STATEMENT OF WORK
                       FOR NR1 & NR2 LPAC ONBOARD USS DENVER (LPD-9)

Material, technical support and a repair is required to complete depot level repairs on the NR1 and NR2
Low Pressure Air Compressors and associated equipment. On-site period of performance is 01 Dec 2009
to 12 Jan 2010. Support requirement includes repair/overhaul, provide required replacement parts, and
minor repairs that will restore the performance of the unit to its specification and full operational condition.

    1.    Overhaul of all solenoids.
    2.    Inspection and repair of salt water inlet and outlet spool pieces.
    3.    Replacement of the compressor discharge check valve.
    4.    Overhaul of the suction unloader.
    5.    Inspection of gate rotor clearance.
    6.    Overhaul of manual drain valves.
    7.    Overhaul of the fresh water heat exchanger.
    8.    Inspection of the salt water drain hoses.
    9.    Overhaul of injection water check valves.
    10.   Replacement of air and water filters.
    11.   Overhaul of pilot air valve 12. Calibration of all gauges.
    12.   Setting of transducers after overhaul of these components.
    13.   Reassemble the unit, conduct operation test and make final adjustment.

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