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									What do women want?
Cashing in on the WSOP
Affiliate interview series

                                 LETTER FROM                                12      Rebecca’s	CAC	Amsterdam
                                                                                    2009	Adventures

                                 THE DIRECTOR
                                                                            It’s almost like being there! Rebecca Liggero conducts an
                                                                            up-close and very personal tour of the exotic venues and
                                                                            fun-filled events that make this Amsterdam conference

                                 N     umber 9 . . . Number 9 . . .
                                       Number 9 – has a nice ring to it,
                                 doesn’t it? Welcome to the ninth issue
                                                                            so special.

                                 of the GPWA Times Magazine, which
                                 will launch June 1 and 2 at Affilicon      24      Income	Access	Survey	Results
                                 Israel, where around 1,500 affiliates      The latest survey of iGaming affiliate marketers proves
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                                 to meet current partners, explore new      effective campaigns.
                                 relationships and get the latest expert
                                 advice on SEO, social networking,
                                                                                    Cover	Story:	Online	Bingo		
                                 media, Internet technologies and
                                 more.                                      26      –	How	Big	Will	It	Get?
                                                                            Gary Trask looks at the game’s past, present and
                                 Online bingo moves to center stage         future, and learns along the way that, even in its online
                                 this time around, as Gary Trask takes      manifestation, bingo is bingo – to make a buck, you have
                                 us from the game’s roots in 16th-          to keep it fresh.
  GPWA	      	         	         century Italy, through 1929 Georgia,
                                 USA, to its present-day online
  Executive	Director:		
                                 incarnation. Along the way he offers
  Michael Corfman
  Marketing	Director:		
                                 some analysis for the game’s enduring
                                 popularity, reveals a few surprises
                                                                            36      The	Art	of	Gender	Marketing	
                                                                            Linda Niskanen from MariaBingo explains that women
  Andrea Mullaney                regarding the bingo demographic, and       gamblers are starting to make their presence felt in
  Program	Manager:		             lets us have a look at where the online    the online gaming space and that there’s a difference
  Steven Corfman                 game is going in the months and years      between marketing to them and their male counterparts.
  Program	Coordinator:		         ahead.
  Nancy Troy
                                 Also not to be missed: MariaBingo’s                Using	the	WSOP	to	Attract	and	
  Senior	Account	Manager:		
  Rebecca Liggero
                                 Linda Niskanen has a look at the
                                 difference between marketing online
                                                                            62      Convert	New	Players
                                                                            Jeremy Enke offers sage advice on how poker affiliates
  Account	Manager:		             gaming to men and women; a new
                                                                            can get their players to sign up for the WSOP satellites
  Eric Almquist                  Income Access survey conducted to
                                                                            they’re promoting.
                                 study the preferences of iGaming
  GPWA	Times	Magazine	           affiliates in areas including marketing
                                 practices and commission structures
                                                                                    News	Analysis:	The	future	of	
  Managing	Editor:		
  Vin Narayanan
                                 and Jeremy Enke on ways that poker
                                 affiliates can capitalize on the World
                                                                            68      iGaming	in	Europe	is	vulnerable
                                                                            Vin Narayanan explains that – despite what you may
  Senior	Editor:                 Series of Poker to attract and convert
                                 new players.                               hear and read in the media – the European Union isn’t
  Gary Trask                                                                pro-online gambling.
  Associate	Editor:
                                 Rounding out this issue, and every
  Dan Igo                        issue, are some terrific interviews with
  Copy	Chief:		                  affiliates and affiliate managers; our
  Bill Riley
                                 fact-filled Departments sections; and
                                 Rebecca Liggero’s latest installment       DEPARTMENTS
  George Choi                    in words and pictures of her never-
                                 ending, transglobal adventures, in
                                 which even I myself occasionally play      6          Webmaster News
                                 a small part. Perhaps you’ll spot me
  To	advertise	in	the	           among the revelers – looking, some
                                                                            8          By the Numbers
  GPWA	Times,	please		           might suggest, more than a little
                                                                            10         Cartoon Caption Contest
  e-mail:        relaxed. But of course I am my own
                                 worst critic and beauty is, and will       22         Event Calendar
                                 forever be, in the eye of the beholder.
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GPWA Times | Table of Contents

     CAPTION CONTEST | What’s the punch line?

If you work in the gambling
affiliate business, you’ve heard the
question hundreds – or maybe even
thousands – of times. “What is it
exactly that you do for a living?”

This question can be particularly
difficult to explain to family members
who simply don’t get it. Pictured on
the right is a GPWA affiliate who is
attending a family reunion when the
subject comes up once again. And
as he opens up his laptop and tries
to explain, the questions don’t stop.
What’s being said here? Well, we want
to leave that up to you.

