o Hardware acquisition
             o Software acquisition
             o Hardware support over periods specified
             o Software support over periods specified
             o Labour for installation and configuration services

Out of Scope:

        Off-site disaster recovery
        Data replication off-site

Duration of Contract
It is intended that this project will take no more than 15 working days from the date of the contract
being awarded.

                                Proposal for Consultant

Project Administration

The project shall begin with the notification of the Award of Contract on March 7, 2011 following
the proposal process. Windsor Public Library will issue a contract to the successful proponent after
the award is approved. The letter shall fix and establish the project start date and required
completion date.

Equipment Installation and Configuration

The Proponent shall install and configure all equipment included in this proposal as per WPL
specifications. The Proponent will work with other vendors as necessary during this process
(Please see section, “SCOPE OF WORK”).

                                PROPOSAL INSTRUCTIONS

Offer Document
The offer document must be included and be signed by appropriate signing officers. Failure to sign
the Offer Document will result in bid disqualification.

Closing Date
Proposals must be received no later than
4:30 p.m. EST Friday, March 4, 2011:

Barry Holmes
Chief Executive Officer
Windsor Public Library
850 Ouellette Avenue
Windsor, Ontario
N9A 4M9
Telephone: (519) 255- 6770 Ext. 4425
Facsimile: (519) 255-7207

Proposals should be clearly marked with the name and address of the proponent, RFQ number and
title on the separate envelopes as described previously

Additional Information
Proposals may contain additional information. If alternative solutions are offered, please submit
the information in the same format as a separate proposal. Separate envelopes (both, technical and
cost) are required for each proposal submission. If any proponent is submitting more than one
proposal, i.e. alternative proposals, having different solutions, they are to be submitted as separate
proposal submissions, having separate technical and cost envelopes.

                                Proposal for Consultant

Proponent Selection Procedure

Windsor Public Library will evaluate all Proposals containing the information requested and
prepared in the format required by this RFQ. Upon evaluation of the Proposals submitted in
response to this RFQ, Windsor Public Library intends to enter into a contract with the Proponent
who’s Proposal:

1) Contains all the information requested by this RFQ ;
2) Is determined to be the most advantageous to Windsor Public Library and best demonstrates
   experience, qualifications, technical approach, price competitiveness, and other factors as
   described herein.

Windsor Public Library Rights and Options
Windsor Public Library reserves, holds, and may exercise, at its sole discretion, the following
rights and conditions with regard to this RFQ and the procurement process. By submitting a
Proposal, the Proponent acknowledges and consents to the following conditions relative to the
procurement process and selection of the Proponent.

1) Windsor Public Library reserves the right to waive any technicalities or immaterial
   irregularities in the Proposals/Submissions.
2) Windsor Public Library reserves the right to prepare and issue such amendments and/or
   addenda to the RFQ that may supplement, amend or otherwise modify this RFQ, or otherwise
   request additional information.
3) Windsor Public Library reserves the right to seek clarifications from any or each of the
   Proponents in order to fully understand the nature of the submissions and evaluate and rank the
4) Windsor Public Library reserves the right to postpone or change the date for receipt of
   Proposals or any other deadlines and dates specified in this RFQ upon notice to proponents,
   and a Proponent, by submitting a Proposal, agrees to be bound by any modifications made by
   Windsor Public Library.
5) Windsor Public Library reserves the right to conduct investigations with respect to the
   information provided by each Proponent, and to request additional evidence to support the
   information included in the Proposal.
6) This RFQ does not obligate the Windsor Public Library to procure or contract for this proposal.
7) The Proponent shall bear all costs and expenses associated with the preparation and submission
   of its Proposal. This includes but is not limited to: site visits and inspections, all information
   gathering processes, interviews, preparing responses to questions or requests for clarification
   from Windsor Public Library, preparation of questions for Windsor Public Library, and any
   contract discussions and negotiations.
8) Windsor Public Library reserves the right to eliminate any Proponent who submits incomplete
   or inadequate responses or is not responsive to the requirements of this RFQ.

                                Proposal for Consultant

9) Windsor Public Library may require Proponents to send representatives to the WPL for
    interviews and presentations.
10) Windsor Public Library reserves the right to discontinue negotiations with any Proponent.
11) All Proposals become the property of Windsor Public Library, and will not be returned.
12) All activities related to the Project shall be subject to the applicable laws.
13) Neither Windsor Public Library, its staff, representatives, nor any of its proponents or agents
    will be liable for any claims or damages resulting from solicitation, collection, review or
    evaluation of Proposals.
14) Windsor Public Library (or its representatives) reserves the right to visit and examine any of
    the facilities referenced by the Proponents in its Proposal and to observe and investigate the
    operations of such facilities.
15) Windsor Public Library reserves all rights with respect to the evaluation, clarification and
    selection processes set forth in this RFQ.

