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									                                      UNEP/OECD WORKSHOP


                                    BEIJING, 5 SEPTEMBER 2011

                                         SUMMARY RECORD

Background and workshop objectives

In May 2009, the second session of the International Conference on Chemicals Management (ICCM2)
adopted Resolution II/5 for the management of perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) and transition to safer
alternatives. The resolution invites governments, international organizations, and other stakeholders “to
consider the development, facilitation and promotion in an open, transparent and inclusive manner of
national and international stewardship programmes and regulatory approaches to reduce emissions and
the content of relevant perfluorinated chemicals of concern in products and to work toward global
elimination, where appropriate and technically feasible.”

UNEP, DTIE, Chemicals Branch and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
(OECD) have established a partnership to follow up on the above decision and are in that context
establishing a Global PFC Group with representatives from each of the SAICM regions, non-
governmental organizations, and other international organizations, as well as current OECD participants
on PFC activities.

The objective of this workshop was to inform SAICM delegates from the Asia-Pacific region about recent
PFC related regulatory and other activities in the OECD, to exchange information on relevant activities in
the Asia-Pacific region, to brainstorm about possible activities that could be carried-out by the newly
established Global PFC Group (i.e. to support developing countries in their efforts in this area) and to
move the PFC agenda forward more broadly.

Summary of discussions

The UNEP/OECD Workshop on perfluorinated chemicals took place on 5 September 2011 in the
framework of the SAICM Asia-Pacific Regional meeting.

Presentations were made by 8 countries (China, India, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia,
Kiribati) and one NGO from the Asia-Pacific region on the status of knowledge and information needs
and any regulatory activities they had on PFCs. These highlighted that while some data was available on
measurements of PFCs in the environment, there remained a critical and largely unmet need for
information on PFCs on both the technical and policy levels.

Governments of Russia, the US and Germany presented on their PFC programmes and/or the results of
their investigations into the fate of PFCs in the environment and measured in humans, as well as activities
to reduce exposure of humans and the environment. Australia presented the results of the 2009 OECD
PFC Survey. A representative from the FluoroCouncil presented the work being done by its members in
addressing PFC issues. All power point presentations are available in the following link:

The final session consisted of a brainstorming to develop ideas for possible future work of the
OECD/UNEP Global PFC Group. The following ideas were discussed:

         The need for information exchange was clearly identified by the discussions of the workshop
        and the availability of information through the OECD PFC Web Portal was welcomed by
        participants. However, participants perceived a need for a concise summary of information that
        could be used to raise awareness of PFCs and assist them in formulating policy. The following
        synthesis papers could be developed by the Global PFC Group:
            o A synthesis paper on scientific evidence on PFCs including shorter chain C6 and C4
            o A paper that summarises information about regulatory approaches (e.g. those applied in
                 the OECD);
            o A synthesis paper on alternatives including non-fluorinated and non-chemical
            o A synthesis paper on uses
         The further population of the PFC Web Portal (, including with relevant
        information from developing and emerging economies would be another important measure to
        improve information.
         The extension of the OECD survey on PFCs to bring in reporting from the companies who have
        not participated yet in the survey was highlighted as a step which would be highly beneficial
        towards completing the current knowledge base on the use and releases of PFCs. Participants
        suggested that it would be helpful to circulate the survey questionnaire to countries and that a
        webinar discussing the survey methodology could help to build support for this activity.
         Many of the participants noted that, as they are not producing or processing PFCs in their
        countries, the main issue for them is to improve their understanding of articles / products which
        are being imported that contain PFCs. There is hence, a need for information that could help to
        identify these products. A paper that presents the major uses of different categories of PFCs could
        help to fulfil this need. Another idea that was brought forward is to develop a product labelling
        scheme as previously discussed at an earlier OECD workshop.
         The need to carry-out an economic evaluation of the costs and benefits associated with the
        elimination of PFCs was identified.
         The Global PFC Group could lend its support to the development of guidance for the updating
        of National Implementation Plans under the Stockholm Convention.

Specifically with reference to the representation of the region in the Global PFC Group and the activities
of the Group, the following points were made in the meeting:
         The OECD/UNEP Global PFC Group is still in formation. Terms of reference have been
        circulated by UNEP Chemicals to SAICM focal points and made available on the SAICM
        website. Nominations and coordination of the members from the Asia-Pacific region will be
        taking place through the SAICM regional focal point.
         The target is to have the regional members nominated by the end of September, and to have a
        first teleconference and the development of the work programme of the group in
        October/November 2011.
         Webinars on topics of interest to the group should be developed to keep the dialogue and
        information exchange going. Information on regulatory approaches, scientific insights and on
        alternatives were mentioned as potential topics for future webinars. It was noted that past
        webinars have presented some of this information and that they could be repeated in the future to
        respond the needs expressed during the Workshop.
       Participation in the development of guidance on PFCs by the global group would be one
       potential activity of the Group. This might be considered for PFOS specifically, through feedback
       and communications with the Secretariat of the Stockholm Convention.

These ideas will be fed into the discussions on future work that will be taking place within the
OECD/UNEP Global PFC Group and will provide a valuable starting point for these discussions.
List of Participants


Mr. Abdulakarim Hasan Rashed                     Tel: + 85512369 070/ +85577-234273
Ahmed Rashed                                     Fax: + 85523220392/+ 85523 219287
Head, Recycling for the protection of marine     E-mail:
resources, environment and wildlife
Environmental control directorate
Public Commission for the Protection of Marine   China
Resource, Environment and Wildlife
P.O. Box 18233, Bahrain Mall, Manama,            Ms. ZHAO Ziying
Bahrain                                          Senior Project Official
Tel: + 97317386595                               Division     of    Chemicals     Environmental
Fax: + 97317920213                               Management
E-mail :          ;   Dept. of Prevention and Control of Pollution                               Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP)
                                                 People’s Republic of China
Bangladesh                                       115 Xizhimennei Nanxiaojie, Xicheng District
                                                 Beijing 100035, P.R. China
Mr. Md.Mustafizur Rahman Akhand                  Tel: + 86 10 66556286 / 66556259
Deputy Director                                  Fax: + 86 10 66556287
Monitoring and Enforcement                       E-mail:
Department of Environment
Paribesh Bhaban, E/16, Agargaon,                 Mr. XU Huidong
1207, Dhaka, Bangladesh                          Consultant
Tel: + 8802910 2893/ +8802 9101994               Division of International Organizations and
Fax: + 8802911 8682/+ 8802 9101994               Conventions
E-mail:;                       Dept.      of     International  Cooperation                           Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP)
                                                 People’s Republic of China
Bhutan                                           115 Xizhimennei Nanxiaojie, Xicheng District
                                                 Beijing 100035, P.R. China
Mr. Tenzin Khorlo                                Tel:       +       86        10     66556506
Dy. Chief Environment Officer                    Fax:       +        86       10     66556513
Environment Service Division                     Email:
National Environment Commission Secretariat
PB No.466, Thimphu, Bhutan                       Ms. MAO Yan
Tel: + 975232 3384 /2324323                      Associate Professor
Fax: + 975232 3385                               Dangerous Chemical Management Division
E-mail :                      Chemical Registration Center
                                                 Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP)
Cambodia                                         People’s Republic of China
                                                 Beiyuan, Anwai, Chaoyang District
Mr. Pichhara Phet                                Beijing 100012, P.R.China
Chief     of   Technology      Research   and    Tel: + 86 10 84917714 / 84915306
Environmental Management                         Fax:      +     86      10     84913897-102#
Dept. of Environmental Pollution Control         Email:
Ministry of Environment
#48 Samdech Preah Sihanouk, Tonle Basacc,        Ms. ZHAO Lina
Chamkarmon, Phnompenh, Cambodia                  Assistant Researcher
Dangerous Chemical Management Division
Chemical Registration Center                     Mr. CHEN Yu
Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP)       Project Official
People’s Republic of China                       Project Management Division V
Beiyuan, Anwai, Chaoyang District                Foreign Economic Cooperation Office
Beijing 100012, P.R.China                        Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP)
Tel:         +        86          18801018816    People’s Republic of China
Fax:      +     86      10     84913897-199#     5 Houyingfang Hutong, Xicheng District
Email:                            Beijing 10035, P.R. China
                                                 Tel: + 86 10 82268985
Mr. GUO Xiaofeng                                 Fax: + 86 10 82200527
China’s Focal Point of SAICM                     Email:
Deputy Director
Climate Change Office                            Cook Islands
Dept. of Treaty and Law
Ministry of Foreign Affairs                      Mr. Vavia Tangatataia
People’s Republic of China                       Manager
No. 2 Chao Yang Men Nan Da Jie                   Compliance& Advisory Division
Beijing 100701, China                            National Environment Sevice
Tel: +86 10 65964254                             Avarua, Rarotonga, Cook Islands, Box 371
Fax: +86 10 65963257                             Tel: + 682 21256/ +682 24405
Email:                   Fax: + 682 22256
Mr. MENG Jianhong                      
Second Secretary
Dept. of Treaty and Law                          Fiji
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
People’s Republic of China                       Mr. Rohith Prasad
No. 2 Chao Yang Men Nan Da Jie                   Senior Technical Officer-OHS
Beijing 100701, China                            National OHS Service
Tel: +86 10 65963251                             Ministry of Labour IR & Employment
Fax: +86 10 65963257                             6th floor Civic House, Suva, 679, Fiji
Email:                  Tel:+ 679 3316999/+679 3303500
                                                 Fax: + 679 3315029/+679b3304701
Ms. XU Dongqun                                   E-mail :   
Deputy Director                        
Institute for Environmental Health and Related
Product Safety, China CDC                        India
7 Panjiayuan Nali, Chaoyang District
Beijing, P.R.China                               Mr. Manoranjan Hota
Tel: + 86 10 87714863                            Director
Fax: + 86 10 67719392                            Hazardous Substances Management
Email:                         Ministry of Environment and Forests
                                                 CGO Complex Lodhi Road,
Mr. LIU Wenbin                                   New Delhi 110003, India
Associate Professor                              Tel: + 911124367663
State Key Lab of Environmental Chemistry and     Fax: + 911124367663
Ecotoxicology Research Center for Eco-           E-mail:
Environmental Sciences Chinese Academy of
Sciences                                         Indonesia
No. 18, Shuangqing Road, Haidian District
Beijing 100085, China                            Mr. Syaiful Bahri
Tel: + 86 10 62849356                            Head of Hazardous Substances Evaluation
Fax: +86 10 62849172                             Ministry of Environment
Email:                         JI. DI. Panjaitan Kav. 24,
Kebon Nanas Jakarta Timur 13410
Indonesia                                        Japan
Tel: + 62218590 5639
Fax: + 62218590 6679                             Mr. Kunihiko Yamazaki
E-mail:                    Senior Coordinator (Environmental      Risk
Mr. Fery Huston                                  Environmental Health Department
Head of Division for Monitoring                  Ministry of the Environment
Ministry of Environment                          1-2-2, Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku,
JI. DI. Panjaitan Kav. 24,                       100-8975, Tokyo, Japan
Kebon Nanas Jakarta Timur                        Tel: + 8135521 8260
13410 - Indonesia                                Fax: + 8133580 3596
Tel: + 62218590 5639                             E-mail:
Fax: + 62218590 6679
E-mail:                     Jordan

Ms. Yunik Purwandari                             Mr. Nezar Abedal-Ruoff Ali Hddad
Head of Sub Division for Evaluation              Project Management
Ministry of Environment                          Ministry of the Environment
JI. DI. Panjaitan Kav. 24,                       Ahed Alazize Street, Aman,
Kebon Nanas Jakarta Timur                        Jordan, 11941
13410 - Indonesia                                Tel: + 96 2788291143
Tel: + 62218590 5639                             Fax: + 96265562952
Fax: + 62218590 6679                             E-mail :      ,
E-mail:                    nezar.haddad@MOENV.GOV.JO

Iraq                                             Kiribati

Mr. Yousif Muayad Yousif Yousif                  Mr. Farran Mack Redfern
Chemist Responsible of Chemicals                 Acting Director
Chemicals Management Section                     Ministry of Environment,
Ministry of Environment                          Lands and Agriculture Development
Al-Waziraa Magrab St., 10062, Baghdad, Iraq      Environment & Conservation Division
Tel: + 9647904241710                             P.O.Box 234,
E-mail:                 Bikenibeu, Tarawa, Kiribati
                                                 Tel: + 686 28425/28000/28211
Mr. Firas Shehab Ahmed Ahmed                     Fax: + 68628334
Chemical Engineer                                E-mail:;
Chemicals Monitoring & Polluted          Sites
Ministry of Environment                          Kyrgyzstan
Kharkh/Baghdad M/897 S/14,
Baghdad, Iraq                                    Mr. Kubanychbek Noruzbaev
Tel: + 9647704263137                             Deputy Head
E-mail:                    Ecological Safety Centre
                                                 State Agency on Environmental Protection
Mr. Anaam Thabit Khaleel Al-Bayati               and Forestry under the Government of the
Chief Engineer                                   Kyrgyzstan
Contaminated Sites Assessment and Chemical       142 Gorky str. 720053,
Monitoring Department                            Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Ministry of Environment                          Tel: + 996 312 900696/ +996 555 895389
Al-Waziraa Magrab St., 10062,                    Fax: + 996 312 900696
Baghdad, Iraq                                    E-mail:;
Tel: + 9647903394874                   
Malaysia                                        Compliance Specialist / SAICM Coordinator
                                                Environmental Quality Protection Board
Mr. Nor Azam Abdul Aziz                         PO BOX 8086
Assistant Director                              Koror, Republic of Palau 96940
Hazardous Substances Division                   Tel: + 680488 3600/ +680654 8430
Department of Environment                       Fax: + 680488 2963
Level2, Podium3, Wisma Sumber Asli,             E-mail:;
Precinct4, 62574,                     
Putrajaya, Malaysia
Tel: + 60388712121                              Philippines
Fax: + 60388886120
E-mail:;                     Ms. Marivic Bernardo                              Senior Environmental Management Specialist
                                                Pollution Control Division
Maldives                                        Chemical Management Section
                                                Department of Environment &
Mr.Ahmed Hassaan Zuhair                         Natural Resourses-
Environment Analyst                             Environmental Management Bureau National
Awareness Unit/Environment Department           Capital Region Hizon Laboratory, 5th floor,
Ministry of Housing & Environment                #29 Quezon Av. Quezon City,
Ministry of Housing & Environment,              1100, Philippines
20392, Male', Maldives                          Tel:+ 6327815428/ +632 2119232
Tel: + 9603004314/ 9607878400                   Fax:+ 6327815428/6327810483
Fax: + 9603004301/ 9603004301                   Email:
E-mail:;     ;roselitobernardo@yah                 

Marshall Islands                                Republic of Korea

Mr. Roney Arelong                               Mr. Junhean Yoon
Chief Officer/Department Head                   Research Officer
Waste and Pollutants Division                   Risk Assessment Division/
RMI Environmental Protection Authority          Department of Environmental Health
P.O. Box1322, 96969,                            National Institute of Environmental Research
Majuro, Marshall Islands                        Environmental Research Complex,
Tel: + 6926253035/ +6926255203                  Kyungseo-dong, Seo-gu, 404-170
Fax: + 6926255202                               Incheon, South Korea
E-mail:                     Tel: + 82325607164
                                                Fax: + 82325682037
Nepal                                           E-mail :;
Mr. Surendra Subedi
Senior Divisional Chemist                       Sri Lanka
Environmental Pollution Control
and Monitoring                                  Mr. Tissa Dayakeerthi Angunne Gamage
Ministry of Environment                         Assistant Director
Singhadurbar, Kathmandu, Nepal                  Waste Management Unit
Tel: + 97714381379/ +977 984146 9162            Central Environmental Authority
Fax: + 97714211954                              Denzil Kobbekaduwa Mawatha,
E-mail:       ;   Battaramulua, 0094, Colombo, Sri Lanka                            Tel: +94112872402
                                                Fax: 94112872605/608
Palau                                           E-mail :;

Ms. Roxanne Blesam
Syria                                       Tel: + 844 2220 5059/ +8442220 5136
                                            Fax: + 844 2220 5038/ +8442220 5136
Mr. Farouk Al Eter                          E-mail:
SAICM National Focal Point
Ministry of State for Environment Affairs   Mr. Xuan Sinh Nguyen
Damascus, Syria                             Director
Tel: + 963944 496 270                       Center for Chemical Database and
Fax: + 96311 2317856                        Support for Chemical Accident Response
E-mail:;                91 Dinh Tien Hoang Str.                       Hanoi, Vietnam
                                            Tel: + 84439393538
                                            Fax: + 84439387120
                                            Mr. Quoc Dat Nghiem
Ms. Pornpimon Chareonsong                   Government Office
Senior Environmentalist                     Department of International Cooperation
Pollution Control Department                Ministry of Science and Technology
92 Soi Phahon Yothin 7,                     39 Tran Hung Dao Str. Hoan Kiem,
Phahon Yothin Road, Phayathai,              Hanoi, Vietnam
10400, Bangkok, Thailand                    Tel: + 84439435376
Tel: + 6622982457                           Fax: + 84439439989
Fax: + 6622982765                           E-mail:        ;

Mr. Sirasak Teparkum                        Yemen
Deputy Executive Director
Nanosafety Alliance Unit/                   Mr. Murad Al-fakih
Technical Transfer Division                 Head of Environment and Trade Unit,
National Nanotechnology Center/NSTDA        National SAICM and Mercury Focal point
111 Thailand Science Park,                  Environmental Protection Authority
Paholoyithin RD, Klong Luang,               P. O Box 19719 EPA, Alzubiry St.
12120, Pathumthani, Thailand                Sana'a, Yemen
Tel: + 6625647100                           Tel: + 967734380999
Fax: + 6625645986                           Fax: + 9671207327
E-mail:               E-mail:


Mr. Michel Leodoro
Assistant Ozone Officer
Department of Environment
Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources
PMB 9063, Port Vila, Vanuatu
Tel: + 67825302
Fax: + 67822227


Mr. Ha Phung
Director General
Vietnam Chemicals Agency
91 Dinh Tien Hoang,
Ha Noi, Vietnam,
                            NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS

                                                 Program Manager
CEPHED                                           Chemical Safety
                                                 Global Village of Beijing
Mr. Ram Charitra Sah                             C-301, Huazhan International Apartment, No.12
Executive Director                               Yumin Road, Chaoyang District,
Center for Public Health and Environmental       100029, Beijing, China
Development (CEPHED)                             Tel: + 8610 8225 2046/ 8610 8225 2047
Nayabasti, Imadol-5, Lalitpur                    Fax : 8610 8225 2045
Kathmandu, Nepal                                 E-mail:;
Tel: + 97715201786/ +9779803047621     
Fax: + 97715201786
E-mail:;                      Greenpeace
                                                 Mr. Tianjie Ma
CIEL                                             Senior Campaigner
                                                 Toxics Greenpeace East Asia
Mr. David Azoulay                                3/F, Julong Commercial Building, Block7,
Senior Attorney                                  Julong Garden, 68 Xinzhong Street,
Center for International Environmental Law       100027, Beijing, China
Rue des Savoises, 15,                            Tel: + 8610 6554 6931 ext.189
1205 Geneva, Switzerland                         Fax: + 8610 6554 6932
Tel: + 41223214774                               E-mail:
                                                 Dr. Joe Digangi
Ms. Siddika Sultana                              Sr. Science and Technical Advisor
Executive Director                               1962 University Ave., 94709,
Environment and Social                           Berkeley, CA, U.S.A.
Development Organization(ESDO)                   Tel: + 1510704 1962
House # 8/1, Block-C, Lalmatia,                  Fax: + 1510883 9493
1207, Dhaka, Bangladesh                          E-mail:
Tel: + 88029122729
Fax: + 88029130017
E-mail:            ;   Island Sustainability Alliance CiS INC
                                                 Ms. Imogen Pua Ingram
GAIA                                             Secretary-Tresurer
                                                 IPEN Participating ORG.
Mr. Emmanuel Maria Calonzo                       Island Sustainability Alliance CiS INC
Campaigner                                       Main Road, PO Box 492, 9999,
Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives     Rarotonga, Cook Islands
(GAIA)                                           Tel: + 68222128/+68258289
Unit 330, Eagle Court, 26 Matalino st.,          E-mail:            ;
1101, Quezon, Philippines                      
Tel: + 6324364733
Fax: + 6324364733                                JCIA
                                                 Mr. Makoto Shimizu
Global Village of Beijing                        General Manager
                                                 Chemicals Management Department
Ms. Chao Jiang                                   Japan Chemical Industry Association
Sumitomo Rokko Bldg.1-4-1 Shinkawa,             representative of SETAC)
Chuo-ku, 104-0033, Tokyo, Japan                 Department of Biomedical Sciences
Tel: + 81332972567                              University Putra Malaysia, Selangor
Fax: + 81332972612                              Society of Environmental Toxicology
E-mail:                 And Chemistry (SETAC)
                                                Tel: + 60389472334/+60193833755
SETAC                                           Fax: + 60389436178
Mr. Abdull Manan Mat Jais                       E-mail:
Professor (and member/