Go to the GPWA Forums at and submit your caption
for this cartoon. We’ll fish through
the entries and decide on the one
that makes us laugh the loudest. The
winner will be announced in our next
issue and will receive a free copy of
the iGaming Business Directory.

                                                     Drawings by Ben Riley,

                                                LAST	ISSUE’S	CARTOON
                                                In our last issue we asked for captions for the cartoon
                                                pictured on the left where a severely hungover
                                                member of the GPWA staff was left to man the booth
                                                at a conference after a night of partying.

                                                The	winner	is...
                                                “I can’t believe Michael fired me…It was
                                                his party.” — Casino Jack

                                                Congratulations to “Casino Jack,” who wins a free iGaming
                                                Business Directory.

                                                And	the	runners-up...
                                                “I should have had a V8!” — giggles7p

                                                “I bet you Jenny Woo doesn’t get booth duty.”
                                                — vinism

                                                “Only another 12 hours until I do it all over again....”
                                                — TheBoyMitchell

                                                “I told them that I don’t drink. Why did I do ten shots
                                                last night?!” — GamTrak

GPWA Times | Caption Contest
Ahh, our beloved CAC Amsterdam — an online gambling affiliate conference I have attended

four years in a row and a conference that will always have a piece of my online-gambling-filled

heart. OK, so I’ll be real here. CAC Amsterdam 2009 may have been lightly attended; however,

from a social and networking point of view, it was up there with one of my very favorite confer-

ence experiences. Don’t believe me? Shame on you, I have the pictures to prove it.

Please enjoy my CAC Amsterdam 2009 photo spread including some priceless oldies but good-

ies from 2006, highlights from the Supperclub, late nights at the Players Sports Bar, an evening

of Teppanyaki at the Okura, socializing at Jimmy Woo’s, gallivanting around the Red Light,

several token celeb shots and the ever so popular miscellaneous fun. So go ahead! Sit back,

relax, spark up a joint and enjoy — you’ll feel like you’re right there in Amsterdam with me.
Online Bingo has survived
both the UIGEA and an
exodus from the U.S. market.
But as its popularity continues
to grow and its demographic
widens, there are still plenty of
challenges ahead.

By Gary Trask

          ay the word “bingo” out loud and,    world. But from 2001 to 2005 that num-        In 2004 there were 17 U.K. bingo sites,
          depending on your audience, the      ber doubled every year. It got bigger than    but by last year that number ballooned to
          response will vary. To some,         even I expected it to.”                       a whopping 238. According to BingoPort.
          the mere mention of the game                                             , these sites combined to earn £120
          evokes images of elderly women       The majority of the traffic heading to the    million ($239 million) on £650 million of
inside a bingo hall with cigarettes dangling   ever-expanding number of bingo sites was      revenue in 2008.
from their mouths and rubber stamps in         American women. And when the Unlaw-
their hands. For children, B-I-N-G-O is a      ful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act         “There was talk that the UIGEA might kill
fun-loving song about a farmer’s pet dog       (UIGEA) was enacted in 2006, the party        the industry, but instead it was like watch-
and for others it’s a way to raise money for   was suddenly over for Fraser, the software    ing an elevator,” says Fraser. “The U.S.
their favorite charity or church.              giants and all of the bingo sites and por-    market came down from the top floor to
                                               tals that were profiting handsomely from      the bottom floor and opened the door. The
To Phil Fraser, however, bingo means           the American bingo market.                    U.K. market stepped in and it went right
business. Make that a multi-million-dol-                                                     back to the top floor. It was rather amaz-
lar business that Fraser is reaping the ben-   “It was a shock to everyone,” Fraser re-      ing to watch.”
efits of after he predicted nearly 10 years    members. “But we all knew that there
ago that there would be a wildly popular       would be other markets for bingo, so that’s
online market for the game.                    what we set our sights on.”                   A	HISTORy	LESSON
After helping William Hill launch its on-      The U.K. was a primary target and Fra-        Edwin Lowe would have made a fortune if
line casino back in 2000, Fraser sensed        ser was more than happy to pounce on it.      he were equipped with the Internet back
that bingo had the makings of being the        He started, and as the       in the 1930s.
next hot online sensation. He left his po-     number of active bingo sites in the U.S.
sition as Online Casino Manager at Wil-        plummeted, the number in the U.K. erupt-      While the origins of the game date back to
liam Hill, started and          ed despite the fact that new software was     as far as 1530 to an Italian lottery game
watched the market explode just as he en-      necessary since the British game involves     called “Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia,” leg-
visioned it would.                             90 balls instead of the 75 in the American    end has it that Lowe is responsible for the
                                               game. Then major land-based bingo op-         widespread growth of bingo, or “beano” as
“I just thought there was a great opportu-     erators like Mecca Bingo and Gala Bingo       it was originally called.
nity out there for bingo,” Fraser remem-       decided to jump into the online game and
bers. “When I got into the business there      the rush was on.                              Lowe was a traveling toy salesman visit-
were less than 10 pay bingo sites in the                                                     ing the U.S. state of Georgia back in 1929

