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    1977 Revisited
    SRC Delivers
    Hay, Y’all!
    Don Arbitter:
    Our Good and
    Faithful Servant
                                           Dear RGNS Family and Friends,                                                            Board of Trustees
                                              One of America’s crowning achievements is universal public education. In          Steve P. Gilliam ‘65 Chairman
                                           a July 4th speech in Dedham, Massachusetts in 1823, Horace Mann, the father
                                                                                                                                       Margaret F. Carton
                                           of American public education, expressed the novel view, at the time, that
                                           free education for all was essential to preserve the young nation’s liberties and                Vice-Chair
                                           establish an informed, responsible citizenry in an era of mass immigration.                   James A. Adams
                                             Horace Mann’s vision and leadership established a system of public                      Steven M. Arbitter ‘86
                                          schools in the State of Massachusetts, setting the example for countless                        Charles R. Arp
                                          other states. Similarly, Andrew Jackson Ritchie was a leader in public                        G. Donald Barber
                                          education in Rabun County and throughout Georgia in the 20th century.
                                                                                                                                F. P. “Bodie” Bodenheimer, Jr.
                                          However, Ritchie started Rabun Gap Industrial School before the advent
                                          of public funding in the local area. He initially required students,                         John W. Caskey, Jr.
                                          young and old, to work on the land to fund part of their education. As                           June Gordon
                                          public funding of schools gathered steam in Georgia in the 1920s,                          George J. Hauptfuhrer
                                          Ritchie accepted state support for local students, while holding fast to an
                                                                                                                                          W. Stell Huie
innovative farm family program that required families to pay their way with their time and/or talents. Ritchie’s was
an educational model that embraced free public education and the right of a private, self-funded school to define its                Walter R. Huntley, Jr.
own mission. Tax dollars and private philanthropy together funded our operation for more than seventy years.                              Fred H. Jones
   More than thirty years ago, the citizens of Rabun County voted to consolidate secondary public education into                        J. Don Kelly ‘52
one facility, bringing to a close a storied chapter of RGNS serving as a public school for much of the county. It was                     Kirk K. Knous
an abrupt, painful decision to accept for thousands of students, alumni, teachers, parents, grandparents and friends                    James E. Mathis
who had known RGNS as their center of community life. As former RGNS President Dr. Karl Anderson attests, the
years following consolidation were challenging. Change is never easy. However, Dr. Anderson acknowledges that this
                                                                                                                                         Virinder Nohria
was a forced step that would, ultimately, lay a foundation for the dramatic improvement and growth in our School.                         R. Phillip Peck
    After 1977, RGNS was forced to search for new sources of funding to survive now that public funding had                          Teresa W. Pendergrast
ceased. The Board of Trustees drafted a new mission statement that ensured    Work Study Worship     would remain                       C. Lewis Penland
relevant in a new era of education. Over time, a transformed vision for RGNS emerged, one as grounded in historic                        Paul M. Pressly
American values as universal public education. The core value that RGNS embraced was the same one that Ritchie
                                                                                                                                       Thomas J. Quigley
embraced when he founded his school in 1903 – a family being free to choose the school that was right for them.
                                                                                                                               Robert L. Rearden, Jr. (Emeritus)
    In the 1980s the Board of Trustees set a course for RGNS to become a true independent school, free from all
governmental oversight and free to chart a new direction – one rooted in the spiritual and educational values of                      John F. Sandy Smith
its founders – and yet still relevant to the needs of students in a new era of education. The Board re-affirmed its
longstanding commitment to serving a wide range of students economically, and George Woodruff’s generous
estate gift in 1987 provided essential funding so this commitment to serving underserved students could continue.
Funding for financial assistance remains one of our School’s greatest needs as we enter a second century of service.           The Pillars is published by
    Today, RGNS is becoming one of the leading independent schools in our nation. Our revised mission statement                the Office of Advancement
(see below) defines who we are, the young people we serve, and how we serve them. It gives meaning to our historic                      Paige Spivey
and timeless motto. It gives families from around the world a clear choice. If a family desires a college-preparatory             Director of Advancement
academic program with gifted, caring teachers and small classes; an education grounded in the values taught by the
Master Teacher, Christ Jesus; myriad extracurricular activities (including the opportunity still to work on the farm); and              Gerry Soud
a truly global learning community of motivated young people from all walks of life, RGNS is a school to consider.                  Director, Marketing &
   I believe Horace Mann and Andrew Jackson Ritchie would be delighted. Public education has become                                   Public Relations
one of America’s greatest legacies. Similarly, independent schools free to chart their own distinct mission                             Laura Schott
(be it religious, academic, single sex, or special needs) have been part our country since before its birth in                   Director, Alumni & Parent
1776. I believe both of these educational giants would be pleased with the difference that RGNS has made                                  Relations
over the course of its 104-year history, serving both public and private school students for generations.
                                                                                                                                       Jeff Reynolds
   As always, I look forward to seeing you on campus.
                                                                                                                                Chaplain & Church Relations
                                                               RGNS School Mission                                                   Pamela Fountain
                                                                                                                                  Director, Annual Giving
                                                          Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School combines its
                                                          strong academic program, mountain setting, and                                Elaine Tyler
                                                          Presbyterian heritage to inspire young people eager
           John D. Marshall                               to learn and grow. Living our motto: Work Study
                                                                                                                                 Receptionist & Hospitality
           Head of School                                 Worship, our community nurtures and challenges                                Coordinator
                                                          students of diverse backgrounds as they prepare for                          706.746.7467
                                                          college and a lifetime of service.
                                          Table of Contents    Fall 2005 Magazine

                            Events Calendar..............................................................2
                            RGNS News Release ........................................................ 3           Features:
  Empowering                Atheletics Program Building for the Future....... 6
   Students to              Alumni Profiles
      Achieve               Georganna Rice ‘77 .........................................................7
               page 14      Josh Holtsclaw ‘02 by Kelly Frank ...............................8
                            Mark McDonough ‘81 by M.C. Phillips ........................9
                            Dr. Marion Truslow
                            ‘Bringing History to Life by Will Richardson ‘07 ......... 10                          Remaining
                            Spiritual Reflection                                                                   True to
                            Don Arbitter (1928-2007): Our Good and Faithful Servant                                the RGNS
                            by Stephen Arbitter ‘86 ................................................11             Mission
                                                                                                                   page 4
1977 Revisited Homecoming Memories
         page 18 June 2007...................................................................... 12
                 Searching for the Answers
  On the Cover:             by E. Lane Gresham ......................................................20
    Beautiful Hodgson
  Hall remains a Campus     Faculty Focus: Ivy Stiles
                             by Ivy Stiles .................................................................. 22
                             Campus Happenings ...................................................... 23
                            Advancement News...................................................29                  Globetrotting
                            Alumni Association News .............................................30                RGNS Style
                                                                                                                   by Carolyn Nohria
                            Alumni Notes...............................................................31          page 16
                            In Memoriam ............................................................. 32
                            Faculty & Staff Notes ................................................... 33

                                             The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine                                                          1
    Calendar of Events
                               November 16 @ 3:15 – Nov. 26      Thanksgiving Break
                               November 27                       Classes Resume
                               December 9                        Lessons & Carols, 6:15 p.m., Rearden Theater
                               December 14 – 18                  Middle School Intersession
                               December 19 (noon) – Jan. 7       Christmas Break
                               January 8                         Classes Resume
                               January 12                        Alumni Basketball Homecoming
                               January 20                        International Day
                               February 8 @ 2:40 – February 12   Winter Break
                               February 13                       Classes Resume
                               February 17, 22&23                CIRQUE, Rearden Theater
                               March 17 – 21                     Upper School Intersession
                               March 22 – 24                     Easter Break
                               April 4-6                         Spring Upper School Production
                               April 11 @ 3:15 – April 21        Spring Break
                               April 22                          Classes Resume
                               April 25 – 27                     MAD Fest and Parents Weekend
                               May 2 & 3                         Dance Concert, 7:30 p.m., Rearden Theater
                               May 16 & 17                       Spring Middle School Production (TBA)
                               May 29                            Middle School Moving Up Ceremony 7 p.m.
                               May 30                            Baccalaureate 7 p.m.
                               May 31                            Graduation 10 a.m.
                               June 6 – 8                        Alumni Homecoming

      All School events, productions and activities can be found on the RGNS Master Calendar at www.rabungap.org.

        Photos by Charlie Taylor ‘05.

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2                                          The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine
  RGNS                               Local attorney elected board chairman at Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School
                                        Gainesville attorney, Steven P. Gilliam, has         of Smith, Gilliam, Williams & Miles, P.A.,

  New s                              been elected Chairman of the Board of Trustees
                                     at Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School (RGNS) in
                                                                                             Gilliam is involved in numerous professional
                                                                                             organizations and has served as Chairman of

                                     Rabun Gap, Georgia. Gilliam is the first alumnus        the Professionalism Committee of the State
                                     in the School’s 104-year history to be elected          Bar of Georgia and is currently President-Elect
                                     chairman and will serve a three-year term. A            of the Georgia Law School Alumni Council.
                                     member of the RGNS Board for the past eight             His contributions to Gainesville and Hall
                                     years, most recently as vice-chair, Gilliam replaces    County are extensive and include chairing
                                     Atlanta businessman, James A. Adams, Jr., who           United Way of Hall County, Gainesville State
                                     served as chairman for the past five years during a     College Foundation, Greater Hall Chamber of
                                     period of unprecedented growth for the school.          Commerce, Lanier Park Hospital, Rehabilitation
                                        “Steve will bring great energy, enthusiasm,          Industries of Northeast Georgia, Elachee Nature
                                     and a can-do attitude in leading the RGNS               Science Center, Chattahoochee Country Club,
                                     Board of Trustees,” said John Marshall,                 and other civic and charitable organizations.
                                     RGNS Head of School. “We look forward to                   Gilliam’s wife, Susan, is the principal
                                     furthering our School’s outreach through Steve’s        of Centennial Arts Academy in the
                                     leadership. As an alumnus of the school, his            Gainesville City School System. They
                                     perspectives will be invaluable going forward.”         have two children, Steven, Jr. and Laney
                                       A member of the Gainesville law firm                  Brewer along with three grandchildren.


                                                                                            Ruby Brown van Rooyen, a member of the Class
                                                                                        of 1925 and the School’s most senior living alumna,
                                                                                        celebrated her 100th birthday on June 8, 2007. Alumni
                                                                                        Director, Laura Schott, and former RGNS President,
                                                                                        Dr. Karl K. Anderson, were fortunate to join her for
                                                                                        the festivities. Dr. Anderson and Laura presented Ruby
L-R, family friend Andrew Smith,
Laura Schott, Dr. Anderson, and                                                         with a hardback book of photos celebrating her life
Ruby’s niece Gerry Brown watch as                                                       and time at RGNS as well as 200 birthday cards from
Ruby peruses her life in pictures.
                                                                                        members of the RGNS community. Nearly 200 family
                                                                                        members and friends were on hand to enjoy Ruby’s
                                                                                        birthday dance and wish her well. Happy 100th Ruby!

