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					                 The Beaver News
  Volume 14, Issue 2                            Woodland High School                              November 2011

       FIRST QUARTER DONE                                            PARENTS OF SENIORS
Friday, November 4 , will mark the end of our first          If your senior has not placed an order for their cap,
quarter. Report cards will be handed out to students on      gown and announcements with Jostens, the deadline
Wednesday, November 9th during our advisory period.          for mailing in your order without a late fee charge is
The end of first quarter marks the approximate mid-          December 16th. Extra order packets are available in
point of the semester and the grade on report cards is       the school office.
used to give students and parents an indication of
current progress. When first semester ends January 27th,     Senior parents should also know that on Friday,
those grades will be entered on the student’s permanent      November 4th, Bell Studio will be here to take senior
transcript.                                                  portraits of all seniors. These pictures can be used
                                                             for the yearbook as well as “senior” pictures. These
                                                             are studio quality photos which will be used for the
               Going Green Reminder                          class portrait. Cost per senior is $10, which includes
In our continuing effort to save taxpayer money and to       an 8x10 composite of the senior class for each
help out the environment, this newsletter is being           student upon payment.
delivered primarily through electronic mail. Parents still
wishing to receive a hard copy in the mail will need to      One other item: If your senior student is attending
contact Cindy Hadaller in the high school office at          Running Start classes at one of our community
360.841.2800. You will be able to access the newsletter      colleges, please encourage your student to check in
from our school website under the “School’s Home             periodically to our school website and look under
Page” as well as the “Principal’s Pages”.                    the “Senior Information” section. This link is set up
                                                             to keep our Running Start students informed of
                                                             senior class activities. It is always a challenge for
                                                             our Running Start students to keep abreast of current
STUDENTS OF THE MONTH                            FOR         school news and this is one avenue that is available
                                                             to them.

9th Grade        Virn Warndahl and Jennifer Garcia
       Grade     Grant Booker and Gabby Bender
                 Kora Autrey and Mikala Ewert                         Accepting Donations
                                                             Finished reading your book? Need more room on
12th Grade       Mason Knight and Brenda Avelar              your shelves? Donate to your school library! We
                                                             would love to add your current, gently used books
  Our entire school staff chooses our students of the        to our library collection. Donations can be made
  month. Students are selected based on their leadership,    before or after school or during lunch.
  school spirit, academic performance, helpfulness,
  initiative, dependability, citizenship, sportsmanship,
  school involvement, manners and responsibility.

                                                     Beaver News 1
        November Events                                                      Yearbooks
1: College Planning Night @ 6:30 p.m. in HS Library           Get your 2012 Yearbook now. The yearbook is
3: Volleyball @ Districts                                     $55 with your name engraved and $50 without,
                                                              if paid before Winter Break. The price increases
4: 1st Quarter Ends, Senior Portrait Day with Bell            $5 after break. You can pay online using a credit
     Studios, Football @ Districts                            card. The link is on the “Newspaper-Yearbook”
                                                              page on the high school web site.
5: Volleyball @ Districts
                                                              Deadline for senior portrait submission for the
8: Election Day…Remember to Vote!                             yearbook is Friday, Nov. 18.
9: 1st Quarter Report Cards handed to students
     during Advisory
                                                                   College Bound Scholarship
                                                              Woodland High School has 28 seniors who as 8th
                                                              graders applied to the Washington State
                                                              “College Bound Scholarship Program”. These
                                                              students promised to graduate from WHS with a
14: Winter Sports Begin
                                                              grade point average of at least 2.0, and stay out
                                                              of trouble with the law. As long as their families
19: Snowflake Bazaar at WPS
                                                              qualify financially, they will be eligible to be
                                                              awarded full tuition at a Washington college for
24-26: NO SCHOOL ~ Thanksgiving Break
                                                              up to four years. The next critical step for these
                                                              seniors in staying eligible for the scholarship is
                                                              to apply for federal student aid using the Free
                                                              Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by
                                                              February 1, 2012. Please see Ms. Lindberg if
                                                              you have questions about the program.
                                                                   ~ 2011 HOMECOMING COURT ~
        New School Year Choices                                         CONGRATULATIONS!
Tips and information that every parent should know and
how you can help your teen steer clear of weed                  Princess Jaclyn Wolf, Katie Longrie,
(marijuana):                                                       Cassidy Bragg, Rikki Hall and
                                                                     QUEEN Emma McLendon
   1.  Know the facts
   2.  Set rules
   3.  Monitor your teen
   4.  Stay alert
   5.  Encourage positive activities                               Change in Fee Collection
   6.  Celebrate success
   7.  Weed is more potent and more harmful now than          Starting in the 2011-2012 school year, students
                                                              were required to have all past due items cleared
       when parents were teens                                in order to participate in sports.
Let your teen know where you stand on weed and enforce
your rules. Look for warning signs like change in friends,    In addition, beginning 2nd semester, one of the
lack of interest in normal activities, changes in eating or   requirements for students to have extended
sleeping, trouble at school, or any major mood changes.       lunches will be to have all fines and fees
LISTEN to your teen. If you have concerns or questions        cleared. Past due fines include: library books,
please contact our Prevention Intervention Specialist,        textbooks, sports gear not turned in, and all
Khristina Williams at 841-2821.                               outstanding fines and fees paid.