                                                                                                                      75 %
BINGO	By	                                                             8.1 %
THE	NUMBERS                                                            The
                                                                                                               of online bingo
                                                                of the U.K. adult                             players surveyed
                                                                population that                               who said they use
                                                                plays land-based                               the chat room

          7 8 6 	 m illi o n                                       bingo each                                      feature.
      £          The

         amount that U.K.
       players spend each
                                                            0 	 m i lli
                                                                        o                            		 	 1 3 7 %
       year at online bingo                          £       The                                          The
        sites, according to

                                                          amount of                                  growth in sales                                                                           that
                                                        revenue pro-
                                                      duced by the 238                           enjoyed in the fiscal
                                                      online bingo sites                         year 2008 after ring-
                                                        in the U.K. in                            ing up $5.7 million
                                                            2008.                                       in sales.

GPWA Times | Online Bingo
DoeS the concept “men Are from mArS, Women
Are from VenuS” AlSo Apply In the gAmblIng mArket?

By Linda Niskanen                       Current state of the              ing online. Nowadays both men

                                                                          and women do not just log on in
              istorically gaming and    female audienCe                   search for the solitaire gaming
              gambling are very male                                      experience, but for shared enter-
              dominated areas both      Today’s world of online gam-      tainment and socializing online,
              in the online and the     ing and gambling is seeing a      something that has made
              offline arenas. Lately,   complete change in demograph-
the debates surrounding this gap        ics. Nowadays the online casual
have focused on why women do            gaming crowd consists of 65%
not play games and gamble like the      women who are actually
men do. And if they do play, what is    30 years of age or
the level of differentiation between    older and appre-
the games and forms of gambling         ciate games with
that appeal to women versus the         a combination
ones that appeal to men.                of strategy and
                                        a casual nature.
In the current market, and espe-        While the most
cially among gambling products,         common games
bingo is the only product that has      are still puzzles,
more women playing than men.            brainteasers     and
Women also make up the demo-            other similar games,
graphic group that is currently         women are moving
growing the most. The questions is:     more and more into the
are women just not that interested      same game sites where
in gaming at all? And does the fact     men have been the pre-
that men were the ones who devel-       dominant gender.
oped the games play a part in the
fact that most gambling communi-        This time spent online com-
ties – both offline and online – are    bined with the explosive pop-
male dominated? Does the concept        ularity that Web 2.0 features
of “Men are from Mars, Women            and social networks have seen
are from Venus” apply to the gam-       during the last few years is
ing world as well?                      changing the way the Inter-
                                        net is used and the way
                                        people are interact-

GPWA Times | Gender Marketing


gPWA Seal awarded to 700th portal

R   eaching its 700th
    awardee in early May,
the GPWA Seal of Approval
program has seen rapid                   
growth as the affiliate                          
industry turns to focus on                                   
ethical business practices.                    
“We’re pleased to reach                    
this important milestone,                        
which represents growth                        
in the Seal of Approval                               
program among both                   
newer webmasters and         
veteran super affiliates,”                
said GPWA Program                               
Manager Steven Corfman.                             
“With recent changes in                    
the gambling affiliate                   
marketing community, it is
heartening to see more and                         
more webmasters place                       
a premium on the ethics            
and integrity that the seal                                 
The criteria investigated                                     
prior to award of the seal                         
include that the portal is                        
managed independently                  
of the brands it promotes;                
that it respects and up-                   
holds copyright standards;      
and that it does not send            
spam email, promote or                           
display pornography, or                     
use malicious search-en-                 
gine-optimization tech-                 
To communicate the high            
review standards to site                           
visitors, each seal links              
to a customized verifica-                           
tion page that includes an                          
explanation of the criteria,                
the name of the recipient,                             
profiles of GPWA members                          
associated with the site                  
and details for reporting                              
violations to the monitor-                                 
ing team.                                         
  To apply for the Seal of            
  Approval, visit                    
  or e-mail your list of sites                   

GPWA Times | GPWA Seal Program

                                 CLICK TO VERIFY

                                                                                                                                                                                                    CLICK PARA
                                                                   The	Seal	of	Approval	offers	the	knowledge	that	
  APPROVED PORTAL                                                  a	gambling	portal:                                                                                  PORTAL APROBADO

                                                                      •   Is managed independently of the online gambling Web sites it provides

                             CLICCA PER

                                                                                                                                                                                                   KLIK VOOR
                                                                          information about or promotes.
                                                                      •   Respects and upholds copyright standards.                                                  GOEDGEKEURDE PORTAL
                                                                      •   Does not send spam e-mail.
                             CLIQUEZ POUR