                                           The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine                                                                    3
    Remaining True to the                     M
                RGNS Mission

4          The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine
M   Making hay while the sun shines
 could be the perfect way for Rabun Gap
 to create new revenue for the School,
 while staying true to our long-standing
 farm heritage. A small portion of campus
 farmland will be planted with Timothy
 Hay, a premium feed product that is used
 primarily for thoroughbred horses.
    This new venture by the School
                                                   have been cultivated on campus for years.
                                                   “Start up costs and the initial resources
                                                   needed to grow and harvest the new
                                                   crop are relatively low,” said Arp. “Soil
                                                   samples analyzed during the committee’s
                                                   study proved that School property is
                                                   conducive to Timothy Hay production.”
                                                       Initially, 35 acres located on property
                                                   on Highway 441 across from the School
                                                                                                 paid back our initial investment between
                                                                                                 years four and six,” said Boland. Profits
                                                                                                 will be used to enhance the School’s
                                                                                                 programs and fulfill the school’s mission.
                                                                                                    During the committee’s study, several
                                                                                                 other projects were considered. These
                                                                                                 included an Academic Conference Center, a
                                                                                                 Presbyterian Retirement Center, windmills,
                                                                                                 and the cultivation of crops such as
 provides an opportunity to reinvigorate           and adjacent to the Train Museum will         strawberries and blueberries, and turf grass.
 the farm program, according to Dr.                be planted with the crop. “We will begin      However, the benefits of a Timothy crop
 Charlie Arp, committee chairman and               preparing the fields in early fall and the    outweighed those of the other proposals.
 RGNS Trustee. “The Board of Trustees              first harvest is expected in late summer         An added bonus to the benefits
 Land Use subcommittee was charged with            or early fall of 2008,” said John Boland,     provided by the Timothy crop is the
 exploring the possibility for development         Assistant Head for Finance and Operations,    improvement of existing School farm
 of alternative land use options that would        who will oversee implementation of the        facilities. These improvements would
 provide revenues to supplement the School’s       Timothy project. An additional 35 acres       be required if the crop is successful
 annual budget while staying within the            near Indian Lake have also been identified    and additional acreage is approved for
   guidelines of the traditions, history and       for Phase II. “Our full intent is to plant    planting at some point in the future.
    mission statement of RGNS,” said Arp.          a total of 70 acres in Timothy, but we
                                                   want to walk before we run,” he said.             The Timothy crop may also provide
        According to research conducted                                                          educational and work opportunities for
     by the committee, there is an                 Projections indicate that the Timothy crop
                                                   should reach its full yield target in 5-6     students. According to Boland, “We
      overwhelming need for quality                                                              anticipate that at a later date, once the crop
      horse hay in this region. Through            years, with two or three cuttings per year.
                                                                                                 is established, we will have opportunities
       its existing farm program, RGNS                The prospective market for the             for students to participate in harvesting
        already has a substantial portion          specialty hay will be recreational horse      the hay as a summer activity.” Another
         of the equipment needed for the           owners. An estimated three million bales      benefit of the School’s new venture is
          first phase of the project in place      are needed per year to meet demand in         that study related to the crop, such as
                      since other types of hay     the region surrounding Rabun County.          soil testing and moisture and nutrient
                                                   “People who have invested in fine             content certification could be performed
                                                   horses require premium feed and are           by students and incorporated into the
                                                   able to pay higher prices for it than for     academic curriculum of RGNS students. v
                                                   commodity feed stock,” said Boland.
                                                       The hay will be baled in 60 lb. square
                                                   bales that customers will pick up in the             Land Use
                                                   fields during the initial trial. This means
                                                   that RGNS personnel will not have to
                                                                                                    Committee Members
                                                   retrieve and store the hay which would
                                                                                                       Dr. Charles Arp, Chairman
                                                   require additional equipment and resources.          Dr. Stephen Arbitter ‘86
                                                      “Jimmy Deal ‘40 HS, ‘42 JC and Jimmy                 Mr. Don Kelly ‘52
                                                   Moore ‘57 were instrumental in helping us             Ms. Terri Pendergrast
                                                   to select Timothy as a way in which to use
                                                   our land,” said Boland. “We also received               Mr. Lewis Penland
                                                   invaluable input from Greg Talley, who
                                                   grows a successful Timothy hay crop in                Ex Officio Members
                                                   Otto, North Carolina.” In addition, the
                                                                                                           Mr. John Boland
                                                   School was fortunate to receive advice from
                                                   Trustee Tom Quigley’s, who as a horse            Mr. Jimmy Deal ‘40 HS, ‘42 JC
                                                   owner is a user of quality Timothy Hay.                Mr. John Marshall
                                                     Financial estimates for the crop project            Mr. Jimmy Moore ‘57
School farm manager, Scott Henson,                 conservative yields. “We expect to be ‘cash
seeds Timothy hay for harvest next fall.           positive’ by the second year and then have              Mr. Tom Quigley

                                                 The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine                                                                 5
    Athletic Program Building
                                                                  for the Future
                                                         by Patty Fahringer

T                    Take one step into the RGNS gym
                  and you will notice trophy cases filled
                  with an incredible history of the School’s
                  athletic successes. The athletic program
                  has been grounded in wonderful
                  accomplishments, but it is a promising
                  future that is the talk of campus. A
                  new wave of success is reaching these
                                                                for both girls and boys; the cross country
                                                                and track teams have been competitive at
                                                                the state level with several state qualifiers;
                                                                and the baseball team has placed well
                                                                at the state tournament. With these
                                                                achievements it is no wonder that now
                                                                is the time for our Eagles to soar!
                                                                   Our athletic department is led by
                                                                                                                 led him to start the RGNS baseball
                                                                                                                 team in 2000 under the direction of
                                                                                                                 Mr. Dan Holtsclaw. In the last three
                                                                                                                 years, Rabun Gap baseball has had three
                                                                                                                 NCISAA state appearances, with two
                                                                                                                 quarterfinal round appearances. When
                                                                                                                 Jason is not coaching, he enjoys being
                                                                                                                 with his wife Erika and two-year-old
                  mountain tops and the athletes are            Coach Jason Grove. Since becoming                daughter, Ava, working out in the weight
                  embracing the athletic department motto:      the athletic director in 2003, Jason             room, and riding his new motorcycle.
                  A Proud Past, a Promising Future.             has dedicated his time and efforts to                Daniel Ostojic is starting his second
                     Major steps have already been made         strengthening our athletic programs.             year as assistant athletic director. He
                  toward a brighter future. At this writing,    Recently, he introduced the Bigger Faster        serves as our facilities manager and
                  the varsity soccer team has one of the best   Stronger program as a way to condition           coach for the varsity boys and girls
                  records in the history of the program;        our athletes for competition, and many           soccer teams and the junior varsity boys
                  the swimming team has made three state        teams are already benefiting from this           basketball team. In Daniel’s first season
                  appearances and placed in the top ten         new initiative. Jason’s passion for baseball     coaching he led the boys soccer team to
                                                                                                                 the second best season record in School
                                                                                                                 history with a record of 14-3-1 and a
                                                                                                                 state quarterfinal appearance. Daniel
                                                                                                                 is no stranger to RGNS athletics. He
                                                                                                                 is an alumnus from the class of ‘99
                                                                                                                 and played on our varsity basketball
                                                                                                                 and soccer teams. Before returning to
                                                                                                                 Rabun Gap, Daniel played soccer and
                                                                                                                 basketball for Piedmont College where
                                                                                                                 he graduated with a master’s degree in
                                                                                                                 Business Administration. In his free
                                                                                                                 time he enjoys spending time with
                                                                                                                 friends and keeping up with teams
                                                                                                                 from his native country, Bosnia.
                                                                                                                    Attend an athletic event and you will
                                                                                                                 see one constant face on our sidelines
                                                                                                                 - Patty Fahringer, the School’s certified
                                                                                                                 athletic trainer. Patty, who obtained a
                                                                                                                 degree in Athletic Training from Brigham
    Surrounded by past championship trophies, the athletics department is poised to take
                                                                                                                 Young University, came to RGNS in
    the program to a new level. (L-R seated): Skeeter Coin, varsity volleyball and junior                        2004 and works full time as the athletic
    varsity girls’ basketball coach; Patty Fahringer, athletic trainer; (L-R, kneeling):                         trainer and administrative assistant to the
    Daniel Ostojic, assistant athletic director; and Jason Grove, athletic director.                             athletic office. Her national certification
                                                                                  Photo by Renee Collins         (ATC) and state license (LAT) enable

6                                            The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine
her to perform immediate and emergency
injury management, injury assessment,
and rehabilitation. She has always enjoyed
sports and is pleased to be a part of the
new and exciting things happening with                     Rice ‘77
RGNS athletics. When not working with
the Eagles, Patty, originally from Gastonia,
North Carolina, enjoys watching the
Atlanta Braves, photography, and travel.
                                                     Georgi with actor, Russell
   Skeeter Coin is the newest addition to
                                                     Means, on the set of a
the athletic team. She comes to us from              Turner Network series on
Asheville, North Carolina with a variety             the American Indian.
of experience in coaching. In addition to
her work at several high schools, Skeeter
has been involved with volleyball and
basketball club teams in the Asheville area
for the last eight years. Her desire is to form
similar teams in Rabun County. Skeeter
                                                                                  Renaissance Woman
coaches varsity volleyball, junior varsity                                           As the only girl in a family that included
girls basketball, and assists with varsity                                        seven boys, Georganna Rice ‘77 was destined
girls basketball. She also teaches middle                                         to become a stunt woman who kickedboxed,
school physical education classes. In Coach                                       drove in high-speed car chases (and crashes),
Coin’s free time, she spends extra time                                           did fight scenes, and once was even hanged.
with athletes on developing skills, enjoying                                      Over her ten-year movie career she appeared
athletic competitions, and getting away to                                        in films featuring the likes of Hollywood
the beach. Skeeter resides in Rabun Gap                                           luminaries Harvey Keitel, Sam Watterson,
with her husband, Keith, and sons, Worth                                          Tim Hutton, and Mary Tyler Moore.
and Tate ‘15 and daughter, Penny ‘12.                                                Her resume doesn’t slow down with
    Our athletic department would not                                             Hollywood either. Throw in the first
be complete without the assistance of our                                         woman in Atlanta to own and operate a
part-time coaches. They include: Holly                                            limo service, a year on the security team
Wylie and Chris Shepherd, girls tennis;                                           for President George Bush, Sr., production
David Landis and Lisa Powell, cross                                               manager for Turner Broadcasting worldwide,
country; Wayne Duelfer, middle school                                             bodybuilding, martial arts, paragliding,
            `     `
soccer; Ozu Mejia, junior varsity boys soccer;                                    motorcycle racing and her current passion
Bob Brigham, varsity boys soccer; Andre   `                                       as a certified California hunting instructor,
Marques, junior varsity volleyball; Kelly                                         and you get the feeling that Georganna
Frank and ShaDonna Crosby ‘01, middle                                             would give Rocky reason for a nap.
school volleyball; Roger Cox, varsity boys                                           But ask Georgi (as she likes to be called)
basketball and golf; Stuart Jump, middle                                          what phase of her non-stop life has been the
school boys basketball and junior varsity                                         most rewarding, she quickly points to her
baseball; Dale Earnhardt, varsity girls                                           one and only year at Rabun Gap as a senior
basketball; Troy Cousineau, middle school                                         – a year that Georganna says transformed
girls basketball; Layne Brennick and Kathy                                        her life and gave her the tools to become
Henning, swimming; Todd Wass, middle                                              the confident woman she is today.
school baseball; Shawn and Lena (‘02)
                                                                                     “My father was a minister so our family
Trejbal, softball; John Miller and Chris
                                                                                  moved a great deal. I wore many masks as
Bedea, boys tennis; Dan Holtsclaw, Lisa
                                                                                  a child and had little confidence in myself.
Powell, and Doug Porter, track and field;
                                                                                  At RGNS all that changed. Jack Beaver,
and Mark Henning, varsity girls soccer.
                                                                                  the School chaplain and Bible teacher at
   The promise of new seasons is                                                  the time, helped me find a loving, gentle,
just beginning. If you haven’t seen                                               humorous God that accepted me. My
the Eagles play, come out and join                                                spirituality gained focus, and I wanted to
in the quest for success! v

                                               The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine                                                   7
                   continued                                                Josh Holtsclaw ‘02
    prove my worthiness. I soon
    learned that wearing a mask
    wasn’t necessary, and I was able
                                                                     Imagining the Possibilities
    to form a wonderful relationship
    with God and find myself,” Rice
    said. Georganna also credits

                                                   By Kelly Frank,
                                           Middle School Principal
    RGNS speech and drama teacher,
    Edith Christy, for helping her
    to see that she was a young
    woman with great potential.
        As her senior year progressed,
    Georgi’s confidence grew. She
    was voted most talented by her
    classmates and named Miss
    Ragana for 1977, a competition
    based on poise, talent, personality,
    and beauty. But the best of
    all, she says, were the bonds
    she forged at Rabun Gap as a
    member of the Gap Singers and
    Foxfire with classmates Cathy
    Kelly ‘77, Scott Bradley ‘77,
    Ron Ware ‘77 (and numerous                  It will come as no surprise to Josh      included not just the visual arts but
    others) that are unbreakable to          Holtsclaw’s classmates, who voted him       the performing and musical arts as
    this day. She returns for RGNS           “Most Talented” in 2002, that he is         well. He performed in several middle
    homecoming from her home in              using his amazing creative abilities to     school productions and was often seen
    Simi Valley, California as often         successfully launch an art career that      accompanying singers on his trumpet
    as possible with “a great sense          has included an internship with the         or guitar throughout his six years at
    of joy and excitement.” As she           Disney Design Group, contract work          Rabun Gap. He and classmate Stan
    puts it, returning to Rabun Gap          with Walt Disney Imagineering and           Sonu ‘02 wrote several songs which
    “is like coming home.” In fact,          freelance art work for Hong Kong            they performed for the annual MAD
    this born and bred Georgia girl          Disneyland and the Disney Cruise Line.      Fest and recorded on an RGNS CD.
    hopes to return to the Peach                 From an early age it was obvious            One would be hard pressed to find
    State some day to retire.                that God had blessed Josh with the          a finer young man who embodied the
       Currently a buyer/planner             gift of artistry. “I think I was always     Rabun Gap motto of Work Study
    for an electronics company               focused on becoming an artist; even         Worship. While Josh admits
    in Camarillo, California near            before I was a student at Rabun Gap.        he was not a great student,
    Santa Barbara, Georgi isn’t              But what I learned at RGNS was how          he did study and work hard
    performing any death-defying             to channel that desire and translate it     for his grades. He was focused
    stunts these days on the silver          into a future. I was given the class time   and goal-oriented even in his
    screen but don’t think she’s             and resources to experiment with my         high school years. Josh had
    slowing down, either. Weekends           art, which in my mind really cemented       several leadership roles; and
    may find her hunting for boar            the idea of becoming an artist. Art         although he was very quiet and
    in the California hills or hitting       class was my escape during the day,         unassuming, he commanded
    Highway 1 in her Mustang GT.             where I could let go. I was never great     respect through his words,
                                             academically, but I felt good about         actions, and deeds. There was
       “Rabun Gap will forever be
                                             myself in the art room. I think that’s      never any doubt that Josh was a
    a great source of inspiration for
                                             what Rabun Gap does for its students.       Christian and his faith continued
    me. The School gave me the
                                             It allows them to do great things and
    confidence to believe I can do
                                             the chance to find their own voice.”      Two of the Jungle Book’s favorite
    anything,” she said. You can
    say that again, Georgi girl.                 Josh’s “voice” at Rabun Gap           characters, King Louie and Baloo,
                                                                                       come to life through Josh’s pen.

