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									                              Economics 1 Enrollment FAQ

Please contact the Head GSI Lanwei Yang (lanwei@econ.berkeley.edu) if you have any
further questions AFTER reading the FAQs.

Q: I would like to enroll in the course, but the waitlist is full. What should I do?
How do I apply for a Course Entry Code?

At this point, unfortunately, the class is full. The waitlist is (nearly or actually) full.
Many students are in your position; the demand for this course is very high. In January,
there will be a few spots set aside for instructor’s approval. You will need a Course Entry
Codes (CECs) to obtain one of these spots. Applications for CECs will be available on
the door of the Head GSI’s office, 508-2 Evans in the first week of classes. Please fill out
the form and put the completed form in the envelope. However, the demand for these
spots is high and very few spots are awarded.

Q: I am on the waitlist. How does it work? Will I get in the course?

The telebears system has a set rule to process people on the waitlist that takes into
account both where you are on the waitlist overall as well as what section you're trying to
get into. It's really hard to tell how many students will drop the class, after letting
students on the waitlist in. It depends on what section you’re waitlisted for and how many
people drop from that section. In the past, 1 or 2 people drop from each section, which in
total means about 50 people get in from the waitlist. Still, this is no guarantee, just a
guess. I'd recommend you to go to the schedule of classes to see how many are waitlisted
for your section. If you can waitlist yourself for less popular sections (e.g. 8am sections
or 5 pm sections), your chances of getting in may be greater.

Q: I am enrolled in the course and would like to switch sections, but the section I
want is full. What should I do?

Due to the size of the class, all section changes must be done through
telebears.berkeley.edu. Under Enrollment, on the left hand side of the screen, click on
SWITCH SECTIONS. This will allow you to switch into another section with open
seats. DO NOT DROP THE CLASS and try to re-add. If you do, you will lose your seat
in Econ 1, and there is nothing any of us can do about it. Since the class is full and the
waitlist is full, you may not be able to switch sections right away. You should continue
trying. The less popular the section you are trying to get into, the more likely you will get
in. In the meantime, you should attend the section in which you are enrolled. If you have
a conflict with your current section, please email your GSI.

Q: Can my GSI change my section?

Your GSI has no control over the section you are enrolled in, so asking him/her to change
won't help.
Q: Can I trade sections with someone without going through TeleBears?

No, that is not possible.

Q: Can I attend a section I am not enrolled in?

We don't recommend you attend sections that you are not enrolled in. First, you must
attend the section in which you are enrolled for the first week of class when we take
attendance. Second, the GSI whose section you are enrolled in will be in charge of all
your grading -- you must turn in all your problem sets to him/her and your exams will be
graded by him/her. Third, you are receiving points from your GSI for participation in
section, which you can’t earn if you’re not there.

Q: I missed my first section, what should I do?

You should email your GSI and let him/her know why you missed the first section and
ask not to be dropped (you won't be). You can attend any of the first sections offered, if
you like, so you don't miss the information covered in the first section. You should attend
your next section. To find your GSI's email, you should look up your his/her name on
schedule.berkeley.edu and his/her email address on the course website.

January 7, 2010

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