                                                                      •   Does not use malicious search engine optimization techniques such as

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Πατήστε για

                                                                          posting spam-like comments in forums and interactive blogs.
                                                                      •   Does not promote or display pornography.                                                   Εγκεκρι ένο ιστοχώρο
                                                                      •   Provides consumers with information extending beyond banner
                                                                          advertisements and links.
                            KLICKEN ZU

                                                                      •   Acts professionally and respectfully in its business activities.
 ANERKANNTES PORTAL                                                                                                                                                  ОДОБРЕННЫЙ ПОРТАЛ                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

                                                                                                                                                                 GPWA Seal Program | GPWA Times
 INTERVIEW                                                        INTERVIEW WITH        Lori		 |		Daera

Catch	spammers	
while	you	sleep!
It’s an amazing device – it will
wake you up when a spammer
posts on your site in order to
make money off of your hard
work – and it will be shared with
the GPWA community just as
soon as it is ready. That’s only
one of the promises, opinions
and prognostications that our
featured affiliates share with us in
the latest round of interviews.

They live and work all over the
world – Malta, Toronto, Athens,
the U.S. Midwest and the U.S.
Left Coast – and came to online
gaming by different paths. Their
average age is 43.5 years, and most
of them have been webmasters for
a while now. Take a look at what                              “Don’t be shy                           2000, on Ezboard. I helped Jim as
                                                                                                      a moderator of the forum. Some-
they have to say. We think you’ll                                                                     where about 2004, Jim gave the fo-

learn a thing or two.                                         – ask for what                          rum to me when he found himself
                                                                                                      too busy with his offline job. I nev-

Due to space constraints, we cannot print the interviews in
their entirety. We will post the complete text at
                                                              you need!”                              er planned on having a forum, or
                                                                                                      being a webmaster. As a matter of
                                                                                                      fact, I had no idea what an affiliate
                                                              you	 describe	 your	 site,	 Hodge-      was or that there was any money to
                                                              podge	Gambling	Forum,	as	“an	on-        be made as an affiliate back then.
                                                              line	 gambling	 community	 with	 a	     I always worked full-time offline
                                                              list	of	recommended	online	casinos	     and thought this was all for fun
                                                              and	poker	rooms	along	with	bonus	       back then. Little did I know what a
                                                              and	 promotion	 information.”	 De-      lucrative business this would be.
                                                              scribe	the	process	that	led	to	your	
                                                              setting	up	your	site	as	a	forum.		The   For	 affiliates	 who	 are	 considering	
                                                              Hodgepodge was originally set up        adding	 forums,	 what	 should	 they	
                                                              and owned by a very good friend         know	 about	 it	 before	 they	 make	
                                                              of mine, Jim, aka “Rakpakman.”          that	 decision?	 A successful forum
                                                              The forum was started January 14,       takes a lot of time. People don’t

     INTERVIEW WITH            Dimitrios	Asithianakis		 |		casinoinfogr

                                                never forget to take photos every day and         If	you	had	to	pick	five	keys	to	success	as	an	
                                                everywhere!                                       affiliate,	what	would	they	be	and	why? It’s
                                                                                                  difficult to choose only five, but let’s say that
                                                How	did	you	move	from	photography	into	           a successful affiliate must be a hard-working
                                                online	gambling? My first Web site, www.          person, with a lot of patience, writing always
                                      , was dedicated to art photogra-        original content based in his own experi-
                                                phy. Self-educated in online marketing, I         ence, always updated with a lot of research
                                                continued building Web sites about my in-         and reading about his industry and with a
                                                terests in the arts, like       good knowlenge of his targeted market.
                                                or travel guides for Greek islands like www.
                                       The www.casinoinfo.          you’ve	 stated	 that	 for	 affiliates	 trying	
                                                gr was my next move as I am very much             to	 reach	 a	 global	 audience,	 it	 is	 critical	
                                                interested in casino games and I have fre-        that	 their	 sites	 be	 carefully,	 profession-
                                                quently visited land-based casinos.               ally	translated.	Why	is	this	so	important?	
                                                                                                  What	is	your	opinion	of	“automatic”	trans-
                                                Do	you	gamble	online?	If	so,	what	do	you	         lations,	such	as	those	offered	by	Google?
                                                play? Yes, I gamble in most of the online         I honestly believe that original content
                                                casino platforms and I usually play slots.        gives a portal Web site a unique style. The
                                                                                                  same unique style also must be evident in
                                                How	 long	 was	 it	 before	 your	 gambling	       the translations. The automatic transla-
                                                sites	started	earning	you	money? I start-         tions are not for serious webmasters. I am

This webmaster                                  ed four years ago in spring
                                                2005 and I earned my first CPA payment
                                                                                                  very happy when a native affiliate manager
                                                                                                  finds one of my global targeting Web sites
                                                for one player after two months and the           in search engine results and he believes that
is also a master                                first flat rate advertisment in the next five
                                                                                                  I am a native from another country, and I
                                                                                                  am very sad when I find that the gambling
                                                                                                  “slang” in some of my non-Greek Web sites
of photography                                  How	did	you	discover	the	GPWA?	Describe	
                                                the	 difference	 for	 you	 between	 being	 a	
                                                                                                  is not correct.