8                               The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine
to guide him after graduating from
Rabun Gap. While a college student at
the Savannah College of Art and Design
(SCAD) in Savannah, Ga., Josh led the
music for the college ministry at Bull Street
                                                                                                Mark McDonough ‘81
Baptist Church during his fours years there.
   Josh continues to explore his options and
                                                                                                 Making His Mark
he has just recently returned from a visit
to the Disney headquarters in Glendale,
Ca., where he did a little reconnoitering…
perhaps for his future ventures? He had
                                                                                                     By M.C. Phillips
a remarkable opportunity to meet Dave                                                          Middle School English Teacher
Smith, Founder and Director of the Walt
Disney Archives. Josh also toured the
Imagineering headquarters, as well as
Disney Interactive and Disney Consumer
Products. His trip culminated with a                Rabun Gap, with its majestic              bills designed to improve public safety
dinner at what had been Walt Disney’s            mountain beauty and serene valley            and is proud that he has been directly
favorite restaurant, Tam O’Shanter.              setting, is a place many people love to      involved in the passage of six bills during
                                                 call home. For Mark McDonough,               the past three legislative sessions.
   When asked, Josh admits that he is
                                                 ‘81, Rabun Gap will always be                   Mark recognizes that his success is
blessed to have a job that he loves and
                                                 “a great place to call home.”                based on building personal relationships
the opportunity to meet some incredibly
talented people. He adds, “One thing I                Mark became an RGNS student             saying, “Politics is a relationship business.
have realized since leaving Rabun Gap is         when his family moved to Highlands           Success in establishing relationships
how great the people are there. I really         in the 1970s. After graduating as a          affects what gets done. One-to-one
appreciate the dedication they have to           STAR student, he was admitted to             contact with the right lawmakers is what
RGNS. They make it what it is. It                the academically rigorous United             brings about positive change for the
isn’t the buildings, or the campus. It is        States Naval Academy at Annapolis.           Department of Public Safety,” he says.
the people. And out in the real world,           Mark is quick to point out what                  Mark believes that the legislative process
you appreciate good people even more,            well-rounded preparation RGNS                is often less effective when lobbyists opt to
because you see how rare they really are.”       provided. “Rabun Gap gave me a great         use email or cell phones to communicate
                                                 opportunity to do many things, with          with lawmakers and cites an experience he
                                                 its athletic programs and emphasis           had as a state patrol officer. A woman on
                                                 on extra curricular activities, it helped    a cell phone indicated, after having been
                                                 prepare me for life,” he said.               pulled over for a minor traffic offense that
                                                    After college Mark married his high       she would be with him in a moment as she
                                                 school sweetheart, Leith, also a Rabun       proceeded with her cell phone conversation.
                                                 Gap graduate from the class of ‘81. He       The decision to issue a warning versus
                                                 served in the Marine Corps as a pilot        a ticket soon became decidedly clear.
                                                 and flew in the first Gulf War. He later         The State of Georgia is fortunate to have
                                                 served as a lieutenant in the state patrol   someone so dedicated to ensuring public
                                                 for thirteen years. His experience with      safety. Though he spends two to three nights
                                                 the patrol included flying helicopter        per week in Atlanta working long hours
                                                 search and rescue for the aviation unit.     with pending legislature or on the budget
                                                    As executive assistant for the            of the state patrol, Mark McDonough
                                                 commissioner of the Georgia                  remains first and foremost a family man.
                                                 Department of Public Safety for the          He and wife, Leith, have three children, the
                                                 past three years, Mark has successfully      oldest of which, Megan, has just begun her
                                                 served as liaison between the state          first year at RGNS. Both Mark and Leith
                                                 legislature and the safety department.       serve on the School’s Board of Visitors,
                                                 He often spends long hours in Atlanta        continuing their special relationship with
                                                 representing the state patrol in             Rabun Gap, the school Mark considers
                                                 working with the legislature to enact        to be “an infectious place.” v

                                             The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine                                                                  9
     Dr. Marion
     History to Life                                                                                             Photo by Renee Collins

                                                    by Will Richardson ‘07

           RGNS history teacher, Dr. Marion              “From my perspective, Doc’s career        are an inspiration to both students
       “Doc” Truslow, is someone who                 has been remarkable. His experiences          and faculty alike. RGNS is blessed
       relishes bringing his subject to life, and    beyond our campus and abroad are              to have someone of his caliber in
       having taught sophomore Modern                many. Ranging from time spent in New          our midst. I am forever indebted to
       World History for several years, in           York City as a professional musician to       him for his service and leadership in
       addition to Advanced Placement (AP)           his leadership as a grader and table leader   the history department,” she said.
       European History, Doc eventually              for the AP European History exam,                Despite holding a Ph.D. in history
       comes in contact with most Rabun Gap          his experiences testify to his sincere        from New York University, Doc has
       students by the time they graduate.           determination to live a remarkable life       continued to bolster his education
          The AP program, an option for              in the time he has been given. More           with post-graduate studies at Georgia
       high school students who wish to take         important, however, is his unwavering         Tech, the University of Virginia, Drew
       college level classes, awards credit or       dependability and the sincerity of his        University, the University of Toronto,
       allows a student to take a higher-level       friendship. I and many others know            and Western Carolina University.
       class in college if he or she ultimately      that what Doc says he will do is as good      Although he has a long history of
       passes a standardized AP exam. As an                                                        teaching, numerous accolades, and an
       AP teacher, Doc must not only cover                                                         extensive education, it’s Doc’s dedication
       a vast array of material but also teach        Doc’s joy for his subject                    to his students that stands out.
       students how to write an essay in the
       proper style. Dr. Truslow, over the
                                                      is contagious and that                          As a student of Doc on three
                                                                                                   occasions at RGNS, I can speak to his
       course of three decades, has successfully
       taught over one hundred AP students
                                                       joy is imparted to his                      dedication. Through him I gained
                                                                                                   much in terms of knowledge, direction,
       and has yet to have one fail the exam.           students every day.                        and insight, quickly learning how
          Doc’s prowess does not come                                                              earnestly he wants his students to view
       without experience. He taught at several      as done. He will offer advice or time         contemporary life within the context
       high schools, including The Calhoun           or whatever he has to give when he            of history. Doc’s joy for his subject is
       School in New York; Woodward                  believes it might make a difference,” said    contagious and that joy is imparted to
       Academy in Atlanta; St. Timothy’s             David Landis, English department chair        his students every day. With unwavering
       School in Maryland; and The Covenant          and director of faculty development.          dedication, Dr. Truslow has given
       School in Virginia, not to mention his                                                      me and countless other students a
       eight years at RGNS. In addition, he             Former RGNS history department             permanent appreciation of history,
       has worked at several institutions of         chair, Candace Craig Walton,                  steadfast support, and sound guidance.
       higher learning, and presently chairs         echoes David Landis’ perspectives             He always gives the best of himself,
       the RGNS history department.                  on Mr. Truslow. “Doc’s impeccable             and his students – past, present, and
                                                     scholarship and dedicated teaching            future – are the better for it. v

10                                       The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine
 Don Arbitter (1928-2007):

                                                                                                                             Spiritual Reflection
 Our Good and Faithful Servant
                             Editor’s Note: Following is an excerpt from      to Niagara Falls. It was a hot and humid summer
                          the eulogy delivered by Stephen Arbitter at the     evening as we arrived at the campsite. Mom was
by Stephen Arbitter ‘86

                          memorial service celebrating Don Arbitter.          road weary and stayed behind to make camp as

                            Matthew 25:23 Well done my                        dad took the kids for a spectacular view of the falls
                          good and faithful servant.                          at night. The colors and roar of the falls under the
                                                                              lights at night were truly an awe-inspiring sight.
                             In his lifetime Don Arbitter accomplished        Heavy steel rails surrounded the small, unoccupied
                          many things and touched many lives. After           concrete viewing platform and allowed us take
                          graduating from Houghton College, many knew         in the grandeur. Unfortunately, pent up energy
                          him as the director of an orphanage for boys        from a long day of road travel and excitement
                          in New York City. To many he was a teacher          led to a catapult of my sister’s eyeglasses over the
                          of art, Bible, a coach, and guidance counselor.     rail. Now many of you can relate to the big time
                          Many knew him through the church as a Sunday        trouble a kid can get in for breaking or losing ones
                          school teacher, Gideon, choir member, author,       glasses in those days, much less to send a pair over
                          and deacon. Many from all over the Southeast        Niagara Falls. The platform on which we stood
                          know him as the man who stood on Black Rock         was dark and the moon was new but dad and
                          Mountain every Easter Sunday at the sunrise         Ruth thought by some miracle they saw that the
                          service for almost fifty years. I do not wish to    glasses had landed unharmed on solid ground
                          simply try and summarize a life that has been       beneath the platform. They were just out of dad’s
                          so fully and richly lived, as I could never do      reach despite his best efforts. Having weighed
                                                                              the risk of returning to the campsite without the
                                                                              glasses or ignoring a prominently posted sign
                                                                              stating not to climb on the rails, we decided that
                                                                              I could easily slip between the rails and retrieve
                                                                              the eyeglasses. Even so doing, the glasses clearly
                                                                              visible to me now, were still slightly out of reach.
                                                                              So dad extended his arms through the rails and
                                                                              grabbed me by my sweaty legs, lowering me down
                                                                              to the glasses and pulling me back up. Proud of
                                                                              our accomplishment and having the glasses intact
                                                                              we relayed the tale of recovery to my mother.
                                                                              It was not until the next day in the clarity that
                                                                              sunlight provides that the whole family realized
                                                                              that the viewing platform was constructed to give
 Don and Stephen Arbitter ‘86 on a recent trip to the                         visitors a panoramic view of the falls and that
 Georgia Aquarium.                                                            my father had indeed suspended me by my legs
                                                                              directly over Niagara falls. I trusted him with
                          the narrative justice. I want to tell you about     faith that he would take care of me then, and
                          the Don Arbitter that you may not know.             now without question I trust the life lessons I was
                             Proverbs 3:5-6: Trust in the Lord with           honored to receive from him. Trust is what he had
                          all your heart and lean not on your own             in the Lord Jesus Christ in all aspects of his life
                          understanding. In all your ways acknowledge         and, at the end of life, to receive him in glory.
                          him and he will make your paths straight.               I am absolutely convinced that the world
                             One summer when Ruth my sister and I were        is indeed both brighter and warmer because
                          elementary school age, our family travels took us   Don Arbitter was here. I love you Pop. v

                                                 The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine                                                        11
                                 Alumni choir at memorial chapel.

                                                                            Betty Philp Brooks ‘48 and Billy Joe Stiles ‘49
                                                                                          with the Indian.

