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Beaver Beacon           The Island Monthly Since 1955

some stories in this issue:
Islanders go Sky Diving from 11,000 ft.; Museum Week Schedule
Ben Fogg stops at Beaver with family aboard his new Tug, Spartacus
BIRHC Grand Opening Celebration; The Dig Continues: Suttons Bay Anthropology Club
Walleye Pond a Success this year; Art found in Nature - the Wood Sculpture of Bruce Struik
Beaver Island News and Events, History, People, Photography, Art, and more...
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News from the Townships ............................................................................... 4.             Beaver Beacon
AmVets Retire Worn Flags .............................................................................. 8.             the Island Monthly since 1955
PABI GroundBreaking; Island Airways Hangar Party...................................... 9.                              Published by
Walleye Pond a Success this Year .................................................................... 13.              Paradise Bay Press
Islanders Skydive at TownshipAirport ............................................................ 14.                  Beaver Beacon
On This Date ................................................................................................... 16.   P.O. Box 254
Museum Week 2004 Schedule of Events ......................................................... 19.                      Beaver Island, MI 49782
A Sturdy New Home - Ben Fogg's new Tug ..................................................... 20.                       (231) 448-2476
Silent Auction added to Fashion Tea ................................................................ 23.
The Dig Continues - Suttons Bay Anthropology Club ...................................... 26.                           Editors / Owners
Rich Gillespie will run for Charlevoix County Commissioner ......................... 28.                               Jeff Cashman
BIRHC Grand Opening - A Fine Celebration ................................................... 29.              
One Hundred Years Ago .................................................................................. 31.           William Cashman
Art found in Nature .......................................................................................... 32.
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                                 News from the Townships
                                      St. James Township: Twelve peo-         bill for engineering work done for the
                                 ple attended the June 2nd meeting, from      Donegal Bay Road bike trail.
                                 which Supervisor Don Vyse was absent              There was much discussion of this
                                 –he was at a conference on Lighthouse        year’s parade route: some people
                                 restoration in Traverse City.                wanted it to be returned to Holy Cross
                                      Two members of the St. James            Hill instead of coming down past
                                 Board met with two from Peaine to dis-       Daddy Frank’s. The problem was, with
                                 cuss the rock-crusher agreement. No          cars parked on both sides of the first
                                 resolution was reached, so both Town-        block of Main Street, navigation is testy,
                                 ships will buy gravel from a local manu-     particularly coming around the corner.
                                 facturer and let St. James’ crusher sit      Creating an official no-parking zone
                                 idle for the next two years. St. James       would require State Police approval:
                                 will save two thirds of its cost for         time-consuming, and unlikely. So the
                                 gravel; Peaine will pay one third less       Board agreed to let a community effort
                                 than it would have had to pay if both        take place that will involve placing tem-
                                 Townships paid a per/yard price based        porary no-parking signs, probably on
                                 on total actual costs; and Peaine will pay   the east side of the street, where there
                                 only slightly more than it paid last year.   are more driveway cuts and less parking
                                      A legal opinion came back on the        anyway. A group of citizens will take
                                 golf cart situation. Permanently dis-        responsibility for this.
                                 abled people may operate them on the              Great Lakes Docks, from
                                 roads as long as they wear helmets and       Muskegon, had the lowest of 6 bids
                                 comply with all driving rules, including     ($893,508) for the Yacht Dock project
                                 having adequate insurance.                   (using 4 Island subcontractors.) Pend-
                                      Don Vyse met with Commissioner          ing approval, they plan to start work
                                 Shirley Roloff and Undersheriff Don          around July 4th.
                                 Snyder to discuss their interest in the           At the last meeting Jim Wojan
                                 former Med Center building. The              asked if an inspection would be done on
                                 county would like to rent two rooms for      the new parking lot before the next (the
                                 offices; the Sheriff's Department would      2nd) check was issued. A letter was in
                                 also like two rooms as office space and      hand from Gary Voogt, dated 5-28, say-
                 The             as quarters for the second deputy. The       ing he had inspected the parking lot
             Convent             rent was set at $1/ft2/month.
                                      Don Vyse and John Works met with
                                                                              work and found it more than satisfac-
                                                                              tory. He recommended payment to
                in the Village   Gary Voogt to discuss the problem of         Schwar tzfish er Stonewo rks, saying
                                 the deteriorating King’s Highway. The        David Schwartzfisher had been excel-
                                 next step will be to sit down with the       lent to work with. He also said that the
     Beautiful Harbor View       Charlevoix County Road Commission.           property transfer with Don and Kay
                                      The Township received a $38,000         Masini had been completed, and the
  Full Housekeeping Home
           Sleeps 16
     7 Bedrooms w/ sinks            GORDON'S AUTO CLINIC
    Fully-equipped Kitchen             Full Service Auto Repair
         Beach Access                  Winter Storage                                              McDonough’s
 Great for Multi-Family Groups                                                                           Gordon's
                                       Winter Snow Plowing                                               Auto
        Family Reunions                                                                                  Clinic
        Business Retreats              Vehicle Pick-Up
       Open Year Round                 & Delivery Service
   Weekly Rental in season             24-hour Wrecker Service
 2-night minimum off-season            Year-round Auto Rental

          Call 448-2902            GORDON HEIKKA, OWNER                                     (231) 448-2438
      for more Information         Michigan Certified Master Mechanic MI10391
                                   P.O. Box 175, St James, MI 49782

transfer with Karnes was awaiting final    mal business, awaiting Gary Voogt's
approval of deeds. But the request for     report about the future of our roads.
payment was for about five thousand        The BMX track was on the agenda, but
dollars more than anticipated, because     the students pushing it were not yet
unstable subsurface materials (rocks,      ready–although the Board assured a
stumps, logs, and clay) had been found,    nearby resident that there would be
dug up, removed, and replaced with an      something like a 10:00 p.m. curfew.
extra 230 yards of sand fill. Jim Wojan          Bid documents for the new Fire           Michael Collins
pointed out that the bid documents and     Hall were mailed to ten contractors; the
contract required a preliminary investi-   bids are due on July 9th.                         Licensed Builder
gation to determine if any unexpected            Flight instructor Sue Haney was
conditions might exist, and Tim
McDonough read a paragraph that indi-
                                           appointed to replace Chuck Anglin on
                                           the Airport Committee.                          New Construction
cated no after-the-fact extra charges            A letter of thanks to Anna Steinbach
would be honored. Nevertheless the         was read, in which it was pledged to                Remodeling
Board unanimously agreed to pay the        fulfill her three stipulations: the truck
requested amount, and to further inves-    will carry a commemorative bronze
tigate this “extra” charge and make a      plaque; the truck will be stationed at the     26235 Main Street
decision before the slightly-greater       new Fire Hall; and it will be built in
retainer posted by Schwartzfisher had      Michigan if at all possible.                   Beaver Island, MI
to be returned.                                  At the appropriate moment Gary                 49782
     Jim Campbell announced that           Voogt took the floor to discuss three mat-
Kalkaska native Jeff Simpson, never        ters: upgrading some intersections,
here before, had been hired for four       repairing the King’s Highway, and pav-
months as a second Island deputy.          ing additional roads. Saying he would
     Connie Wojan requested the board      start with the least complex issue, he
to authorize the BIRHC to apply to the     announced that earlier in the day the
Grand Traverse Bay Tribe for a $15,000     Charlevoix County Road Commission,
grant for patient and staff educational    still crying abject poverty, agreed to pay
needs and for partial funding of a T-1     two thirds of the cost to apply asphalt to
line; it did.                              the first hundred feet of Sloptown Road
     Hugh Mason was retained to audit      and the two roads intersecting the
the Township's books for $3,900 plus       Highway at Four Corners. This would          BANK               ONE          ®

$645 for preparing special reports and     put the cost to Peaine at about $7,300,
up to $250 for travel expenses.            which it said it could pay from its road
     Peaine Township: About the            fund. H & D intended to come to the
                                                                                        Cathleen A Jones
Roads: the 23 people who attended the      Island to pave the Main Street parking
June 9th meeting of the Peaine Township    lot by July 4th, but that
                                                                                            Loan Officer
Board patiently sat through some nor-      Continued on page 6.                         Beaver Island Property Owner

                                                                                        BankOne in Grand Rapids
 Ron Wojan - General Contractor Inc.                                                       phone (616) 771-7415
                                                       Quality Built Homes with         on-line access to your
                                                        attention to detail and           investment accounts
                                                        customer satisfaction.
                                                                                        roll-over mortgages at today’s
                                                         We build a variety of            best rates
                                                       projects from small cabins
                                                                                        refinance, or construction
                                                          to Lodges. We are a
                                                         licensed builder with
                                                                                          loans plus end mortgages
                                                        over 25 years experience             1265 Linwood Dr. NW
                                                            on Beaver Island.             Grand Rapids, MI 49544-7735
                                                            (231) 448-2400                      (616) 771-7415

 36869 Kings Highway Beaver Island Michigan 49782                                         Equal Housing Lender
                                                     News from the Townships, from page 5.       threw out the case, requesting the two
                                                     requires only 250 yards of asphalt and it   parties to “work it out,” which was
                                                                                                 done when a federal grant for repaving
                           BIPOA                     needs to set up to install 1,000 yards to
                                                     make the mobilization of its equipment      came through. But the method used, a
            Beaver Island                            economically feasible. (Note: A             “prime and double seal,” essentially
                                                     bequest from the Welter Foundation in       provided a 1 ½" coating to protect the
           Property Owners                                                                       packed gravel underneath from the ero-
                                                     late June will pay for paving the park-
             Association                             ing lot at the new Health Center, which     sive effect of wind and rain–but not
 Join Now! Keep in touch with                        will provide enough work to justify oper-   from groundwater surges caused by
 Beaver Island events likely to                      ating the asphalt plant here. The roads     beaver. The stretch running out of town
 affect you and your property.                       running into the King’s Highway may         was made 26' wide to Four Corners,
 Receive our regular BIPOA                           also get their first 100’ paved at the      where it narrows to 20', to provide two
 newsletter.                                         same time.)                                 3' bike paths, but the CCRC could never
 Visit our web site:                                      Members of the audience agreed         afford the paint needed for two stripes.                          that Paid een Og's Road's intersection           Last year H & D gave a bid of
 Contact: Annette Dashiell,                          was more dangerous than those to the        $469,000 to repair all five miles of the
 Treasurer at (231) 448-2542                         north because of the hills that hide        Highway (with no widening or added
              Beaver Island                          oncoming vehicles. A request for treat-     culverts.) Because the one mile in St.
       Property Owners Association                   ing MaCauley's Road was also made.          James starts at 51' wide and is no nar-
               P O. Box 390                          Each of these two was likely to cost        rower than 26', whereas the 4 mile
         Beaver Island, MI 49782                     $6,000, Gary said, so if the same for-      stretch in Peaine is 20' wide, if the cost,
                                                     mula were accepted, Peaine would            with a few extras, was $500,000, the
                                                     have to pay another $4,000. The Board       split would be $150,000 for St. James,
                           Licensed & Insured        was in favor of upgrading all four.         and $350,000 for Peaine. Gary thought
                                                          A more difficult problem was the       the road to Four Corners should be wid-
                              Free Estimates!        breaking down of the seal coat on the       ened by 2' on both sides to make the
                                                     King's Highway. Gary briefly reviewed       bike paths 5' wide. The key to getting
 DONE WHEN YOU WANT IT DONE!                         the history of its repair. The CCRC is      this done would be to keep the pressure
                                                     required to maintain all of the Island’s    on the CCRC, which is legally required
      ERNIE MARTIN                                   primary roads, which include the East       to maintain this road. It has just retired
        General Contractor                           Side Drive from Four Corners to the         other debts (primarily, for new storage
                                                     section line south of the airport,          buildings), so it was possible the CCRC
 New Construction Additions Pole Barns               McCauley’s Road and the section of          could sell a short-term note to get this
                  Garages           Decks            East Side Drive between McCauley’s          done now.
                                                     and Hannigan's, and possibly the route           The really tough nut was the possi-
 Also: Driveways, Excavating, Foundations,
                                                     to the Township Airport. But when           bility of paving more roads. The effects
              Tree & Brush Removal
                                                     called on to do its duty, the CCRC has      of dust on the environment, on comput-
            (231) 448-2342                           usually claimed it was broke.               ers and other equipment, and on human
                                                          That led to a lawsuit ten years ago    health have become a major concern,
                                                     in which the CCRC was sued for tear-        and people realize that if the roads were
                                                                                                 paved, there would be great savings in
      Stoney Acres
                                                     ing up the King’s Highway and not
                                                     installing new pavement. The judge          grading and dust control costs and the