                                                public	member	and	a	private	member.		I            Which	countries	are	your	principal	targets,	
you	 posted	 somewhere	 that	 you	 were	
                                                discovered the GPWA while searching for           and	do	you	have	any	plans	to	extend	your	
born	 in	 western	 Germany.	 How	 did	 you	
                                                online courses about specific fields in on-       reach	 beyond	 those	 targeted	 markets?
get	from	there	to	Athens,	and	what	stops	
                                                line gambling marketing. The GPWA helps           Right now my main market is the Greek
came	in	between? My parents were finan-
                                                me in many ways such as learning about the        audience from all over the world. I recently
cial Greek immigrants in West Germany
                                                industry from other webmasters. The next          started trying my writing and SEO skills on
in the mid-1960s. They met and married
                                                step was to be a private member, which has        Spanish, Italian and South American audi-
there. We came back to Greece, to Athens,
                                                helped me learn more and to establish bet-        ences, and I have plans for reaching Ger-
when I was six years old.
                                                ter relations with many affiliate programs.       man, Polish and Hungarian audiences.
                                                It was also very useful that I worked to earn
For	 many	 years	 you’ve	 been	 both	 a	 stu-
                                                my sites the GPWA Seal of Approval.               How	does	the	Greek	market	for	online	gam-
dent	 and	 a	 professor	 of	 photography.	
                                                                                                  bling	 differ	 from	 other	 markets? Greek
Please	tell	us	about	that.	Also,	where	can	
                                                What’s	the	hardest	thing	about	operating	         Internet marketing in general is still in its
we	see	some	of	your	photographic	work?
                                                your	 sites,	 and	 what	 annoys	 or	 distracts	   infancy. We grow very slowly in Internet
I studied photography, video and new tech-
                                                you	 the	 most	 when	 you’re	 trying	 to	 get	    users and that means that we have a poten-
nologies in Athens and I was a freelance
                                                some	work	done? My hardest time is when           tial even though it is a small increase year
photographer till 2005. I still teach photog-
                                                I don’t have a fast and stable Internet con-      by year. We need two more things to be a
raphy. You can see some of my art photos
                                                nection, which is very common in Greece.          mature market. First of all, we need to end
in and many of my travel
                                                However, the most annoying situation is           the sportsbook monopoly and secondly, we
photos in and in
                                                when my Web sites have hosting problems.          have to find ways to attract Greeks to play
my travel guides.
                                                I can’t say anything about Google results         online poker.
                                                because they are always kind with me.
If	 someone	 is	 interested	 in	 becoming	 a	
                                                                                                  We	noticed	you	have	some	backgammon	
good	 photographer,	 what	 two	 or	 three	
                                                How	do	you	spend	your	weekends? I love            and	 rummy	 sites.	 How	 does	 marketing	
things	 do	 they	 absolutely	 need	 to	 do?
                                                spending time with my children when they          backgammon	 and	 rummy	 differ	 from	
First of all they have to study the work of
                                                are in my house weekends. Otherwise I             marketing	 casinos	 and	 poker?	 	 I built
all the masters of photography. They also
                                                work a lot on building new Web sites. Dur-        these Web sites just to be there in the search
have to learn how the light reacts in dif-
                                                ing the summer I usually travel on week-          engine results and to give visitors some
ferent conditions, and of course they must
                                                ends for my travel portals’ needs.                unique articles as Greeks are familiar with

GPWA Times | GPWA Affiliate Interview Series

 MEET the
                                                                           There was a time when affiliate marketing was an un-
                                                                           known world to Renée from Rewards Affiliates and Paul
                                                                           from Superior Share. In fact, neither had any idea what

                                                                           they were getting into when they were introduced to the
                                                                           industry. Read on and find out how they found online
                                                                           gaming and why their personalities have enabled them

                                                                                         to flourish as affiliate managers.
                                                                                                Due to space constraints, we could not print the interviews in
                                                                                                       their entirety. The complete text is posted at