                                                   Beaver News 2
                    Running Start                                      College Planning Timeline
Testing to Enter Running Start for Winter or Spring              Juniors: In November and December, college-
Juniors and seniors who wish to test to enter Running            bound juniors are advised to do the following:
Start at Clark College for Winter or Spring quarters need           1. Attend college fairs and college visitation
to begin the entry process this fall. Students should go to             days and college speakers at WHS
Clark’s          Running             Start         website,         2. Attend the PSAT Interpretive Session and and click on the “Application
                                                                        practice with ‘My College Quick Start’
and Testing Instructions” link. Follow all instructions to
complete testing and apply to the program. See Ms.                  3. Attend the Financial Aid Information
Lindberg in the counseling office if you have questions.                Night at WHS on December 7 with your
Registration for Winter Quarter for Current Running Start
Students:                                                        Seniors: In November and December, college-
Current Running Start students will be asked to meet with        bound seniors are advised to do the following:
Ms. Lindberg in November and complete a new                         1. Take SAT if you have not done so, or if
Enrollment Verification Form listing the classes they are               you wish to improve your score from
planning to take Winter Quarter. The Winter Quarter                     previous tests. Make sure your test scores
class schedule will be on Clark’s website (the Schedule                 have been sent to colleges
Planner) starting Wednesday, November 2. The paper                  2. Finalize your list of schools to which you
copy of the Winter Quarter schedule will be available
                                                                        will apply. Be sure to note the application
starting Saturday, November 12 on the Clark College
campus. Students must call Ms. Lindberg to get an                       deadlines!! Application deadlines can be
appointment to complete their forecasting form, and turn                as early as December
this form in at the Running Start Office to be assigned a           3. Visit any colleges on your list you have not
“Registration PIN Number” to register for Winter Quarter                visited and ask questions of the college
classes. The registration dates for Winter Quarter will be              speakers at WHS
during the week of November 28 through December 2.
                                                                    4. Brainstorm and write your application
                                                                        essays (which can be edited for scholarship
                Financial Aid Night
On Wednesday, December 7 at 6:30 p.m. in the WHS
Commons, Woodland High School will be hosting a guest               5. Attend Financial Aid Information Night at
speaker from the Financial Aid Office at WSU-                           WHS on December 7 with your parents
Vancouver. April Hunt will present information to guide
                                                                           SCHOOL BOARD MEETINGS
students and parents in the complex process of applying              Meetings for November are: Nov. 14th, Nov. 28th
for financial aid (from ANY school). This knowledgeable
speaker will be going over the FAFSA (Free Application                  ALL TEACHERS CAN BE REACHED
for Federal Student Aid: the federal form used in applying               by email using the following formatt:
for financial aid).                                                   (Only the first 7 characters of the last name though)
           College Entrance Testing
SAT                                                                        High School Information
Next test date is December 3 . Registration will be accepted                 Woodland High School
through November 20                                                             757 Park Street
ACT                                                                       Woodland, WA 98674-9498
Next test date is December 10th. Registration will be accepted              841-2800 Fax: 841-2801
through November 18                                                          John Shoup, Principal
                                                                       Dan Uhlenkott, Assistant Principal
                                                                       Paul Huddleston, Athletic Director