     Garden and Gifts                                          A-1 Masonry
       Summer Workshops:
 7/8 Copper Trellis 1:00 - 3:00                                      Tom Matela
 7/15 Pine Needle Basket 1:00 - 3:00                                  When True, Plumb, and Square
 7/22 Herbal Medicine Work
    at Peaine Hall 10:00 - 4:00
                                                                             are Important
    $50.00 Advance Registration                                           Stone T ile F latwork
    (Bring Bag Lunch)                                                      Brick B lock P avers
 7/29 Lazagna Garden 1:00 - 3:00                                          Fireplaces W alkways
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       Hours 11:00 - 4:00, W - Sun                                           Call me for all your
            call (231) 448-3141
            (located behind the Stoney Acre Grill)                        masonry needs: 448-3168
expense of constant car repairs. A               Judy Lanier reported that the
recent estimate by H & D was that pav-      gravel-crushing agreement with St.            For all your book
ing, Island style (paving 20' without       James was being put on hold for a trial            STREET
clear-cutting and shaping a 66'-wide        period of two years because at the                 B O needs
                                                                                          ordering O K
swath), would cost $263,000/mile (on        moment it was cheaper to buy gravel                        S H O P
the mainland, asphalt costs $35 a ton,      from a private contractor (who had
but here it's $65.) No one has yet said     much better equipment.) Several com-           So many ways to stay in touch...
which roads, but Gary felt some Island      ments were made about gravel quality.          OPEN 7 DAYS YEAR-ROUND
roads should never be paved. Perhaps        John Works said he had tried for years               407 Bridge Street
7 miles should be, he ventured.             to get the clay content up from 7% to              Charlevoix, MI 49720
     Gary suggested this two-million-       perhaps 10% to hold our roads together                (231) 547-7323
dollar elephant should be eaten one bite    longer. Gary explained that the 22A                 Toll Free Nationwide
at a time, with additional teeth obtained   designation allowed a range of gravel         The Bridge Street
                                                                                                  (800) 729-3949
by creating partnerships. The first, he     types, and that other important factors
suggested, should be with the CCRC,         in getting “good gravel” were the
                                                                                          Book (231) 547-0416
which might agree to pay for the top        crushing of each included stone, to pro-       Web-Site
inch of a 3" surface under its mandate,     vide flat surfaces, and the mixing of
                                                                                          (231) 547 7323
                                                                                              Special Orders Welcome!
which would cover about $60,000/            equal proportions of several size group-
mile. The next candidate would be the       ings. Gary Morgan pointed out that if
Charlevoix County Commissioners,
which would be allowed to levy 1 mill
throughout the county to establish a
road fund of $1,000,000/year (for its 13
                                            the crusher sits idle for two years, its
                                            belts and bearings could be damaged.
                                            Terry Saxton asked if the crusher could
                                            be leased to a private contractor, who
                                                                                                Wall Systems
townships.) It has never acted on this      might then offer the gravel he makes at
because “everyone has been afraid           a competitive price. The crusher was          ! Superior insulating value
most of the money would go to some-         thought to be too delicate for this.            –over R32
one else.” He urged us to take an active         Denny and Mary Cook were pres-           ! Greater strength than a
role in crea ting and dist ribu ting        ent to ask for support in the effort to         block wall
this fund.                                  create a nuisance ordinance, which they       ! Outdoor sound reduction
     Another approach might be to sell a    felt was needed to protect them from                Call for more information
“special assessment bond” (like the         unruly neighbors. The Planning Com-
sewer system in St. James), which           mission had been asked to draft one,
                                                                                               enterprises, inc.
would be repaid by collecting a sur-        taking St. James’ new nuisance ordi-
charge from property owners along the       nance as a starting point, but Judy                      448-2489
                                                                                             20 years Island masonry experience and
newly-paved roads. The surcharge            Lanier reported that it felt it was already      Charlevoix County’s only factory trained
could be levied on a footage basis, or      overburdened with its master planning                 Reward Wall Systems dealer.
simply by shares based on driveways.        duties. John Works directed the Board
On a footage basis, someone with a 100'     to collect information relevant to creat-
lot might be assessed an extra $1,000       ing this draft, and to report at the next
over ten years; the increased value of
the property being on a paved road
                                            meeting. Such an ordinance would
                                            require appointing an enforcement offi-
                                                                                                     Floral Designs
would exceed this.                          cer– another thorny question.                               by Colleen
  Ryan Smith Construction                                                                   Weddings Funerals
                                                                                            Fresh Arrangements
                   Licensed Contractor
                                                                                            Corsages Weekly Specials
  Remodels            Integrity                                                             Bedding Plants Plant Care
  Additions           Efficiency                                                            Dried and Silk Arrangements
  New Construction Quality Craftsmanship                                                  Colleen Currier-Hart
                                                                                          (Beaver Island Related)
  Roofing, Siding, Replacement Windows                                                    (231) 547 -1130
                                Ryan Smith                                                1 -800 -408 -1130
                   (231) 448-2393 or 448-2601                                             1516 S. Bridge St. Charlevoix, MI
                                                     AmVets Retire Worn Flags Long-EZs Return

 Island Hopper
       C h a r t e r s

                                                          Once again a dozen AmVets met                Once again the Township Airport
                                                     on Flag Day to retire two boxes of           was the locus of several Burt Rutan-
 From the Mainland to Beaver Island                  well-worn flags, many having been            designed experimental aircraft, which
 and the Beaver Island Archipelago:
                                                     furled along Main Street/Michigan            arrived from all over on the last week-
     Hog, Whiskey, Squaw, Trout,
                                                     Avenue in an arc that focused the            end of June. These lightweight planes
         High, and Garden
   1-877-823-8502 - 231-448-2309
                                                     Island's patriotism on the harbor. The       included several models, including the
         Cell 231-620-2058                           fog buffeting Beaver earlier in the day      backward-looking 100-hp VariZs.
                                                     pulled back, and the deluge that was to      These long-range flyers (Dick Rutan
                                                     flood down later held off.                   flew a Long EZ 4,800 miles non-stop)
                                                          After Bob Hoogendorn played,            first came on the scene 25 years ago.
                                                     the first flag's first 13 stripes were fed   The Long EZ weighs under 800 pounds,
       Ask about our Lighthouse Tours!               to the fire individually, accompanied        is 26' wide and 17' long, and can reach
                                                     by the reading of the names of the first     185 mph. Typical range is over 1,500
                                                     states. Afterwards hot-dogs were pro-        miles. These pterodactyl-like planes
                                                     vided for the crew gathered on the           picked the skydive weekend, so this
                                                     Hartles’ front lawn. A few weeks later       became a time of tailgate parties and                  new flags arrived and were                   barking dogs, with well over 100 visi-
                                                     installed–compliments of the AmVets.         tors stopping by.

     Charming and beautifully-renovated log
     farmhouse with apple orchard. Full
     housekeeping. 4 bdrms, 4 baths, one
     jacuzzi tub. Fully-equipped kitchen,
     diningroom, parlor, library, and sunporch.
     Woods for hiking. Close to town and
     beaches. Wonderful for vacations, family
     reunions, artistic retreats. Weekly rental in
     summer and early fall.
     Two-night minimum off-
     Rates and reservations:
     (303) 442-3839 or                                         Visit Livingstone Studio on July 10 for                       “Meet the Artist" and see unique, handcrafted jewelr y!
Breaking more Ground A Party at the Hangar

                                                                                              SEA KAYAKING
                                                                                                 COURSE      TH    TH
                                                                                                 AUGUST 9 - 20 2004
     On the first Sunday of June, on a                 After the Community House              A two-week, three-credit hour
sunny day after church, a crowd of 60 or          Groundbreaking, everyone moved to           course designed for the
so gathered at the Community House                the annual Island Airways Memorial          beginning kayaker.
site for a Groundbreaking Ceremony. A             Day hangar party. Chef Deborah Har-         Instructed by Ken Bruland of the
utility building had appeared the day             wood was in charge of the extensive         Inland Seas School of Kayaking.
before (thanks to Jon and Sally Fogg),            snacks–including jalapeno dogs that
                                                                                              Course length allows for fast-
and plastic shovels were passed to 20 of          proved to be extra hot. A hundred and       track skill development beyond
the many people who had played impor-             fifty people or more had a wonderful        novice-level.
tant roles in bringing the project this far.      time talking about such recent events
Judy Lanier-Gallagher acted as MC,                as the SRO Jack Cull Memorial con-          Topics to be covered include:
                                                                                              ! History and kayak design
reciting a brief history of PABI’s strug-         cert, and how impressed they had            ! Safety equipment / clothing
gle to reach this point. Just before noon         been with Bailey McDonough’s open-          ! Kayak fit / paddle selection
Construction Committee chairman Don               ing song. Many present enjoyed a            ! Basic and advanced strokes /
Tritsch, using a real shovel, lifted out the      glass of free wine or beer, knowing            rescues
first scoop of sand to mark the end of the        the summer crowds were about to             ! Basics of Eskimo roll
preliminary stage: the lengthy planning           arrive and they wouldn’t have another       ! Towing
for what promises to become an impor-             chance to kick back in the afternoon        ! Basic weather prediction /
tant asset to the community.                      until after Labor Day.                         navigation
                                                                                              ! Trip packing techniques
                                                                                              ! Respect for environment and
                                                                                              ! Finale – full-day paddle

                                                                                              To register, contact:
                                                                                              Dr. James Gillingham
                                                                                              CMU Biological Station
                                                                                              Beaver Island, MI 49782
                                                                                              Ph: (231) 448-2325
   New this Summer –Weekly Eco-T Discover the geology, ecology, flora, and fauna unique to
        our inland lakes in our new recreational kayaks – easy to learn in and very stable!
Wildlife Club News
     There was very good attendance at      access to the amount of information we     strengthen our herd and make hunting a
the monthly meeting of the Beaver           were gathering. The DNR determines         continuing reality on this Island. There
Island Wildlife Club. This special          the health of the herd by the measured     will still be 900 antlerless permits
meeti ng was held at the Peain e            beam diameter of 1-1/2 year old bucks.     available for 2004. The fact remains
Township Hall to accommodate our            The numbers of points on those bucks       that we have too many deer. Couple
guest speaker, Brian Mastenbrook,           are also indicative of health. Compared    that with poor habitat and that spells
wildlife biologist with the DNR. Brian      to bucks in the UP and the NLP             trouble in the future. Habitat planting is
has been working with us for the last       (Northern Lower Peninsula), which is       progressing, but slowly. Grooming
two years as we collect data and            the closest to our type of habitat, our    fields that haven't been used for years is
promote wildlife habitat on the Island.     bucks fall short of the desired beam and   an arduous and costly job. The process
His presence on the Island is an            points. A UP buck averaged a 17.1          to get DNR permits to work fields is
encouragement to us since he walks          beam and 3-4 points. A NLP buck was        often bogged down. Brian has taken an
and inspects miles of habitat and is able   essentially the same. A Beaver buck        active role in facilitating this. He is also
to make hands-on suggestions.               averaged only a 14.7 beam. What is         working on non-commercial harvest of
     Brian began by praising us for our     most alarming is that the beams are        state owned Aspen forests since private
efforts to obtain data that will help the   getting smaller. From 2001-2003 the        timb er sale s are cost -pro hibi tive .
DNR determine the health, population,       beams were 15.9. From 1987-2000 the        Another angle to be explored would be
and future of our whitetail deer on         beams were 16.6. Brian interprets this     to issue permits for people to cut in a
Beaver Island. You may recall that we       to mea n tha t our hab ita t nee ds        designated 40-acre area.
had two major projects in place last        improvement.                                    Stay tuned for future news and
year. One was the driving survey done            The successful hunter contest gave    updates from you wildlife club.
for the census. For six weeks, 10 people    us valuable information about the                        – Lois Williams, secretary
drove a designated stretch of Island        harvest. Although we estimate that we
roads at least three times a week at the    checked only about 50% of the harvest
same time each day and recorded the         it still is a step toward compiling very   School Election Results
number of does, bucks, and fawns. The       important data. The records show that          In the recent school election, 154
oth er pro jec t was to spo nso r a         of the 200 deer checked, 50% were          ballots were cast–out of 522 registered
successful hunter contest. By checking      bucks and 50% were does. He sees that      voters. Dawn Marsh and Nancy Tritsch
your legal deer, buck, or doe, at one of    as a healthy harvest. As a club we will    were elected to the School Board, the
our check-in spots, you could be            have the contest again and offer a very    Operating Millage was renewed (131 to
eligible to win a 12-gauge shotgun in a     nice prize. We encourage you to take       22), and the CharEm Special Education
drawing. Brian told us he had never had     advantage of this while helping to         millage was renewed (121 to 39.)

