Meeting notes from General Body Meeting: 2/24/07 by 9ow6x0T4


									Meeting notes from General Body Meeting: 2/24/07

   1. It has been decided to have a group of Board members and a group of official volunteers.
      Anybody joining new would be on the list of official volunteers for a year to gauge the
      level of commitment required for this community activity and would evaluate how best
      can they service the community. Simultaneously, community/ board would also see how
      to best use their potential.
   2. Post mortem from last year:
           a. Advertise to more people if they want to participate in the music group. Give
               ample notice to both participants and the music group to test/ screen/ audition
               and practice. We can potentially organize one more garba event to give
               newcomers a chance in the music performance
           b. To buy music system: It was discussed in detail and considering that we do have
               talent on the board who feel they can maintain the system etc, we have decided
               to look at this option closely during the year.
           c. Event management:
                      i. Religion and SGCS should not be mixed. We should not allow posters or
                         announcements supporting any one particular religion without prior
                         approval at board meetings. We have agreed that the organizations
                         needs to take prior permission before putting up posters even if they
                         have permission to distribute fliers
                     ii. Donation and not tickets: We should be very particular to remember that
                         that there can not be tickets associated with our events as that requires
                         extra sales tax. We only collect donations. This is just a reminder for old
                         members and FYI for new members.
                    iii. No selling activity at the event: All board members have a duty to restrict
                         any kind of selling/ revenue generation activity by any party at our events
                         as that is not part of our agreements that we sign with the venues. This is
                         just a reminder for old members and FYI for new members.
           d. Financial Statements:
                      i. To be presented only at GBM; due to privacy norms, we will not email
                         the statements to anyone
                     ii. Financial statements, which are presented at the GBM should have
                         balance sheet in it, which would show total cash/ assets with SGCS at
                         the end of the year
                    iii. Financial statements should quantify the number of people who have
                         signed-up for membership and cash collected from them
           e. Official Volunteers can take the initiative to organize an event. They can present
               the proposal to board at anytime and board can decide its feasibility and help
               them in organizing the event.

   Action Item: Birju
   We need three distinct email groups:
   1. SGCS Board members email group to be updated for all new board members
   2. A new email group to be created for all the official volunteers and Board members for
       broader communication for organizing events
   3. A general email list with all the community members to announce events or seek
       participation in programs

Board for 2007:

   1.   Dharmik Mehta (President)
   2.   Nilesh Shah (Vice President)
   3.   Viral Rabadia (Treasurer)
   4.   Rekha Rabadia (Joint Treasurer)
   5.   Vandana Gangwar (Secretary)
   6.    Atul Hirpara (Web and Communication)
   7.    Pushpkant Patel (Event Management and Logistics)
   8.    Jaman Patel (Logistics)
   9.    Leena Shah (Kids program and Procurement)
   10.   Mayuna Shah (Procurement)
   11.   Birju Sondagar (Email group management)
   12.   Kirit R. Chhaniara (Photography)
   13.   Urmi Gandhi (Bal Vikas)
   14.   Sanjay Patel (Systems/ Technical Management)
   15.   Deepak Vagadiya (Kids and Senior Programs)

Official Volunteers for 2007:
    1. Girish Patel
    2. Hemant Vyas
    3. Mitesh Shah
    4. Brijan Badshah
    5. Sailesh Desai
    6. Bijal Karia
    7. Raju Shah *
    8. Rajen Shah
    9. Harshit Shah
    10. Nilesh Patel
    11. Jigish Patel
    12. Jayanti Sangani*
    13. Vinod Sangani*
    14. Vrajlal Nariya
    15. Gautam Shah

   *These people had expressed interest in becoming Board Member. It is decided that they can
   attend the next Board meeting and then can be elected to be a Board Member.

Here are the phone numbers and email addresses of new Board Members/ Volunteers.

   1.    Harshit Shah: 425.214.3303;
   2.    Kirit R. Chhaniara: 206.226.2538;
   3.    Sanjay Patel: 425.522.4910;
   4.    Dipak Vagadiya: 845.309.0251;
   5.    Shailesh Desai: 425.806.8770;
   6.    Jigish Patel: 206.508.2862;
   7.    Nilesh Patel: 425.949.1544;
   8.    Vrajlal Nariya: 206.484.6114;
   9.    Gautam Shah: 425.271.2271;,

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