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Evaluating by wuzhengqin


									                                                       Evaluation Criteria

            Score the website by adding a dgree to each question from 10 to 10
                    Please Enter Your Degree, i.e. Dr., M.Sc., B.Sc., student
A. Content.
   1   The website provides complete and relevant information about the
       products/services potential customers may want.
   2   Details and information, e.g specifications, presented in the site are easily
       understandable by common users.
   3   The site has help functionalities, I.e. for clarifying information that is difficult for
       common users to understand
   4   The site provides content that is unique and unavailable from the sites of its
   5   The site provides complete information on prices of products/services
   6   is searching the content of the website relavently easy
   7   The site provides complete information on payment options, procedures, and
   8   The site gives feedback information on the products
   9   The site allows users to enter feedback on products.
B. Functionality.
  10   The site is easy to navigate.
  11   The site influences interactivity
  12   It is easy for customer to enter relevant information
     The site allows online transactions between the company and potential customers.
  14 The site provides a shopping cart for one-click shopping.
  15 The site gives suggestions based on customer preferences.
  16 The site provides hyperlinks to other sites.
C. Authority
       The site provides relevant information regarding the credentials of the webmaster.
  18   Assurance is given to users on the website's legality
  19   Assurance is given to users with regard to protection of information entered and
       submitted through the site for privacy and security purposes.
D. Attractiveness
  20 Elements that enhance attractiveness, e.g. graphics, multi-media, were used
     intelligently and appealingly.
  21 The website included devices, I.e. software downloads, FAQ, that not only
     attracted the attention of Web visitors, but made them stay longer than the first few
     clicks on the site.
  22 The website was visually appealing, interesting, and fun to use.
23   The online experience was, overall, a positive one.
24   The website is worthy of recommendation to a fellow user.
              If you have any other comments I will be honored to receive it
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