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                   VIDYUT SOUDHA :: HYDERABAD

                           SPECIFICATION NO : 01/2004

                              SPECIFICATION FOR
                  Cost of Tender Specification Rs. 500/-
           Due Date for obtaining tender document : 30-7-2004
          Due date for submission of sealed quotations : 6-8-2004
                               *      *     *

The APTRANSCO invites sealed quotations from the reputed firms /
agencies whose turnover is more than Rs. 2.00 crores per annum and
who have accreditation to INS for EMPANELMENT AS ADVERTISEMENT
AGENCIES IN APTRANSCO on the terms and conditions given overleaf.

Sl. No.      Description

 I.          Pre-Qualification

 II.         Tariff

 III.        Payment Terms

 IV.         EMD

 V.          Negotiations

 VI.         Selection

 VII.        Selection Criteria

 VIII.       Agreement

 IX.         Period of Contract

 X.          Jurisdiction

 XI.         General

I.        Pre-Qualification :

     1)      The Agency must have an established professional creative

             wing and Media Relations wing separately with good record

             all over India.    The Agency must have good client service

             activity.    The Advertising Agency must be Hyderabad /

             Secunderabad based i.e. Registered office / Headquarters in

             Hyderabad / Secunderabad. Agency is required to submit its

             professional experience in Advertisements, General Publicity &

             Image Building measures etc. for the last 5 years in govt.


     2)      The Agency must invariably be registered with India News

             Paper Society (INS) and have full accreditation for minimum

             Four Years. The Agency’s accreditation should not have been

             cancelled by INS during last 4 years on account of any act of

             omission / commission on the part of the Agency.

     3)      The Agency must be approved by the Commissioner / Director

             of Information & Public Relations, Govt. of A.P., and the

             Agency must have not less than Rs. 2.00 Crores of turnover per

             annum in the last three years. (Copy of the Annual IT returns

             may be furnished).

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       4)     Experience of serving with Energy Sector / Government

              organizations like Singareni Collieries, NTPC, CIL, POWERGRID,

              ONGC, I&PR, NMDC, APSRTC etc., will be an additional


II.       Tariff :
       5)    All the Advertisements will be released on the approved rates

              of DIPR / DAVP only and the rates approved by Commissioner/

              Director of Information & Public Relations, Govt. of A.P.

       6)     The Agency must take tariff approval for all publications on par

              with I&PR approved rates before releasing to the publication

              from time to time and as and when rates are changed by the


       7)     If agency releases the Advertisement on its own decision and

              claims extra payment or other than approved tariff rates, the

              same will not be entertained.      No commercial tariff of any

              publication will be paid without prior approval from CGM(CC).

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III.        Payment terms :

       8)     Bills have to be submitted in duplicate along with tear sheets of

              the publication.

       9)     The Payment will be made on or before 60 days on submission
              of bills.

       10)    The payment will be cleared from Second Bill onwards only

              after submitting the copies of receipts of payment made to
      concerned newspaper publications by the Ad. Agency for

      earlier Advertisements released through the Ad. Agency.

11)   All the statutory taxes such as Sales Tax, Income Tax, TOT,

      Administrative Charges, Service Charges etc. must be borne

      by the agency and their rates applicable shall be as per

      government orders / amendments issued from time to time.

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IV.         EMD :

      12)      Refundable EMD of 1% of turnover ( i. e. Rs. 2,00,000/- ) in the

               form of DD taken in favour of The Pay Officer, APTRANSCO

               payable at Hyderabad must be enclosed to the quotations.

      13)      The EMD will be refunded to the Agencies those who have not

               qualified and selected.      The EMD amount of qualified and

               selected agency will be treated as Security Deposit and will be

               refunded on successful completion of contract period with out


V.          Negotiations :

      14)      If the bidder satisfies all the stipulated conditions, they will

               qualify for further negotiations.

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VI.         Selection :

      15)      The APTRANSCO reserves the right to accept / reject any of

               the offers of any / all the Agencies without assigning any

               reasons thereof.

      16)      The APTRANSCO reserves the right to allot the work to one

               agency or more than one agency. APTRANSCO reserves the

               right to evaluate the performance of the Agency and Agency

               cannot dispute or question the decision taken by APTRANSCO

               in this regard.

VII.        Selection Criteria :
  17)   The Ad. Agency shall submit a creative and innovative design

        in the areas of tenders, commercial, display, corporate

        advertisements, graphics, translation etc., on A4 size paper on

        various aspects relating to various sectors particularly in Power

        Sector .    The Ad agency may also submit other works done by

        them like Pamphlets, Posters, Booklets, Brochures, Leaflets, CD /

        Video / Multi-media presentations / Radio Jingles/ Video

        Graphics etc.

