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                                         A monthly publication of the Asheville Home Builders Association

                                   Tax Credit Key to Selling Homes, Marketing Experts Say
          APRIL                    Home builders may be underestimating the mileage they can derive from the recently enacted
                                   $8,000 tax credit for first-time home buyers and should be doing whatever they can to actively pro-
   Annual Spring                   mote it with their prospective buyers, according to residential marketing experts participating in an
                                   NAHB teleconference on March 16.
  Golf Tournament                  “Home builders and their sales and marketing teams can use the credit to clear off excess inven-
 Black Mountain Golf Club          tory,” NAHB President and CEO Jerry Howard told the more than 900 association members who
                                   called in for the presentation, which included a question and answer session on specifics of the
        15 Ross Dr
                                   provisions governing the use of the credit.
 Black Mountain, NC 28711
                                   Suggesting that it is “the best kept secret in the world” in quarters of the housing industry where
           April 23                it can do the most good, Dan Levitan, MIRM, CMP, of Levitan and Associates in Fort Lauderdale,
  Sold out for the last 3 years!   Fla., noted that “except for large and regional builders, we are not doing what we should to promote
Sign up your team, be a sponsor,   this tax credit.”
      or place an ad in the        Big builders have placed major banners heralding the tax credit on their Web sites, Levitan said,
   Tournament Guide today!         and Lennar and Centex have added flash productions that enable visitors to click through to infor-
     See page 8 for details.       mation explaining the credit and the availability of attractive mortgage interest rates. “This shows us
                                   how important this tax credit is to us today in getting the buyer motivated and giving us an excuse
                                   to get in contact with that prospect and get them excited,” he said.
    Upcoming Events
                                   While the marketplace has remained slow since the credit became available as part of the massive
            April 8                stimulus package signed into law on Feb. 17, Levitan said that production builders are reporting
     AHBA Lunch & Learn            that they have sold homes based on the availability of the credit in tandem with other programs they
                                   have been running to attract reluctant buyers.
         sponsored by
     Asheville Radio Group         “We are using it as a tool to stay in contact with our customers and differentiate ourselves from oth-
                                   ers who aren’t promoting the credit,” Levitan said.
       Branding Seminar
     See page 2 for details.       Educating consumers about the credit is key, and NAHB has created a detailed list of frequently
                                   asked questions that association members can deploy to provide information to the home-buying
           April 16                public at Members of the association can bolster their business-
     Builder After Hours           es with a range of promotional materials posted at
       West End Cabinets           The Real Deal
     See page 6 for details.       Levitan said that home builders associations have been leading efforts to promote the credit. Among
                                   them, the Greater Birmingham Association of Home Builders, in partnership with the Birmingham
           April 28                Association of Realtors®, is highlighting the first-time buyer tax advantage in its “The Real Deal”
  New Member Orientation           campaign, a five-day event on April 16-20 that will push sales of new and resale homes listed by
                                   members of the associations.
    Prospective Member
       Meet & Greet                The goal of the program, which can be franchised by other HBAs around the country, is geared to
        *sponsored by              getting the local housing market moving again,
                                   and it is being publicized through a television,
       Westall Chandley
                                   radio and print media blitz and sponsorships
    See page 15 for details.       through leading area businesses.
           May 19                  “Get something like this going with your local
     Membership Drive              home builders association,” Levitan advised
          AHBA Office              teleconference participants. When “everyone
 Check the Weekly Briefings for    is working together, we ought to be able to sell
                                   tens of thousands of houses this year using the
       upcoming details.
                                   tax credit.”
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          Asheville HBA l Bringing Professionalism to Our Industry l
    2009 AHBA                                              Meetings                                                  Calendar
      Board of Directors                            Professional Women in Building                    Board of Directors Meeting
  Thomas McClain, President                         Tuesday, April 7 @ 8:30 am                        Thursday, April 9 @ 3 pm
  Home Sweet Home                                   *AHBA Office
                                                                                                      Parade of Homes Committee
  Richard Soderquist, 1st Vice President            Tuesday, May 5 @ 8:30 am                          Friday, April 23 @ 3:30 pm
  Builder Membership                                *AHBA Office
  Soderquist Construction Co.                                                                          Events
                                                    AHBA Spring Golf Tournament                       Builder After Hours
  Stuart Ray, 2nd Vice President
                                                    Thursday, April 23                                Thursday, April 16
  Builder Membership
                                                    Black Mountain Golf Club                          West End Cabinets, Black Mountain
  JS Ray & Associates
                                                    New Member Orientation                            3rd Annual Mountain Green
  Greg Spicer, Vice President                       & Prospective Member Meet & Greet                 Sustainability Conference
  Associate Membership                              Tuesday, April 28                                 June 24 & 25, 2009
  MATH Insurance Service                            AHBA Office                             
  Herb Freeman, Treasurer                                                     Education
  Herbert C. Freeman, CPA, P.C.                     Lunch & Learn                                     Selling ENERGY STAR Homes: What

                                                    *sponsored by Asheville Radio Group               Every Realtor Needs to Know
  Jill Jones, Secretary
                                                    Branding Seminar                                  Offered by Progress Energy
  Westall Chandley
                                                    April 8, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm, AHBA Office          and Advanced Energy
  Sean Sullivan, Immediate Past President              Cost: FREE! (includes lunch!)                  April 16, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM (includes
  Living Stone Construction, Inc.                   RSVP to the AHBA Office                           lunch, breakfast and training materials!)
                                                                                                         Cost: $35, CEC’s available
  Josh Abrams, moreSPACEplace                       AHBA Remodelers Council Lunch & Learn
                                                    June 23, 12:00 pm @ the AHBA Office
  James Bound, Greencraft, Inc.                     Topic: New EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting Regulation
  Jim Demos, Demos Builders                         Free to Remodelers Council Members
                                                    $10.00 to AHBA Members, $20.00 to Non AHBA Members
  Rick Dwyer, Greenstone Builders, Inc.             Call the office or email to RSVP!
  Duane Liming, Pioneer Construction
          and Development
  Chris Lyman, McGuire, Wood & Bissette         Home Sales Should Be Stabilizing Soon
          Construction Law Team                  Large cumulative declines in home prices in many areas, combined with attractive interest rates
                                                 on prime conventional conforming fixed-rate mortgages (saleable to Fannie Mae or Freddie
  Steve Royster, Bass & Royster Builders         Mac) and an FHA/VA loans, have generated substantial improvements in housing affordability
                                                 measures even as the deepening recession has taken a toll on median household income.
                    AHBA Staff                   Surveys of consumer sentiment (University of Michigan) showed relatively large proportions
                                                 of households saying in both January and February that it was a “good time” to buy a house,
  Executive Officer
                                                 primarily because of low prices and low interest rates.
  Caroline Purcell Sutton                      Improving sentiment has not yet shown through in official home sales data. Sales of new
                                                 homes, as reported by the Commerce Department, and “pending” sales of existing homes
  Director of Marketing and                      reported by the National Association of Realtors® (both based on contract signings) declined
  Communications                                 substantially in January, reaching new cyclical lows.
  KC Hart
                                                 NAHB’s proprietary survey of large single-family builders, available through February, is pro-
                                                 viding some tentative encouraging signs.
                                                 Seasonally adjusted gross sales (new orders) have been essentially flat since last November,
       Office Hours                              and seasonally adjusted net sales showed a modest recovery over that period as sales cancel-
                                                 lations continued to move downward in absolute terms.
  Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm
                                                 NAHB’s broad-based single-family Housing Market Index also was essentially flat during the
  Phone: 828-299-7001
                                                 November-February period, albeit at or near the record low for the series, and preliminary
  Fax: 828-299-7008                              tabulations point toward more of the same in March.
                                                 NAHB’s baseline forecast shows a bottoming-out of sales of both new and existing homes in
                                                 the first quarter of this year, aided and abetted by key provisions of the economic stimulus bill
                                                 that was signed into law on Feb. 17 — the $8,000 refundable, but not repayable, tax credit for
                                                 first-time buyers and the boosting of loan limits for both the government-sponsored enterprises
                                                 (GSEs) and FHA back to 2008 levels.