      25 Years Experience                                                                      FREE Consultation
           with Trees                 ISLAND TREE CARE Inc.                                      and Estimates
                                      Fully Insured References Available

                                               * PROFESSIONAL                          * LANDSCAPING
                                                 TREE TRIMMING                           create a mini-orchard
                                                                                         plant rye, clover, or shrubs
                                               * STUMP REMOVAL
                                                 or GRINDING                           * FOR EMERGENCIES,
                                                                                         We’re AVAILABLE 24/7
                                               * LOT CLEARING
                                                 enhance your views
                                                 upgrade your trails

                                               * TREE REMOVAL
                                                 we use environmentally-
                                                 friendly equipment

                                                      Please Call                                  Carl Rasch (owner)
       Prompt Professional                                                                            P.O. Box 474
            Service                             (231) 448-2167                                   Beaver Island, MI 49782
Letters: To the Beaver Island Community                                                     Explore the Island’s
     The past year has seen the Island         munity the entire structure and character
through new challenges, some contro-           of the town changes and a way of life is
                                                                                            Inland Lakes in a Kayak
versy, and in my opinion several suc-          gone. Beaver Island, as well as many             Discover the geology, ecology,
cessful steps forward in meeting our           other towns and communities through-         flora, and fauna unique to each of our
future needs. We have witnessed                out Michigan, faces some difficult chal-     lakes and to each season. Guided by
increased public participation in the          lenges in both Education and Health          kayaking instructor Ken Bruland and
many governing functions of the Island,        Care due to funding cuts and other cur-      naturalist Jacque LaFreniere, trips are
something I believe the various boards         tailments of State government budgets. It    conducted in new recreational kayaks–
and committee's welcome as a whole.            is up to the community to find the ways      easy to learn in and very stable. Trips
                                                                                                            th                    th
The literally hundreds of volunteers that      and means to maintain these institutions.    include: July 7 - Fox Lake; July 14 -
staff these bodies and organizations pro-           As many of you know, the Beaver         Lake Geneserath; July 23 - Font Lake;
duce a volume of effort that is little         Island Lodge has hosted a fund-raising       and July 28 - Barney’s Lake. For infor-
known or understood but critical to main-      dinner each year in support of a local       mation, or to sign up, call 448-2221.
taining our way of life on the Island.         organization. This year we would like to
Attendance and participation at the vari-      once again perform this benefit for the      The Roast   th
ous meetings can only foster clearer com-      Beaver Island Rural Health Center. The       On May 29 a wonderful gathering of
munication and help to eliminate non-          Capital Campaign being discussed by          people filled Holy Cross Hall to witness
productive time addressing the 'rumor          the BIRHC Board is a very positive step      my Roast. It was a fabulous evening
mill' or reiterating discussion held at pre-   forward in meeting our long-term needs       shared with relatives and friends. I espe-
vious meetings.                                of this critical cornerstone of our com-     cially felt honored to be crowned Nor-
     The public process is one of several      munity. The Beaver Island Lodge and          wegian Queen by a handsome Viking, if
institutions that make and maintain a          Nina's Restaurant will host a benefit din-   only for a few hours. A short reign.
community. Two other cornerstones of a         ner in September (date to be announced)           Thanks to each and every one who
community are Education and Health             and all proceeds will be given to the        made it such a memorable event, by
Care. Without these services Beaver            Health Center. We welcome affiliations,      your participation or presence, to sup-
Island would eventually become a far           ideas, contributions, or any other com-      port the Beaver Island Fire Auxiliary-
different seasonal destination instead of      mitments that will help to make this         and watch me sizzle!
a vibrant year-round community. This is        year's fund-raiser even more successful.          The Auxiliary works hard and has
something I've witnessed during the time            Let’s look to the past only for what    helped the fire Department in so many
I lived off the Island in various small        we can learn from it and focus our ener-     ways. We appreciate their good works
towns and remote areas. Once basic ser-        gies on meeting the challenges of the        and dedication. Thank you!
vices such as these disappear from a com-      future.                       – Ray Cole                         – Skip McDonough

 W          ater Quality – A BIPOA
            Nature Lecture. Peaine Town-
            ship Hall 7:30 p.m. on July 29th

 * Lawn Care
 * Clean Up’s

   (231) 448-2915

            Bringing you the art and fine craft
               of local and American artists,
        and unusual gifts from all over the planet!

             Mon. ~ Sat. 10:30 ~ 5pm
                  Sunday 12 ~ 4pm

      Meet the Artist! Every Saturday 1 ~ 4
      July 10 – Nancy Peterson - lampworked glass, Beaver Island
                Memory bracelets, and more...
      July 17 – Cindy Ricksgers - printmaking, collage and mixed media
      July 24 – Tom Richards - wood fired, reduction and raku pottery
      July 31 – Terry Conner - incised gourd bowls, containers and
      Aug 14 – Joane McIntyre - jewelry design - a unique combination
                of techniques from bead weaving to metals

       37900 Michigan Ave. ~ Just past the Toy Museum

Walleye Lovers: Rejoice!
    After the disappointment of last             truck” and six hoop nets, which six strap-     shore they were poured through a double
year, the Wildlife Club took extra pains         ping men in waders strung across the           net and weighed. Extrapolating, a good
to ma ke su re it s fry turn ed in to            pond. Alternating directions, the nets         estimate was over 9,600 fingerlings, mea-
fingerlings, monitoring the air content,         were anchored with their tunnels sub-          suring about 32 mm long. They were
adjusting the netting and turtle barricade,      merged in three or four feet of water.         obviously hungry, a good sign that they'd
and bringing in fire-truck-loads of water.       After the nets were set, the crew had to       been nabbed in time. Thankfully, only a
Perhaps most importantly, it watched the         wait until the following morning to see        few were jumbos, so the “dog eat dog”
growth of its charges so it could get them       how many fingerlings were caught.              rule of the pond had not yet kicked in.
out of the pond the moment they began to              The next day the group met again to            After chucking six adventurous tur-
develop a taste for their brothers – canni-      harvest their catch. As each net was emp-      tles and a small snake, the walleyes were
balism was the primary problem last              tied into a floating box by Jeff Powers,       driven to Lake Geneserath in a stately
year. On June 25 th a DNR officer arrived        Mark LaFreniere, and Doug Tilly, the           parade of grinning enthusiasts, and
with his specially-equipped “minnow              gobs of young fish were cause for joy. On      released. They loved their new home.

The yearbooks are in. The yearbooks are in. The yearbooks are in!
      After what can best be described as a      est possible learning curve we could imag-     and business management? Absolutely.
long, detoured, and experimental journey         ine. The students needed to learn how to       Are we ready to face those challenges
of discovery, our project is complete. And       work a new computer program in order to        over the next year? Without a doubt.
it is outstanding.                               complete the layout process.                        For now, know that the kids worked
      Because I didn’t sign on to the project         We learned. We kept at it, and the kids   very hard to produce this yearbook. If you
until nearly November, it seemed the staff       really responded. Their creativity took        have ordered one you can expect a call. If
and I only had a few meetings to discuss         off, as the pages readily show. I am very      you would like to purchase one you can
ideas and get to know one another before         proud of all the work everyone did to see      contact Emily at 448-3056 or look for us
the holiday break. But we did make some          this project to completion. Are there          along the parade route on July 4. We hope
huge decisions. The biggest and most             things we forgot? Yes, indeed. Are there       to have a table set up for your convenience
important was to scrap the national year-        advertisers we didn’t, for whatever rea-       of purchase. Yearbooks are $15. Thanks
book company and go it alone. By doing           son, include? Unfortunately. Are there         to everyone who made this possible.
this we set ourselves up against the steep-      ways we can improve both our production                  –Frank Solle, Yearbook Advisor

                                    !   Scuba Instruction & !              SnorkelingS    !            Specialty Diving Classes
                                        Certification       !              Sunset Cruises !            Out-Island Adventures

                                                         Questions? Ready to Schedule?
                                                Contact Gail or Mike Weede (231) 448-3195

     Beaver Island, MI               email: . web:

To Jump, or Not To Jump
      That is the question, but sometimes,        Thanks to Ed Wojan, Luther Kurtz and     freefall that reached terminal velocity
Beaver Islanders discovered on June          his team (fellow skydiver Joy Bose from       (120 mph) before the experienced Air
   th   th         th
26 , 27 , and 28 , you just don't have a     India, coordinator Julie Strickland, and      Guide pulled the cord.
choice–especially when there's a guy         pilot Patrick Murphy) were on hand at the         A jump cost $200, and everyone felt
strapped to your back standing behind        Township Airport to take pairs of daring      it was well worth it, especially on such a
you in the jump bay of a small, single-      Beaver Islanders up to 11,000 feet–a 25-      clear, sunny day. The Bridge was visible
engined plane, and he's coming out the       minute climb that led to a 4-minute breath-   in one direction, the Foxes and Manitous
hatch no matter what you do or say.          taking descent, beginning with a 4,000'       in another. Each landing came down on

                                                                             vearndBouaita tiqu
                                                                            a re Na t c-l G e
                                                                                             i f ts

                                                                      Beaver Island                            Cards & Stationery
                                                                      Sweats & Tees
                                                                                                                   Nature Books
                                                                      Ladies Apparel                           & Children's Books

                                                                      Mens Apparel                            Bibles and Christian
                                                                      Sandals &
                                                                      Water Shoes                                    Tapes & CDs

                                                                      Unique Jewelry                                    Irish Gifts

                                                                      Bath Products
                                                                              In the Heart of the Harbor
                                                                                Phone (231) 448-2584

the Airport turf after gracefully-steered               The many spectators came away from        plane, but with all the noise and wind,
glides that swooped the coupled team               the event with a crick in their neck and the   the anticipated paralysis failed to materi-
back and forth over the system of run-             summer's first tan. After each trip the        alize. A few people were hurt (a cracked
ways. There were family expeditions:               chutes were diligently repacked, and the       sternum, some unclench-able fists, and a
fathers and sons, and fathers and daugh-           next team was given some instruction and       few twisted ankles); but those plentiful
ters. Wives went with their husbands-or,           told to climb aboard. Several first-timers     screams were pretty much of pure joy.
in some cases, left them gawking and               thought their only hesitation would come       Everyone asked the team, “When are
grumbling on the ground.                           when they were asked to step out of the        you coming again?”

                       a unique destination
   Relaxed elegance in the beautiful north woods. Rolling hills
   welcome you to a half mile of private Lake Michigan beach
   overlooking High Island.
   Are you looking for a special and romantic place to have your
   wedding? Deerwood offers a unique and beautiful setting for a
   day to remember forever.
   We also offer a peaceful atmosphere for your corporate meetings
   and conferences.
   Delicious food, gracious accommodations, and warm hospitality
   beckon you back again and again.
                    For reservations and information
                  (231) 448-3094
                                          On This Date
                                               Ten Years Ago The lead Beacon          for two. The Peach Tree Sale placed 87
                                          story was about new County Commis-          trees on the Island.
                                          sioner Rich Gillespie going after a tran-        Betty Duckworth thanked the Fire
                                          sit bus, which Beaver Islanders had been    Department and the community for help-
                                          paying for since 1984–with a 1/4 mil        ing her get through the devastating fire;
                                          State-imposed levy. The plan was to         Sherm Kantzer found her heirloom
                                          obtain a bus for “Dial-a-ride,” shopping,   clock in the debris, took it to Bill Freese,
                                          deliveries, seniors, and special events.    and Bill repaired it and had it back to her
                                               The Little Traverse Conservancy's      before she knew it was gone.
                                          hope to purchase the lower half of Little        A Ladies’ Handgun Safety and
                                          Sand Bay from Peter and Delores             Shooting class was offered, cospon-
                                          Gallagher (in part to protect the threat-   sored by the Sheriff and the Charlevoix
                                          ened monkey flower) had accrued             Rod and Gun Club.
                                          $150,000 in donations, including                 The Beaver Island Community Play-
                                          $30,000 from the Frey Foundation,           ers prepared to present Terror in the Sub-
                                          $30,000 from the Michigan Nature Con-       urbs in early August; the BICP was
  FREE Deluxe Continental Breakfast       servancy, and $5,000 from Ralph and         formed the previous year to put on Doc-
   In-room Refrigerator & Microwave       Jeanne Graham. The Cub Scouts ran a         tor Death (in May) and A Christmas
Outdoor Pool * Indoor Hot Tub Spa Tower   Pinewood Derby, won by Adam Martin.         Carol (in December.)
     All Rooms have 25" TV/VCRs                The Beaver Island Astronomy Soci-           Dave Gladish included the follow-
                                          ety (including Jaque LaFreniere, Al         ing poem:
 RATES FROM $41.00 off season             Montague, and Bill Markey) alerted                 They call it “computer.” Fine,
                                          readers to what would be up in the sky             for the dedicated user,
      231                                 during the summer, and planned a “Jupi-            but when it comes to mine
                                          ter Watch Party” to observe a frag-                a better word is “confuser.”
                                          mented comet plunge into our largest             Eric Heline's “Pileated Wood-
                                          planet. A “Star Party” was also planned     pecker” sweatshirts went on sale.
                                          to view the Perseid Meteor Shower.               The Bluebird opened as a smoke-
                                               Robert Neff stated that he had taken   free B & B. The former “bank building”
 Martin Well Drilling                     on the task of completing the tennis
                                          courts, and would appreciate some help.
                                                                                      was for rent, and Buddhist meditation
                                                                                      was offered in the classifieds.
 &    Residential and                     The Chamber announced the theme for              The Library introduced a Wednes-
      Commercial                          its Fourth of July parade: “Beaver Island   day evening Travel Series.
                                          Wildlife Awareness”–along with the               Passi ngs noted inclu ded Mary
 &    Water Wells: 4", 5",                raffle of a two-weel vacation in Ireland    Ranger and Florence Ricksgers.
      and larger
 &    Modern Rotary
      Well Rig

       Also ...
       & Pump Installations
       &    Well Repairs
       If you want a well now,
       I have the equipment.