                                    Kim Crouse Simmons’ husband Clint, Kim
     Dale Denham Shaffield ‘59
                                   ‘87, Keith Arnold ‘86 and wife Jennifer and
       and Bev Lougher ‘58.                                                            Charlie Unde
                                     Scott Fagan ‘84 walk down memory Lane                          rwood, honor
                                                                                    alumnus, Jane                   ary
                                     with the 80s decade board at the AHC.                        Tanner Bridg
                                                                                                               es ‘52 and
                                                                                              Susan Odom ‘5

                                 Carol Fox ‘62, Hoyt ‘37 and Jean Cragg,
                                 Virginia Nix ‘37JC, and Earl Irby ‘37JC
                                 depart for the scenic Waterfall drive.

                                                             Seniors Adam Tyler and
                                                              Richard Lafleur were
                                                          excellent Homecoming hosts!

 Ho mecoming ‘07
                                 The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine
                                             Mark McDonough ‘81
                                             delivers the message at
                                             the Memorial Chapel.

The AHC Homestead.

                                                                                             Keith Sutherland ‘75 joins
                                                                                                     the party.

                     Part of the Kelly clan - Cathy ‘77, Bill ‘52,
                                   and Linda ‘56.

                                                          Fern Dodd Strickland ‘54, Terre
                                                         Kelly, Carol Dickerson Dunbar ‘52
                                                        and Martha Ann Cornette Mann ‘56.

     The Class of 1957 celebrated its 50th
    reunion during Homecoming Weekend.

                                                   Group shot at A&T.

           Save the Date...
 Alumni Basketball Homecoming
                                                               January 12, 2008
                                       The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine                                             13
     SRC                                        Empowering Students
                                                to Achieve

C       Celebrating its one year anniversary
     this fall, the Student Resource Center
     (SRC) has become an integral part of
     academic life at Rabun Gap. Located
     in what most would recognize as
     the library, the SRC is a hub of
     learning enrichment services that
     include a writing lab, math lab, peer
     tutoring program, and support from
                                                enjoys student activity throughout the
                                                academic day. Many students spend
                                                their study hall in one of the various
                                                SRC programs working with peer
                                                tutors on their upcoming history test,
                                                using the computers in the writing lab
                                                to complete their latest paper, studying
                                                in the distraction-free study carousels
                                                on the second floor, or meeting
                                                                                               Scott Vos, a junior from Highlands,
                                                                                           North Carolina, says support from the
                                                                                           SRC made a big difference for him
                                                                                           during his sophomore year. Many
                                                                                           other students echo the same sentiment
                                                                                           and attest to the impact the SRC and
                                                                                           its programs are having on their ability
                                                                                           to study more efficiently and effectively.
                                                                                              Years before its official launch,
     a full-time learning specialist. In        with the learning specialist, Darlene      faculty and parents identified the
     addition to these learning support         Fromknecht, to improve study skills.       need for a more formal approach to
     programs, the SRC offers college              “It is so gratifying to work with       providing learning support programs
     and personal counseling services.          students to help them discover how         because students come to Rabun
        Like a traditional library, the SRC     they learn and to empower them to          Gap with varying levels of academic
     has special areas dedicated to group and   learn faster and easier. When our          preparation. This year’s students come
     independent study, computers, and          students experience success, then their    from 12 states and 15 countries and
     of course, lots of books. But unlike       eagerness to learn grows and they know     represent a wide variety of educational
     most traditional libraries, the SRC        they can do it,” Fromknecht said.          institutions. This diversity is an asset
                                                                                           to the community, but can provide
                                                                                           challenges in a classroom where
                                                                                           students arrive with varying levels
                                                                                           of preparedness. Historically, most
                                                                                           students were able to get extra help
                                                                                           from teachers outside of class or
                                                                                           from their peers, and in recent years,
                                                                                           students could get additional support
                                                                                           from the learning assistance staff.
                                                                                              In the fall of 2006, a $120,000
                                                                                           grant from the Jessie Ball duPont
                                                                                           Fund offered support to centralize and
                                                                                           enhance these learning support efforts
                                                                                           into the SRC making such programs

                                                                                           Math lab teachers Kathleen
                                                                                           Midgett (standing) and Sandy
                                                                                           Cook (far right) work with
                                                                                           students individually on study
                                                                                           skills. (L-R) are: Wilder Smith
                                                                                           ‘08, Sarah Bessenger ‘10, Jennifer
                                                                                           Hengeveld ‘09, and Emily Abel ‘09.

14                                The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine
                                                                                                    About the
                                                                                                   Jessie Ball
                                                                                                  duPont Fund
                                                                                                From the time of her marriage,
                                                                                                     Mrs. duPont focused her
                                                                                                       life on charitable and
                                                                                                     philanthropic work. For
                                                                                                     four decades, she funded
                                                                                                  hundreds of scholarships for
                                                                                                 college students, mostly in the
                                                                                                 southeastern states. Her gifts
SRC Leaning Specialist, Darlene Fromknecht, works with students
(L-R) Christian Greene ‘11, Lauren Bordelon ‘11, and Ariel Lee ‘09.                                to colleges and universities
                                                                                                   augmented faculty salaries
more readily available to all students.          the lab discouraged and unsure of where
   SRC Director, Holly White, notes,             to start. “The joy of working in the SRC is    and built libraries. Hundreds of
“The grant from the Jessie Ball duPont           the opportunity to work one-on-one with        churches of all denominations,
Fund has increased access to academic            students. They always leave feeling better
help for all students. It has enabled us to      about the subject and themselves,” she said.       major charities, children’s
serve students with a proactive, rather than         A unique aspect of the SRC is that          homes, historic buildings and
a reactive approach to learning support.         it serves students of all levels. Jordan
With its convenient location and amicable        Gilmore, a senior from Atlanta,                  art museums benefited from
staff, the SRC provides a welcoming              Georgia, said, “The SRC gives me
and encouraging atmosphere to students           reassurance in my classes. It helps me         her gifts. The Jessie Ball duPont
who might need an occasional boost.”             with reviewing for tests and making up           Fund today directly supports
   At its core, the SRC seeks to help            strategies to learn more efficiently.”
students by providing opportunities to              Consistent with the School’s founding,         the work of more than 325
practice skills they are learning in class,      the SRC provides reinforcement and               “eligible institutions” - those
offering instruction for challenging             support to minimize the likelihood of
concepts, and teaching innovative study          a student falling behind. Its primary             entities that benefited from
strategies and test taking skills. Working       asset is the one-to-one approach to
closely with the academic departments,           learning and support that has long               her gifts during her lifetime.
the SRC staff – comprised of counselors,         been a value at Rabun Gap.                           A professional program
teachers, and peer tutors – seeks to reinforce      “The SRC enables our School to stay
what is being taught in class and to provide     true to serving students from a variety            staff evaluates and makes
a seamless learning support system.              of backgrounds while also ensuring their
   Sandy Cook taught math at Rabun Gap           academic preparedness and helping them
                                                                                                   recommendations on grant
for years and now works in the SRC’s math        achieve their college aspirations,” said       making, which now totals $12
lab. She notes that students often come to       John Marshall, Head of School. v
                                                                                                  million - $18 million a year.

                                               The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine                                                     15
      RGNS Style
      by Carolyn Nohria – Parent of Patrick Nohria ‘10   R

16           The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine
       Editor’s Note: The author, Carolyn Nohria, is the           streets that St. Paul walked 2000 years ago. At Olympia
    wife of RGNS board member, Dr. Virinder Nohria.                we were on the site where the first Olympic games took

    They are the parents of RGNS sophomore, Patrick.               place. Our students enjoyed racing down the same
        Rabun Gap-Nachoochee School has the good fortune           track used by the best Greek runners in history. From
    to have teachers who dream of sharing their love of various    Olympia we traveled to Delphi to visit the Oracle and
    countries with their students. My husband, Virinder, and       then back to Athens via Cape Sounion for a stop at the
    I have been privileged to share the experience of traveling    temple of Poseidon (aka Neptune). The views from the
    with teachers and students over spring break for the past      Cape are some of the most impressive in the world.
    three years -- and what an experience it has been! So much        The spring trip of 2007 was to Peru and was led by Elena
    learning, seeing, tasting, and just “being there” has been     Carlson, a native of that country. How fortunate to be led by
    crammed into the 8-10 days of spring break that it often       someone who worked hard to give us a taste of the country
    is difficult to separate the various destinations and years.   she grew up in and loved so well. Also along to help with
       The 2005 spring trip was a whirlwind visit to Spain,        the language for those of us who did not speak Spanish were
    France and Italy. The teachers leading the tour were                                                           `    `
                                                                   Elena’s husband, Paul, and School chaplain, Ozu Mejia.
    Elena Carlson, Mark Henning, and Anne Shook.                      We landed in the capital city of Lima and spent a
       Although a few passports were misplaced and money           couple of days seeing the highlights there. It seems that
    was lost, the perils of traveling were a great learning        our son’s birthday falls on the spring trip each year so that
    experience for all of us. Teachers who willingly take          he has been in a different country for each birthday for
    groups of students abroad have a special place in my           the past three years. This year Mrs. Carlson and the other
    heart for their courage, good humor, and love of life.         students helped him eat a birthday cake made in Lima.
       In Barcelona, our first stop, we wandered around in small      From Lima we flew to Cuzco to explore the capital of the
    groups exploring the old city. Our group strolled the famous   ancient Inca. Who among us will forget the train ride to
    La Rambla Street and later did a bus tour of the city. From    Machu Picchu; the ruins of Machu Picchu; the guinea pigs
    Spain we were driven to Italy and the Leaning Tower of Pisa    raised to be eaten much like we eat chicken in the USA; the
    followed by the ancient and beautiful city of Florence.        priest who performed a worship service for us late one night;
                                                                   the guide who played the flute so beautifully; the late night
       At Nimes, France we stopped to see the Roman                bus rides back to the hotel; and the native dancing while we
    Amphitheatre, one of the best preserved Roman arenas           ate dinner. What about the trip to the Amazon basin and
    in the world. We climbed the steps and sat where               the boat ride on the river, which was the main road into and
    spectators watched sporting events in 100 A.D. Rome            out of the area? Who can forget the monkey that fell in love
    was filled with visitors because the Pope was ill at
                                                                   with Ozu? And what about the five-hour jungle walk and the
    the time. Our group had the unique experience of               pick up soccer game in the back lot with some local boys?
    being in the crowd in front of Vatican City when the
    announcement was made that the Pope had died.                     So what can I say to recommend world travel to RGNS
                                                                   students? Memories made and cherished complete with
       Ivy Stiles was our intrepid leader for the 2006 trip        laughter, frustration, and personal growth; meeting
    to Greece and shared with us his love of the country           people a world away from anything we know; a shared
    and its history. We saw the impressive Acropolis in            vision that we only have one world, and all of us must
    Athens and then took an overnight ferry to the Island          learn to live together; the realization that history is
    of Crete. Here we spent some time at the Palace of             personal and touches each of us in one way or another.
    Knossos, built by the Minoan civilization. Does anyone
    besides me remember the snakes kept in jars under                 After three student trips abroad, my only wish is
    the palace to warn of impending earthquakes?                   that more of our students and teachers could take these
                                                                   special educational voyages where they can learn more
      We visited the waterway between the Ionian and the           about their world and, most importantly, themselves.
    Aegean Sea called the Strait of Corinth or the Corinth         Truly, the experience is the stuff of dreams.
    Canal and then stopped in Corinth itself to walk the same

< < < The spring ‘07 RGNS trip to Peru included a stop at the legendary ruins of Machu Picchu. Pictured are:
(Standing from left to right): Pat Rogers ‘66, Chris Shackelford ‘08, Carolyn Nohria, Virinder Nohria, Paul
Carlson, Mikel Wein ‘08, Patrick Nohris ‘10, Matt Jones ‘08, Dylan Duvall ‘09, Andrew Wylie ‘08, and James
Shope ‘07. (Seated from left to right): Ana Maria Balta ‘10, Ozu Mejía, Morgan Slattery ‘10 Nolan VanLinden ‘11,
Sam Norton, Gabriel Ram ‘10, Elena Carlson, and Duncan Wood ‘08.

                                   The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine                                                                17
     Thirty Years Later,
     the Pillars Stand Tall

T         The year was 1977, and RGNS
      was in its final year as the public high
      school (with some boarding students
      from other locations) for the north
      end of Rabun County. Jimmy Carter
      had become America’s 39th President in
      January, succeeding Republican Gerald
      Ford. A month later, the space shuttle
      Enterprise took off on its maiden flight
                                                   voters in the Rabun Gap community
                                                   opposed the measure, it passed. School
                                                   consolidation was becoming the
                                                   norm throughout the country, and
                                                   Rabun County was no exception.
                                                       Dr. Karl Anderson, who had guided
                                                   RGNS for 21 years as
                                                   its president, recalls
                                                                                              period that followed the bond issue
                                                                                              vote. “These individuals were steady,
                                                                                              faithful leaders who never doubted
                                                                                              that RGNS would move forward with
                                                                                              renewed energy and a commitment to
                                                                                              the future,” Dr. Anderson pointed out.