                                   RENéE		 |		Rewards	Affiliates
                              Rewards	 Affiliates	 represents	 a	 lot	   poker	and	casino	players? Casino             fic – even bring it down to a game
                              of	 brands.	 How	 different	 are	 the	     and poker players tend to differ in          level. For example, if you write
                              various	brands	from	a	target	audi-         the sorts of things they are look-           content about blackjack, ask me
                              ence	standpoint?	I think if anyone         ing for. It is true that some ca-            about our blackjack targeted land-
                              has a look at the different brands we      sino players like to also have the           ing pages.
                              represent, they will see an obvious        odd poker game and vice versa,
                              difference in the look of each brand.      however, when promoting casino               The other point to make here is
                              As we all know, all MGS brands run         and/or poker it is important to              don’t assume that poker traffic will
                              the same framework. For example,           remember that targeted traffic               convert to casino traffic and vice
                              they are the same on the backend.          is always better converting than             versa. This is not always true.
                              From a marketing point of view,            general traffic.
                              the graphics and the theme of the                                                       Most	of	the	affiliate	managers	we	
                              casino are mostly what attract the         If a potential player hits an af-            talk	to	say	building	trust	with	their	
                                           player to the brand.          filiate site through a search for            affiliates	is	critical	to	success.	How	
  “I think at the end                       For example, an af-
                                                                         ‘online casino’ – chances are
                                                                         they want to play casino-specific
                                                                                                                      do	 you	 go	 about	 building	 trust	
                                                                                                                      with	your	affiliates? I tell it like it
        of the day you                      filiate may like to use      games. If you give the site ‘user’           is and I don’t sugar coat anything.
                                            Blackjack Ballroom to        what they are looking for, when              Affiliates are human and so are us
    should be able to                       target blackjack play-       they click through that banner               affiliate managers, so I think just
   have a laugh with                        ers, while an affiliate
                                            who wants to target
                                                                         they are more likely to convert to
                                                                         a real player and that’s what this
                                                                                                                      being myself is a big step in build-
                                                                                                                      ing trust.
        your business                       women may like to            game is all about.
                                            market Zodiac Casino                                                      I think another thing that builds
  partners as well as                       since it’s probably a        I would suggest target your traf-            trust is actually carrying through
be professional with                        fact that more women
                                            are into astrology and
 them. All work and                         star signs than men.
   no play makes an                       We have just launched
  affiliate manager a                     a brand new casino
                                          targeted at European
  very cranky lady!”                      high rollers called Ca-
                                          sino Action. This was
                              designed based on a look and feel
                              of some well-known venues in Eu-
                              rope and we have received a lot of
                              feedback that this new casino is
                              very prestigious and is overall a
                              very beautifully designed brand.
                              It has proven to be quite success-
                              ful so far.

                              Rewards	 Affiliates	 represents	 a	
                              mix	 of	 casino	 and	 poker	 brands.	
                              What	are	the	differences	between	            The tattoo on Renée’s left foot has a significant meaning to her.