Confidentiality of records and information relating to this work must be maintained at all times.

All correspondence, documentation and information provided by Windsor Public Library staff to
any Proponent in connection with, or arising out of this RFQ or the acceptance of any proposal:

1) Remains the property of Windsor Public Library;
2) Must be treated as confidential;
3) Must not be used for any purpose other than for replying to this RFQ, and for fulfillment of any
   related subsequent contract.

Proponents are advised to identify in their Proposal material any scientific, technical, commercial,
proprietary or similar confidential information, the disclosure of which could cause them injury.

Any information in the Proposal material, which is not specifically identified as confidential, will
be treated as public information.

All correspondence, documentation and information provided to Windsor Public Library may be
reproduced for the purposes of evaluating the Proponent’s submissions to this RFQ.


Proposal Submission Deadline
Proposals that are received after the proposal submission deadline, as recorded by Windsor Public
Library on the date, time and place will not be considered. Proponents are solely responsible for
ensuring that Proposals are delivered as required. Delays caused by any delivery service, including
Canada Post, will not be grounds for an extension of the Proposal Submission deadline.

Should the Proponent give or offer any gratuity to or attempt to bribe any employee of Windsor
Public Library or to commit fraud, Windsor Public Library shall be at liberty to cancel the

                                Proposal for Consultant

Proponent Document Submission or the Contract forthwith, and to rely upon the sureties as
provided for.

The Proponent declares that the Proponent document Submission is not made in collusion with any
other Proponent making a Proponent Document Submission for the same goods and services and
is, in all respects, fair and without fraud.

Proposal Requirements

Proposal Content
The proposals must be signed by a signing officer of the Proponent or by another individual with
the authority to commit the organization to the performance of the Contract Services in accordance
with the terms of this RFQ. Unsigned Proposals will be rejected. Corporate seal must be affixed,
where appropriate.

Company History
1)   Company name, Address, Contact person (Project Manager), and Title
2)   Describe the Company’s history, ownership and core competencies.
3)   Describe the Company’s history servicing Southwestern Ontario.
4)   Provide copies of the following:
        i) Professional memberships
        ii) Current Health and Safety policy
        iii) Liability and omissions insurance certificate

Staff Resources
1) List the experience and qualifications of individuals who would be assigned to this project.
   Curricula vitae (2 pages/person) may be submitted.

References and Sample Reports
1) Provide contact names and phone numbers for three (3) references associated with local
   technology projects.

1) Describe your firm’s qualifications and experience in information technology project
   management and implementation.
2) Provide specific examples of past projects that your firm has provided services for; describe the
   provided services and project requirements.

                               Proposal for Consultant

General Conditions

Windsor Public Library shall prepare the contract to enter into services to be provided by the
proponent are as set forth in this document, and the Proposal. In addition to the requirements set
out above, the following sections detail additional requirements to be incorporated into a Contract
with the Proponent.

1) The Proponent’s total fees and disbursements for the performance of all the Services required
   shall not exceed the total amount stated in the Contract.
2) At no time shall the Proponent’s fees and disbursements exceed this total amount, unless prior
   approval, in writing, is obtained from Windsor Public Library.
3) The total amount specified in the Contract, as well as all applicable taxes payable, shall
   represent the total amount payable to the Proponent with respect to the provision or supply of
   any Services or intangible property by the Proponent to Windsor Public Library, or in
   connection with the provision, supply, transfer or sale of any goods, material or tangible
   property by the Proponent to Windsor Public Library pursuant to this Agreement. Any
   changes in taxes payable during the Term of Services may, at the discretion of Windsor Public
   Library, either increase or decrease the total amount payable to the Proponent under the terms
   of this Agreement.

Suspension or Termination
Windsor Public Library reserves the right to terminate this Contract without penalty for non-
compliance with the terms set out herein, health and safety regulations, the Environmental
Protection Act, associated regulations and other applicable legislation.

Windsor Public Library may at any time by notice in writing to the Proponent suspend or terminate
the Services or any portion thereof at any stage of the undertaking, and the Proponent shall
thereupon be entitled to payment for any of the Proponent’s staff employed directly thereon
together with such expenses and disbursements allowed under this Agreement. Upon receipt of
such written notice, the Proponent shall perform no further Services other than those reasonably
necessary to close out the Services.

Upon written notice of suspension or termination, or upon a written demand by Windsor Public
Library at any time during the term of this Agreement, the Windsor Public Library shall be given
and have the right to take possession of and use any completed or partially completed drawings,
documents, software, equipment and other information prepared or to be supplied by the

If the Proponent is practicing as an individual and dies or becomes incapacitated before the
Services have been completed, this Agreement shall terminate as of the date of death, or
incapacity, as applicable, and Windsor Public Library shall pay for the Services rendered and
disbursements incurred by the Proponent to the date of such termination.