                                                   both the hard work
      on the back of a Boeing 747, and             and natural trepidation
      in May the movie Star Wars opened            that surrounded the
      in theaters across the country as the        transformation of
      British began preparations for the 25th      RGNS into a private
      anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s reign.      school. “Although
      In July, the first oil flowed through        RGNS was moving
      the Trans-Alaska pipeline, and as fall       into uncharted waters,
      approached Ted Turner was skippering         we were upbeat and
      the ocean sailing yacht Courageous as        had confidence we
      it swept the Australian contender in the     would succeed,”
      24th America’s Cup. The average price        he said. “We were
      for a gallon of regular gasoline was 65      convinced that our
      cents. Tragically, in November the Kelly     planning and prayers
      Barnes Dam, located above Toccoa             would see us through
      Falls Bible College failed, killing 39.      and recognized
         For RGNS, 1977 represented a              that consolidation
      year of progress as well, but it was a       was here to stay.”
      year that tested the School’s legacy             Dr. Anderson
      and future course as it prepared to          is quick to credit
      transition into an independent school        former School
      for the first time in its 70-year history.   administrators
      Three years earlier, the Rabun County        Morris Brown,
      Board of Education had made the              Don Arbitter, and
      decision to build a new high school          Joel Conway for
      at the south end of the county. This         their tireless efforts
      move had been propelled by a bond            during the three-
      issue, and despite the fact that 60% of      year transition
                                                                            (L-R): RGNS students Terri Messer, Carol Trippe, and
                                                                            Laura McDonough from a 1978 photograph.

18                                     The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine
                                                                                                                    decision to move Foxfire
                                                                                                                    to the new high school was
                                                                                                                    difficult. “The program
                                                                                                                    was essentially leaving
                                                                                                                    home, but there was little
                                                                                                                    choice. Foxfire relies on
                                                                                                                    community involvement.
                                                                                                                    When local Rabun Gap
                                                                                                                    students moved to the new
                                                                                                                    school, it made sense to
                                                                                                                    move Foxfire with them.
                                                                                                                    The good news is that
                                                                                                                    the program continues
                                                                                                                    to thrive,” Cook said.
                                                                                                                       When the day dawned
                                                                                                                    ushering in the School’s
                                                                                                                    transition to independent
                                                                                                                    status in the fall of 1977,
                                                                                                                    Dr. Anderson and RGNS
                                                                                                                    were prepared. They
                                                                                                                    had set the wheels in
                                                                                                                    motion to attract more
                                                                                                                    boarding students and
                                                                                                                    laid the foundation to
                                                                                                                    develop a day student
                                                                                                                    market from surrounding
 The 1977 RGNS basketball team included (L-R): Kouang Truong, Mike Burch, Jack Conley,                              communities such as
Jay Holt, David Wyatt, and David Gilstrap.                                                                          Franklin, Highlands,
                                                                                                                    and nearby Clayton.
   At the end of the 76-77 school year,             Now an environmental engineer with                                   “In the end, all parties
RGNS enrollment stood at 230. The next          EPA’s Atlanta regional office, Camilla             involved in the consolidation process were
year, after the new Clayton High School         “Cam” Bond Warren ‘77 came to RGNS                 pleased because everyone gained,” Dr.
opened, School enrollment fell to 168.          from Mountain City and served as class vice        Anderson pointed out. “It’s important
Nonetheless, optimism abounded fueled,          president during the School’s final year as a      to remember that RGNS was under the
in part, by the fact that the Woodruff          public entity. “For most of us, as 18-year-        jurisdiction of the local school board prior
and Anderson dorms had opened during            olds, we had difficulty comprehending              to consolidation. Once the transition was
this period providing, what Dr. Anderson        how Rabun Gap could become solely                  complete, we got back control of the School
says, was “impetus for the future.”             private. I recall feeling concerned for kids       and, most importantly, our own destiny.”
   Kathy Hulsey McClure ‘78, today a            from the local community, many with
                                                                                                       Thirty years ago this fall when the
senior vice president at Stephens Federal       generational ties to the School, who had to
                                                                                                   possibility existed that RGNS could lose
Bank in Clayton, was president of the           move to the new high school.” Camilla,
                                                                                                   its way, the vision and determination of
RGNS junior class, many of whom made            who attended the University of Georgia
                                                                                                   the RGNS leadership – taking their cue
the move to the new high school for             on a Foxfire scholarship, recalls that the
                                                                                                   from founder Andrew Ritchie – found
their senior year. “Departing Rabun Gap         departure of the program to the new high
                                                                                                   the right path. In 2007, enrollment
was like leaving home for the first time        school was disappointing. “Many of us
                                                                                                   is at an all-time high of 354 boarding
because RGNS was family to me, but              were sad that Foxfire was leaving, especially
                                                                                                   and day students, and the future is
having most of my friends come along            because it was born at Rabun Gap.”
                                                                                                   bright. RGNS is here to stay. v
made it easier,” she said. “The new high           RGNS English teacher, Mike Cook
school did their best to welcome us, and        ‘71, who was part of Foxfire Magazine as a
as a senior I became class vice president.”     student and later as a teacher, recalls that the

                                              The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine                                                                      19
     Searching for the
                                     By E. Lane Gresham

          Editor’s Note: This article is         and a curse as I apply this formula to   normal routine. The doctors assure
       reprinted with the permission of The      most situations that come my way.        us that Joseph’s wound will heal
       Northeast Georgian newspaper. Lane           I carry a notebook with me            and he will be just fine. I just want
       Gresham is the mother of RGNS                                                      to push the fast-forward button so

                                                 everywhere I go to record random
       students, Joseph ‘12 and Jackson ‘14.     thoughts, grocery lists and the          that we can skip the challenges that
          My 13-year-old son asked me a          occasional inspirational church          continued recovery will bring.
       question last week that I couldn’t        marquee quote. When I ran out of             The connections we have in
       answer. “Why, Mama? Why did               the house on Aug. 12, I grabbed          our community have come full
       this have to happen to me?”               my purse and my notebook.                circle as our family fell to its lowest
          Joseph’s life changed on Sunday,          Initially, the notebook provided      place. We were lifted up by our
       Aug. 12. He was mowing grass              me with a way to record doctor’s         faith and by those people who
       when his right foot slipped under         comments, note medication times          touched our lives in so many ways.
       the unforgiving blades of the push        and dosages and to try to make sense     We are humbly grateful for the
       mower. In the shock of the next few       of what was happening to our son.        overwhelming flood of support.
       moments, I don’t recall words - just      On the day after the accident, I was     The ripples of unconditional
       images. As I tentatively lift the lid     determined to apply “my” formula         love that started on Aug. 12 are a
       on these memories, the word that          to the current challenge in our lives.   reminder that we are truly blessed
       comes to mind is raw - raw wound,                                                  to be a part of this community.
                                                     After 24 hours of observing and
       raw screams, and raw emotions.            questioning the Emory University             Ken Weldon arrived at the scene
          Joseph traveled by helicopter to       Hospital system, I realized that         at the same time as the ambulance.
       Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta-         in order for my child to receive         He and his wife Hope set the tone
       Egleston. First responders provided       the care he needed, I would need         for the many friends who have been
       incredible care as my husband             to surrender to the power that           so extraordinary in organizing the
       and I followed by car. After the          is a teaching hospital. Letting          logistics and details for our family
       initial trauma was addressed,             go has been a novel experience           of five. On top of providing meals,
       our world became very small.              for me but I’m learning to listen        picking up our other children
                                                 with ears and not my mouth.              and doing anything that would
          As a writer and relentless                                                      make our lives a little easier, these
       researcher, it is my habit to observe        As I write this, Joseph is settling   friends took the time to reach out
       the situation, gather the facts and       in here at home. He was discharged       to Joseph with a barrage of cards,
       come up with a solution or in the         on Monday after six surgeries and        messages, balloons, visits and calls
       case of a writing assignment - to craft   two weeks in the hospital. Our lives     to check-in. Joseph doesn’t fully
       the story. Those closest to me know       turned upside down for a time but        understand what an impact this
       this approach can be both a blessing      we are all eager to return to our        support is having on his healing.

20                           The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine
                                                                                                            I greeted her in the morning,
                                                                                                            her smile melted my heart.
                                                                                                               As for my big boy and me,
                                                                                                            to have our lives intersect this
                                                                                                            way is not the expected order
                                                                                                            of business. He turned 13 just
                                                                                                            two weeks before the accident.
                                                                                                            Becoming a teenager typically
                                                                                                            holds the promise of new
                                                                                                            independence. He and I are
                                                                                                            learning to communicate on a
                                                                                                            whole new level. What will this
                                                                                                            mean for our relationship going
                                                                                                            forward? Only time will tell.
                                                                                                                I don’t have the answer
                                                                                                            to his question of “Why,
                                                                                                            Mama, why?” but my hope
                                                                                                            is to cushion this unexpected
                                                                                                            blow by standing with him.
                                                                                                            There have been tender and
                                                                                                            tough moments sometimes
                                                                                                            seconds apart. My hope is
                                                                                                            that he will realize the value of
                                                                                                            true community as he works
                                                                                                            through the emotions that result
                                                                                                            from a traumatic experience.
                                                                                                                Miracles do occur and I
                                                                                                            have been advised to remain
                                                                                                            open to them as we navigate
                                                                                                            this bump in the road we call
                                                                                                            life. It is but a minor bump
Joseph and Lane.
                                                                                                            as we look around us.

He just knows that he hurts and that he         9,000 children a year are injured in                            Maybe the softening of
misses his friends. He is understandably        lawn mower accidents, with most                  my stoic son’s heart is the miracle I’m
frustrated by the temporary loss of mobility.   of the injuries life changing.                   supposed to discover. Shortly before we left
                                                                                                 the hospital, he received a huge bouquet
   Living at Egleston provided an amazing          In addition to trauma patients, there were    of balloons. Before he went to sleep
perspective for me. We are so very, very        other acute cases on our floor. Across the       that night, he asked if we could give the
lucky. There were three other patients          hall from our room lived a special baby girl.    balloons to that baby girl who gives her
on our floor whose lives were changed           She caught my eye on Day 3 of our stay.          smile so freely. He is getting the message.
by an encounter with a lawn mower.              She has been in and out of Egleston most
Joseph’s wound is slight in comparison.         of her short life. I don’t know the details of      E. Lane Gresham is a community
                                                her illness, but I do know when I peered         columnist for The Northeast Georgian. v
  I was shocked to learn that
                                                into her eyes, her soul peered back. When

                                            The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine                                                                    21
     Faculty Focus:
                                                                            Ivy Stiles
R                       Rabun Gap has been a part of my life since the day I was
                     born. My grandparents, Lake and Ethel Stiles, moved to the
                     Gap in the 40s to be a farm family, and later my grandfather
                     switched to school staff as a maintenance man. They lived on
                     campus until the day they each passed away and were buried
                                                                                      stationed in Virginia and Japan during my military years, I
                                                                                      took solace in the knowledge that my Wolffork Valley home
                                                                                      was safe and secure. Later, as a student at the University of
                                                                                      Colorado, and subsequently a resident of Boulder for several
                                                                                      years, I loved the Colorado scene, but for me, ‘home’ still
     By Ivy Stiles

                     in the cemetery behind (what is now) the middle school.          remained that venerable farm house in the Wolffork Valley.
                        When I was young, I was allowed to spend summers with            When my grandmother passed away in 1995, I
                     my great uncle Mack Dickerson, a wonderful supporter of          promised to come take care of her old homestead in
                     Rabun Gap basketball through much of the 60s and 70s, and        Wolffork Valley, but what could I do to earn a living? I
                     – though he was never able to attend RGNS – was one of the       held a degree in the Classics, but had no idea what to
                     kids in Wolffork Valley for whom the School was founded.         do with such a diploma. I had tried my hand at the
                     Through the years, I’ve heard numerous stories about the         ministry, the military, construction, and many odd jobs,
                     work program at Rabun Gap from my uncle, former teacher          but in each position people had told me that I should be
                     and current school archivist, Billy Joe Stiles ‘49, my father,   a teacher. Me, a teacher? I had driven my own teachers
                     Bob Stiles ‘55, and my mother, Sharon Keener Stiles ‘57.         crazy, but at the same time had respected, admired, and
                        I grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta, Ga., Washington,         occasionally even loved many of them, whether it was at
                     D.C., and New Haven, Ct., and even though my family              Sunday school, elementary and high school, or college.
                     resided in these places and I loved them dearly, ‘home’ was        When offered a job teaching Latin at RGNS in 1995,
                     an old farm house in Wolffork Valley. When I was                    I felt like I had finally found a purpose for my life
                                                                                         and yet another connection to my family and their
                                                                                         history. I discovered, much to my surprise, that I
                                                                                          love being with the students here. I appreciate the
                                                                                          various levels of interaction in classes, during after-
                                                                                           school activities, and at the meals we share together.
                                                                                                In teaching Latin, I have discovered a sense of
                                                                                             purpose and usefulness to my life which I had not
                                                                                             thought possible. I don’t just teach Latin in the
                                                                                             conventional sense; I try to acquaint my students
                                                                                              with Roman and other ancient history, the roots
                                                                                              of Christianity and other religions, the impact the
                                                                                              Roman Empire has on the modern world, and
                                                                                              methods to analyze any language they read (not
                                                                                               just Latin). I also have been privileged to coach
                                                                                               cross country running, track, and swimming.
                                                                                                Mine is a full life; it is also a fulfilled life.
                                                                                                  I live in the only place that has ever been
                                                                                               ‘home’ to me, an old farm house in Wolffork
                                                                                               Valley, and I have the opportunity to contribute
                                                                                                to the mission of a school that educated
                             Mr. Stiles’ love of Latin and its relationship to ancient          and raised to adulthood most of my family.
                             and modern history is a key part of his teaching.                  What more could anyone ever ask? v
                                                                    Photo by Renee Collins