 GPWA Times | Affiliate Manager Interview Series

                                  PAUL	ART		 |		Superior	Share

                             What	distinguishes	Superior	Share	        targeting. Some traffic converts        used to work for was unbeatable.
                             from	 other	 affiliate	 programs?	 	      better with solid old-school bo-        I spent some time in the Security
                             Definitely our team. We’re all on-        nuses such as a 100% match bo-          Department, Retention and Cus-
                             line gaming veterans who decided          nus. However, many other sourc-         tomer Service area since I was very
                             to create a team that was built           es of traffic convert better with big   good at dealing with customers and
                             based on trust, commitment to our         percentage figures and non-cash-        running campaigns to retain play-
                             business vision and our personal          able bonuses which give the play-       ers. [Then] I was offered to work
                             goals, all of which enabled us to         ers more cash to play and hence         with affiliates. I swear I didn’t know
                             create an outstanding brand for           more playtime at the casino. This       a thing about the affiliate world
                             premier online entertainment.             is why you have to be very careful      when I entered it, however, since
                                                                       when choosing what promotions           the first day I felt something special
                             What	 makes	 Superior	 Casino	 a	         to provide your partners and be         within this area of the online gam-
                             special	 brand	 that	 affiliates	 will	   smart enough to know when your          bling world. I am very good with
                             want	to	promote?	Our vision has           offerings are inefficient with re-      personal relationships. I can hardly
                             always been to make Superior              gards to the type of traffic you are    remember having trouble with
                             Casino a world renowned brand.            receiving.                              anyone, anywhere in life. I am a re-
                             That’s why we’ve launched our                                                     ally easy going person, honest and
                             new site in seven languages and           you	 recently	 struck	 a	 deal	 with	   with truly good intentions towards
                             it’s now available in multi-curren-       Rival	that	enables	Superior	Share	      humanity. I also studied business
                             cy action, including euros, British       to	 handle	 its	 own	 bonus	 abuser	    management and marketing so...
                             pounds, South African rand and of         screening.	Why	did	you	make	this	       this brings me to the conclusion
                                          course American dol-         deal	 and	 what	 does	 it	 mean	 to	    that it was the perfect mix to fit in
                                          lars. We’re currently        affiliates? We have struggled for       the affiliate manager role.
    “I am very good                       working on launching         this since I started with Superior
                                          our software in multi-       Share and as you know, this is a        What	 advice	 do	 you	 have	 for	
       with personal                      ple languages as well.       very delicate area. Our main pur-       someone	 just	 starting	 in	 the	 in-
                                                                       pose with this move is to make          dustry? I’d tell this person that
relationships. I can                      The other key area           sure our players receive the fairest    the online gambling world is way
  hardly remember                         that we need to look         treatment in our casino. We obvi-       more than bets and free chips. It’s
                                          at is our very personal      ously have a system that monitors       about a whole world of business
     having trouble                       touch in our service         suspicious transactions and be-         opportunities, an aggressive mar-
                                          for players and af-          haviors, however, we feel it’s fair     keting atmosphere, an incredible
        with anyone,                      filiates. I am proud to      to review each account individu-        world of software development
  anywhere in life.”                      say we have one of the       ally and make sure we look for our      and entertainment, great people
                                          best Casino Manager/         players and our affiliates in every     to know all around the world and
                                          Hosts in the indus-          single case and take a decision         of course, a lot of money to be
                             try. On the affiliate side, anyone        based in our experience and judg-       done if you know your business
                             working closely with me knows             ment regarding every person.            properly.
                             that I put a lot of energy and love
                             into what I do. I enjoy getting to        How	 long	 have	 you	 been	 in	 the	    What	is	your	favorite	movie?	Ame-
                             know new people and above all, to         online	 gambling	 industry?	 Why	       lie and lately, Zeitgeist Addendum
                             strengthen human and business             did	you	decide	to	enter	the	field?	     movie. Highly recommended if
                             relationships with every single           This could sound a bit... preco-        you are a person looking for a
                             partner and customer.                     cious, but I am 26 and I’ve been        deep change in the world.
                                                                       involved in the gaming industry
                             Promoting Superior Casino is a            since I was 18 with a few stops I’ve    What	are	three	things	that	no	one	
                             unique experience if you let us           taken to travel, which is my other      knows	about	you?	I spend a lot of
                             work closely with you. We guar-           passion.                                my spare time producing music.
                             antee your efforts will be well re-                                               I enjoy the most humble things,
                             munerated.                                I started working in the Security       more than fancy and luxurious
                                                                       Department for an RTG outsourc-         things. I’ll leave the third to my
                             In	 the	 forums,	 there	 has	 been	 a	    ing operation as soon as I finished     endless hunger to meet new peo-
                             great	 deal	 of	 discussion	 about	       high school. This was clearly a great   ple and new places. This is always
                             what	 types	 of	 bonuses	 convert	        opportunity for me as a young guy       an unknown territory and no one
                             best.	What	types	of	bonuses	pro-          with no laboring experience. At         knows what’s going to happen
                             vide	the	best	conversion	rates? It        that moment, the whole environ-         next, fortunately.
                             all depends on the traffic you are        ment within the company that I

GPWA Times | Affiliate Manager Interview Series

                                                                                              important thing is that the message or
                                                                                              “call to action” on your Web sites is con-
                                                                                              sistently converting new players and put-
                                                                                              ting commissions into your pockets.

on the WSOP
                                                                                              In all the years I have been promoting on-
                                                                                              line poker, I can tell you that there is no
                                                                                              better time of year to boost your sign-ups
                                                                                              than the months leading up to the WSOP.
                                                                                              Almost every online poker site runs cus-
the World Series of poker annually provides                                                   tom promotions or satellites during these
                                                                                              months. For affiliates, this means we have
poker affiliates the golden opportunity to attract                                            access to several new creatives and promo-
                                                                                              tions. Even more exciting than the satellites
and convert new players                                                                       themselves, however, are the sheer num-
                                                                                              bers of existing or new online poker players
                                                                                              looking for quality satellites to play in.
By Jeremy Enke                                  Throughout the year, savvy poker affiliates
                                                use a variety of methods and techniques       So here are some tips on what you can do

    t’s that time of the year again when        to attract new players to the online poker    in order to make the most of the WSOP
    thousands of poker players will flock       rooms they promote. Some poker affili-        season.
    to the Internet in hopes of winning         ates promote bonus codes, some promote
an entry into the world’s most prestigious      sign-up bonuses or rakeback and others
poker tournament, the World Series of           may even just promote the rooms in gen-        1       Know your traffic and promote the
                                                                                                       right rooms based on your analyt-
Poker $10,000 Main Event. This year’s           eral. There is no right or wrong method       ics. For example, if the majority of your
main event is scheduled to start on July 3      when it comes to being a successful poker     traffic is U.S. based, it would be a waste of
and for the second straight year, the final     affiliate. At the end of the day, the most    real estate on your site promoting WSOP
table will take place several months later                                                    satellites at a room that doesn’t accept
in November.                                                                                  U.S. players.