       Call Bud @ 448-2197
       or 448-2397


      Twenty Years Ago The Civic Asso-          its property was overstated. Richard
ciation was searching for a professional        Reed was chosen to assist regular Town-
clown for its July Fourth parade. It            ship attorney Michael Gibbons (a for-
asked for suggestions for a “community          mer Island resident.) The Charlevoix
wish list.”                                     County Equalization Department was
      The Civic's Harbor Beautification         fired as Peaine's assessor.
program went well. Twenty-five help-                 The Airport Homesites subdivision
ers showed up. Mary Scholl contributed          (east of the Township Airport) was
landscape sketches of Township prop-            rezoned from AA to C-2, disregarding
er ty al on g t he ha rb or, an d J oe          the Planning Commission's recommen-
Cunningham and Buz Anderson built               dation against this because the Aeronau-
eight cedar benches, which Jim                  tics Commission had not placed any
McCafferty and Gwen Marston helped              restrictions on the land. Peaine Town-
dig into place. Two truck-loads of trash        ship wrote to Vic Shapley, owner of the
were removed between the Post Office            Island Telephone Company, to com-            ROY ELSWORTH
and the Ball Diamond.                           plain about the poor service.
      An influx of alewives (and the flies           The passing of Elaine Smith was       ASSOCIATE BROKER
they attracted) rendered many beaches           noted by a sketch of her life. Born in
unusable. A road rally was planned to           rural Wisconsin, she was working as           MIKE COLLINS
raise funds to clean up the dead fish and       editor of a small newspaper in Chicago      SALES ASSOCIATE
bury them at Iron Ore Bay–which took            when she met and married Dr. Robert
place on June 23rd; Jim Wojan dug a             Smith. When he went into the service               .
                                                                                                  P O. Box 3
trench for the raked-up fish.                   she took a job as an ad agency copy-       BEAVER ISLAND MI 49782
      The BIHS hosted a program at the          writer, and joined the Civil Air Patrol        (231) 448-2433
Marine Museum, where 68 people lis-             (becoming a pilot.) After the war she
tened to Ramon Nelson talk about his            returned to Grand Rapids, where she
youth as an Israelite on High Island.           became involved in cultural develop-
      The Fire Department queried about         ment. She was known for vigorously
using the Town Hall basement for a              exploring Beaver Island (her IsleAwhile
resale shop, but was discouraged.               home was built in the mid-50s) and
      Much-needed Yacht Dock repairs            boosting it through many newspaper
were authorized–up to $800.                     articles and speaking engagements
      Peaine Township sued the Equaliza-        around the state. Before her most dan-
tion Committee of Charlevoix because            gerous tromps she would check in with
it felt the true cash value for each class of                      Continued on page 18.

                                  Sta t e B a n k
                  38230 Michigan Ave.
                Beaver Island, MI 49782
                    (Member FDIC)
                    Summer Hours
                 Open Five Days A Week
                     9:00 to 1:00
   (JULY & AUGUST: 9:00 to 1:00 and 2:30 to 4:00)
                           (231) 448-2190
On This Date, continued from page 17.             Forty Years Ago The Civic Associ-           sell as hog feed. In school he was taught
John Andy Gallagher at the Beaver Head       ation held a July 4th carnival at the Parish     by Lucille Gillespie.
Light, just in case she got lost. She fre-   Hall, headed by Eileen Martin and fea-                Dr. Sorensen pulled the eye teeth
quently did an Island slide show, usually    turing games, a white elephant sale, a           from “J. M.”, a chimp owned by Mrs.
sponsored by the Historical Society.         baked goods sale, and a drawing for a            John Clark.
     Thirty Years Ago The Med Center         $100 vacation (won by Thomas Nowak                    Former Islander Clementine
luncheons began at the Circle M., and a      of Alpena.) The fireworks led to some            McCauley, Principal of Kennedy Ele-
White Elephant Sale took place at the old    chatter when a few rockets didn't go off         mentary in Ecorse, was honored for hav-
LaFreniere store across from the Erin.       “where they were supposed to.”                   ing served there for 40 years. One of
     Dale Boyles commented on past                The Beaver Island Golf Course was           those speaking at the ceremony was
complaints about high taxes, noting that     upgraded with a new 7th Hole designed            Edward O'Donnell, president of Lincoln
82% stayed on the Island (27% for the        and built by Matt Melville, the local pro,       Products in Lincoln Park, who had been
Townships and 55% for the School.)           using a grass developed on Prince                her classmate on Beaver Island. (He pro-
     Beaver Haven announced it would         Edward Island. Because of BIHS presi-            cured the valuable Zoltan Sepeshy mural
have a mechanic on duty for the summer:      dent A. J. Roy's bad health the previous         that hangs in the Marine Museum.)
Harold Lounsberry.                           fall, the annual meeting was postponed                Sherry Smith, daughter of Robert
     A 1938 Plymouth, abandoned in           until June 29th. Three new board mem-            and Elaine, received a scholarship to
1954, was to be sold at public auction.      bers were elected: James Carpenter, Lin          Interlochen, and Rose Connaghan
     Stanley Floyd opened the Cast-          Rountree, and Walter Wojan. Mr. Roy              opened a Country Store.
aways, with Grace Cole and Olive             reported that he had visited Voree WI and
Dillingham as cooks.                         been presented with several redwood              Outdoor Concert
     Bing McCafferty was thanked for         signs painted with Beaver Island histori-            The “Northport Community Con-
taking on the upkeep of the Holy Cross       cal captions, which he had brought back          cert” will be held on Friday, July 9th, at
Cemetery; much grave-filling, stone-         and proposed erecting.                           8:00 p.m. Music will be conducted by
righting, grass seed sowing, and other            William Buck and his wife visited           Doug Scripts, and the BI Community
repairs were needed.                         the Island, for the first time since he'd left   Choir will join them for a couple of
     Father Herbert thanked the commu-       the Israelite community on High Island           patriotic songs.
nity for its generosity in supporting        in 1926–to which he and his parents had              It will be held on the lawn between
many Parish projects.                        come in 1920 aboard the Rosabelle. He            the Chamber office and the Boat Co.
     Passings noted include Island-born      told how he'd ridden “ice boats” between         (bring your own lawn chair.)
Father Joseph Boyle in Indiana and           High and Beaver in the winter to send                In case of rain it will probably move
Island-born commercial fisherman Fran-       and get mail. He said money had been so          over to the Christian Church. Any Ques-
cis Donlevy in Muskegon.                     scarce that his family gathered acorns to        tions: see Kathy Speck
Museum Week 2004 – Schedule of Events
     For the 24th consecutive year, the         always a big hit with the young.                   At 8:00 on Tuesday evening Michele
Beaver Island Historical Society will hold           Antje Price, the “Protar Lady,” will     VanderVelde and MaryAnn Moore, mem-
its annual Museum Week from July 12th           open the Protar Home (on Sloptown             bers of GLLKA (the Great Lakes Light-
through July 17th. This week-long presen-       Road) from 1:00 until 3:00 on Tuesday         house Keepers' Association), will be at
tation of talks, hikes, lectures, art, and      and Saturday, and will chat about Protar's    the Parish Hall to celebrate the immanent
music has become an important event for         life, giving a sense of the veneration in     restoration of the Whiskey Point Light
Island residents and visitors alike.            which he is still held. There is no charge    and describe its history. The charge for
     At 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday (the 14th),      (but donations are accepted), nor is there    Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday eve-
Thursday, and Friday, the staff of CMU's        for the Pet Show, held on the Print Shop      nings is $5 for adults and $3 for kids.
Biological Station will lead three three-       porch on Saturday at noon. Almost all              Robert Cole will discuss the Oral
hour Nature Walks, the first for Adults         entrants come away with some kind of          History project on Wednesday and show
($10) and the next two for kids ($5.) Dur-      award (such as a certificate for the puppy    some of the material he recorded since his
ing the summer CMU offers a number of           with the longest ears.)                       talk last summer. On Thursday Native
specialized Nature Walks, cosponsored                The Marine Museum will celebrate         American speaker Joe Mitchell from the
by the BIHS, such as to the dunes or to the     its 100 Anniversary on Friday afternoon       Little Traverse Bay Band will talk about
bogs, but these three cover a little bit of     with an Open House from 1:00 to 5:00.         various aspects of his culture.
everything. Each expedition is limited to       Another increasingly popular event is the          On Friday Ed Palmer and the Beaver
25 participants, so be sure to sign up at the   Art Show on Wednesday, Thursday, and          Island Boys will throw an “Island dance”
Print Shop Museum in advance.                   Friday at the School from noon until 4:00.    the way it was done for so many years.
     Archaeologist Jay Peck initiates the            “Music on the Porch” will kick off       Admission to this rollicking event is $10,
afternoon programs on Monday at 2:00            the evening programs. On Monday night,        and there will be a cash bar. Another musi-
with a presentation on “Prehistory of the       July 12th, Main Street will be closed and     cal delight is on tap for Saturday evening:
American Southwest.” He will speak              200 chairs set up to listen to 12-15 per-     a reprise of April's stunning performance
again (and show slides) on “Mysteries of        formers on the Museum porch. Some of          of “A Little Night Music,” songs by Ste-
Archaeo-astronomy” on Wednesday at              the regulars have a great following, but      phen Sondheim. Drinks will be available,
2:00. These talks, and Thursday after-          there are always surprises, both new peo-     and afterwards the cast will join the audi-
noon's presentation, cost $3 for adults, $1     ple just off the boat and familiar faces      ence to toast the entire week.
for children. Thursday's talk is by Jim         who previously kept their talent under             Once again the merchants have
Gillingham's CMU staff on “Amazing              wraps. Hats are passed during intermis-       kicked in the funds needed to put on these
Reptiles and Amphibians.” The live              sion; if it rains, the chairs will be moved   festivities, so please do everything you
snakes and giant frogs are                      down the street to the Parish Hall.           can to support them.

A Sturdy New Home
     Growing up in proximity to his tug-      friend/engineer Derek Rietman (Tiny)           the paperwork was complete, the Ben
loving grandfather Clyde, certain unique      drove to New York to complete the pur-         Fogg family andTiny, plus a few friends
ideas took root in Ben Fogg–such as that      chase of a 95' working 1950-era tug: the       to help, began the trip back through the
it would be great to have a tugboat for a     Huntington, a sturdy steel behemoth that       Erie Canal. Able to cruise at 10 ½ mph,
home. The average man experiences a           was dwarfed in the busy waters around          the trip might have been completed in a
few such ideas during the course of a life,   Staten Island by the abundance of even-        week. But a few things happened, such
usually letting them flit in and out of his   larger tugs, some towering ten stories high.   as encountering a sand bar in the Erie
head. But Ben has never been one to let a     It had everything Ben wanted: thick plat-      Canal that prevented the tug, with its 12’
dream slip away.                              ing, a nicely-humming 1200 hp (at 700          draft, from passing until a dredger could
     So at the end of May Ben, his wife       rpm) Fairbanks Morse diesel engine,            remove the obstacle. At least while she
Sarah, 9-month-old daughter Elsa (who         plenty of equipment, and an upper deck         sat still the 30 gallons/hour fuel con-
stayed with Grandma for most of the           that could be expanded into a Great Room       sumption rate went way down. Then it
trip-except for the last leg), and good       with a panoramic view of the water. Once       rained–and rained and rained, so much

       P      ar 35 public golf course.
              Club and cart rentals
              available. What better
       way to enjoy a sunny day than
       on our greens? Frequent tour-
       neys. Come and have some fun!
       (231) 448-2301 or 448-2294.


that the canal rose 5.5 feet, stopping the    bottom and risk getting stuck.                    finished third, leaving several hard-
locks from working and creating                    All the obstacles were behind them           working machines in their wake.
extreme currents. The crew considered         when they hit Detroit, but there they                  She stopped at Beaver Island for fuel
tying up and not returning until the water    learned of something else that would turn         the morning of July 21 st, and then was off
subsided. The tug's 20' 6" height would       into a delay: a tugboat race set for June 19th,   for her home in Saugatuck. Now the real
not slide under a dozen or so bridges,        with 25 tugs already enrolled. A tugboat          work of converting her will begin, which
which had a clearance of 20' 0", unless       race! Who could resist? So she was                Ben and Sarah intend to do themselves.
the bilge was pumped full of                  entered, and raced, and performed well            First there'll be a renaming ceremony in
water–putting her at risk until the ballast   against competition whose captains had            which she'll become the Spartacus.
was reduced on the other side of each         spent five, ten, even twenty-five years           Some people would be daunted by the
low-hanging impediment. Not to make           learning the fine points of handling their        multiple difficulties awaiting them, but
things worse, but when heavy ballast          temperamental craft. No one gave her a            not Ben. After all, he's been planning this
was taken on, she began to scrape the         chance to win, and they didn't. They              for the past seven years.

