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									Questions for exam from the subject          Pharmacogenetics - perspectives of usage      Evaluation of drug risk, pharmacovigilance
PHARMACOLOGY/2008/2009                       Drug combinations, polypragmasia              Factors influencing prescription of drugs
                                             Pharmaceutical interactions of drugs
GENERAL PHARMACOLOGY                         (incompatibilities), prevention               SPECIAL PHARMACOLOGY
Pharmacopoeia                                Pharmacodynamic interactions                  General inhalation anaesthetics
Evidence based medicine (EBM)                Pharmacokinetic interactions                  General intravenous anaesthetics
Principles and regulations in narcotics      Interactions of drugs at biotransformation    Local anaesthetics
prescription                                 level                                         Neurotransmitters in CNS in relation to
Principles of prescription of                Drug dependence                               pharmacotherapy
pharmaceutical preparations                  Basic principles of drug administration in    Drugs used for insomnia treatment
Medical information about drug for patient   pregnancy                                     Antiepileptics
Fate of drug in the organism                 Preclinical evaluation of new drugs           New antiepileptics
Biotransformation of drugs                   Clinical evaluation of new drugs              Trends in development of psychoactive
Distribution of drugs                        Good clinical practice in drug evaluation     drugs
Transplacental transport of substances       Drug registration, cathegorisation of drugs   Antiparkinsonics
Principle mechanisms of the drug action      Pharmacoepidemiology, pharmaco-               Neuroleptics (review)
(receptor theory)                            ecomics and drug evaluation                   Prototype neuroleptics
Factors influencing the effectiveness of     Drug induced diseases, adverse drug           Atypical neuroleptics – mechanisms of
drugs                                        reactions                                     action, advantages, adverse effects
New pharmacotherapeutical approaches in   Non-opioid analgesics                        Indirect adrenergolytics
treatment of dementia                     Combinations of non-opioid analgesics        Direct parasympathomimetics
Drugs in Alzheimer disease                Nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs          Indirect parasympathomimetics
Critical evaluation of nootropic drugs    Critical evaluation of COX -2 inhibitors     Parasympatholytics
Antidepressants - review                  (coxibs)                                     Spasmolytics of GIT and urogenital tract
Mechanism of action of antidepressants    Coxibs – advantages, disadvantages           Centrally acting muscle relaxants
Tricyclic antidepressants (TCA)           Antipyretics                                 Peripherally acting muscle relaxants
Anxiolytics                               Biological drugs in the treatment of         Cardiotonics - the basic characteristics
Benzodiazepines                           autoimmune diseases                          Principles of the heart failure treatment
Antimanics, thymoprophylactics            Antirheumatics (DMARDS)                      Non-glycoside cardiotonics
SSRI                                      Mediators of the autonomous nervous          Cardiotonic intoxication and treatment,
IMAO                                      system in relation to pharmacotherapy        Therapeutic drug monotoring (TDM)
Cognitive and nootropic drugs (critical   Adrenergomimetics                            Antianginal drugs
view)                                     Noradrenaline (norepinephrine), adrenaline   Drugs used in peripheral circulation
Anorectics (critical view)                (epinephrine)                                disorders
Psychostimulants                          Beta - adrenergomimetics                     Antiarrhythmic drugs
Opioid analgesics                         Alfa – adrenergolytics – clinical            Calcium channel blockers
Morphine, pethidine                       importance                                   Anticoagulants directly acting
Other opioid analgesics                   Beta - adrenergolytics                       Anticoagulants indirectly acting
Haemostatics                                 Antiasthmatics (review)                      Chloramphenicol
Fibrinolytics                                Trends in development of antiasthmatics      Erythromycine group
Antiplatelet drugs                           Bronchodilatators                            Lincosamides
Antithrombotics                              Antiinflammatory treatment of asthma         Glycopeptid antibiotics
Interactions of antithrombotics              Antianaemics                                 Glycosamid antibiotics (aminoglycosides)
Diuretics                                    Drugs affecting the gastrointestinal tract   Polypeptide antibiotics (bacitracine,