                                                 For more information, visit the NAHB website at or call the AHBA office at 299-7001.
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                                                                                                                       [ president’s message ]
                          “March Madness”
                           President’s Message by Thomas McClain
                           Whether you are an avid basketball fan or a casual observer, this is the most exciting time of the year in college bas-
                           ketball. The NCAA tournament not only ends the college basketball season, but also marks the beginning of spring.
                           AHBA Institute Classes
                           Here at the Asheville Home Builders Association spring brings a renewed sense of optimism and many new oppor-
                           tunities for growth in our personal development as well as our businesses. In the past month, we held our first AHBA
                           Institute classes which were well attended. The feedback from the classes has been very positive. If you were unable
                           to attend these first sessions, I encourage you to sign up for the remaining three sessions of the year. The upcoming
                           class, NAHB Certified Green Professional, will be held in May at the AHBA office.
Insulate Asheville
During the week of March 16th, we were happy to complete the Spring Break Insulate Asheville project in association with Warren Wilson
College. During the week six needy families’ homes were upgraded to be more energy efficient. Thank you to all who volunteered their time
to make this possible. If you would like to volunteer for upcoming projects of this nature, please contact the AHBA office. What a privilege to
serve the community by helping those in need!
Speed Networking
At our last monthly meeting, held March 19th, builders were provided the opportunity to meet with associate members about the services they
offer. Builders were given one on one face time with each associate member in attendance, providing the associates opportunities to present
their products and builders the opportunity to see what is available in our area.
Just as March is a busy time in college basketball, it has also been for your AHBA. However, as basketball is coming to a conclusion for the
season, we are just getting started. During the month of April, committees will be busy planning for upcoming events, there will be several
Lunch and Learns held at the AHBA office, and the Annual Spring Golf Tournament will be held in Black Mountain. I encourage you to take
advantage of all we offer to assist you and your business.
GO HEELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[ builders tips ]

Builders’ Tip: A Cloud-Free Way to Collect and Dispose of Dust
I had been using a standard dust collector with two bags — the kind with one bag on the top and the other on the bottom — on all my jobs, but
every time I emptied the bags, I generated clouds of dust.
Rather than continue spreading dust during clean-up, I fabricated a solution that virtually eliminates the
dust-disposal problem.
As shown in the accompanying illustration, I created a system that empties the dust in a 33-gallon,
heavy-duty plastic bag and doesn’t generate unwelcome clouds of dust.
Here’s what I did:
First, I built a 17-inch-tall base platform to lift the collector/motor assembly off the floor.
Then I added extensions to the support legs that carry the weight of the separator.
Next, I shortened a 50-gallon plastic drum to a height of 28 inches by cutting off its bottom.
I also narrowed the drum to a 19-inch diameter — the same diameter as the separator — by slitting the
drum down the side and then pop-riveting it back together at the proper diameter.
For the next step, I removed the lower bag of the dust collector and cut off its bottom. I then turned the
bag upside down and reconnected it to the separator with a strap clamp.
Now the bottom of the bag has the built-in strap that came with the bag. It slips over the plastic drum and
its bag liner and is cinched tight below the drum’s rim. (See detail.)
With this setup, the lower dust bag acts as a chute that sends its dusty contents into the plastic bag.
When the drum is full, I loosen the strap, cinch the bag and replace the full bag with an empty one.
By the way, I don’t lift the bag out of the drum. It’s a lot easier and cleaner simply to lift the bottomless
drum off the bag.

— Corry M. Dodson, Careywood, Idaho
                                                                                                                Secure the log as you work on it.
Tips & Techniques provided by Fine Homebuilding.
©2008 The Taunton Press

Tax Credit
[ continued from page 1 ]
Educating Salespeople
Gaye Orr, MIRM, CMP, of Coldwell Banker Advantage New Homes in Raleigh, N.C., said that builders need to educate their salespeople on
the tax credit if they want their promotions to yield success. “We in the industry should really be up to speed on this. Your salespeople on the
front line need to be comfortable with it,” she said. In the meantime, consumers are walking into sales offices “with more questions than they
have answers for.”
Although it may take a tax professional to determine for prospective buyers how best to take advantage of the credit, letting people know just
a few options — such as how to speed up receipt of the money from the credit — “can get people off the fence,” she said.
The credit also has significant relevance for households in the trade-up market, she said, who have to sell their departure residences first
before they can move to a new home, suggesting that not only first-time buyer sales agents need to have expert knowledge on how the credit
Combined with the availability of the credit, teaming up with a local financing company to provide financing incentives and convincing the sellers
of existing homes to reduce their prices will “help sell departure residences,” Orr said.
She also recommended holding home buyer seminars on the tax credit, an “old school” approach that is “tried and true,” nevertheless. “Mention
the word stimulus and people’s eyes start to glaze over,” she said. “Offer past prospects the chance to come in and find out what this means
for them.”
Rob Dietz, NAHB’s director of tax issues, said that the credit is “an important benefit,” with 35% to 40% of the home buying market consisting of
first-time buyers. He stressed that buyers need to close on their principal residence on or after Jan. 1 of this year and before Dec. 1 to qualify.
To get the proceeds from the credit into the hands of buyers faster, filers can amend their 2008 tax returns to include 2009 home purchases.
Although it is no “silver bullet” for monetizing the credit so that it can be used for a downpayment, prospective buyers who know that they will
be completing settlement on a home within the eligible time period can adjust their payroll withholdings to save up money for the closing, he
Some state housing finance agencies — most notably Missouri, followed by Delaware and reportedly Pennsylvania and Alabama — have or
are establishing programs that will lend prospective buyers money against the credit that can be applied as a downpayment.