                                                                                    Beaver Island Lodge
                                                                                        Nina’s Restaurant
                                                                                 Where The Cuisine Is As Wonderful
                                                                                           As The View
                                                                                           (231) 448-2396
Lighthouse School Graduation
     On May 13th over 150 people                                                          for that I am truly grateful. I also applaud
attended the Beaver Island Lighthouse                                                     your enthusiasm to include students in
School Graduation Ceremony at the KC                                                      the restoration project. Thanks to your
Hall in Charlevoix. Celebrants were                                                       endless energy and inspiring passion,
delighted by the variety of talent that was                                               these landmarks will be preserved for
shared–via poetry, music, and song,                                                       future generations to enjoy.”
including students Chris Edgington and                                                         John was given a silver plaque that
Stefani Wittenmeier.                                                                      reads: In recognition of John Freeman for
     Ten fortunate seniors received diplo-                                                over 27 years of Vision and Dedication to
mas and 18 others received recognition                                                    Beaver Island Lighthouse School, Sum-
and awards for completion of the Spring                                                   mer Programs, Beaver Head Light Sta-
2004 semester. The seniors were pre-                                                      tion and historic Structures Restoration
sented with gifts of Beaver Island                                                        “Saving America's Treasures.”
Sweatshirts and Journals. Many received       Jennifer Granholm, which was read                John also received a photo of the
special recognition for their efforts         along with letters from Senator Carl        Lighthouse with multiple signatures from
throughout the semester, and a great feast    Levin, who sat on the ‘Save America's       friends from over 27 years. The word
was had by all.                               Treasures’ Grant Appropriations Com-        “Legacy” was used while describing his
     A few Island residents braved the        mittee, and Bill Cashman, Director of the   vision, dedication, and sacrifice on behalf
weather and boated across with the youth      Beaver Island Historical Society.           of the historic site and students whose
to help celebrate. Four students were             “As Governor of Michigan I am           lives have been changed.
given scholarships to the Bear River Writ-    pleased to send my appreciation and rec-         “The thing that pleases me most is
ers Conference, where authors from            ognition for your commitment to restore     having students come back throughout
around the world conduct workshops.           the Beaver Head Lighthouse and the Fog      the years to visit the Lighthouse with their
This is the third year the lighthouse youth   Signal Building,” Granholm said. “As        own children,” John said. “To show them
received these scholarships, and they will    our state and nation moves forward, it is   where their lives were changed and how
be the only high schoolers attending.         important to remember our past as well.     much the program made a difference.
They were Joe Crowe, Billy Joe Wright,        Many historic sites and artifacts remind    That is the greatest joy for me.”
Dan Thiebaut, and Allison Racignol.           us of what our society has learned. It           Many from this class will attend the
     John Freeman, Lighthouse visionary       allows us to look back at what shaped our   summer employment opportunity at the
and Coordinator for over 27 years, was        way of life today. You have shown a deep    site. Once again a new generation will be
given a special tribute from Governor         commitment to preserving our past and       added to the fold. –Sue Marie Papajesk
Silent Auction added to Fashion Tea                                                        Letters: Dear Friends
    The Beaver Island Rural Health           (The redemption of the gift certificates          Marilyn and I would like to thank all
Center Fashion Tea is all set to go. On      can be used separately, however, for         of you for your letters of support. The
Thursday, July 8th, 120 lucky ticket hold-   your convenience.) Some services or          response was truly staggering, and letters
ers will sit on the decks of beautiful       items will be conditional depending on       continue to pour in. Our new trial dates
Deerwood and enjoy tea, sandwiches,          time of year and subject to reservation      for the civil suit (explanation in the June
and assorted pastries while viewing an       and availability. The packages will hope-    04 Beacon) are in early September. We
assortment of new fashions from the          fully draw higher bids. They will make       feel confident about our case, and are
Beaver Boat-Tique and the East Wind          great gifts for anniversaries, birthdays,    looking forward to closing this chapter in
Spa. Our two-hour festivities will also      and family get-togethers. Each of the        our lives. There is no way we could have
include some auctioning off of objets        auction items will be listed in the Health   made it this far without your support; and
d'art and other donations not included       Center lobby. Remember that the whole        there is no way for us to adequately thank
in the Silent Auction. Don't forget to       idea is fund-raising for the “health of      you enough. Our prayers have been
purchase your ticket early at the Beaver     it!” Let's be generous and get bidding!      answered by the many voices that make
Boat-Tique, the East Wind Spa, and the       You can either sign the bidding sheets       up the heart of this special community.
new Health Center.                           located in the lobby of the new Health       Thank you.       – Liam & Marilyn Racine
    We will need thirty more teapots to      Center through noon July 8 or you can
help complete our tea service so please      email Leonor through noon July 6th at        Hospice
let Leonor know if you can bring one with your best             Last summer we left our home in
with you (448-2894.) Remember to             bid. You will be notified of your win-       Berkeley for a much-needed respite after
bring your checkbooks or cash to pur-        nings by either telephone or email so        undergoing cancer surgery and, for Alex,
chase the auction items at the tea.          please don't forget to include your num-     a stroke.
    The Silent Auction, which will be        ber. All winners are expected to pay by           The return was to an Island which
going on from June 25th through July 8th,    July 15th or the item will be offered to     has become to us a very tranquil place.
now has grown to over 40 donations.          the next highest bidder – Good Luck!!        Adding to the affinity, a call came from
This is so exciting to have so many gen-                                                  Lois Williams representing the Care
erous contributions, not only by our         House Tour Cancelled                         Group, with an offer to bring a very
merchants and service businesses, but            Regretfully we have to cancel the        scrumptious baked chicken dinner.
also by all of the Board members, and        Episcopal Church's Home Tour which                The caring in this community is
many friends and neighbors. Some of          was to be held August 7th. Plans are         incredible. God bless all.
these donations will be put together for     underway for a great tour the 1 Satur-            Plaudits to the Hospice and Care
bidding as “a package” to be bid on.         day of August in 2005. –Trudy Works          Group.       – Leonard and Alex Siudara

  When you want something built....                            Phyllis Townsend                                       th
  where do you find acontractor who                                 Phyllis Isobel Townsend passed away on June 13 during
      ! has access to the subs and the equipment the           the night, at the age of 93.
        new technologies require?                                   Born in Dauphin, Manitoba, she was the second youngest
      ! has a reputation for tackling the unusual, and         of ten children. Upon completion of her secondary educa-
        bringing it in on time?                                tion, she taught school for a year and then went to Winnipeg
      ! understands efficiency, style, and                     General Hospital for her basic nursing education.
        compatible siting?
                                                                    She came to the United States to pursue her career, mar-
      R. Gillespie Enterprises                                 ried, and had a family. For many years she served on the
      P.O Box 217                                              Michigan Board of Nursing as educator, consultant, and sur-
      Beaver Island                                   When     veyor of licensure requirements for Michigan's nursing pro-
      MI 49782                                                 grams. She retired to Beaver Island in 1969, and soon
                                                  you want
                                                  a Realtor    became involved in many community activities, which
                                         who can find the      included the Historical Society, writing the first Zoning Ordi-
                                   right piece of property     nance, building the Library, and serving on the Preservation
                               for you, or sell a piece you    Association, and was an active member of the St. James Epis-
                          already have at the right price –    copal Church. One of her favorite activities was playing
                                                               bridge, anytime, anywhere. She was known for her love of
                    Richard L. Gillespie                       literature (late in life she set out to reread the classics) and
             (231) 448-2577 or 448-2366                        encouragement of others to further their education.
                                                                    She is survived by three children, ten grandchildren, and
        see our web site for the best Island rental cottages
                                                               eight great-grandchildren.
                                                                    She will be remembered with love by many. Contribu-
                                                               tions in her memory may be made to the local Hospice and the
                           Beaver Island Rural Health Center.
                                                               “Not My Book”
                                                                    Marilyn Gibbons, widow of former Township Attorney
                                                               Michael Gibbons, who spent time on Beaver Island in the
                                                               1940s with his family, would like her Island friends to know
                                                               that she did not write, edit, approve, or contribute in any way
                                                               to a book by Mary Ann Gibbons.

                                                                  Beaver Island Marina

                                                                                              At Your Service:
                                                                                               Transient Slips
                                                                                           Fuel - Charts - Shipstore
                                                                                             Auto & Boat Repair
                                                                                             Licensed Mechanic
                                                                                               Storage & More
                                                                  Gas Station and Car Rental - Gold Card Savings
                                                                             Check out our ship store:
                                                                                            and More.
                                                                               Gifts, Bait,Photograph by Alan and Kathy Brouard
                                                                 25860 Main - P.O. Box 76 - Beaver Island, MI 49782
                                                                       (231) 448-2300 - FAX (231) 448-2763
Preservationists named Honorary Architects                         Jim Wojan Excavating

                                                                                 For all your
                                                                              site work needs
     On May 12th west-siders Jeanne and Ralph Graham were           Excavating Driveways Roadwork
feted by the American Institute of Architects Michigan for               Clearing Tree Removal
their distinguished service to the profession of architecture by               Septic systems
being named Honorary Affiliate Members of AIA. Long-time
patrons of architecture, these activists in environmental and        Black Dirt or Fill Rock Placement
preservation movements established, six years ago, the David                  “Have it done right!”
Evans Memorial Grant for Historic Preservation.                              Call Jim Wojan Excavating
     Jeanne Graham is a retired registered nurse who cur-
rently works with Cranbrook House and Garden Auxiliary,                            448-2295
helping preserve the gardens, and serves as president of the
Clannad Foundation. Ralph is a retired film producer and
retailer who operated Orthogonality for 18 years. He has             For Sale: 23’ Bayliner Trophy 1997. 5.7 L V-8,
been the gardener in charge of Cranbrook's Oriental Garden,        Electric Downriggers, Fish/Depth Finder, GPS Map,
and sits on the board of the Michigan Land Use Institute.             Low Time. $24,000. At Beaver Island Marina.
     Ralph and Jeanne have supported many Island causes,                  448-2785, (248) 370-9815, or 448-2300.
such as PABI, the BMX track, and the Marine Museum.

          Pick up at Boat or Plane

              Multi-Day Discounts
                 4 HR. Rates available

               Call: 448-2300

      The Dig Continues
           For the past few years Beaver           like royalty–thanks to chefs Tim
      Island has been the destination for Terri    Belanger and James Warren. They did
      Bussey's Suttons Bay Anthropology            some general exploration of sites that
      Club, and this year was no exception.        might be investigated in years to come
      Forty-seven students, many of whom           and then settled into areas for which
      had to take time off from their summer       they'd already received permission.
      jobs, along with nine counselors,            Dividing into 5 crews, with each crew
      arrived in late June to see what was         containing diggers, sifters, baggers,
      under the sod at several Island locations.   recorders, and drawers, they set out their
           The gang camped out at the Bill         4’ x 4' grids with string marking each
      Wagner Campground, where they ate            square foot, and began to carefully

                              ROBERT’S JOHN SERVICE, INC.