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VIII. Agreement :

  18)   The written agreement to be entered into between the

        Agency and APTRANSCO shall be the foundation of the rights

        of both the parties and contract shall not be deemed to be

        completed, until the agreement has first been signed by the

        Agency and then by the proper Officer authorized to enter

        into contract on behalf of APTRANSCO and the agreement

        shall be executed on a stamp paper of Rs. 100/-.

  19)   No part of the contract shall be subject to any changes

        whatsoever without written permission of the CMD / JMD,

        APTRASNCO nor shall transfer be made by power of attorney,

        authorizing others to receive payment on the agency’s behalf.

        The agency shall not sublet either whole or in part to any other

      20)      The APTRANSCO has the right to discontinue the services of the

               agency, if the services rendered are found to be unsatisfactory

               with a month’s notice on either side;       the contract can be

               terminated by giving one-month notice on either side.

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      21)      The Agency must accept to take up some of the PR and

               Communication activities of the power utility at no cost.

               Quantum and nature of such work offered per annum may be

               spelt out in the bid in order to evaluate the bid.

IX.         Period of Contract:

      22)      The appointment will be made for a period of one year from

               the date of acceptance.

X.          Jurisdiction :

      23)      All and any disputes arising out of or touching this contract

               shall be decided by courts or tribunals situated in Hyderabad

               and Secunderabad cities only.      No suits or legal proceedings

               shall be instituted elsewhere.

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XI.         General :

      24)      The appointment will not confer any right on the Agency to

               release the advertisements only through the Agency.            The

               APTRANSCO has the right to appoint any other agency, or
      agencies to carryout the Advertisement work, if found


25)   The services rendered by the Agency for preparation of

      layouts, photo composing or Art work done in case of

      advertisements shall be free of charge, the Agency should

      take utmost care to format the advertisements on their own so

      as to avoid excess utilisation of space and got them published

      before the time stipulated by the APTRANSCO;

26)   All the designing and creative works for all types of

      Advertisements / General Publicity must be done by the

      Advertising Agency only.   No additional charges will be paid

      to the agency except releasing charges of advertisements to

      the publications.

27)   The APTRANSCO shall choose the newspapers and their

      editions in which the advertisements are to be published;

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28)   Agency must submit a written acceptance of all the services

      offered to the company and value of services in terms of


29)   The services offering and acceptance should not violate the

      terms and conditions of INS that are incorporated in their

      agreement with Advertising Agency.
30)   If any commitment given or services offered by the Advertising

      Agency     violating   the   INS   terms   and   conditions,   the

      APTRANSCO will not take any responsibility.       The Advertising

      Agency will be held responsible for any action taken by the INS


31)   Advertising Agency must release the advertisements after

      approval from the CGM (CC) and only to the papers

      mentioned in the Release Order. The Advertisements must be

      published within specific time mentioned in the Release Order.

32)   The Agency is solely responsible for any sort of legal

      complications.    The Agency, at a later date shall not make

      any plea of ignorance of relevant laws and shall not blame

      APTRANSCO for any such ignorance on their part.

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33)   The Agency shall nominate a person / officer from the agency

      to be available to the CGM (CC), APTRANSCO for liaison and

      the Telephone number, address etc. of such person shall be

      furnished to the CGM (CC), APTRANSCO.

34)   Advertising Agency must extend their services in all the working

      days of Newspaper publications and APTRANSCO and even

      should be prepared to extend their services in the holidays

35)   If the service provided by the Agency is found to be

      unsatisfactory, penalty of 10% of the Bill or Release Order issued

      for particular advertisement will be levied. Prior to this a notice

      will be served for improvement. If no improvement is made in

      spite of levying the penalty and notices, contract will be

      terminated and Security Deposit (SD) shall be forfeited and no

      claim whatsoever shall be entertained.

36)   Even though the Agency meets the qualification criteria, they

      may be disqualified if they have made misleading or false

      representation in the forms, statement and attachments

      submitted in proof of the qualification requirement, and / or

      having record of poor performance such as abandoning the

      works, not properly completing the contract, inordinate delays

      in completion, litigation history or financial failure etc.

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37)   The Agency shall submit quotations with terms & conditions in

      one sealed cover and shall be addressed to the CGM (CC),

      APTRANSCO, Vidyut Soudha, Khairatabad, Hyderabad – 82.

      The Name & Address of the agency shall be noted on the


38)   The last date for sale of specification is 30-7-2004 up to 5-00 PM

39)   The last date for submission of Tender is 6-8-2004 up to 3-00 PM.

                                                 JT. MANAGING DIRECTOR
                                         (HRD, COMML., IPC, IT & REFORMS)
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