An audio version of the teleconference is available at
This article was reprinted with permission from NAHB. For more information call the NAHB at 800-368-5242 x8583, or the AHBA Office at
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                                                                                                                              [ builder issues ]
Energy Tax Credit to Generate $6 Billion in Remodeling Jobs
Energy Star has published comprehensive information on how the            family envelope energy consumption.
housing industry and consumers can take advantage of the federal          The study also found that spending $10,000 to retrofit a 1960s home
tax credits for energy-efficient home improvements in the new eco-        could save 8.5 tons of carbon at a cost of $588 to $1,176 per ton,
nomic stimulus package. The credits are expected to significantly         depending on existing tax credits and incentives. By comparison, in-
increase demand for green renovation projects this year and next,         creasing the energy efficiency of a new home 35% over current state
according to federal officials.                                           requirements would cost about $5,000 and would reduce emissions
Congressional economists project that the new provisions will gener-      by 1.1 tons at a cost of $4,545 per ton.
ate an estimated $6 billion in remodeling work by the end of 2010.        The bottom line is that retrofitting existing homes with energy-efficient
The credits will be the centerpiece of new marketing efforts for remod-   features is four to eight times more carbon- and cost-efficient than
eler Scott Sevon, CGR, GMB, CAPS, GMR, CGP of Sevvonco Inc. in            adding further energy-efficiency requirements to new housing, the
Palatine, Ill. “We will be featuring information for consumers on our     study showed.
Web site, brochures and other promotional materials,” he said. “We        Tax Credit How-to
want to make sure they can come to us for accurate information.”          Details on qualifying improvements are available on the Energy Star
Remodelers trained in and experienced with making energy-efficient        Web site.
upgrades are well-positioned to take advantage of increased consum-       Remodelers should familiarize themselves with the model types and
er interest in consuming less power. They can also use the tax credits    products that qualify for the tax credit so they can advise their custom-
to encourage home owners to undertake a more complete renovation          ers. However, they do not need to give their clients the product sales
that can be certified under the National Green Building Standard as       receipts to verify the claim. Certification statements in the manufac-
part of NAHBGreen, the NAHB National Green Building Program.              turer’s product information may suffice.
The Internal Revenue Code Section 25C for existing homes, which           Home owners can claim the 25C and 25D credits on Form 5695 when
had expired at the end of 2007, was reinstated as part of the eco-        they prepare their income tax returns. They should also retain records
nomic rescue package passed by the Bush Administration last fall.         that include:
Installing energy-efficient windows, doors, roofing and insulation as
well as furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps all qualified for the   Name and address of the manufacturer
credit.                                                                   Identification of the component
                                                                          Make, model or other appropriate identifiers
But remodelers found that the terms of the 25C credit — equal to          Statement that the component meets the 25C standards
only 10% of the cost of each product and with a lifetime cap of $500      Climate zones for which the criteria are satisfied
— weren’t quite strong enough to get home owners off the fence and        Additional information for storm windows, if applicable
into a contract.                                                          A declaration that the certification statement is true
Under the stimulus legislation signed by President Obama, the per-        This article was reprinted with permission from the NAHB. For
centage of the cost and lifetime cap have been tripled to 30% and         more information about this article or similar articles, call the
$1,500, respectively, and the deadline for installing them has been       NAHB at 800-368-5242 x8132.
extended through the end of 2010.
In addition to expanding the 25C tax credit, the IRS 25D credit for re-   Join the AHBA Remodelers Council to make great contacts and
newable energy products has also been expanded and is even more           attend exciting educational seminars to boost your remodeling
generous for specific improvements — including geothermal heat            business! Contact the AHBA for more information at 299-7001.
pumps, solar panels, solar hot water heaters, small wind energy sys-      See page 2 for more details about Lunch & Learns sponsored by
tems and fuel cells. The 30% tax credit applies to these products but     the Remodelers Council.
there is no cap on their cost through 2016. In addition, these credits
also apply to new construction, as well as to remodeling and renova-
tion projects.
The newly expanded tax credits are in alignment with industry re-
search showing that remodeling and retrofitting the nation’s older
homes will have a far more significant impact on reducing residential
energy consumption than meeting even the most aggressive efficien-
cy goals for new homes, according to Greg Miedema, CGR, CGB,
CAPS, chairman of NAHB Remodelers.
A December 2008 survey by Whirlpool Corporation revealed that 84%
of consumers said that energy efficiency is significantly more impor-
tant than water use or other potential savings when it comes to home
appliance efficiency. Seventy-two percent of respondents seek the
Energy Star label when making purchasing decisions. (Click here to
read a related story in this issue of NBN.)
“These new tax credits are another way that the home building in-
dustry can combat the potential effects of global climate change by
encouraging home owners to make energy-efficient improvements to
their homes,” said Miedema.
A 2008 California study showed that homes built before 1983 were re-
sponsible for 70% of the greenhouse gas emissions related to single-
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Free Business Survival Tips Online at NAHB
Now through Friday, April 17, NAHB members can get free business
survival information on such issues as bankruptcy, reorganization,                                                  Remember!
liens, subcontractor disputes, partnership issues and more that will
help them survive the downturn.                                                                           You can pay your membership
The information, international law firm Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP,                                        dues with a Visa or MasterCard!
will be available on the NAHB Website in a “Frequently Asked Ques-
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NAHB Launches Tax Credit Website                                                will gladly supply you with marketing materials and information about
NAHB has launched a web site that provides detailed information about
                                                                                the Association to help your recruiting efforts!
the $8,000 tax credit for first-time home buyers that is a key measure in
the economic stimulus legislation signed into law.
In addition to being limited to first-time home buyers, the tax credit:
  - Is equal to 10 percent of the home’s purchase price up to a
    maximum of $8,000.
  - Is available for homes purchased on or after January 1, 2009 and
    before December 1, 2009.
                                                                                       Join us for the first Builder After Hours of 2009!
  - Does not have to be repaid.
                                                                                  This event will be on April 16 from 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm at West
  - Has income limits of $75,000 for single taxpayers and $150,000 for
                                                                                   End Cabinets. Come out to their showroom to network with
    married couples.
                                                                                        fellow AHBA members and see the products that
The web site at includes basic infor-             West End Cabinets has to offer! Last year’s After Hours was a
mation about the tax credit and a detailed question and answer section.                    big success- be sure to mark your calendar!
It includes information about housing-related and small business mea-
sures in the legislation and home-buying resources for consumers.                        828-669-4143

Asheville Radio Group offers Member Program                                           Another Builder After Hours is coming up in May!
Call Murphy Funkhouser to learn how you can help your company                       This event will be in May at Westall Chandley, 38 Garfield
save on advertising while promoting the AHBA and earning a kick-
                                                                                     Street in Asheville. Check your Briefing emails for more
back for the Association! Members can advertise at the non-profit rate
                                                                                  details. View the products and services that Westall Chandley
by inserting a standard AHBA member message into the body of the
                                                                                  has to offer while networking with AHBA members. Its always
message. This is a great program to get exposure for your company,
                                                                                  a fun time at Westall Chandley, be sure not to miss this event!
and let the community know you are a proud member of the AHBA!
Murphy Funkhouser- 828-210-8548,                                  828-253-5331 