22                                                 The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine
                                                                                                                       Campus appenings
                                                        spend their free time like    includes a reinvigorated recycling
                                                        American students – playing   program. The group includes Lynsi,
                                                        sports, listening to music,   Allisha Fricks, Elizabth Bloch, Anthony
                                                        and spending time with        Chalas, Jessica Craig, Daniel Dorough,
                                                        friends. A difference she     Chapell Hailey, Lauren James, and
                                                        noticed was the fact that     Gina Maniscalco. Mark Hennning
                                                        Australian students are       is the faculty sponsor. Their main
                                                        much more outspoken.          objective is to “ensure the preservation
                                                            Abigail was chosen        of the environment and to help
                                                         to participate in the        others become more environmentally
                                                         exchange program after       conscious in their day to day life.”
                                                         submitting an application,       They have partnered with RGNS
                                                         which included an essay      Housekeeping (who had previously
                                                         explaining her desire to     tried to continue the recycling

Abigail Philips ‘08 Goes                                 go, and an interview with    program, but was challenged by staff
Down Under                                   the selection team. She says it is an    size) and their hard work is paying off.
                                             experience she will never forget.        New collection bins for aluminum and
    When you ask senior, Abigail
                                                                                      plastic bottles have been placed around
Philips, what she did last summer, she
                                                                                      campus and motion-detection paper
has quite a story to tell as she spent
                                                                                      towel dispensers have been installed in
six weeks in Australia as part of an
                                             Environmental Stewardship                campus restrooms. You can find this
exchange program between RGNS
                                                Lynsi Wavra ‘08 has always loved      dedicated group every Monday and
and Barker’s College in Sydney.
                                             the outdoors. Growing up on a            Thursday collecting recyclables and
Abigail attended classes and spent
                                             Christmas tree farm in Western           depositing them at the local recycling
some time “on holiday” exploring the
                                             North Carolina has given her a           center. Tuesdays and Wednesdays find
eastern portion of the country, but
                                             true appreciation for the beauty of      them working on the campus Biodiesel
she especially enjoyed the time she
spent at Gawura School. Gawara
is a K-6 school for Aboriginal and
Torress Strait students and is part of St.
Andrews Cathedral School in Sydney.
   Holiday time included touring
Sydney, where she visited the fame
Opera House and cruised Discovery
Bay, and visiting Greenland where
she observed kangaroos in their
natural habitat. She also saw dingos,
wombats, and kukaburros – oh my!
   Abigail says Australian students

                                                 this region and, especially, this    project and helping with the solar panel
                                                 incredible campus, and she wants     installation at the Science Building.
                                                 to keep it this way. So, she and        Faculty and staff support has been
                                                 several classmates were concerned    strong and the group hopes enthusiasm
                                                 last year by the lack of recycling   will grow and continue. They say that
                                                 efforts on campus and decided        these efforts, “…aren’t glamorous,
                                                 to do something about it. The        but they are important!” How true.
                                                 result is the new Environmental
                                                 Stewardship Program, which

                                             The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine                                                     23
                                                                   box, and this was
                                                                   something most people
                                                                   just don’t get to do.
                                                                      More than 500 high
                                                                  school-aged applicants
                                                                  hoped to participate
                                                                  in NCS, but only 30
                                                                  are accepted each year.
                                                                  Evan is grateful that
                                                                  he was one of them
                                                                                              Emma and Richard Anderson measure
                                                                  as he learned far more      the new table.
                                                                  than just tricks and
                                                                  stunts, he learned how to “create The Hodges donated all of the needed
      Evan performs a body balancing drill called                 a beautiful and amazing act that    materials and supplies and Scott built
      the table pose.
                                                                  goes beyond physical skill.”        a sturdy, new table as well. Betsy
                                                                                                      says she really enjoys creative projects
                                                                      Evan hopes to attend NCS        and was happy to help create a more
                   Evan Goes to                            again next summer and would like           inviting space for students and faculty.
                                                           very much to attend the college at
Campus appenings

                   Cirque Camp                             NCS. Both of which will help him to           The Middle School also has a new
                      If you have seen either of the past  achieve his dream - to open a Cirque       Commons Area to enjoy. Using
                   two Cirque performances at RGNS,        gym or camp after retiring from a          funds from the Parents Association
                   then you have seen (and likely been     successful career as a Cirque performer. Project Application project, Kelly
                   amazed by) junior, Evan Westbrook,                                                 Frank and Jane Owens purchased
                   a talented and very accomplished                                                   bean bag chairs and area rugs, along
                   Cirque performer. Evan’s dedication                                                with a new coat of paint, compliments
                   and passion for the program led him to (Semi) Extreme Middle                       of our Maintenance Department, to
                   the National Circus School [NCS] in                                                create an inviting and relaxing space
                                                           School Make-Over                           for middle school students to gather.
                   Montreal this past summer where he
                                                              No, Ty Pennington
                   worked to hone his skills even further.
                                                           hasn’t been on campus
                      Evan’s initial interest in Cirque    recently, but Betsy and
                   began when he attended the RGNS         Scott Hodges certainly
                   summer Circus & Theater Camp            helped to “spruce up”
                   three years ago. He admits that he      the Middle School
                   wasn’t “thrilled” about camp at first,  this summer. Betsy,
                   but it quickly captivated him as he

                                                           mother of 7th grade
                   made three important discoveries        student, Emma, and
                   – he was good at it, this area of study Middle School Assistant,
                   encouraged him to think outside the             Janie Owens,
                                                                   agreed during
                                                                   a conversation
                                                                   that the middle
                                                                   school kitchen        MS faculty member Kelsey Holzman, Amina Bility
                                                                   area needed some and her father, Khalipha, in the Commons Area.
                                                                   attention, and
                                                                   Betsy took it from there. She
                                                                   got her husband, Scott, involved
                                                                   and they even brought Emma
                                                                   and her friend, fellow middle      RGNS Orchestra
                                                                   schooler, Anna Cole Rickman,          RGNS Music Director, Paul Scott,
                                                                   into the project. The girls        thought he would never see a string
                                                                   actually gave up a full week this orchestra at RGNS because the School
                   Evan with the owner of Cirque Eloize
                                                                   summer to paint and help with      was just too small in numbers. Several
                   and inventor of the Cyr Wheel, a
                   Cirque apparatus.                               other aspects of the project.      months later everything changed,

 24                                            The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine
                                                                                                                             Campus appenings
in part, due to strong recruiting of          over 30 years experience, Paul
European and Korean students.                 Scott also performs in local civic
   Instrumental music in schools              and college orchestras as a violist
throughout America favor band                 and cellist. The RGNS string
and wind ensembles, whereas Asian             orchestra is in good hands.
and European institutions lean
more heavily on the symphonic
orchestra. Fortunately, Scott is a
published arranger/composer who
enjoys the challenge of writing               Richard Lafleur ‘08 –
music tailored to student ability.            International Thespian
                                                                                        IT officers at the NYC auction.
   In the past two years, RGNS has            Chairperson
boasted a strong String Orchestra with                                                     audition for college and university
                                                  Richard Lafleur has added one
eighteen performances, including                                                           representatives as well as Thespian

                                              big item to his senior year “To Do”
concertos by Mozart, Haydn, Vivaldi,                                                       scholarships. This is also where the
                                              list – the role of chairperson of the
                                                     International Thespian Society        ITS elections take place. Richard
                                                     [ITS], the honorary society for       was excited to meet other passionate
                                                     high school theatre students,         thespians and experience everything
                                                     whose mission is to honor student     the Festival offers and thought,
                                                     excellence in the theatre arts.       “Winning the election would just be
                                                                                           icing on the cake.” And after a week
                                                       Richard attended his first
                                                                                           of campaigning and impressing fellow
                                                    Thespian Conference during his
                                                                                           thespians, that is just what he did.
                                                    sophomore year and remembers
                                                    being “awe-struck” at seeing              In his role as chair, Richard will
                                                    his first state officer wearing        travel the US and abroad, including
                                                    an official SSO (Student State         a recent trip to New York City where
                                              Officer) sash; he explains, saying that      he met Andrew Lloyd Weber and his
and Kreisler. The orchestra is the
                                              student officers are very dedicated to       personal hero, John Gallagher, Jr. He
first ensemble to perform each year
                                              their art and “receive a huge amount         and other IT officers also participated
at Academic Convocation, and the
                                              of respect from other thespians.”            in an auction of theater-related items
last group to perform at Graduation.
                                                                                           whose proceeds benefit Broadway
In addition to stage concerts, they              The annual Thespian Festival at
                                                                                           Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, a cause
have performed for Chapel Services,           the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
                                                                                           ITS supports through fundraisers
visiting guests, Lessons and Carols,          hosts approximately 2000 thespians
                                                                                           throughout the year. Richard’s
GMEA All-State, Concert Festivals,            each summer and offers workshops,
                                                                                           goals for the upcoming year include
and even at local restaurants and             performance events, a playwriting
                                                                                           increasing international attendance at
civic functions as a ‘Strolling Strings’      program, and opportunities to
                                                                                           next year’s Festival and presenting the
ensemble, presenting everything from
                                                                                                                 largest check ever
baroque concertos to jazz backup for
                                                                                                                 on behalf of ITS to
vocalists. With an average of over one
                                                                                                                 Broadway Cares/
performance per month, the RGNS
                                                                                                                 Equity Fights
String Orchestra is easily rivaling
                                                                                                                 AIDS. All of this
some small college programs in terms
                                                                                                                 while maintaining
of performance level and schedule.
                                                                                                                 his academic
   Lisa Kim ‘11 is the first RGNS                                                                                responsibilities,
student to be selected for GMEA All                                                                              participating
State Orchestra since the inception of                                                                           in School
the orchestra program – performing                                                                               productions,
in both the 7th and 8th grade. Adam                                                                              and enjoying
Tyler ‘08 is the first orchestra student at                                                                      his senior year.
RGNS to begin performing in the 6th                                                                              Bravo, Richard!
grade through his current senior year.
                                              Richard with John Gallager, Jr.
   A professional jazz pianist with

                                              The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine                                                          25
Campus appenings


            Student Leadership
               A new emphasis is being placed on student leadership at
            RGNS this year, and this initiative is being led by Student
            Leadership Coordinator and RGNS alumna, Brooke Loder

            ‘97. The Student Leadership Committee includes the senior
            class president and vice-president, the head and assistant head
            prefects, and the Honor Council president and senior class
            representative. The Committee is assisted by a group of several         Student Government
            adults who serve on the Leadership Council. These three
            groups of student leaders have different charges and the Student
            Leadership Initiative works together to help clarify those roles.
               In addition to their individual responsibilities, a unified focus
            of these students is to foster servant leadership and encourage
            other students to model good servant leadership behavior.
               Members of Student Government, Prefects, and the
            Honor Council attended an orientation before the start of
            school to help prepare for this new emphasis. Goals for the
            coming year include amending the Student Government
            constitution, continued servant leadership projects,
            and emphasizing community service projects. v                            Honor Council

                                                      Lwala Comes to Rabun Gap
                                                         Guest speaker at a recent convocation was Milton Ochieng’ (front row, far
                                                     right), a Vanderbilt University medical student and founder of the Lwala Clinic
                                                     in Kenya, a fundraising cause that the School’s Diversity Club has adopted as
                                                     its own. Milton shared with students the impact the clinic has had on life in
                                                     his small village in western Kenya. Lwala receives support from Milton’s alma
                                                     mater, Dartmouth University, as well as Vanderbilt, RGNS, and others. During
                                                     the presentation, he illustrated how those resources are being put to use. Some
                                                     examples…$10 will supply one malaria treatment; $250 covers a nurse’s salary
                                                     for one month; $12,000 will build a housing duplex for two staff members, etc.
                                                     The Diversity Club, under the leadership of English teacher, Kathy Henning,
                                                     hopes to raise $3000 to cover an annual salary for Rose, the clinic nurse. For more
                                                     information about Lwala, visit: http://hopeforlwala.com/background/lwala.

