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Photo Editing Feedback


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									Photo Editing Feedback – 7 Orange
Please note that these comments are copied directly from students’ emails
to me, and have not been edited at all.

Dylan O’Neill
Hi mrs burnham ,

Todays lesson was really fun and taught me some really good information .

Thanks Dylan
Deanne Drury
i enjoyed all of todays lesson because i love taking photos with friends and
editing pictures, i hope we can do it another time in a lesson.

Isabella Cimo
Todays lesson was really fun and laid back. I learnt how to change the picture
size and dimension and then I used all these cool effects!! It was awsome.
Also I have started a powerpoint using these photos, and hope to be able to
finish it soon!!!
Keep up the good teaching
Jai Nugara
Hi Mrs Burnham,
Today i learnt how to use Irnfanview.
I thought todays lesson was really fun because i enjoyed it lots.
Thanks for the lesson.
From Jai
Riley Clarke
I didn't really injoy this, not because it was easy but because it was boring.

Madeleine Cranmer
     I really enjoyed todays lesson i liked taking the pictures with our
friends and writting about it in a slide show. I think it's fun for a change
instead of typing pages from the book. thanks for helping it was really fun!!!

                      from Madeleine.
Luke Zonneveld
today i have done all the effects to my photo and i have really enjoyed doing

Tanna Draper-Nagas
i enjoyed all of today, because i love taking photos with friends and editing
them; i thought it was the best lesson so far.

from tanna :)

Tom Evans
i liked this activity

Dylan Martin
i really liked this lesson i got through 9 pictures of my self and im learnt
how to edit photos

From Dylan Martin
Renee Bibo
I really enjoyed todays lesson! it was great fun being able to take photos
with our friends. I liked having to edit the photos and make them look
Alia Beshara
Today friends and I took some photos of eachother and had to upload them on to
the computer. after doing that we had to also upload a photo to a program and
then got to play around with the affects and also had to follow derictions
given to us.
Mitchell Lawlor

I thought todays lesson was gooood. i enjoyed it alot learning how to edit and
change photos. i learnt how to rename and change sizes of the photots.
I would enkoy it if we did this more often....

Cameron Moliatu
hi mrs burnham
i really liked it today that was fun
Liz Laurence
To Mrs Burnham,

Today in class I learnt how to change effects on a picture and make it look
interesting or different also to change a picture into a smaller file.

It was fun to make other people weird but especially myself as it is fun to
look different.

From Liz
Abbyrose Madigan

Dear Mrs Burnham,

I thought todays lesson was interesting in the way that we could take the
pictures. I thought that the effects were good in the way you could change
someone's appearance. I still don't get the red-eye reduction as I kept on
making my face grey! I enjoyed the lesson.

From Abbyrose Madigan
Nathan Welhaler
we took photos for 5 minuts then came back here and downloaded the photos on
the computer then muked around with them and saved the photos.
Bridgette O’Riley
Today we took photos out in the quad, then we uploaded them to computers and
then edited them with effects.

I really enjoyed doing this because I love playing around with photos and

Thanks for a great lesson,

Bridgette :)

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