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                                                                                                                                  [ member news ]
Build Trust, Protect Value With Online Branding
By Stephen Feltner, CSP and Tyler Waite, CSP, Move
Today, many home builders are discovering that successful online            and presenting the builder’s view
branding is vital to strengthening and even preserving the value of         Safeguard Your Brand in Cyberland
their company’s image.                                                      Given its vast and unrelenting reach, the Internet has the ability to
But builders who are seeking to build their brands online should con-       make or break a brand with startling speed. The Internet can provide
sider building “brands of value,” rather than going down the traditional    home builders with a unique opportunity, their worst nightmare or a
path of trying to create successful brands that are often viewed as         mediocre online presence somewhere in between.
blending advertising and hype.                                              Builders must also be aware of the emergence of Web sites and blogs
It’s All About Them                                                         dedicated to airing home buyer grievances and how these blogs can
“In order to get people to pause, you have to offer or provide some-        affect their branding and marketing. These grievance blogs thrive on
thing of value,” says author and branding expert Tom Asacker.               the viral and instantaneous nature of online communication, posting
Successful branding is not about getting the right slogan, the right        the latest builder blunders to bolster rants.
colors or the right messaging, Asacker points out in his book, “A Clear     Some builders who have been targeted by these blogs have experi-
Eye for Branding,” and in an online presentation available by clicking      enced the power of naysayers to undermine their brands and negate
here.                                                                       the millions that they have spent on marketing.
Instead, he says, branding is about understanding what expectations         Home builders have been able to persuade some of these gripe-site
your customers have and crafting satisfying solutions that draw buy-        operators to give up their causes when the builders initiated dissent-
ers with subtlety. First and foremost, value-oriented branding reas-        ing blogs that countered the gripes.
sures current and potential customers that they are making the right        Tom Crandell, CEO of Ayowahr Interactive, points to trademark pro-
decision by placing their trust — and their money — with your com-          tection provisions and the use of sub-domains in search engine mar-
pany.                                                                       keting as effective methods to fight brand dilution and safeguard your
Build a Strong Brand Online                                                 brand.“Every search engine has a unique policy to mitigate trademark
Before the Internet, building and maintaining a trusted brand was a         infringement,” says Crandell. “For example, Google will allow you to
long-term process for home builders.                                        eliminate the ability for third parties to use your trademarks in the title
                                                                            and copy of ads.”
Now, builders’ Web sites — with their product images, glowing client
testimonials and lists of awards — can significantly reduce the time        The Road Ahead
needed to build a brand.                                                    With good planning, proper provisions and expert help, Internet mar-
                                                                            keting and online branding can help home builders establish success-
Meredith Oliver, MIRM, CSP, president of Meredith Communications,
                                                                            ful brands based on value and trust.
sees the Internet as “the great equalizer, when it comes to branding. A
compelling Web site can level the playing field — but it is the starting    This article was reprinted with permission from NAHB. Visit www.
point, not the ending point.”                                      for more information and similar articles.
“Branding takes place when you can be found in a lot of places,” Oli-
                                                                            Attend the AHBA Lunch & Learn Branding Seminar sponsored by
ver says. “The more sites that link to you, the better. Internet listing
                                                                            Asheville Radio Group on April 3 at the AHBA Office on April
services, sponsored searches, display ads, third-party referrals — all
are important to putting a builder on the Internet map.”
One way to gain more linking is by using Web site sub-domains, be-
cause they can open up new territory for site indexing, improve the
consumer experience and increase the branding footprint in a given
For example, a home builder going by the name of Elegant Homes
could expand its Internet presence, provide strategic local content
and improve its performance on Google and other search engines by
creating such company- and mission-related sub-domains as www.,
Blog On
With tens of thousands of new Web logs (blogs) going online and
hosting millions of posts every day, setting up a blog is fast becoming
an important online branding and search engine optimization strategy
that builders should not ignore.
But, as Oliver points out, “most builders do not have the staff or exper-
tise to build and maintain their own blog. Home builders usually have
to hire a company to write the blogs and figure out where to post them.
It takes at least one post per week to be effective.”
Effective blogging also requires developing a comprehensive strategy
that encompasses more than just maintaining your own blog. A suc-
cessful blog strategy should include:
Posting positive entries on a builder-owned or sponsored blog
Posting comments on civic, community or nonprofit blogs
Responding to negative posts and complaints, addressing grievances
[ member news ]

            AHBA Annual Spring Golf Tournament Golf Tournament
         Asheville Home Builders Association SpringSign-up Form
                    Sponsorship Opportunities                                                April 23, 2009
                           Check all that apply
                                                                                        Black Mountain Golf Club
 Eagle Sponsor $300—Included in pre-event notices to
 membership, newsletter, representation and signage at hole                                 Captain’s Choice
 (supplied by sponsor), recognition at the next General Mem-
 bership Meeting and full page feature in Tournament Guide.                                11:00 - Lunch/Registration
 *Allowed to have representatives, food & beverage and sign-                               12:00 Noon - Shot Gun Start
 age at hole - supplied by sponsor.
                                                                                           $400 per 4-person team
 Birdie Sponsor $200—Included in pre-event notices to
                                                                                     $5.00 Mulligan-limited two per person
 membership, newsletter, signage (supplied by HBA) on hole,
                                                                                Minimum one Builder per team encouraged!
 recognition at the next General Membership Meeting and half
 page ad in Tournament Guide. *Signage only - supplied by
                                                                                                      Prize Money
                                                                                                   First Place $400.00
 Lunch Sponsor $1500—Included in pre-event notices to                                           Second Place $300.00
 membership, newsletter, signage (supplied by sponsor) dis-                                        Third Place $200.00
 played in lunch area, recognition at the next General Member-
 ship Meeting and full page ad in Tournament Guide.                      Part of the Proceeds from the Spring Golf Tournament will go
                                                                            to support the Building Future Builders Summer Camp
 Beverage Sponsor $500—Included in pre-event notices to                     
 membership, newsletter, signage for cart (supplied by spon-
 sor), recognition at the next General Membership Meeting and
 half page ad in Tournament Guide. *Allowed to have repre-                                           New to this year’s
 sentatives (2) and signage for cart. Sponsor must provide                                             tournament…
 beverages for cart.                                                                               A Player Ball Drop and
                                                                                                    Golf Cart Poker Run!

              Tournament Guide Opportunities
 This year we will be publishing a Tournament Guide which                                 Complete & Return to AHBA
 will feature all of our Sponsors, 2009 Foundation Club and any                 Fax 299-7008  PO Box 9722 Asheville NC 28815
 AHBA Members that choose to advertise. Available to AHBA                Space limitedReserve Your Spot TodayFirst Come First Serve
 Members are half page and full page ads within the publica-                          Sold Out Event for 3 Years Straight!
 tion. Guides will be distributed to all participating players,
 sponsors and additional attendees. Contact KC Hart at to advertise. *Ads must be supplied by                                  Team/Mulligan Registration
   1/2 Page Ad = $65.00              Full Page Ad = $125.00              4 Person Team - $400

                                                                         Mulligan’s - $5 each
                               Players List
                                                                           2 per player limit
          Please include the names of all players below
                                                                         Total Amount Included: $ ____
 Names                                                Handicap or Avg.   *including player fees, mulligan’s, sponsorship, etc.