26                                        The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine
Thank You
                RGNS students sent their thanks recently to former
              Board of Trustee member, Vernon Wright ‘60, who was
              instrumental in procuring two pre-owned, low-mileage
              school buses at an exceptional value through his work with
              Blue Bird Bus Company. Previously leased by the U.S. Navy
              for a military base school in Florida, the buses are in superb
              condition. To honor Vernon and wife, Dottie ‘60, current
              members of the School’s Board of Visitors, the students have
              officially nicknamed the buses, ‘Vernon’ and ‘Dottie.’

    The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine                                           27
     Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School

     Legacy Walkway
              at the Alumni Heritage Center
     Now you can create a lasting tribute to those who are part of the
     history of Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School. The RGNS Alumni
     Association has partnered with the School to sponsor a campaign to
     create a Legacy Walkway at the Alumni Heritage Center. The Legacy
                                                                                                        The Legacy
     Walkway, a beautiful brick-lined pathway, is the perfect way to
     recognize a friend or loved one, congratulate a recent graduate or pay
                                                                                                           Some things have changed over RGNS’s 104
     tribute to a teacher, forever carving these names into the lore of RGNS.                           year history, but the core values and traditions
     The purchase of a memorial brick will fund the Walkway and will                                    including Work Study Worship remain the
     also support other RGNS Alumni Association projects.                                               same. Today, RGNS continues to inspire young
                                                                                                        people for lives of service and leadership. RGNS
     If you have questions, please contact Laura
                                                                                                        continues to foster deep and lasting relationships
     Schott at 706.746.7467 ext. 209 or                                                                 between students and faculty. RGNS continues
     at lschott@rabungap.org.                                                                           to educate young people on the grounds of
                                                                                                        America’s most beautiful, pastoral campus.
                                                                                                            As you read through this issue of The Pillars and
     Complete this form and submit with a                                                               reflect on the traditions and memories of RGNS, I
                                                                                                        urge you to remember that much of what we prize
     $50 check for each brick donation. If
                                                                                                        at RGNS has been contributed by private donors,
     ordering multiple bricks, please provide a separate form for each.                                 people who were moved to build for the future.
     Additional forms are available on the Alumni page of the school
                                                                                                           Some loyal donors have demonstrated their
     website at www.rabungap.org.                                                                       commitment to Dr. Ritchie’s vision by including
                                                                                                        RGNS in their estate plans. The RGNS Heritage
     Line 1 – (optional) _________ In Honor of _________ In Memory of                                   Society honors these individuals who have
     Line 2 – ________________________________________________                                          entered into a sacred trust by ensuring RGNS
                                                                                                        for future generations of young people.
     Maximum of 18 characters, including spaces
                                                                                                           If the promise of RGNS’s second century of
     Line 3 – ________________________________________________                                          service strikes a chord in you, please consider
     Maximum of 18 characters, including spaces                                                         including our School in your estate plans.
                                                                                                        Gifts can range in size and can help to support
     Make checks payable to: RGNS Alumni Association
                                                                                                        scholarships, faculty, and grounds and facilities.
                             Attn: Laura Schott
                             339 Nacoochee Drive • Rabun Gap, GA 30568                                     If you have already included RGNS in your
                                                                                                        estate plans, let us extend a warm thank you and
     *Please note - We cannot accept credit card payments and brick purchases are not tax-deductible.
                                                                                                        encourage you to please notify the Advancement
     Contact information to notify the family of an honoree/memorial:                                   Office so that we may add your name to the
     ___________________________________________________________                                        distinguished list of Heritage Society members.
     ___________________________________________________________                                           For more information on planned
     ___________________________________________________________                                        giving opportunities or to share your
                                                                                                        existing estate plans, please contact:
     ___________________________________________________________                                           Paige Spivey, Director of Advancement
     ___________________________________________________________                                           706.746.7467 x218
     ___________________________________________________________                                           pspivey@rabungap.org

28                                                       The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine
       Making a Difference through Your Retirement Plan
                                                    have found this PPA provision         often be as simple as providing
              Annual Gifts
Advancement      The Pension Protection Act
              (PPA) of 2006 may offer you
              a new opportunity for tax-
              free charitable giving. This
                                                    has enabled them to increase their
                                                    traditional gift to the School.
                                                    Future Gifts
                                                       Often, retirement assets are
                                                                                          the plan administrator a written
                                                                                          request. If you are interested
                                                                                          in exploring this option in
                                                                                          your estate planning, Rabun
                                                                                          Gap advises you to contact
              new piece of legislation gives        not “tax friendly” when left to       your plan administrator for
              those who are at least 70 ½ the       beneficiaries other than spouses,     specific instructions that may be
              opportunity to make gifts from        and therefore these assets can        unique to your qualified plan.
              traditional or Roth IRA funds         be a very appropriate gift for           For more information on
              that would otherwise be subject       charities after the death of both     the PPA provision or to discuss
              to tax if withdrawn voluntarily or    spouses. In fact, retirement assets   the details of a planned gift
              under a mandatory withdrawal          may be the least desirable gift to    through your retirement assets,
              requirements. The legislation         leave to children due to its tax      please contact Paige Spivey in
              allows for this tax-free charitable   implications. Generally speaking,     the Advancement Office.
              withdrawal for 2006 and 2007.         making a gift to Rabun Gap
              Some Rabun Gap supporters             through a retirement plan can

                                                    a fellowship in your family           life. For more information on
              Honoring our                          or congregation’s name for            how a charitable remainder trust
              Presbyterian                          years to come. To support this        may help you achieve your life
              Heritage                              important initiative that honors
                                                    our Presbyterian Heritage and
                                                                                          income needs and charitable
                                                                                          priorities, please contact Paige
                 This year the School has           affirms the importance of our         Spivey, Director of Advancement.
              initiated the Presbyterian Fellows    Worship pillar, please contact
              program to help provide merit         the Advancement Office                Development 101-
              scholarships to students who
              are active members of the             Rabun Gap                             Stock Gifts
                                                                                             Making charitable gifts
              Presbyterian Church (USA) and
              are entering RGNS for the first
                                                    Grandmother Leaves                    through stock is a great way
              time. The Presbyterian Fellows        Legacy and Ensures                    to serve the best interest of
                                                                                          the donor while also making
              Scholarship is an academic and
              character award and ranges
                                                    our Core Mission                      an important contribution to
                                                       The late Mary Brown Rushin,        Rabun Gap. Do you own stock
              in value up to $3,000 for
                                                    grandmother of Rabun Gap              that has appreciated over the
              day students and $5,000 for
                                                    alumnus Jack Hungerford ‘71,          years? Are you concerned about
              boarding students towards annual
                                                    donated over $550,000 to support      paying the capital gains tax if
              tuition costs. Nominees for
                                                    student aid at the School. By         you decide to sell the stock?
              this scholarship must receive an
                                                    establishing a charitable remainder
              endorsement from the Session                                                   If so, consider making a
                                                    trust, Ms. Rushin was able to
              of a Presbyterian Church,                                                   charitable contribution of stock
                                                    provide income to her family
              (PCUSA), achieve grades of                                                  rather than selling. By doing
                                                    during her lifetime and leave a
              “B” or better, score in the top                                             so, you pay no capital gains tax
                                                    sizeable gift to Rabun Gap and
              25% of the admission class,                                                 upon the transfer to Rabun Gap,
                                                    other charities of her choosing.
              and demonstrate strong moral                                                and you benefit from a income
                                                    Ms. Rushin’s thoughtful planned
              character and citizenship.                                                  tax charitable deduction for
                                                    gift has established the Mary
                                                                                          the full fair market value of the
                  Your gift of $5,000 or that       Brown Rushin Endowed Fund
                                                                                          stock on the date of the gift.
              of your congregation can be           for Student Financial Aid which
              directed to support an annual         will serve students at Rabun             For more information or
              fellowship award or a larger          Gap for years to come while also      to make your stock transfer
              contribution of $25,000 or more       honoring the important place          today, please contact the
              can be designated to ensure           the School holds in her family’s      Advancement Office. v

                           The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine                                                                   29
                          The Alumni Association has established several committees
                       and they are looking for members. If you are interested in
                                                                                          A message to Alumni
                       participating in any of the following, please contact the Chair:
                                                                                          from the Rabun Gap-
                            Jennifer Berry Hudgins ‘86 – shudgins1@alltel.net
                                                                                          Nacoochee Guild
Association News
                             Mitch Walker ‘78 – mitchellwalker@charter.net
                          Strategic Planning
                                                                                          Dear RGNS Alumni,
                              Keith Arnold ‘86 – KMACK@tarawatrucking.com                    As an alumnus of Rabun Gap-
                                                                                          Nacoochee School, you share with many
                       Alumni Association officer elections will be held next spring
                    and the Executive Committee members will be installed during          graduates fond memories of inspired
                    Homecoming June 2008. If you are interested in running                growing through Work Study Worship.
                    for office (president, vice-president, secretary, or treasurer),
                    contact Jennifer Berry Hudgins ‘86, shudgins1@alltel.net.                 The Rabun-Gap Nacoochee
                                                                                          Guild recently celebrated 75 years of
                              A post card listing key upcoming dates (i.e. work days,     assisting the School in maintaining
                           Alumni Association meetings, student performances, etc.)
                           was recently mailed to all alumni. If you did not receive
                                                                                          its highest standards by offering
                           one and would like to, please contact Laura Schott at          financial assistance and scholarship
                           lschott@rabungap.org to request one.
                                                                                          funding. Throughout the year, the
                                                                                          Guild promotes successful social
                          A vote was taken                                                events to provide resources for Guild
                       during last June’s
                       annual meeting
                                                                                          initiatives and scholarship support.
                       to determine                                                           There is an urgent need to expand
                       the new Alumni
                       Association logo and                                               the Guild’s community commitment
                       the winner is…                                                     through new membership, and
                                                                                          we would like to invite you to our
                   Recipe                                                                 various functions and join with us
                      Here is a treat for alumni who remember Aunt Mary’s                 in helping to identify new ways to
                   delicious rolls from their dining hall days – the recipe!
                                                                                          grow, to learn, and to form lasting
                      Dissolve 1 package dry yeast in 1/3 cup warm water
                      Mix together:
                                                                                          friendships within the RGNS Guild.
                            1 cup warm milk                                                  May we have the pleasure
                            1/3 cup melted butter or shortening
                                                                                          of hearing from you?
                            4 tbs sugar
                            1 tsp salt
                      Add dissolved yeast
                      Add 3 ½ - 4 cups flour                                              Helen Faser
                      Continue mixing for 5 minutes                                       Membership Committee
                      Cover and let rise until double in bulk. Roll out into rolls        404.252.5509
                   and let rise for 1 ½ hours (dough should be kept warm from
                   mixing until baking)                                                   helenfaser@aol.com
                      Bake 25 minutes at 350.

30                                             The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine
    The Alumni Office has recently received correspondence from alumni who have tried
 to contact classmates using the database on the Alumni page of the School website (www.
 rabungap.org), only to have their emails returned as undeliverable. If you have posted your
 contact information there, please take a moment to check it and if you have not listed recent
 information, you are encouraged to do so. The direct link is http://rabungap.net/rgnswapp/
 alumni_email_update.asp. We must rely on alumni to provide email and address changes
 and hope that all alumni will take a moment to ensure the accuracy of our information.