Diuretics in the treatment of hypertension   (GIT) - generally                            polymixine, colistine)
Lipid lowering drugs (generally)             Antiulcer drugs                              New antibiotic drugs - trends in
Statins                                      Trends in development of GIT drugs           development
Fibrates and other lipid lowering drugs      Prokinetics                                  Antimycotics
Antihypertensives                            Laxatives                                    Antituberculotics
Centrally acting antihypertensives           Antiemetics                                  Strategy of antibiotic treatment
Trends in development of cardiovascular      Aminosalicylates and other drugs in the      Sulphonamides and trimetoprime
drugs                                        therapy of GIT                               Chemotherapeutics of the uropoetic and
Inhibitors of angiotensin converting         Beta-lactam antibiotics                      gastrointestinal system
enzyme                                       Semi-synthetic penicillines                  Quinolones
AT1- receptor blocking drugs                 Cephalosporines                              Antiprotozoal chemotherapeutics
Vasodilators (overview)                      Monobactams and carbapenems                  Antiviral drugs
Antitussives and expectorants                Tetracyclines                                Principles of HIV treatment
Anthelmintic drugs                          Pharmacology of sex hormones                Dependence of effects of corticosteroids on
                                                                                        their structure
Antiseptics and disinfectans                Oral contraceptive preparations
Uterotonics                                 Safety of contraception                     Trends in the development of
Pituitary hormone preparations              Preparations of hormonal replacement
Insulin preparations                        therapy (HRT)                               Antithrombotics – new aspects in
Trends in development of hormonal           Histamine and antihistamines
preparations                                Trends in development of antihistamines     Strategy in the development of
                                                                                        antidiabetics – insulins
Trends in treatment with growth hormone     (2. generation of H1 antihistamines)
Insulin analogs – position in the therapy   Prostaglandins in the pharmacotherapy       Antiaggregatory drugs – critical evaluation
Oral antidiabetics                          Cytostatic drugs – principles of clinical
                                                                                        Evaluation of drug efficacy – EBM studies
Drugs effecting insulin resistance          usage
Glucocorticoids                             Immunopharmacons (immunostimulants,
Systemically used glucocorticoids           immunosuppressive agents – review)
Locally used glucocorticoids                Principles of antidotal therapy
Indications for glucocorticoid treatment    Drugs for treatment of anaphylactic shock
Adverse effects of glucocorticoids          Drugs for treatment of osteoporosis,
Thyroid hormone preparations                critical evaluation
Antithyroid drugs                           Vitamins usage as drugs
Anabolic drugs
ESSENTIAL              Amoxicilline          Nitroglycerine   About           essential
DRUGS                  V-penicilline         Isosorbide       drugs it is mandatory
Diazepam               (fenoxymethyl PNC)    mononitrate      to                  know:
Halothane              Oxacilline            Verapamil        pharmacodynamics,
Ketamine               Cefuroxime            Amiodaron        pharmacokinetics,
Thiopenthal            Gentamycine           Labetalol        indications and
Trimecaine             Methronidazole        Amlodipine       drug risk in extent to
Atropine               Azithromycin          Moxonidine       fill the requirements
Morphine               Clarytromycin         Enalapril        of      daily    medical
Acetylsalicylic acid   Doxycycline           Digoxin          praxis. They are the
Ibuprofen              Isoniazid             Simvastatin      basic       drugs      in
Insulin                Rifampicin            Dopamine         prescription.
Diclofenac             Amphotericin          Ranitidine
Paracetamole           Furosemide            L-Thyroxine
Codeine                Hydrochlorothiazide   Carbimazole
Dexamethazone          Fluconazole           Glibenclamide
Noradrenaline          Metoprolol            Fluvoxamine
Adrenaline             Methotrexate          Haloperidol
Hydrocortisone         Salbutamol            Budesonide
Oxytocine              Iron                  Li-carbonate
Carbamazepine          Heparine              Levodopa
Phenytoine             Fraxiparine           D -vitamine
Valproic acid          Warfarin

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