 Player 1:___________________________________________                    Method of Payment:
                                                                         (payment must be received prior to tournament)
 Player 2:___________________________________________                    Check          VISA          MasterCard              Cash

 Player 3:___________________________________________                    Credit Card Number: _________________________________

 Player 4:___________________________________________                    Name on Card: _____________________________________

 Company Name: _____________________________________                     Billing Address: _____________________________________

 Contact Name: ______________________________________                    3-digit code: ________

 Phone Number: _____________________________________                     Signature: ____________________________ Date: ________

8 | Asheville HBA   l   Bringing Professionalism to our Industry
                                                                                                                                        [ member news ]
Members Get One-on-One Time to Build Relationships at March GMM
AHBA members gathered for the March General Membership Meeting, knowing things would be a little different at this special event! In an ef-
fort to provide the utmost networking experience for our members, the AHBA hosted its first Speed Networking Event. Similar to Speed Dating
but with a little twist! Members gathered at the Doubletree Biltmore and were seated in a specific pattern, with forty chairs on the outside of a
circle facing inward and forty chairs on the inside of the circle facing to the outside. Nervous members prepared for the unknown! The event
began with a short presentation on effective networking by AHBA Staff Member, KC Hart. After a little instruction and encouragement, members
present were ready to get started. Each member had one minute to tell the member in front of them about their company, what they could offer,
and how the two could mutually benefit each other. After the first minute, a switch took place and the other person had one minute to share
similar information about their own company. After the two minute exchange of information the members on the outside of the circle rotated
one chair to the right and started over the process over again. By the end of the night, attendees had networked with 40 people opposite their
circle, each representing different companies, one on one! AHBA Members present at the event had the unique opportunity for face time with
AHBA members that some had never met or had the chance to connect with.
Members raved at the ability to speak with so many members in one setting, something that is difficult to do even at a “normal” AHBA Meeting.
New Members were especially excited to meet some of our long-standing members and supporters, as stepping into a new group is always
a difficult first move to make. Speed networking is an event that has taken the nation by storm as an effective way to make contacts to build a
customer and/or referral base. The AHBA is proud to be in the eye of that storm bringing new ways for members to strengthen their business
associations. A special thanks to all members who participated in this exciting event! We look forward to hosting another Speed Networking
Event that will be as successful as this one!

“I have participated in numerous Speed
Networking Events and the AHBA’s was
very well organized and highly effective!
I really enjoyed the one on one setup be-
cause I got an opportunity to speak with
so many members that I would normally
not be able to at a regular meeting.
I hope we have another event like that
Mary Love
Love the Green

                                        “This was a great introduction to the other members...I feel more comfortable having met so many people [at the
                                        speed networking event], now I have built this foundation for future meetings!” -Brandon Bryant, Red Tree Builders

[ member news ]

Reposition Your Company to Work Through the Downturn
Big remodeling projects are no longer high priorities for most home        With team selling, Case is able to show the depth of its expertise dur-
owners during these difficult economic times so, to get through the        ing a sales call, while customers have a better chance of getting the
downturn, remodelers must reposition their companies to meet home          services they want.
owners’ changing needs.
                                                                           Not only has team selling enabled Case to set itself apart from its
Mark Richardson, CR, president of Case Handyman and Remodeling             competition, it has helped the company improve its close rate. To view
based in Bethesda, Md., has been down this road before.                    a Case video about team selling, click here.
During the last several decades, Richardson, a 2008 inductee into the
                                                                           Richardson says that remodelers do have to work harder to find and
NAHB Remodelers National Remodeling Hall of Fame, has changed
                                                                           keep clients, but even in tough economic times, “remodeling does go
his business to adapt to economic times — both good and bad — and
he’s done so successfully.
                                                                           “Home owners still need professional services and help in maintaining
While Richardson says his sales were down last year, his profits were
                                                                           their home,” he says.1 to qualify.
up 5%.
                                                                           To get the proceeds from the credit into the hands of buyers faster,
He knows this year will be even more challenging, but he is making
                                                                           filers can amend their 2008 tax returns to include 2009 home pur-
more business adjustments based on lessons learned last year and
                                                                           chases. Although it is no “silver bullet” for monetizing the credit so that
expects 2009 to be a growth year for his company.
                                                                           it can be used for a downpayment, prospective buyers who know that
“We look at our business like an investment portfolio with diversified     they will be completing settlement on a home within the eligible time
business assets,” he says. “The proper blend of the portfolio helps to     period can adjust their payroll withholdings to save up money for the
get you through bumpy markets. A lot of remodelers don’t have this         closing, he said.
balance, which puts them at high risk.”
                                                                           Some state housing finance agencies — most notably Missouri, fol-
During the last 30 years, Case adjusted and diversified its business       lowed by Delaware and reportedly Pennsylvania and Alabama — have
assets to address several different market segments. In the 1980s,         or are establishing programs that will lend prospective buyers money
Case focused on design and build work. The company launched its            against the credit that can be applied as a downpayment.
handyman services in the 1990s, as well as a specialized bath divi-
                                                                           An audio version of the teleconference is available at
sion late in the decade. The company also began a national franchise
                                                                           This article was reprinted with permission from NAHB. For more infor-
The company recently launched a training division, the Case Institute
                                                                           mation, call NAHb at 800-368-5242 x8583.
of Remodeling, and created such licensed products as Case Handy-
man in a Box, a module for instructing remodelers on how to add
handyman services to their business.
Marketing Handyman Services on the Internet
Repositioning a company to a changing market requires focusing
business resources on your potential customers’ needs, Richardson
says. Case has stepped up marketing and positioning its handyman
division because more home owners are interested in smaller, fix-it
jobs than larger remodeling projects.
The company has also begun using the Internet to reach more poten-
tial customers.
Almost all the company’s printed marketing materials now drive poten-
tial clients to the Case Web site — a more powerful marketing tool that
has information about all the company’s services, plus sample proj-
ects, information that won’t fit in any single, printed marketing piece,
Richardson says.
To drive potential customers to the Web site, Case print materials now
direct consumers to the Web site for design ideas, suggestions about
remodeling projects, scheduling appointments and more. To help them
navigate all the information, the Web site also features several videos
and interactive tools.
Team Selling — An Approach to Maximize Job Leads
Another sales strategy Case is using in this time of scarce leads is
team selling. Using this approach, two people visit a house, examine
it and propose solutions to improve it. A team approach, Richardson
says, enables Case to leverage its expertise and match employees’
skills to the anticipated needs of the home visited so they can present
appropriate solutions.