                                Proposal for Consultant

The Proponent shall indemnify and save harmless Windsor Public Library from and against all
claims, actions, losses, expenses, costs or damages of every nature and kind whatsoever which
Windsor Public Library, its employees, officers or agents may suffer as a result of the negligence
of the Proponent, its employees, officers or agents in the performance of this Agreement.

Assignment, Successors and Assigns
Windsor Public Library nor the Proponent may assign an Agreement or any portion thereof
without the prior consent in writing of the other. The Agreement shall ensure to the benefit of, and
shall be binding upon, the successors and permitted assignees of Windsor Public Library and of the

The Proponent shall obtain the consent in writing of Windsor Public Library before publishing or
issuing any information regarding this project.

Municipal Freedom Of Information And Protection Of Privacy Act
Windsor Public Library is subject to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of
Privacy Act, R.S.O.1990, c.M.56, as amended (“MFIPPA”) with respect to, and protection of,
information under its custody and control. Accordingly, all documents provided to Windsor Public
Library in response to this Request for Proposal may be available to the public unless the party
submitting the information requests that it be treated as confidential.

All information is subject to MFIPPA and may be subject to release under the Act, notwithstanding
the Proponent’s request to keep the information confidential.

Document Ownership
Documents or copies thereof required for the Project shall be exchanged between the parties on a
reciprocal basis. Documents, including documents delivered in an electronic, digital or other than
paper format, prepared by the Proponent for Windsor Public Library shall be the property of
Windsor Public Library free of all claims by the Proponent of any nature and kind whatsoever.
The proponent shall be entitled to retain a copy of all documents for record keeping purposes only
at its own expense.

The Successful Proponent and each and every sub-proponent is required to maintain the following
insurance coverage in effect for the term of the Contract:

General Liability Coverage
Commercial General Liability Coverage of not less than $2,000,000 for bodily injury including
death, personal injury and property damage arising from any one accident or occurrence.

                                               - 10 -
                                Proposal for Consultant

Windsor Public Library shall be:

   a) Named as an additional insured in the policy of insurance and the policy shall contain a
      cross-liability/separation clause;
   b) Indemnified from any and all claims, demands, losses, costs or damages resulting from the
      performance of a bidder's obligation under Contract.
   c) It is understood and agreed that the coverage provided by these policies will not be changed
      or amended in any way to the detriment of Windsor Public Library, nor cancelled, by the
      Proponent until 30 days after written notice by registered mail of such change or
      cancellations has been delivered to Windsor Public Library. Proof of the insurance
      coverage and copy of W.S.I.B. clearance certificate shall be in form satisfactory to the
      Manager of Finance or designate prior to commencing of any work or activity being
   d) Including completed operations coverage.
   e) Including owner’s protective coverage.
   f) Including contractual coverage.
   g) Including non-owned automobile coverage.
   h) Having a deductible amount of not greater than $5,000 per accident or occurrence. The
      Proponent is responsible for any loss or losses within the deductible limit.
   i) Being primary coverage pursuant to which the insurer is acting as first loss insurer against
      the risk covered and not excess to any other insurance available to the additional named

Health and Safety
The successful vendor will abide by all Windsor Public Library Health and Safety Policies.

Before the commencement of any operations hereunder, the Proponent shall provide Windsor
Public Library, a certified true copy of the above policies or a certificate of insurance satisfactory
to Windsor Public Library evidencing same. The insurance coverage noted above shall be
maintained in force throughout the term of the Contract. Such insurance shall be with a company
licensed to carry on business in the Province of Ontario and its form and content shall be
satisfactory to Windsor Public Library. Failure to provide the aforementioned insurance will result
in the withholding of payments or at the sole option of Windsor Public Library, the forfeiture of
the Contract. Within seven working days of award of the contract, the successful Proponent must
provide Windsor Public Library with the Insurance requirements as set out above.

Windsor Public Library Changes
Windsor Public Library may order in writing, at any time before or after the commencement of the
Work, alteration of the Work to be done, provided that such extension or increase or alteration is
within the reasonable competence of the Proponent to perform. If an alteration order increases or
decreases the cost of the Work, the Proponent shall notify Windsor Public Library by fax or email
within 24 hours of notice of the alteration. The Proponent and Windsor Public Library shall agree
on the increase or decrease in price to be made to the contract and the impact on the schedule, prior
to the alteration work commencing.
                                                - 11 -
                               Proposal for Consultant

Evaluation Criteria

The contents of the Proposal will be opened and evaluated by the CEO and Manager, Information
Technology. If a Proposal is not eligible to proceed based upon criteria mentioned in the RFQ, the
proponent shall be disqualified from further consideration.