Although many players in the WSOP’s
Main Event buy into the tournament with                                                        2      Look for WSOP satellites to pro-
                                                                                                      mote that provide value beyond
$10,000 cash, a large majority of the play-                                                   the $10K buy-in. Many poker players are
ers in the field win their entries by playing                                                 looking for value nowadays, and you’ll
in an online satellite. Each year prior to                                                    find them easier to convert if you are pro-
the WSOP, poker affiliates have a unique                                                      moting overlays, special packages or some
opportunity to capture new players and                                                        other type of value-added proposition.
conversions by directly promoting these
satellite events at the various online pok-
er rooms.                                                                                      3     Think outside the box and don’t
                                                                                                     depend on flashy banners to con-
                                                                                              vert players. It probably goes without

GPWA Times | The Benefits of Blogging
       WA L L O F                                                                                                      by J. Todd,
                                                                                                                       Executive Director, APCW

         he competition to join the
         APCW’s Wall of Shame for this
         issue was fierce. After tacking
         Christel Schaeldemose, a Euro-
pean Parliament member from Denmark,
and the Church of England to the wall in
the last issue for their extraordinary ef-
                                                     at least 13 poker
                                                     Web sites are also on
                                                     the list, including Full
                                                     Tilt, Poker Stars and
                                                     Absolute Poker. and              “The revenue they would get is miniscule com-
forts to hinder the growth of online gam-   are other online gambling             pared to the devastation it would bring to finan-
bling in Europe, a virtual flood of con-             properties also on the list.                           cial systems, stock markets, national security and
tenders washed up by the wall for us to                                                                     people’s lives.”
choose from. It was tough, but we finally            Now this is just wrong. First of all, it’s clear
picked two more people to join the Wall              that the people who put this list together             “This would set us up for something worse than
of Shame, and believe me -- they really              have no idea what they’re doing. If the list           the sub-prime mortgage disaster. These com-
earned their spots. So go ahead, read on.            hadn’t been leaked, it could have hurt lots of         panies are predicated on speculation, and de-
And prepare to be outraged.                          legitimate sites, gambling and non-gambling            stabilize the financial system and stock markets
                                                     alike, that would have had no idea they’d been         worldwide.” (Phys.og)
                                                                             “blacklisted” because
                                                                             the list is supposed to        “Widespread gambling gambles with our na-
                                                                             be a secret. I mean re-        tional security by dragging down our national
                                                                             ally. How you are sup-         economic security.” (Newswire)
                                                                             posed to fight a secret
                                                                             listing that could ruin        Jackass. Look, if you think the social costs of
                                                                             your livelihood?               online gambling, or gambling in general are too
                                                                                                            high, say so. But don’t claim online gambling is
                                                                               Now Conroy claims            going to ruin the world economy. The banks have
                                                                               this is not the actual       done a pretty good job of doing that by them-
                                                                               list. But if that’s true,    selves. And don’t claim gambling is going to ruin
                                                                               why did he say “the          national security. It’s not.
                                                                               leak and publication
                                                                               of prohibited URLs is        So stick your moralizing. Or be quiet. And by the
                                                                               grossly irresponsible.”      way, welcome to the Wall of shame.
                                                                               And why are some
                                                                               sources in media re-
                                                                               ports saying ACMA has
                                                                               read the riot act to ISPs
                                                                               to ensure the list won’t
                                                                               be leaked again?

Stephen Conroy                                       This whole thing smells rotten. And that’s
                                                     why Conroy has found a home on our Wall of
Senator Stephen Conroy, who happens to be            shame.
Minister for Broadband, Communications and
the Digital Economy in Australia, appears to be
tilting at windmills these days.
                                                     John Kindt
                                                     If don’t like gambling, then don’t like gambling. If
The Australian Communications and Media              you want to oppose gambling on moral grounds,
Authority, which falls under Conroy’s purview,       then oppose gambling on moral grounds. But
is compiling a “black list” of sites that Austra-    don’t tell us gambling is going to completely de-
lian ISPs would required to block from Austra-       stroy the world as we know it. Then you sound
lians when the government decides to imple-          like a complete jackass. And that’s exactly the
ment its mandatory Internet filtering policy.        case with our next inductee, John Kindt.
Now, this was “supposed” to be a list that blocked   Kindt is a professor at the University of Illinois
sites related to child porn, child abuse, rape and   who really hates gambling. But his attacks on the
bestiality. So imagine my surprise when the list     online gambling industry are simply preposter-
was leaked to the public that a good portion of      ous. Try some of these statements he’s made in
it contained included the home pages of private      the press on for size:
companies, YouTube videos, a tour operator,
dating services and medical practitioners. And

GPWA Times | APCW’s Wall of Shame

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