10 | Asheville HBA   l   Bringing Professionalism to our Industry
                                                                                                                                 [ member news ]

In the Know...
2009 Committees and Councils                                                 Parade of Homes Committee
Find out how you can get involved in an AHBA Committee or Council            Josh Abrams & Steve Royster- Co-Chairs
today! Make a difference in the Association while building relation-         The planning for the 2009 Parade of Homes is moving along nicely.
ships with fellow members!                                                   The committee had its monthly meeting on Thursday February 26th.
                                                                             We began discussions for the theme for the 09 Parade and hope to
Activities Committee                                                         have the theme finalized by our next meeting. With a good mix of
Nathan Lawrence & Duane Liming - Co-Chairs                                   associate, affiliate & builders members on this year’s committee, the
Get out your clubs and get ready for our first big event of 2009. The        theme should be exciting. Should you have any suggestions or ideas
activities committee is excited about the Spring Golf Tournament at          for themes for this year’s Parade, please don’t hesitate to share your
Black Mountain on April 23rd. Teams and sponsorship opportunities            ideas with the office or a committee member.
are filling up fast for this great day of fun and networking. Our Eagle
Sponsors always make sure that every hole on the course is memo-             Remodeler’s Council
rable. The tournament guide will keep you on course with information         Lisa Childs
and advertising opportunities. Contact the HBA office to see how you         The Remodelers Council has restructured their focus for 2009. They
can get involved in the best day of Spring.                                  will sponsor three “Lunch and Learn” sessions benefiting anyone in
                                                                             the remodeling business. One was held in March, the other two will be
Community Involvement Committee                                              held in June and September, see page 2 for details. The informational
Stuart Ray and Kevin Abercrombie- Co-Chairs                                  seminars are a great way to get important information about today’s
The AHBA Community Involvement team worked for a straight week               industry. Please consider joining this great group of energetic profes-
in March with the Warren Wilson College students during their Spring         sional remodelers. There is a small fee for non-RC members to attend
Break to get as many houses insulated in the community as possible.          the Lunch & Learns.
The INSULATE! project had the students working with our profession-
als to get experience while making a difference in the lives of local        Professional Women in Building Council
residents. This will be an ongoing project for the participants, please      Gina Kidder- Secretary
contact the AHBA for upcoming dates to get involved. There is a brief-       At the March 3rd PWB meeting Judy Dinelle, our Chairwomen, re-
ing on the Tuesday before every project at the college that gives you        viewed the information from the PWB State meeting she recently at-
information on the actual house you will be working on. Most projects        tended. We’re excited to hear the PWB’s 1st year history book titled
are on a Saturday and take about 5-6 hours to complete. Volunteer to         “A Year in Review” is requested a 2nd time, this time to be submitted
help your community and the AHBA!!                                           this fall at the International Builders Show. If you’d like to review our
                                                                             book, you can find it at the AHBA office.
Education Committee
                                                                             The PWB members are working on finalizing our committee teams
Rick Dwyer and Thomas McClain- Co-Chairs
In March, the Education Committee was pleased to have the first              and at our next meeting we’ll begin focusing on establishing goals.
Asheville Home Builders Institute educational courses offered at the         We’ll also be participating at the Spring Golf Tournament. We look
AHBA offices. We were excited to have our Education Sponsor- Core            forward to seeing you there!
Installations supply a wide screen and projector for the courses. Com-       We’d like to welcome our newest members: Ashley McElreath- West
ments from the Builders who attended were positive and the AHBA will         End Cabinets & Violy Dwyer- Greenstone Builders. As a reminder
be excited to bring more courses locally! The courses count toward           everyone is welcome to join and if you are interested in being a part of
the North Carolina Builders Institute Designations and will be offered
                                                                             the PWB Council please contact Gina at
quarterly. The next AHBI course will be the NAHB Certified Green
Building Course. Call the AHBA office at 299-7001 to sign up today!          Next three meeting dates:
                                                                             May 5 – 8:30am @ AHBA
Marketing Committee                                                          June 2 – 12noon on location TBD
The Marketing Committee is looking for ways to promote our industry          July 7 – 8:30am @ AHBA
and our Association as well as finding ways to generate non-dues
revenue for our Association. We have been working to build lasting
relationships with the media in our community. Our goal is to establish
ourselves as the primary resource for homebuilding professionals in
our community. If you have input you would like to share, join us at
one of our meetings or contact KC at the AHBA Office. Our next meet-
ing will be in May- check the AHBA calendar and weekly briefings for
more details!

Legislative Committee
Greg Spicer-Chair
The Legislative Committee is working on having a luncheon in June.
We would invite all of the City Council and County Commissioners and
have them talk on our top concerns for 2009. This would also be an
excellent time for our members to ask them questions and to show them
how valuable of a resource our association can be to help them. The
Legislative Committee has built relationships with our elected officials
and think this would be an excellent opportunity to bring them in front of
our entire organization.

[ member news ]
                                                - Renewing Members -
A & B Construction                      Cashin Construction Co            J S Ray & Associates          Palladium Builders, Inc.
& Development                           Sean Cashin                       Stuart Ray                    James T. Selmensberger
Jeremy T. Bonner                        18 Okoboji Drive                  P.O. Box 2236                 21 White Oak Rd
PO Box 15370                            Fletcher NC, 28732                Weaverville NC, 28787         Asheville NC, 28803
Asheville NC, 28813                     (828) 628-2434                    (828) 645-9714                828-713-0900
(828) 258-2000                             Builder                             Builder                           General Contractor            Builder
Builder                                 Remodelor                         Leading Edge Builders, Inc.   Paul’s Custom Woordworking
Remodelors Council Member               Champion Service Experts, LLC     Ralph E. Gundrum              Paul Schmitz
Able Septic Tank Service                Ritch Holt                        1521 Roaring Fork Rd          190 Eastside Drive
Gary Blankenship                        578 Upward Road; Unit #7          Hot Springs NC, 28743         Black Mountain NC, 28711
20 Brownwood Ave                        Flat Rock NC, 28731               (828) 622-3418                828-712-6234
Asheville NC, 28806                     828-698-5881                      Builder             
(828) 254-1920                          www.                                 Woodworking
                                                                          McCurry Drywall, Inc.
Septic Systems                          HVAC Contractor                   Darrell McCurry               Pisces Development
Appalachian Antique Hard-               Heating & Cooling                 175 Palmer Ford Road          Jim Gill
woods                                   Cunningham & Company              Weaverville NC, 28787         1007 Carolyndon Drive
Chris Clough                            Shelia Cope                       (828) 645-4727                High Point NC, 287262
P.O. Box 167                            Executive Park I, Suite 216       Drywall Contractor            336-689-1051
Waynesville NC, 28786                   Asheville NC, 28801                                   
                                                                          Mick DelGreco Mountain
828-627-0830                            828-258-1290                                                    Builder
                                                                          Homes, LLC                                                 Custom Home Builder
                                                                          Mick DelGreco
Building Materials                      Mortgage Lender                   P.O. Box 8722                 Prinz Management Services
Floor Covering                          Banks/Lending                     Asheville NC, 28814           Keith Prinz
Asheville Savings Bank                  Delkote Machine Finishing         828-223-0206                  41 Graylyn Drive
Brenda Gillespie                        Brett McCall                         Fairview NC, 28730
P.O. Box 652                            69 Bingham Rd.                    Builder                       828-277-8685
Asheville NC, 28802                     Asheville NC, 28806               Log Home Builder/Sales        Builder
(828) 250-8433                          866-235-4913                                                    Property Management
                                                                          Mountain Air Mechanical                    Contractors, Inc.             Quality Still Counts
Banks/Lending                           Insulation - Spray Foam           John Graham                   Randy Cody
Mortgage Lender                         Pre-Stainer                       27 Loop Road                  2952 Smith Creek Rd.
Beverly-Hanks & Associates*             Duckett, Powell &Thomson          Arden NC, 28704               Mars Hill NC, 28754
Dennis White / Affiliate                Real Estate Development Co.       828-654-0001                  828-689-9137
300 Executive Park                      Mitch Duckett                     Heating & Cooling             Carpenter
Asheville NC, 28801                     P.O. 9278                         Mountain High Plumbing        R & J Woodwork
828-450-6884                            Asheville NC, 28815               David Crystal                 Ronald P. Bradoc                   828-684-8243                      429 Brooklyn Avenue           P.O. Box 56
Real Estate                                      Hendersonville NC, 28792      Hot Springs NC, 28743
Realtor                                 Builder                           828-697-0287                  (828) 768-4088 (cell
Builder / Architect Magazine*           Real Estate Developer             Plumbing Contractor           Interior Trim Contr.
Susan Newton / Affiliate                FLS Energy                                                      Woodworking
                                                                          Mountain Housing
5115 Serenity Mountain Road             Frank Marshall                    Opportunity                   Ramsey & Sons Builders
Waynesville NC, 28786                   400 Eastside Drive                Lloyd Freel                   Gordon Ramsey
828-452-9688                            Black Mountain NC, 28711          64 Clingman Avenue,           18 Hampton Drive                828-669-5070                      Suite 101                     Weaverville NC, 28787
Publications                                   Asheville NC, 28801           828-645-9256
Marketing Communications                Heating & Cooling                 (828) 254-4030 ext 1          Builder
Carolina Cabinets, Inc.                 Solar Energy                        RCJ Building, Inc.
Todd & Kathy Wanamaker                  Frank Briggs Assocs., Inc.        Builder                       Robert C. Jacobelly
27 Dalmatian Trail                      Frank Briggs Jr.                  Mountain Realty               93 Sevier Street
Alexander NC, 28701                     205 Pinners Cove Road             Builders, LLC                 Asheville NC, 28804
(828) 645-8633                          Asheville NC, 28803               James E. Hunter               (828) 236-3149
Kitchen cabinets                        (828) 684-3799                    P.O. Box 19660                Builder
Millwork                                Insurance                         Asheville NC, 28815           Rub-R-Wall of the Carolinas
                                                                          (828) 301-0806                David B. Hyder
                                                                        227 Gibbs Road
                                                                          Builder                       Leicester NC, 28748
                                                                                                        Building Materials