                              Doing Quality Work for 15 Years
                                           Licensed and Insured
                                    ] Plumbing
                                    ] Heating
                                        ! Radiant In-floor Heat / Hydronic
                                        ! Forced Air
                                    ] Water-right / Water Conditioning
                                    ] House Opening / Closing
                                    ] Vac-u-flo / Central Vacuum Systems
                                              (231) 448-2805

remove 6" of soil at a time. Since one of         pottery, both of Native and European
their rules is that they will carefully           origin. Each item is meticulously cata-
restore the site so no one can tell a dig took    logued, and at an appropriate time will
place, the first layer of sod is set aside, and   be given to an appropriate agency–in
then following layers are run through a           many cases the BIHS. The students are
fine jiggle-screen.                               inspired by this project; two of them are
     On the 24 , digging behind Daddy             majoring in anthropology in college.
Frank's, they came up with several inter-         And they are providing raw data from
esting finds, particularly the “three bees”:      which extrapolations can improve our
buttons, beads, and bones. In addition they       understanding of what early life on Bea-
found a large extracted tooth and pieces of       ver Island must have been like.

   Emerald Isle Hotel

     All Rooms & Suites have kitchens
    For Information or Reservations, call:
               (231) 448-2376

        Bike Rentals Available                                 
      Beautiful Rooms, 2-bedroom Suites, and Conference Room
                                                                      Rich Gillespie’s
  ELECT                                                               Hat’s in the Ring
                                                                           Former Charlevoix County Com-

                                 Richard L.                           missioner Rich Gillespie has agreed to
                                                                      run again. This Island-born lifetime resi-
                                                                      dent’s reluctance was due to the heavy
                                                                      demands of his business projects, but his

                                                                      memory of the difference an Island-
                                                                      based Commissioner can make when he
                                                                      served in this capacity a decade back
                                                                      motivated him to enter the race. “Last
                                                                      time I was effective in helping bring the
                                                                      County Transit System to the Island, and
                                                                      helping get the King’s Highway
 Paid for by the committee to elect Richard L. Gillespie              repaved,” he said. “Well, the paving’s
                                                                      giving out, and without a voice on the
 Commissioner - District #6                                           Commission, Beaver Island could miss
                                               Charlevoix County      out on effective opportunities to remedy
                                                                      the situation.”
                                                                           Rich feels strongly that he’s the right
                                                                      person for the job. “I learned first-hand
                                                                      what good can come from sitting on that
                                                                      Board, and saw the benefits it brought to
                                                                      Beaver Island. Prior to my taking a seat
                                                                      on the County Board, we were not taken
                                                                      seriously by county officials. I chaired
                                                                      several important committees during my
                                                                      tenure, and grew respect for Beaver
                                                                      Island and its citizens as a result. My
                                                                      great concerns these days are taxes, and
                                              Happy 4thof July        equal distribution and representation.”
                   Celebrate our Nation's Independence and the             Like everyone else in business, he’s
                                                                      had some disagreements, but he hopes
                   Spirited Independence of all Beaver Islanders      that anyone who may be skeptical will
                                  Come to                  MONTAAGE   overcome their differences for the good
                                                                      of the Island. “For me, the Island has
                                                                      always come first. I’d like to give some-
                                                                      thing back to the community that has
                                                                      been so good to my family and I. There’s
                                                                      really nothing in this for me personally
                                                                      except the chance to help improve the
                                                                      quality of life for everyone here.”
                                                                      Will there be a New Boat?
                                                                           On the last day of June two represen-
              Making Art A Part of Everyday Living                    tatives of the Corradino Group arrived
                                                                      on Beaver and held a public meeting to
                                                                      gauge the Island’s transportation needs–
                                                     GREAT BUYS!      under a contract with BITA which is
            Up to 50% off on Dishes (DISCONTINUED                     funded by MDOT. Ideas swirled out
                                                                      from the 32 who attended. One person
             PATTERNS) as well as Lamps, Rugs, and                    wanted us to add hovercraft service, but
                    Garden/Outdoor Furniture                          others felt rates are too high now and
                                                                      were worried that ‘progress’ could
     Select Your Own Unique Furnishings and Fabrics                   deprive us of the things we value most.
                                                                      At this point, all that’s going on is an
  So Much to Choose From–With Satisfaction Guaranteed!                open-minded gathering of ideas.
   Summer Hours: Open 6 Days a Week from 10:00 to 5:00 (closed        Music at the Marina
   on Sunday). For your convenience–call Judy or Liz (2441) or Nel        Noted sax man L. D. Ryan will host
        (2495) or Betty (2922) to meet you at any other time.         (and play at) an Open Mike night on sum-
                                                                      mer Saturdays at the B. I. Marina.
BIRHC Grand Opening – A Fine Celebration

     All of Beaver Island came together        gate the needs of seniors. Don Spencer         Mortimer; Shirley Roloff and Mary Beth
on June 25th to toast the extensive and        added that Practice Management Associ-         Kur; Bob Tambell ini; Unde rshe riff
coordinated efforts that led through many      ates from St. Claire had provided guid-        Snyder and his deputies; and our local
twists and turns to the creation of our new    ance, and a search committee had settled       Supervisors, John Works and Don Vyse,
Health Center. Senator Phil Hoffman was        on Hobbs + Black as the project architect.     to name a few. Arlene Brennan praised
the MC for an hour-and-a-half procession            Don also had high praise for Robert       the staff now in place: Sue Solle, Donna
of thanking to a large audience that took      Gillespie, and for two of his helpers, John    Kubic, Betty Hudgins, Barb Ken, Pam
its seats after touring the new facility,      McCafferty and Kevin Barry                     Nicholas, and Grace Matela.
donut in hand (provided by Eric Hodgson        McDonough, as well as for Haggards                  Joe Reed touched on the newly-
at no charge), and observing a demonstra-      Plumbing and Heating and Daman Elec-           launched Capital Campaign, saying that
tion of the telemedicine program. The          tric. He thanked Universal Sign for free       Dr. Lange's efforts had created an endow-
first to be thanked were the Gill and          signage, Munson Hospital for donated           ment fund of $111,000 at the CCCF,
Traudt families, who responded to Bill         furnishings and computers, Ed Welter for       which the Board wants to grow to
McDonough's entreaty by working with           providing free storage; Paul Armstrong         $1,500,000 to produce about $70,000 in
Ed Wojan (who donated many services)           for the PA system (given to the AmVets         income for operations. An unnamed
to figure out how to give $200,000 worth       and loaned for this occasion); BJ and Bob      donor offered a three-part $300,000 Chal-
of land (purchased by the family back in       Hoogendorn for the flowers; Frank Solle        lenge Grant, and Joe said the first third
1906) to the BIRHC. Ed called in a few         for his pictures; Jon Fogg for his tent; the   has been matched (thanks to Robert
more favors: Dennis Penfold did the            Grand Traverse May Band for its $25,000        Gillespie, Jackie Madigan, Phyllis &
needed appraisal; Northern Preferred           grant; Providence Hospital for the equip-      Elwood Baker, Lois & Arnie Rich, and
Title provided title insurance; Ferguson/      ment it donated, and Parker Motor              others.) Excited, he also said that the Wel-
Chamberlain did surveying; Abrams Aeri-        Freight and Morse Moving for their ship-       ter Foundation had agreed to pay to pave
als provided a topo map from Evan              ping of donations to the Island. Board         the entire BIRHC parking lot.
Karnes' material; and Jim Wojan donated        President Connie Wojan praised Don                  After months of wrangling, it was
the entire cost of a needed access road        Spencer, who was the building project          good to find that a sense of accomplish-
     Anne Glendon recounted the many           manager, for his perseverance and for          ment had produced a feeling of peace. For
steps required to get this far: coming to      maintaining a level head as the storms         the first time the Island was able to step
terms with the shortcomings of the old         swirled around. Don received a round of        back and bask in this tremend ous
facility; creating a task force to determine   applause for his efforts..                     achievement, which had required the
what was needed; and developing a fund-             The audience was full of people who       combined efforts of dozens and dozens of
ing plan. B. J. Wyckoff was instrumental       had helped: Jim Haveman, just back from        people. The spirit that swept over the 140
in convincing the Island it needed and         Iraq; representatives from Ken                 people squeezed into the tent was that if
deserved a first-class facility, and Pete      Bradstreet, Bart Stupak, and Carl Levin;       we continue to work together, there is
LoDico took it upon himself to investi-        Jason Allen, Joe Gougeon, and Mickey           absolutely no limit to what we can do.


                Paul Welke
             Peaine Township Trustee

      ! Resident of Peaine Township for 35 years
      ! Owner and operator of Island Airways, Welke Aviation, and Welke Airport for
        30 years
      ! Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a focus on public
        economics from the University of Detroit, College of Business Administration
      ! ATP (Airline Transport Pilot)
      ! CFI (Certified Flight Instructor)
      ! A&P (Aircraft and Powerplant Mechanic)
      ! IA (Inspection Authorization)
      ! Previous Peaine Township Board experience
      ! Previous Beaver Island zoning administration experience
      ! Recipient of “Life Saving Award” presented by Sheriff Lassiter on behalf of the
        Gault family (February 9, 2001)
      ! Honorable discharge, United States Army

                    Don't Forget to Vote
                     August 3 , 2004
One Hundred Years Ago
By Joyce Bartels
     Charlevoix Sentinel July 7, 1904            “The Dominican Sisters of St. James     three days at St. James this week, and is
Local News: “Rt. Rev. Bishop Richter, of    came over on the Beaver Wednesday on         in a position to give the facts, after a care-
Grand Rapids, has been in Charlevoix        the way to the parent house for their        ful investigation. Smallpox broke out
several days, and went to Beaver Island     annual retreat. Mrs. Prof. Cox and chil-     about two weeks in the lumber camp of
Wednesday.”                                 dren of Chicago, will occupy the sisters'    the Beaver Island Lumber Co., about ten
     “R. M. McKeel, returned home Fri-      residence during their absence.”             miles from St. James. It was promptly
day having been a month on Beaver                Charlevoix Sentinel July 21, 1904       and effectively quarantined. The camp
Island painting Dr. Wilkinson's new         Local News: “The steamer Beaver after        itself is in the woods and a safe distance
building.”                                  reaching Beaver Island, cancelled her        from any farmhouse. There has been no
     “Surely Beaver Island is forging to    Manistique Sunday excursion owing to         dangerous exposures on any other part of
the front as an agricultural section.       the southwest gale that prevailed that       the Island, and St. James is as safe as
Superintendent Coulter told us yesterday    day.”                                        Charlevoix. Indeed, the people of St.
that the Ferry Co. has about 1,000 acres         “Prof. H. J. Cox, the Chicago           James, while fully alive to the situation,
of peas on the Island.”                     weather forecaster, will arrive here         are entirely tranquil as to any danger. We
     “W. J. Gallagher, representing the     Sunday on the Missouri and join his fam-     consider it as safe to visit St. James as it is
Beaver Island fishermen's union and Ray-    ily at St. James Monday. He will be there    to visit any other point in Northern Mich-
mond McDonald, representing the Island      about two weeks, and will look after cer-    igan. Even the cases in the camp are
longshoremen leave Monday for Mil-          tain details of the proposed establishment   recovering. The Sentinel will be fully
waukee to attend the annual convention      of a weather station there.”                 responsible for the truth of this state-
of the labor federation.”                        “Lo cal Ins pec tor s Hen ner and       ment, and any reports to the contrary may
     “Mrs. H. J. Cox, wife of the Chicago   Blocker went to Beaver Island yesterday      be put down as coming from those inter-
weather wizard, and children arrived        on inspection business.”                     ested in an exaggerated record of the situ-
here on the Manitou Sunday, and will go          “The Rev. Fr. Zugelder, of St. James,   ation.” (Note: F. Protar's diary mentions
to Beaver Island Monday to spend a          cam e ove r Mon day and ret urn ed           the smallpox in the lumber camp. He also
month or more.”                             Wednesday, making a trip to Mackinac         credits Dr. Wilkinson with the cures.)
     “W. J. Gallagher, of St. James, goes   Island with a friend- Rev. Fr. Brugger, of        Northern Michigan: “James
to the World's Fair, after attending the    Saginaw.”                                    McCann, of Beaver Island, has the use of
Milwaukee labor convention. At St.               Charlevoix Sentinel July 28, 1904       the dock and warehouse at Bailey's Land-
Louis he will attend the grand conven-      Local News: “The editor accompanied          in g, op po si te th e Is la nd Ho us e,
tion of the Order of the Hibernians.”       Prof. Cox, of the Weather Bureau, to Bea-    Mackinac, and proposes to supply the
     Charlevoix Sentinel July 14, 1904      ver Island Monday, returning Wednes-         Island with all kinds of fresh fish daily
Local News: “The steamer Beaver will        day.”                                        during the season. Many a summer visi-
give an excursion from Beaver Island to          “The tug Margaret McCann, of St.        tor at Mackinac remembers, with a long-
Manistique next Sunday, July 17th.”         James, was here over Sunday, shipping a      ing desire, for more of the fish which was
     “James Donlevy, of St. James came      new wheel.”                                  set before him here; and Mr. McCann
over on the Beaver yesterday and left for        “There has been very much unneces-      handles these varieties. He is a big dealer
Chicago on the Illinois last evening. He    sary excitement over reports of a small-     in fish and ships an average of one hun-
will visit the World's Fair while he is     pox epidemic at Beaver Island the past       dred and fifty tons per season to the Chi-
away.”                                      two weeks. The editor of this paper spent    cago markets.” - Resorter