                                                     Beaver News 3
 Advisory Program Information                                       Strategies for Internet Safety…
Students attend a 20-minute advisory period Tuesday               While access to the Internet can provide children
                                                             with important learning experiences, it also exposes
through Friday before lunch. Our goal is to support          them to risks not encountered in the “real
students in their academic success and help them             world.” Sexual predators can easily use it to locate
achieve the skills they need to transition into further      children to sexually molest. The Internet makes it
education and a career after high school. To this end, on    difficult to protect children because it provides access
Tuesdays and Wednesdays, students complete                   to large numbers of children and allows the sexual
Navigation 101 lessons. In the next month, freshmen          predator to remain anonymous.
will learn about career pathways and will assess their            Given the potential dangers of children’s Internet
progress in attaining their academic goals and               usage, the following suggestions for addressing
involvement in activities. Sophomores will review their      Internet safety in the home are offered for parents.
post-secondary education and career goals. Juniors will
outline a resume and learn job search and interview            1. Establish a parent-child Internet use contract (see
skills. Seniors will update the resumes they wrote last           a WHS counselor for a copy).
                                                               2. Explain to older children and adolescents the
year, practice job interviews, and begin to get letters of
                                                                  potential hazards of online sexual solicitation
recommendation that may be required on applications               and the risks associated with Internet
for jobs, college admission, and scholarships.                    communication with strangers.              Younger
                                                                  children may not need as detailed a discussion,
Students can earn extended lunch during advisory time             but should be cautioned about the dangers of
on Thursdays and Fridays. This reward is earned by                talking to people they do not know.
students who have met a certain standard in academics,         3. Discuss the dangers of face-to-face contact with
attendance, behavior, and who have your written                   someone met online
permission. These students check in with their advisor         4. Teach your child to avoid sending personally
for the daily bulletin and other information; they are            identifying information (e.g., real name, address,
welcome to stay in advisory to study or help another              school, telephone number, photos, family
                                                                  member names) via the Internet.
student. Students who have not met the standard stay
                                                               5. Install a firewall (e.g., Norton Personal Firewall),
with their advisor, or get help from another teacher in           privacy filtration software (e.g., Net Nanny5),
order to improve their academic status.                           anti-adware/spyware (e.g., Ad-Aware), and an
                                                                  antivirus program (e.g., Norton antivirus).
                Did you Know?                                  6. Discourage your child from downloading games
Our current 9th-11th grade students have a                        and other media which could contain Trojan and
slightly higher graduation requirement in math                    worm programs that enable remote access to
than our 12th grade students. Our 9th -11th                       computers by unauthorized users.
                                                               7. Supervise/monitor Internet friends in a fashion
graders are required to earn 3 math credits.
                                                                  similar to how neighborhood and school friends
Our 12th graders are required to earn 2 math
                                                                  are monitored.
credits. However, our 9th graders must also pass               8. Monitor the amount of time your child spends
two end of course (EOC) state math exams,                         online and frequently check the computer’s Web
while the 10th-12th grade students are only                       browsers, which provide information on the
required to pass one state math exam. This                        websites that have been accessed.
change has been implemented because of                         9. Set the Internet browser (e.g., Internet Explorer)
changes in state law to increase the rigor of our                 security feature to “high.”
state’s math requirements. If you would like                 10. Understand and approve children’s screen
more     information   regarding   our     school                 names—predators target sexually suggestive
graduation requirements, please visit the high                    screen names.
school webpage at,                   11. Place computer in a public location such as a den
go to Schools, then High School and select the                    as opposed to a child’s bedroom.
link “Graduation Requirements” or call your
school counselor for more information.                       Contact the Cyber Tip Line at (800)-843-5678 or
                                                    if you suspect an online
                                                             predator has contacted your child.

                                                  Beaver News 4

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