12 | Asheville HBA   l   Bringing Professionalism to our Industry
                                                                                                           [ member news ]
                                    - Renewing Members con’t -
Set Sail Development, Inc.       Spear & Wills Builders, Inc.     Western Heritage            Wiggins-Hill, Inc.
Kevin S. Kerr                    Robert Spear                     Insurance Agency            Steve Wiggins
37 Montford Avenue               50 Fox Den Road                  Michael Whiteside           6 Raven Cliff Lane
Asheville NC, 28801              Asheville NC, 28805              565 Merrimon Ave.           Arden NC, 28704
828-210-4699                     (828) 299-1626                   Asheville NC, 28804         (828) 681-0902
Builder                            (828) 252-1800              Builder
Developer                        Builder                          Insurance                   Wildwood Studios, Inc.
Shinn’s Building Co.             Real Estate                      White Insurance             Carl Giesenschlag
Tracy Shinn                      The Design Center by             Agency, Inc.                2163 Riceville Road
P.O. Box 1746                    Haywood                          David Queen                 Asheville NC, 28805
Weaverville NC, 28787            Marie Stowe                      P.O. Box 1310               (828) 299-8696
828-775-7464                     104-F Riverhills Road            Black Mountain NC, 28711    Cabinets
Builder                          Asheville NC, 28815              (828) 669-7912              Millwork
Spear & Wills Builders, Inc.     828-298-4597                 Carolina Painting Contractors
Tom Wills / Affiliate            Insurance                   Dale Wooten
50 Fox Den Road                  Windows/Doors                    High Country Overhead       P.O. Box 16322
Asheville NC, 28805              Garage Door & Oper.              Door                        Asheville NC, 28816
828-299-1626                     Westall Chandley, Inc.*          Cliff McBride               (828) 667-1868            Barry King / Affiliate           229 Airport Road; Suite 7   Paint Contractor
Builder                          P.O. Box 5755                    828-255-5222
Custom Home Builder              Asheville NC, 28813    
                                 828-253-5331                     Garage Door & Oper.
                                 Building Materials

           - New Members -
Asheville Savings Bank           Carolina Home Systems
Jennifer Duvall                  Bill Barbour
PO Box 652                       65 Hill Street
Asheville, NC 28802              Asheville, NC 28801
Financial Services               Modular Construction
SPIKE: Brenda Gillespie          SPIKE: Thomas McClain
West End Cabinets                WNC Green Building Council
Lynn Martin                      Maggie Leslie
PO Box 1281                      378 Haywood Road
Black Mountain, NC 28711         Asheville, NC 28806
Cabinets                         Environmental Certification &
SPIKE: Brian Burpeau             Education
Complete Builders, LLC           SPIKE: Richard Soderquist
Randy Edwards                    D & R Drywall
PO Box 2314                      Tracie Worley
Fairview, NC 28730               2521 Highway 9
Builder                          Black Mountain, NC 28711
SPIKE: Greg Spicer               Drywall Contractor, Stucco
French Broad Lawn and            SPIKE: James Worley
Landscaping                      Omega Finishing
Jeffery Young                    Michael Fargnoli
PO Box 845                       PO Box 906
Enka, NC 28728                   Arden, NC 28704
Landscape, Lawn & Garden         Additions & Remodeling, Siding
SPIKE: Cindy Hipps               Contractor
King Fasteners, Inc.             SPIKE: Daniel Bruce Steward
Joseph Skinner
96 B Fletcher Commercial Drive
Fletcher, NC 28732
Building Materials, Hardware
SPIKE: James Demos

[ member news ]