  Greg Cary - Owner                Licensed Builder

                Automated Batch Plant
      Redi-Mix & Insulated Foam Poured Walls
  Garages * Basements * Fireplaces * Sidewalks
      Driveways * Concrete Pouring Available
   Unlimited Masonry & Cement Work Supplies
             Call Now for a Free Estimate

              (231) 448-2242

  36520 Kings Hwy.
  Beaver Island, MI 49782
Art found in Nature

     If you happen to come upon a tan-       ting his degrees (in geography and social      beams across the width of the house.
gled piece of driftwood on the beach or      science) he and some friends came to                Life took Bruce away from the
an interesting twisted log in the woods,     Beaver Island, acquired a piece of land        Island–to run Hope's Big Brother pro-
and wonder what implied images it            on the lower east side, and started right in   gram for 10 years, and then to open a
might contain, there's a man here who        to build a cottage, Yesteryear, from the       gourmet restaurant for 13, but once he
you can ask: Bruce Struik, who has           available materials: primarily stone, plus     went back to his first love, teaching, he
developed his intuitive ability to visual-   some massive (16" x 16") hewn beams            at least could spend summers here. In
ize shapes and patterns barely suggested     delivered by Jewell Gillespie for $25          addition to the meals he served at the
by natural forms.                            each. The friends built 2'-thick wall          Christian Church, he became known for
     Bruce's love affair with Beaver         forms and filled them with fieldstone and      his ‘found wood’ creations beginning in
Island began long ago when, after get-       mortar (35 tons each), and then set the        1971, which appeared at the BIHS Art

                                                                                            Meet the Artist!
                            K & M                                                                 Ever wonder who creates the beau-
                                                                                            tiful work you've been admiring or col-
   DIVERSIFIED CONTRACTORS INC.                                                             lecting from Livingstone Studio? Every
            COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION                                           weekend from July 3 through August
                                                                                            14 you can come by from 1 - 4 pm on
                                                                                            Saturday afternoons and meet these tal-
                                                                                            ented people, share some refreshments
                                                                                            and view their work.
                                                                                                  There will be demonstrations or
                                                                                            explanations of their process, and each
                                                                                            artist will bring work to view and sell.
   DESIGN & BUILD . REMODELING . GARAGES . LOG CABINS                                       Regular commissions will be waived, so
                                                                                            a percentage of the sales will be donated
                                                                                            to the Beaver Island Community School
                                                                                            for athletic or art programs.
                                                                                                  We hope you will join us in support-
                                                                                            ing our hard working artists! Rain or
                                                                                            shine... we have a screened tent!
                                  Ernest Martin                                                   See the schedule of artists on
             Phone: 231-448-2268 . email:                         page 12. For more information, stop by
                         web:                                      Livingstone Studio or phone
                                                                                            (231) 448-2975.

Show and in local galleries. In the genre   ting and carving and sanding and gluing         even a waterfall. Now, with two inter-
of bringing a table or a bookcase or a      and varnishing until something really           ests to take his mind off his health prob-
lamp out of something wild, he is a rec-    quite remarkable appears.                       lems, he has put himself in an ideal posi-
ognized master.                                 His ‘sculptor's sensibility’ has found      tion for stimulating his aesthetic explo-
    The things he picks up on his walks     expression in a second arena: gardening.        rations: working furiously in his garden,
on the beach and in the woods can prove     He started with a few rocks pulled off the      he is likely to suddenly see something
reluctant to give up their secrets–some     beach, placing them to make a raised bed.       inside the chunks of wood sitting in his
finds have been sitting on a long table     One thing led to another, and suddenly          rack, and when he's polishing another
outside Bruce's home for over twenty        his home was surrounded by gardens              burl or tangled root he might conceive of
years. But once an idea comes to him,       using rocks ranging to boulders to create       the perfect esoteric flower to add to his
he sets to work in his outdoor shop, cut-   beds and paths and ponds and hills–and          extensive plantings.

                                            Hang at the Art Show?
                                                This year's Museum Week Art Show
                                                     th  th
                                            (July 14 -16 ) promises to be better than
                                            ever. If you'd like to take part, please call
                                            the Museum (448-2254) to reserve
                                            space for your work.
                                            PABI Sunset Picnic
               ERIN                              The Preservation Association of Bea-
                                            ver Island cordially invites you to a Sunset

                                                                             th        rd
                                            Picnic on Sunday, August 15 . Our 3
                                            annual Dinner will again be held at the
 ! Beaver Island’s only motel with          Port of St. James Pavilion on Donegal
   a beach open year-around                 Bay. It will begin at 6:00 p.m., with dinner
 ! Adjacent to ferry dock,                  served at 7:00. Grilled entrees and picnic
   museums, restaurants, and                salads will be among the selections
                                            offered. A champagne toast will occur at
 ! Car rentals available                    sunset. Coffee and lemonade will be pro-
 ! Bonfires on the beach, picnic            vided by Barry Pischner, L. D. Ryan, and
                                            Rich Scripps. Tickets are available for a
   tables and barbeques
                                            $25 donation per person. Reservations
       (231) 448-2240                       may be secured by calling 448-2787.
                                                                            –Sue Welke
Baroque on Beaver                            Mary Gallagher                            Cecelia Kinney
     Sunday, July 25 , will be a day full         Mary Elizabeth Gallagher, 94, of          Former Beaver Island resident
of music on Beaver Island. Beginning         Traverse City and formerly of Chi-        Cecelia Kinney passed away in Battle
with a 3:00 performance designed to          cago, died of cancer on June 5, 2004,     Creek at the age of 93. Ceil lived on the
appeal to children and their families,       at Munson Medical Center in Tra-          Island during the early 50s, opening a
and continuing with a 7:30 performance       verse City. Mary is survived by her       beauty salon in what became the
for everyone, the Holy Cross Parish          husband, Earl; son Patrick Gallagher      Rountree House and then the Hirschey
Hall will be alive with outstanding          of Glenmont, New York; daughter,          House, and also working at the Sham-
music.                                       Elizabeth Whelan of Traverse City;        rock. In later years she operated beauty
     At the one-hour afternoon chil-         grandchildren, Sean Whelan of Tra-        salons in Detroit and Milford, eventu-
dren's concert, the audience will be         verse City, Megan and James               ally retiring to Battle Creek. She is sur-
invited to join a children's chorus in the   Gallagher of Glenmont, a niece,           vived by her two daughters (who lived
Quodlibet “Orchestra Song.” The eve-         Lorraine Cypher, and numerous lov-        here with her) Patricia Burke of Las
ning concert will feature more than 40       ing nieces and nephews.                   Vegas and Marilyn (Walter) McCauley
local and seasonal Island residents and           Mary Messenger was born Sep-         of Battle Creek, five grandchildren, and
guests performing work from Bach,            tember 11, 1909, in Chicago. On Janu-     six great-grandchildren.
Holst, O'Carolan, and Ralph Vaughn           ary 24, 1942, she married Earl
Williams. Brenda LeFevre will be a solo-     Gallagher. In 1996, she moved to Tra-     Emergency Lights
ist, and the Beaver Island Cantata will      verse City. For the past year, she and        Jim Campbell, our deputy sheriff,
also perform. Jason Economides, Patty        Earl have been lovingly cared for by      has gotten Beaver Island into a
Baser, and Charles Krutz are returning       the staff at Highlander Assisted Liv-     Charlevoix/Emmet “Guiding Light”
as soloists, and Kathy Speck will be the     ing in Traverse City. Mass of the Res-    program for distributing the new exte-
choral director.                             urrection was held on June 8th at St.     rior Emergency Lights, which strobe
     St. James Episcopal Mission is spon-    Francis Catholic Church in Traverse       upon the interior switch being double-
soring the concerts. Much-appreciated        City. The Reverend Patrick Maher          clicked. The “Emergency Beacons” are
partial funding has come from a grant        officiated. Interment took place on       60-watt bulbs for the porch or outside
awarded by the Michigan Council for          Beaver Island at the Holy Cross Ceme-     wall, which can be activated from inside
Arts and Cultural Affairs and the            tery, the Reverend Patrick Cawley         to guide emergency helpers to a hard-to-
Cheboygan Area Arts Council. A free-         officiating. Memorial contributions       find location. Each one can be obtained
will offering will help cover additional     may be made to the Father Fred Foun-      for a $6 donation–cheap enough, con-
expenses.                                    dation in Traverse City.                  sidering it could save a life.

                                                                    Thinking of having your timber cut by a logging company?
                                                                        Do you want to know what your trees are worth?
             The                                                           Would you like to have an honest estimate of
                                                                                   what your wood’s value is?

                                                                    We Provide:
                                                                    ! Experience in all forms of management of Veneer Logs,
                                                                      Saw Logs, Bolts, Pine, Pulpwood, Poplar, and Cedar.
                                                                    ! Custom Forrest Management Plans - Long and Short Term.
  Beaver Island’s Oldest PUB                                        ! Transaction negotiations with Northern Michigan’s
                                                                      foremost sawmills to assure that you receive top dollar for
    and its FINEST FOOD                                               your wood.
                                                                    Our Service to you includes:
                                                                    ! Specializing in selective cutting of your timber to assure
           DAILY LUNCHEON SPECIALS!                                   that you retain future harvesting.
                                                                    ! Creating wildlife habitats to provide for deer and turkey
              OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK                                      growth.
                                                                             Call us at one of the following numbers:
           FOOD SERVICE: 11:30 A.M. TO 9:00 P.M.
                                                                                       Cell: (231) 633-2990
                                                                                    Toll Free: (800) 937-5942
                  (231) 448-2278                                                   Now Serving Beaver Island

Summer Specials from...                                                         July 2004 Savings

Powers’ Ace Hardware

                                             Also stop by to check out
                                              ACE Sensations
                                                   Paint with
                                                  for ultimate
                                                 and cleaning

9 .99                                                                    19           9.99

While Supplies Last During the Month of July. Sale Ends July 31st

                      Powers’ Ace Hardware
                              (231) 448-2572
                                 Fax (231) 448-2762
                          26259 Main St. Beaver Island MI 49782
      All-Island Visioning Process
           On July 13 at 7:00 p.m. Gosling-Czubak's Fred Hoisington
      will be at the Peaine Township Hall to meet those interested in
      expressing their views about Beaver Island's future for inclusion
      in the joint-township Master Plan. The results from the survey of
      opinions will be presented in collated form, after which there will
      be a seminar on the visioning process.

      New First Responders      th
          A number of BICS 10 -graders recently completed the EMS's
      ‘First Responder’ program: John Albin, Christine McDonough,
      Krystle Timsak, Keri Wirth, and James Gillespie. One adult stu-
      dent took part in this program as well, Pam Nicholas. Now they
      are eligible to take the National Registry Exam, although they
      must make their own examination arrangements.
      Sno-cone Sale
          The AmVets' Ladies Auxiliary will have a Sno-cone Booth at
      the Beaver Island Realty building before, during, and after the
      Parade. Several flavors will be available at $1 per cone.