Windsor Public Library reserves the right to have further meetings with proponents and clarify
information contained in the proposals, prior to final evaluation.

Documentation submitted to Windsor Public Library with respect to this proposal is subject to the
Municipal Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act. Subject to the provisions of this
Act, proponents are encouraged to identify to Windsor Public Library all information or
documentation it regards as being confidential in nature.

Additional criteria listed below will be used to evaluate written proposals. These criteria will be
applied and interpreted solely at the discretion of Windsor Public Library. Proposals should
include all information that is pertinent to these evaluation criteria. Additional information
required for proper assessment of proposals may be requested from the Proponent at the discretion
of Windsor Public Library.

Each proposal will be evaluated against the following criteria. The criteria are not listed in any
particular order and are therefore not indicative of the weighing applied to each.

      Experience, in all areas outlined in the Request for Quotation
      Completeness of proposal
      Library or Municipal experience
      References
      Qualifications
      Resume of individuals who will be responsible for the WPL’s account
      Fees for services and commission fee schedule/structure
      Presentation and interview process (if applicable)

Windsor Public Library, at its sole discretion, may clarify any aspect of the RFQ with any
proponent prior to making a final selection. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing,
Windsor Public Library may negotiate with one or more proponents, at a time, prior to making a
final selection.

Again it is reiterated that Windsor Public Library may reject any or all Proposals submitted in its
sole and absolute discretion.

The recommended submission will be the proposal which best meets the requirements of Windsor Public
Library, based upon the Evaluation Criteria and cost.

                                               - 12 -
                                   Proposal for Consultant

                                       OFFER DOCUMENT

This Proposal is submitted by           _______________________________________
                                                     (Corporate Name)


Corporate Seal
                          (City)                                 (Province)

                       (Telephone)                                   (Fax)

   1.    I, WE DECLARE that no person, firm or Corporation other than the one whose signature or the
         signature of whose proper officers and seal is or are attached above, has any interest in this
         proposal or in the contract proposed to be taken.

   2.    I, WE FURTHER DECLARE that this proposal is made without any connection, knowledge,
         comparison or figures or arrangements with any other Company, Firm or person making a
         proposal for the same work and is in all respects fair and without collusion or fraud.

   3.    The undersigned have carefully read the requirements as specified in the Request for Proposal as
         per the proposal call, and have examined the content and otherwise satisfied ourselves as to the
         conditions under which the service is to be provided, and do hereby offer to enter into contract
         with Windsor Public Library for the supply of the services according to the specifications and
         for the amounts herein stated.

   4.    The undersigned hereby agrees to comply in all respects with the requirements as specified in the
         Request for Proposal attached hereto, which specifications and conditions are to be read with and
         form part of this proposal.

Dated at ______________________________This                 day of             , 2011

 Corporate Name                                                      Title

Witness Name:

                                                   - 13 -
                                    Proposal for Consultant


Data centre contains two stacked 24 port 1Gbps Cisco 3750s and will have a minimum of 12 free
ports after existing data infrastructure removed.

 Server              Description                     OS               Type      CPU     RAM      Disk      Disk
                                                                                Cores   (GB)   Assigned   in Use
                                                                                                (GB)       (GB)
     1         MSSQL/Virus                      Windows 2003         Physical    2       2       100        85
     2         eDirectory                    SuSE Linux Enterprise   Physical    8*      8       550       500
               Authentication/File and
     3         GroupWise                     SuSE Linux Enterprise   Physical    8*      8       200       70
     4         Application Server               Windows 2003         Physical     1      2

     5         Web Server                    SuSE Linux Enterprise   Physical    1       2       40        15
     6         Blackberry Enterprise            Windows 2003         Virtual     1       2       30        15
     7         SpamFilter                          CentOS            Virtual     2       2        50       30
     8         Email Gateway/iFolder         SuSE Linux Enterprise   Virtual     1       2       100       10

     9         Email Backup (needs           SuSE Linux Enterprise   Virtual     1       2       175       15
               more disk space)
   10          ZENWorks 10                   SuSE Linux Enterprise   Virtual     2       4       100        25
   11          Terminal Services                Windows 2008         Virtual     4       6        80        20
  12**         Application Server            SuSE Linux Enterprise   Virtual     1       1       100        10
 TOTAL                                                                           32      41     1525       795

Maximum IOPs attained: 2100
* Only 2 cores are needed for this service
** VM is running on open source Xen


         All virtual machines running on Citrix XenServer 5.6
         2 other physical servers to be retired and are not included in this list

                                                           - 14 -

Shared By: