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									                             APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION
                         J.D./LL.M. JOINT DEGREE PROGRAMS

Note: This application form is to be submitted only by applicants who are currently
enrolled in the J.D. program at the Georgetown University Law Center and who expect to
complete their J.D. degree in May 2011 (National Security Law LL.M. only), December
2011 or May 2012 (all programs).

Application deadline: June 30, 2010

Please submit this application form directly to the Office of Graduate Admissions,
McDonough Hall Room 589. Please fill out all sections below:


Go Card number: _______________________________________________________

Date of Birth: ________________________________________________________

Country of Citizenship:_______________________________________________________

Phone Number:_____________________________________________________________

Law Center e-mail address:____________________________________________________

Other e-mail address:______________________________________________________

Current mailing address:______________________________________________________


I am applying to the following joint degree program (check one only):
____ JD/LLM in Taxation
____ JD/LLM in Securities and Financial Regulation
____ JD/LLM in International Business and Economic Law
____ JD/LLM in National Security Law

Division:      ___ Full time (complete LL.M. in one post-JD semester)
               ___ Part time (complete LL.M. in two or more post-JD semesters)

Please include the following items with this application form:

           A current copy of your resume.
           A personal statement (three pages maximum length). This statement should explain
            why you wish to enroll in the joint degree program and how you expect such
            enrollment to further your intended career goals.
           A copy of your Law Center transcript (an unofficial copy is acceptable).

Please submit all of the above materials by the June 30 deadline. If you have not yet received all
of your Spring 2010 grades by that date, please provide an updated transcript to our office once
those grades are received.
No application fee or letters of recommendation are required to be submitted with this
application. However, you are free to submit letters of recommendation if you wish.

Please answer “Yes” or “No” to the following questions (if your answer to any question is
“Yes,” please attach a complete explanation):

1.     Have you ever been subject to any academic or disciplinary
       sanctions at any institution of higher learning?                     ________
2.     Have you ever been convicted of any criminal offense?                ________
3.     Is any charge now pending against you for any offense other
       than a traffic violation?                                            ________
4.     Have you ever been separated from a branch of the U.S.
       Armed forces under conditions other than favorable?                  ________

I certify that the statements made in this application are complete and accurate. I will promptly
notify the Law Center in writing if there is any change in any of the facts as stated herein.

____________________________________________                        ________________
            Signature of applicant                                        Date

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