Wild Wild West by 9ow6x0T4


									                               Grumpy Old Men
                                         1993 Warner Bros.

 1. At the beginning of the film what season is it?
    a) Summer                     b) Spring                   c) Winter

 2. What happened across the street from the two men’s house?
    a) A large tree fell down because of too much snow.
    b) A redhead moved into the house across the street
    c) A big truck skidded on the ice and crashed.

 3. What do both Mr. Gustafson (John) and Mr. Goldman (Max) do every day?
    a) call each other         b) read the newspaper    c) go fishing

 4. What does Mr. Gustafson’s new neighbor Ariel want at 1:30 in the morning?
    a) to watch television with him b) to use his bathroom c) to borrow his alarm clock

 5. Where does Max meet Ariel?
    a) in the street           b) at the pharmacy             c) at the supermarket

 6. What does John’s daughter look like?
    a) medium height, redhead and slightly fat
    b) short, brunette, and thin
    c) tall, blonde, and thin

 7. Max and John are always doing things to annoy each other. What does Max do to John’s TV?
    a) He steals it.
    b) He breaks it so it won’t work.
    c) He keeps changing the channel during the lottery drawing.

 8. Why isn’t Max watching where he is driving?
    a) He’s having trouble seeing.
    b) He’s trying to find where the bad smell is coming from inside his truck.
    c) He dropped his cigarette and it’s burning his leg.

 9. What does Max lose?
    a) his favorite fishing pole   b) his remote control      c) his car keys

10. Both Max and John decide to go and visit Ariel. Who goes first?

11. What does Ariel do with the fish they catch?
    a) lets it go                b) eats it                   c) stuffs it with bread crumbs

12. What did John’s dad catch?
    a) Max’s fishing pole      b) a really big fish           c) nothing

13. Where does John have to go?
    a) to the doctor’s office
    b) to the dentist’s office
    c) to the IRS office with Mr. Schneider
14. Who is in John’s house when he gets home?
    a) his daughter, Melanie          b) Max                    c) Ariel

15. What do Ariel and John do the next day?
    a) go fishing
    b) go snowmobiling and make snow angels
    c) go to a hockey game

16. What does Max do to John the next day?
    a) He pushes his fishing shack into the break in the ice.
    b) He brings him flowers
    c) He hits him in the nose.

17. John tries to push Ariel away because he feels guilty about marrying the girl Max
     wanted before. What does he not take from Ariel?
     a) her freshly baked bread    b) her phone number      c) a painting she made for him

18. Max goes to Slippery’s to make peace with John. Do they say goodnight nicely
    to each other?

19. What happens to John on the way home?
    a) He has a heart attack and sits down in the snow.
    b) He is hit by a car.
    c) He is robbed by someone on a motorcycle.

20. John and Ariel get married. What does Max give John for a wedding present?
     a) He gives him a wristwatch
     b) He gives him a DVD player.
     c) He pays the IRS for John.

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