Ms Leonor Alvarado-Lopes
SAICM Coordinator                               Mr. Brandon Turner
SAICM Secretariat, UNEP                         Senior Specialist
Maison Internationale de l'Environnement 1,     Chemicals and Waste Management Programme
11-13 chemin des Anemones,                      UNITAR
Chatelaine, Ch-1219,                            5F, 5-44 Motomachi, Naka-ku
Geneva, Switzerland                             Hiroshima 730-0011 Japan
Tel:+ 41229178741                               E-mail:
                                                Mr. Rob Visser
Mr. Muhammed Omotola                            Senior Advisor
Programme Officer                               Chemicals and Waste Management Programme
SAICM Secretariat, UNEP                         UNITAR
Maison Internationale de l'Environnement 1,     11-13 Chemin des Anémones
11-13 chemin des Anemones,                      CH-1219 Chatelaine
Chatelaine, Ch-1219,                            Geneva, switzerland
Geneva, Switzerland                             E-mail:
Tel: +41229178334
E-mail:               Mr. Georg Karlaganis
                                                Senior Advisor
UNEP                                            Chemicals and Waste Management Programme
                                                11-13 Chemin des Anémones
Mr. Kevin Munn                                  CH-1219 Chatelaine
Project Officer                                 Geneva, Switzerland
Chemicals Branch, DTIE                          E-mail:
Maison Internationale de l'Environnement 1,     Ms. Hang Li
11-13 chemin des Anemones,                      UNITAR
Chatelaine, Ch-1219,                            11-13 Chemin des Anémones
Geneva, Switzerland                             CH-1219 Chatelaine
Tel: + 4122917 8186                             Geneva, Switzerland
Email:                      E-mail:

National Project Manager
UNEP China Office
No.2 Liangmahe Nanlu (Road)
Beijing 100600, P.R.China
Tel: +86 10 85320922
Fax: +86 10 85320907

Australian Government                        E-mail:
Department of Health & Ageing
                                             Ms. Jenny Liu
Dr Sneha Satya                               Global Regulatory Leader,
Head, Science Strategy &                     Risk Management
International Programs                       Dupont Company
National Industrial Chemicals                Dupont Chestnut Run Plaza- 708/110,
Notification & Assessment Scheme (NICNAS)    4417 Lancaster Pike,
Australian Government                        19805 Wilmington Delaware,
Department of Health & Ageing                U.S.A.
260 Elizabeth St                             Tel: +13029993628
Surry Hills NSW 2010                         Fax: +13029993404
Tel: + 6128577 8880                          E-mail:
Fax: + 6128577 8888
E-mail:            Mr. Thomas Samples
                                             Global Business Manager-Surface
Basel Convention Coordinating Centre for      Protection Solutions
Asia and the Pacific                         Dupont Chemicals & Fluoroproducts
                                             Dupont Chestnut Run Plaza-702/2230H,
Ms. Nana Zhao                                4417 Lancaster Pike, 19805,
Programme Officer                            Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.
Basel Convention Coordinating Centre         Tel: +13029995565
for Asia and the Pacific                     Fax: +13023552747
Room 805, School of Environment,             E-mail:
Tsinghua University
Tel:+861 062794351                           Federal Environment Agency
Fax: +861 062772048
E-mail :            Mr. Christoph Schulte
                                             Head of Unit Chemicals
                                             Federal Environment Agency
Business and Industry                        Umweltbundesamt, Wörlitzer Platz 1,
Advisory Committee (BIAC)                    D 06844 Dessau-Roßlau
                                             Tel: +49 34021033162
Mr. Richard HOLT                             Fax : +49 34021043162
Regulatory Consultant                        E-mail:;
Holt Regulatory Consultants Ltd    
Tel: +1302234 9475
E-mail:                  OECD

Dupont Company                               Mr. Peter Börkey
                                             Principal Administrator
Mr. Jimmy Ji                                 Environment Directorate
Product Regulation Expert                    OECD
Dupont Company                               2, rue André Pascal - 75775
Dupont 18/F Gemdale                          Paris Cedex 16
 Plaza No.91 Jianguo Road,                   Tel: + 33145241737
100022, Beijing, PRC                         E-mail:
Tel: +861085571021
Fax: +861085571888                           Russian      Researcher         Centre   on
Standardization, Certification and Testing of
Materials of Federal Agency for Technical
Regulation and Metrology

Ms. Anna Makarova
Head of Department
Department of Scientific and
Practical Problems of Chemical Safety and Risk
Nahimovsky PR-T 31/2,
117418, Moscow,
Russian Federation
Tel: 7 49554372627
Fax: 7 4955437263


Mr. Wardner Green Penberthy
Deputy Director,
Chemical Control Division
Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
1200 Constitution Ave. (7405M), 20460,
Washington DC, U.S.A.
Tel: + 2025648171
Fax: + 202564 4745

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