1930s                            ‘34
           Thurmond, Pledger past July.
                         ay this

                                                                                                               Alumni Notes
           celebrated his 90th birthd

     Rhodes, Ginger (Virginia L) ‘71
     is the principal at Aiken University Hig
     Cincinnati, an Environmental Studies Sch
     grades 9-12.                               1970 s
                                              h School in
                                                 ool for

  Burke Cathiees‘81
            dr s:
  has a new email ad

   Mann, Shawn (Mack) ‘88
    teaches middle school studen
   in grades 6-8 and works pa
   librarian in a college librar
                                              1980 s
                                     ts with disabilities
                                  rt-time as a reference
                                 y. She and husband,
                                                               Mays, Timothy “Dave” ‘82
                                                               lives with his two sons, Wallace and Eric, in
  Robert, have four children                                   Summerville, SC and is currently in the race for the
                                . Shawn looks forward
  to hearing from RGNS cla                                     SC House of Representatives. 843-264-8484 and
                                ssmates. Email:
  shmann@gmail.com                                             email: davidmaysforhouseseat94@knology.net

                          1990 s                                                Diamond, Anthony ‘96
                                                                               is working in the Litigatio
                                                                               industry as a Project Mana
                                                                              plans to complete his MBA
                                                                              start a real estate investme
                                                                              with his fiancé, Narumon.
                                                                                                           n Consulting
                                                                                                            ger. He

                                                                                                           nt business
                                                                                                              and then

Barreto, Francisco ‘99                                                      McDowell, Jannessa ‘98
and Bettina welcomed son, Samuel Xavier,                                    married Nathan Peterson on May 5, 2007.
on July 21, 2007. He weighed just under 7                                   RGNS School chaplain, the Rev. Dr. Jeff
lbs. and was 20” long. The family lives in                                  Reynolds, performed the ceremony.
Germany where Francisco teaches history.
Email: barretofrancisco@hotmail.com                                         Photo by Scott Augustine

                                              The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine                                            31
                          2000 s           4
                      Aderhold, Shiloh ‘0the spring
                                     ed in
                       Shiloh’s email was misprint
                       issue of The Pillars, her cor
                                                     rect email
                       address is 508.sadherhold@                        Smith, Sarah ‘04
                                                                         along with the 5-member cast of Oedipus Rex, Jim Hammond, the
                                                                         artistic director of the Gainesville Theatre Alliance, and members of the
                                                                         support group, Theatre Wings, set off for a 12 day adventure in Greece
                                                                         to sightsee, experience the ancient ruins, and the opportunity to perform
                                                                         Oedipus Rex where the story as old as time originated. GTAs journey
                                                                         through Greece included visits to the Acropolis in Athens, The Temple
                                                                         of Delphi, the Island of Corfu, and the Temple of Zeus at Olympia.
                   Cantrell, Crane ‘06                                   However, the highlight of the trip was the magical evening when the
                   celebrated his birthday with several alums at
                                                                         Rep. Company performed Oedipus in the ancient amphitheatre of
                   Lake Hartwell this past July. Crane is pictured
                   with L-R: Michael Loudermilk ‘04, Brian
                                                                         Of the experience, Sarah says, “You never consider having a religious
                   Vollmer ‘04, Justin Holtsclaw ‘04, Micah
                                                                         experience in a historical site like Epidaurus. This performance will have
                   Seehorn ‘05, Crane, Kennon Jones ‘06, Brain
                                                                         a huge impact in my life as an actress.”
                   Vollmer ‘07, and Lanier Ward ‘07.
                                                                  Jones, Kennon ‘06t at Wake Forest University
                   Ross, Steven ‘03                                              Lis
                                                                  was named to the Dean’s                                 3.0
                                                                                             er. Students who achieve a
                   is serving in Iraq as part of
                                                 part of the      for the spring 2007 semest                            .
                                                                                               e were named to the list
                   261st MCT (movement con
                                                   trol team).    or higher grade point averag
                  His email is: steven.c.ross@u
                  and an alternate email: Ro
                                               gerRossDVM@              Swain, Patrick ‘03
                  AnimalPetDoctor.com. Ma                               visited with John and Rebecca Marshall this
                                                 iling address:
                  Pv2 Ross, Steven • 261st                              summer when they visited Scotland. Patrick and
                  LSA ADDER • APO AE                                    Mr. Marshall are pictured on the campus of the
                                                                        University of Edinburgh, where Patrick attends.

     In Memoriam
     Don Arbitter                                   Ray Gregory Former Staff                         Clarabelle Williams Rollins ‘54
     Passed away August 3, 2007                     Ray passed away September 9, 2006                Clarabelle passed away August 4, 2006
     Marie “Aunt Re” Bowman                         Harwell Hendee ‘57                               Harriett Smoot
     Former residential faculty 1978-1993           Hartwell passed away August 8, 2007              Former faculty 1963-1973
     Marie passed away June 24, 2007                Nelson Lakey                                     Harriett passed away March 4, 2007
     Sue Brown                                      Farm Family 1955-1960                            William T. “Twigg” Smith ‘52
     School nurse 1978-1990                         Nelson passed away March 2007                    Twigg passed away August 6, 2007
     Sue passed away August 12, 2007                Henry “Roy” Neal ‘40JC                           Lamar Vandiver ‘44
     Ruth Adams Cabe                                Roy passed away May 7, 2007                      Lamar passed away November 2005
     Farm Family 1937-1946                          Phil Newlon
     Ruth passed away June 25, 2007                 Former Faculty 1990-1993
     Max Carnes ‘32                                 Phil passed away September 15, 2007
     Max passed away July 27, 2006                  Russell Perkins ‘42JC
     Kia Carver ‘74                                 Russell passed away March 17, 2007
     Kia passed away July 5, 2006                   Maxine Teague Ramey ‘52
     Paul Foster Farm Family                        Maxine passed away June 10, 2006
     Paul passed away February 5, 2007

32                                             The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine
The Road to Rabun Gap

                                                                                                                            Faculty & Staff Notes
   Robert Frost, in his famous poem The Road Not Taken,        interested in earning higher degrees and there are many
laments that when two roads “diverge in the yellow wood”       eager to attend workshops specific to their teaching
he cannot “travel both.” Like the rest of the world, he is     responsibilities. We also arranged for two exciting
forced to choose one path over anther and, in so doing,        speakers to visit our campus and share their expertise.
abandon the opportunity of the “road not taken.” It seems         Dr. Michael Thompson, bestselling author and child
to me that, in a profound way, the faculty at Rabun Gap        psychologist, came to our campus on September 11
and the work we do embody the spirit of Frost’s dilemma.       to visit with our community and speak at our opening
   No area of Rabun Gap life speaks more favorably to          academic convocation. In his address, he suggested that
the quality and energy of our people than the tremendous       our students—really all of us—should seek to “make our
number of faculty and staff who attend workshops or            Rabun Gap experience our own.” He reminded us that
continue their progress towards higher degrees.                we do not have to take advantage of every opportunity (As
   To highlight a few of this past summer’s activities:        Frost makes clear, we simply can’t.); rather, we should seek
~History department chair, Dr. Marion Truslow, traveled        to choose those opportunities that will help us to become
overseas to Eastern European and Prague with ASSIST and,       the people we wish to be. Dr. Thompson reminded us
then again, through a grant from the National Endowment        that we should walk our unique path with conviction
for the Humanities. ~A team of four faculty (Brooke            and avoid regret over opportunities we inevitably miss.
Loder, June Beale, Bob Brigham, and Layne Brennick)               November 26 & 27 Dr Mercado Boroujerdi—associate
attended a week-long workshop at the Gardner Carney            professor of political science at Syracuse University’s Maxwell
Leadership Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado. ~Chris     School of Citizenship and Public Affairs and the founding
Mooers and Andrew Jaffe continued their work towards           director of the school’s Middle Eastern Studies Program, and
master’s degrees in secondary math education. ~Ivy Stiles      co-director of the religion, media and international relations
completed his master’s degree in Latin at The University       program—will spend two days working with our faculty and
of Georgia. ~A middle school team of three—MC and              students to help us more fully understand Middle Eastern
husband, Brian Phillips, and Holly Wylie—camped                culture and the ongoing conflict there. As a consummate
together in Destin, Florida to attend the annual Nuts and      educator and father of two, Dr. Boroujerdi seems also to
Bolts Symposium for middle schools. ~Candace Walton            embody the spirit of Frost’s example. He arrived in the
began her sabbatical and began work on a second degree in      United States as a young man seeking an American education,
library sciences. In all, roughly half of our teaching faculty only to return to Iran during the revolution. His involvement

                                                                                                                                 By David Landis
attended workshops or took courses this summer to enhance      in the political landscape in Iran have brought him back to
their teaching skills and knowledge of their subjects.         the United States where he finds himself called to share his
   This fall, we have picked up right where we left            experiences with a nation struggling to see his people clearly.
off. We have added several more faculty who are                   All this activity, of course, is directed towards one aim:
                                                                     to inspire our students as they seek to define their
                                                                     lives against a backdrop of ever-present uncertainty.
                                                                     If we are the speaker in Frost’s poem who sees his
                                                                     choices clearly by the light of day, our students find
                                                                     themselves in the same woods at night. For our
                                                                     students, the reality of choosing is quite different.
                                                                     They are only beginning to dream of their future, and
                                                                     so many of life’s choices are yet to be made. Where
                                                                     will they end up? How can the choosing of any path
                                                                     be determined by a vision for a future they cannot
                                                                     see to become a person they have yet to discover?
RGNS welcomed 22 new faculty and staff members who gathered              Our job, then, becomes to guide them towards
for orientation in August at the Alumni Heritage Center. Please      discovering who they wish to be that they may
join us in welcoming these motivated and gifted additions to         begin to direct their own journeys towards achieving
Rabun Gap. (Back row, L-R): David Landis, Ann Duelfer, Skeeter       that identity. That our knowledge be sharp and
Coin, Dale Earnhardt, Chris Davis, Chris Collins, Todd Wass,         our experiences vast seems prerequisites for the
and John Marshall. (Front row, L-R): Tessy Izquierdo, Autumn         job. Based on our past, present, and planned
Reed, Jennifer Jones, Kelsey Holzman, Thomas Lodato, Linda
Bell, Bob Flower, Penny Liles, ShaDonna Crosby, Karen Linde,
                                                                     activities, I would suggest that we are qualified for
and Bob Brigham. (Not pictured: Kadidia Doumbia, Heather             the task. If we do well, we might all declare with
Layman, Brooke Loder, Connell Sullivant, LaRue Mosely, and           Robert Frost: “I took the one (road) less traveled
Avery Walker.)                                                       by, / And that has made all the difference.” v

                                         The Pillars v Fall 2007 Magazine                                                                          33
Why Support the Annual Fund
1   Tuition alone does not cover the full cost of an RGNS education. In fact, tuition and fees account for 85% of the operating
    costs of the School. The remainder must come from voluntary gift support, facility rental, interest on investments, etc.

2   RGNS receives no federal or state aid. As an independent school, we are able to provide a high standard of
    programming unencumbered by government oversight and federal or state regulations.

3   Voluntary gift support is a much more efficient way to raise money than fundraising. We decided years ago that too many
    fundraising activities are disruptive to students, parents, faculty and staff. Instead, the responsibility to raise the necessary funds
    resides with our Advancement Office and the Annual Fund. While product sales generate, at best, 40% to 50% profit for the school,
    100% of gifts to the Annual Fund go to the School. Furthermore, all gifts are tax-deductible, unlike purchases of products.

4   Support raised from the Annual Fund enhance and enrich the educational experience of our students. Annual Fund
    dollars allow the School to fund programs such as the Student Resource Center, as well as Intersession and classroom resources.
    Athletics, fine arts and other student activities are able to enhance their operations from Annual Fund giving.

5   The Annual Fund provides an opportunity for those who support RGNS to help advance the mission and
    vision of the School. Giving to the Annual Fund is really an investment in the future of Rabun Gap-Nacoochee
    School, and a statement that you believe in its mission, vision, and place in the community.

6   The Annual Fund provides financial assistance to our students. Many Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School families receive assistance with tuition
    costs. The total cost per student far exceeds the cost of tuition. The difference is made up by income from the School’s Endowment and
    through charitable gifts. Additional resources are available to families in the form of needs-based financial aid and merit scholarships.

7   Support of the Annual Fund helps ensure good stewardship of the School’s Endowment. A healthy Annual Fund enables
    Rabun Gap to manage a more conservative draw from the Endowment for the School’s annual budget provisions.

  Annual Fund support is essential to fulfilling the mission of Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School. Please consider making RGNS a priority in
your charitable giving plans so that we can continue to provide the best education possible to the 352 students who are under our care.

                 Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School                                                                                            Organization
                                                                                                                                      U.S. POSTAGE
                 339 Nacoochee Drive                                                                                                       PAID
                                                                                                                                       Permit No. 1
                 Rabun Gap, GA 30568                                                                                                  Address Service
                                                                                                                                      Rabun Gap, GA

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