      Help: Need summer Care-givers
          Occasionally Beaver Island Hospice receives a request for a
      person to provide home-care on a daily basis (part time) for pay.
      This is usually during the summer months. The assignments are
      usually short-term, and most often to care for a shut-in. If you
      know of anyone who would be interested, please call Joyce
      Runberg (448-2387) or Lois Williams (448-2475.) Beaver Island
      Hospice will keep an on-going list of interested parties.
Blood Drive                                                              L O G C AB I N FO R S AL E BY O WN E R S
     The Annual Rita Gillespie Memorial Blood Drive will be
held this year at the School on August 5 from noon until 6:00.
Appointments may be made beginning later in July; they help min-
imize the time involved in the donation process. Individuals who
are healthy and living a healthy life-style, who are at least 17 years
old and weigh at least 110-pounds, usually make suitable donors.
     A change from last year: a donor must present a driver's
license or a donor card because of FDA, Homeland Security, and
Red Cross concerns for the safety and purity of the blood supply.
For a first-time donor a driver's license is sufficient.
     American Red Cross personnel from Petoskey, and their sup-
ply truck, will arrive on the morning boat and will fly off after sup-
per. Last year’s drive resulted in 82 units of blood, two units over
                                                                         C    harming, small log home located on 2.1 acres in the
                                                                              quiet, country area of Beaver Island. Cozy and
                                                                         comfortable throughout the seasons, this 1½ story home
our goal, and included 16 first-time donors. With each passing           was built in 1988 with whole Island logs hand-scribed to
year the need for blood significantly increases.                         fit without chinking. Features a covered front porch with
     The Blood Drive is sponsored by the Beaver Island Christian         gardens, a spacious back deck, many natural views and
Church, Holy Cross Catholic Church, and the St. James Episcopal          great wildlife watching. The property also has an
Church. The Blood Drive Coordinating Team includes Jeanne                insulated, framed barn with room for cars, boats and/or a
Howell, Lars Larson, Connie Wojan, and Jerry Charbeneau. We              workshop. Property Value: $175,000.00
hope you will plan on giving blood if you are able!                      For Sale by Owners Jon & Suzy Bonadeo
                                                                                   Box 194, Beaver Island, MI
New Map of Beaver Island                                                                  (231) 448-2489
    Those who noticed CMU student Tristan Jones bicycling
around the Island the last month, taking readings from his yellow        27190 Sloptown Road, Beaver Island Michigan
gps and entering data on a map, will be interested to know that this
geology student has been working for the Geologic Survey, gath-                 CMU Field Trip Schedule
ering data for a new map. While no production date has been set,         In partnership with the Historical Society. Fee is $20.00.
copies of a preliminary draft may be available in the near future.       Please sign up in advance at the Print Shop (448-2254.)
                                                                         Biology of Beaver Island's Sand Dunes
                                                                           Saturday July 10, 2004, Leaves at 9:00 a.m. from CMUBS
   MB MOONEY / BELLOWS                                                   The Mammals of Beaver Island
                                                                           Thursday July 22, 2004, Leaves at 9:00 a.m. from CMUBS
   EC ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS                                             Old Field Flora at Pfieffer's Orchard
                                                                           Saturday July 24, 2004, Leaves at 9:00 a.m. from CMUBS
       “We’re Not In the Business To Shock You”                          Beaver Island's Inland Lakes
                                                                           Thursday August 5, 2004, 9:00 a.m. from CMUBS
                     Don Mooney
                Over 35 Years Experience
             Electrical Repair & Troubleshooting
              Residential & Commercial Wiring
                         P.O. Box 94
               Beaver Island Michigan 49782
                      (231) 448-2456

                                                                            FOR SALE: Beautiful New Home
                                                                         Located in Port St. James, 1,800 sq. ft. home, planned
                                                                         for efficient living: 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms,
                                                                         Cathedral ceilings (T & G Pine), large open loft, master
                                                                         suite with walk-in closet and master bath. Wrap-around
                                                                         covered porches, steep roofline with dormers, cedar
                                                                         siding. Beautiful wooded double lot. Quiet setting.
                                                                         One mile to Port St. James private beach on Lake
                                                                         Michigan. 1.5 miles to St. James village.
                                                                                        Call Ed Wojan Realty:
                                                                                  Real Estate Office: (231) 448-2711
                                                                                  Toll Free Number: 1-800-268-2711

                                             FOR RENT THIS SUMMER: Booking
                                             fast. Secluded Beautiful Chalet on 10 acres     NEW HOUSE FOR SALE: On a nice
HOUSE FOR LEASE:                             with 360 Feet of sandy private Lake Mich-       wooded lot in the Port. St. James.
Three BRs, two and one half bath             igan Beach on Sand Bay. 2 bedroom (in-          Contact Ernie Martin at
house for lease. Located right on the        cluding loft), one bath, Great Room with two    (231) 448-2342
south side of the harbor with a great        sofa sleepers. Fabulous views of the Lake.
view. 5 minutes to town but a private        Large decks. Sleeps 7. Across from state
location too.                                land and hiking trails. No pets. $800 per       STORAGE UNITS - You lock it, you
For more information call Robert at          week. Deposit required. Call Ed or Connie       leave it! Emerald Isle Storage.
(231) 448-2235                               Eicher (810) 629-7680 or (231) 448-2257.        (231) 448-2577

House and cabin in the woods for rent        RENTAL ATTRACTION ON FONT                       FOR SALE –
on the East Side Drive. Both 3 BR and        LAKE: 3-4 BR, 2 BA home, fully                  HARBOR-AREA HOUSE:
sleep six. Both have washer, dryer, and      furnished with all the amenities. Sleeps        Single family, four bedroom, 1 ½ bath
2 baths. Campfire pits and wood pro-         7. Beautiful view of lake and sunrises.         house on two lots with garage.
vided. Property connects to major hik-       New owners of this high-demand rental           Asking price is $255,000.
ing/nature trails. Quiet and secluded, on    are taking reservations now, $750/week.         Also available: two lots across the
the east side - one mile from State camp-    Off season rates available.                     street - asking price is $40,000 each.
ground and beautiful beach.                  Call Helena Webster (734) 730-8918              Call (773) 646-1424
Please call (616) 897-8564                   today; email               or email

                                            Real Estate, For Sale:                          LAKE MICHIGAN LOTS FOR SALE (2)
New 265 hp engine. Very good shape.         NEARLY 1/4 MILE OF LAKE MICHI-                  Each offers beautiful sunsets, 4-5 wooded
Asking $16,500. (231) 448-2342              GAN FRONTAGE. GARDEN ISLAND -                   acres, and 250' frontage on Greiner's Bay, 8
                                            $125,000, 8 acres. Serious price reduction.     miles from town. Lots back up to Mrs.
                                            Very motivated seller. Please Contact Jayson    Redding's Trail. Very deep and private. Land
                                            Welser, Po Box 357, Grayling, MI 49738.         contract possible. Contact owner Victor
                                            Phone (989)348-2800 or email                    Dmitruk at (269) 207-2970 or
                                                 For detailed description
                                            GREAT LOTS FOR COTTAGE IN                       by autoresponder send blank email to
                                            PORT ST. JAMES - 3 to choose from.    
                                            Wooded, power, perked, ready for building.      BEAVER ISLAND HARBOR LOT - Pro-
                                            Lake Michigan access nearby. Call (269)         tected Harbor site: 60' Lake frontage by
                                            857-6084.                                       250' deep. North of Toy Museum.
                                            80 ACRE PARCEL HUNTING PROP-                    Call (231) 448-2391.
                                            ERTY FOR SALE - Available at the South          40 WOODED ACRES WITH CREEK -
BEACHFRONT HOUSE FOR RENT:                  End of the Island. $1350/acre. Call (231)       Driveway, clearing and small storage build-
Exciting cottage with view of High          448-2167 or (231) 237-0173                      ing. State Land across road. On King's High-
Island from large deck. Open floor plan,    100 ACRE PARCEL AVAILABLE -                     way minutes from town. $69,500
huge windows on extremely private           $1500/acre. Hunting, vacation, or invest-       (616) 681-5466.
beach. 2 BRs with 2 full beds + loft        ment property. Call (231) 448-2167 or           Real Estate Wanted:
with 2 twins. 1½ baths, TV/VCR, W/D,        (231) 237-0173.                                 WANTED - FONT LAKE PROPERTY -
microwave, gas grill, all amenities.        LAKE MICHIGAN LOT - 175 feet of                 Turning 60 in 2004. I want the impossible:
$1095/week; spring & fall $895. Limit 6     frontage overlooking Garden Island and          property on Font Lake. Can you make my
people. Please call (706) 268-2022,         Hog Island. Pebble and sand shoreline near      dream come true? Please call collect
(219) 874-4676 May to Nov: 448-2001
                                            Lookout Point. Call (616) 636-5685.             (773) 463-5494 or

 FOR SALE: (or 2 BR + den)                       BEACHFRONT HOME FOR RENT:                     FOR RENT: Beautiful secluded new
 On the shores of Lake Michigan.                 3 bedrooms and loft – total 5 beds, hot       chalet near Donegal Bay’s beach and
 Featuring 115 feet of frontage property,        tub, gorgeous views, solitude, wood           gorgeous sunsets. 3 BR, 2 Bath. MBR
 unspoiled panoramic views, and                  stove, May-Sept. $1050 / Off-season           has garden tub. W/DR/TV/VCR/Grill.
 countless upgrades.                             $795. Call Perry at (313) 530-9776            Upon availability, bikes & auto for your
 See                       or e-mail                use. Sleeps 6-8. No Pets. $700/week.
 for many photos and details, or call                                                          Ask about our 3-day off-season package.
 (231) 448-2219 / cell (231) 409-9442            House is also for sale for $325,000           Call (708) 389-0621 (evenings)

 HOUSE FOR SALE: On 10 Acres of
 beautiful woods. Custom throughout.                                                           FOR RENT - BAYWATCH
 $139,900. Call Mike Collins                                                                   VACATION HOME: Located at the
 (231) 448-2433                                  HOUSE FOR SALE: 38745 Squaw                   entrance to St. James Harbor, Baywatch
                                                 Island Ct. in the Port St. James.             has 143 feet of private beach with picnic
                                                 Interior not yet finished so you can          table and fire pit. Newly decorated
 FOR RENT: The Fisherman’s House.                finish it exactly how you like.               home includes four bedrooms, a large
 Great ‘In-Town’ location. 4 BR/2 Bath;          Electrical and plumbing have been run         open kitchen-living room, and a family
 W/D; Beautifully appointed. For availabil-      and it is connected to GLE. $59,000           room with a full size pool table.
 ity, call Bill or Tammy (231) 448-2499          Call Ed Wojan Realty (231) 448-2711           (231) 448-2650

Real Estate, For Rent:                          DONEGAL BAY - 3 BR 2 bath Home;
                                                                                               BEACHFRONT HOME FOR RENT:
SECLUDED 1940'S LOG CABIN JUST                  sleeps 6; many amenities. $830 a week.         Beaver Sands, Lake Michigan.
ONE BLOCK FROM LAKE and market                  Reduced rates for off-season.                  Fully furnished. (810) 227-2366
on one acre. Sleeps 4-6, pets welcome ($100     Phone (313) 885-7393, after 4:00 p.m.
deposit.) Washer, Dryer & linens furnished.     WEEKLY RENTAL - Lake front. “The
Bicycles, canoe, grill available $600.00/wk;    Last Resort” 2 BR house on Sand Bay, great
weekends available. (219) 253-6500.             view, beautiful sunrise, laundry pair, 1 ½
CEDAR COTTAGE - on a bluff with view            bath. Phone Bill McDonough at
of harbor and mainland. ¼ mile south of         (231) 448-2733 (days).
Catholic Church. 2 BRs, 1dbl. bed, 2 single;.   WEEKLY RENTAL - Harbor Beach Two-
TV/VCR, grill, complete kitchen, washer.        bedroom Condos. $475/week. Call Carol
No pets. $580/wk. (734) 769-7565 (day),         Wierenga at (231) 448-2808,
(734) 475-6178 (evenings).                      (231) 448-2598 or (231) 448-2596.                             SMALL LAKEFRONT COTTAGE
DONEGAL BAY COTTAGE - On dune                   FOR RENT - Double Bed, Bathtub, W/D,           LAKEFRONT HOME FOR SALE:
with private beach access. 3 BR, 1 bath,        Deck w/Grill & Picnic Table, TV/VCR.           210 feet of Lake Geneserath’s pristine
sleeps 6, washer/dryer. Kayaks and bikes for    One mile from harbor. North end. Stay at       sandy beach with boat, motor, and new
your use. $750.00/week. Off season rates on     The Refuge - $550 weekly. Off season rates     dock. Manicured lawn and flower beds
req ues t. Ple ase cal l Dan a Lus com be       available. Call (231) 448-2035 or (563)        24x36 garage with heated shop.
ev en in gs (2 48 ) 5 49 -2 70 1 o r e ma il    556-2395 or email              Beautiful home with a three season                              WATERFRONT COTTAGE - On the east               room to enjoy the lake. Home is
DONEGAL BAY - Clean/Comfortable 3               side. Available by the week or weekend. One    furnished and all appliances stay except
Bedroom Home. Private Beach, Unforgetta-        BR, full kitchen and bath. Enjoy the water     freezer. Price is $325,000 and includes
                                                                                               new roof. For more information, please
ble Sunsets. July/August weeks available.       and the woods, year round. Off-season rates.   call Bruce and Jean: (231) 448-2856
Call Valerie Connors at (810) 487-1028.         Complete privacy. (231) 448-2907.
                             STANDARD RATE
                            BEAVER ISLAND, MI
      P.O. Box 254
 Beaver Island, MI 49782       PERMIT NO. 3
Address Service Requested

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