                                                - Pending Members -
2-10 Home Buyers Warranty              Core Installations*               Greenstone Builders               Rexel Electrical & Datacom
Meredith Johnson                       Diana Kostigen/Affiliate          Scott Carrow                      Supplies, Inc.
3587 Park Way Lane                     12-A Old Charlotte Hwy.           1070 Tunnel Road, Building 2      Calista Foisy
Norcross, GA 30092                     Asheville, NC 28803               Suite 60                          157 Asheland Ave.
Warranty Programs                      SPIKE: Bryan Presnell             Asheville, NC 28805               Asheville, NC 28801
SPIKE: Thomas McClain                  Dean’s Contracting                SPIKE: Rick Dwyer                 Electrical Suppliers
84 Lumber*                             Matthew Dean                      Greenstone Properties, Inc.       Lighting Fixtures
Josh Arrowood/Affiliate                191 White Oak Gap Road            Derek Weekley                     SPIKE: Kevin Abercrombie
75 Montgomery Drive                    Asheville, NC 28803               1070 Tunnel Road, Building 2      Stewart Acquisition Co. LLC
Asheville, NC 28806                    Excavating, Grading & Clearing    Suite 60                          DBA SAC Construction
Sidding Suppliers                      Landscape Architects              Asheville, NC 28805               William Stewart
Windows                                SPIKE: Richard Soderquist         Real Estate                       364 Poplar Drive
SPIKE: Judy Dinelle                    Foundation Specialties, LLC       SPIKE: Rick Dwyer                 Candler, NC 28715
A2Z Plumbing                           Marty Williams                    Greenstone Properties, Inc.       Builder
Contractors, Inc.                      PO Box 250                        Brad Bergeron                     General Contracting
Miranda Wildman                        Etowah, NC 28729                  1070 Tunnel Road, Building 2      SPIKE: Sean Sullivan
191 Lyman Street, Studio 316           Concrete Contractors              Suite 60                          The Housing Marketplace, Inc.
Asheville, NC 28801                    & Finishers                       Asheville, NC 28805               Joe Adams
Plumbing Contractor                    Landscaping                       SPIKE: Rick Dwyer                 PO Box 15408
Heating & Air Contractor               SPIKE: Derek Weekley              Keith Bullitt                     Asheville, NC 28813
SPIKE: Greg Spicer                     Full Circle Construction, Inc.    DBA Neat Painting                 Advertising, Marketing & Public
Architectural Woodcraft, Inc.          AJ Buttrick                       Keith Bullitt                     Relations
Craig Weis                             PO Box 2619                       PO Box 1522                       Education
199 Amboy Road                         Hendersonville, NC 28793          Asheville, NC 28802               SPIKE: Thomas McClain
Asheville, NC 28806                    Custom Builder                    Painting Contractors
Cabinets                               Green Builder                     SPIKE: Greg Spicer
Furniture-Custome made &               SPIKE: Jim Demos                  Mail Management Services,
Built-Ins                              Greenstone Builders               LLC
SPIKE: Duane Liming                    Jim Smith                         Kim Potts
Asheville Contracting Co.,             1070 Tunnel Road, Building 2      88 Roberts Street
DBA Asheville Fence                    Suite 60                          Asheville, NC 28801
Carla Maddux                           Asheville, NC 28805               Advertising & Specialties
1270 Smoky Park Hwy                    SPIKE: Rick Dwyer                 Printing
Candler, NC 28815                                                        SPIKE: Tim Alexander
SPIKE: Josh Abrams

 In compliance with our Bylaws and the policies which have been put in place by our Board of Directors and the Membership Committee,
 Association procedure is to have new member applications approved by the Board of Directors and by the General Membership. Please
 look at the list of Prospective Members. If you know of any compelling reason that any applicant should not be considered for membership,
 please contact any AHBA staff member at 828-299-7001 or email your comments to the AHBA at All information
 given to the AHBA is held strictly confidential.

14 | Asheville HBA   l   Bringing Professionalism to our Industry
                                                                                                                                [ AHBA Nation ]

                                 New Member Orientation
                                 and Prospective Member Meet & Greet
                                 *sponsored by Westall Chandley through our 2009 Foundation Club
                               As of January 2009, all new members to the AHBA will be required to
                               attend a New Member Orientation to complete their application pro-
                               cess. This will give new members a chance to learn about the benefits
    of being an AHBA member as well as ask questions in an informal setting. Members will be pre-
    sented with ways to become active in the Association and meet other members right away.
    Immediately following the orientation, there will be a Prospective Member Meet & Greet where
    new and prospective members can network with AHBA Staff, 2009 Board Members and Committee

                                                                                                                             AHBA NATION
    Chairs, and 2009 Foundation Club Members. AHBA members are invited to attend this event, but they MUST bring a prospective member as
    a guest. The new structure of most of the AHBA monthly meetings does not allow for guests who are NOT members of the AHBA
    to attend. Membership meetings are an exclusive benefit to AHBA Members. Therefore, the Prospective Member Meet & Greet was
    created to enable those interested in joining the AHBA to learn more about the association and meet some of our most supportive members
    in a relaxed atmosphere. The meetings will be held every other month at the AHBA Office, where food and beverage will be provided.
    The New Member Orientation will begin at 3:00 pm, followed by the Prospective Member Meet & Greet at 4:00 pm. If a new member is un-
    able to attend their scheduled New Member Orientation, please notify the AHBA Office immediately to reschedule as this is a requirement to
    complete the membership application process.
    If you have questions about either the New Member Orientation, the Prospective Member Meet & Greet, or would like to RSVP to the Pro-
    spective Member Meet & Greet, please email the AHBA office at or call at 828-299-7001.

     The last Meet & Greet had 11 Prospective members! Come out to show them how great the Association’s Membership really is!

                        AHBA Nation Member Spotlight
    Name/Title: Gina Kidder, Account Executive
    Business Name: Core Installations
    How did your company get started?
    When Marty Brooks, owner of Core Staging, a national Audio/Visual Production Company, moved to Asheville he decided to open a local busi-
    ness. Inevitably Marty started Core Installations, a company that provides audio/visual systems and complete home automation. My husband
    and I knew Marty and his wife Jen from Florida and I became involved in February 2008 as an Account Executive.
                                  What makes your company unique?
                                  What makes us unique is our dedication to customer service. Our customers will receive personalized attention
                                  from start to finish on a project. We are a small company with a big heart and we take great pride in our work.
                                  That’s why we make sure our installations are done right, on time and on budget. We have never held up a con-
                                  struction project or delayed the permit process.
                                  What has been your greatest business success?
                                  As a company our greatest business success is becoming a Crestron dealer, for both residential and commercial
                                  properties. Crestron holds high standards and we’re proud to be selected as one of their dealers. We now offer
                                  our customers Crestron Green Light™ technology which can help decrease carbon output. A personal success
                                  would be joining the Core family and having the opportunity to work with a great group of people. I’m also excited
                                  to be involved with the AHBA and becoming secretary of the Professional Women in Building Council for 2009.
                                  What do you like about doing business in Asheville?
                                  My family and I relocated here in 2006 because we knew that Asheville has a diverse community. People here
                                  are very friendly and have made me and my family feel welcomed.
    What kind of customer does your business attract?
    Our business attracts builders in addition to business and homeowners. We provide sales and installation for Home Theaters, Security Sys-
    tems, Structured Wiring, Lighting Control and Home Automation. It would be ideal for us to work with a builder during the planning stages but
    we’ll also turn your unused space into a home theater. For more information about our products and services check out our NEW website at
    How does your business positively contribute to the Asheville Community?
    We contribute to our community by growing our business and expanding, which give us the ability to hire new employees. In addition we believe
    in giving back to our community by donating to local charities, providing discounts to houses of warship and active and retired military person-
    nel. We’re also an education sponsor for the AHBA plus we sponsor local events and donate our products and services to movie night at the
    Mission Children’s Hospital.
    AHBA Member for 8 months! Location: 12-A Old Charlotte Hwy Contact: /
                     Asheville Home Builders Association
                     PO Box 9722
                     Asheville, NC 28815

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