Tue, 28 Nov, AM Session by 7023O8


									     Tue, 28 Nov, AM Session          Chinese YMCA NT Centre (3/F Hall)
                              IMPORTANT NOTICE
 Rules and Regulations 3.1.1: The Association will decide the times at which
the classes are to be taken, and the order of competing will be decided by
ballot as soon as the list of entries is closed. Competitors who fail to show up
in accordance with the published order will be considered as “not in assigned
order”. They can only get comments with no marks and no certificates.
K25.   Solo Verse Speaking : Non-Open   Primary 3 : Girls     Ready At 09:15am
K28. Solo Verse Speaking : Non-OpenPrimary 4 : Girls       Ready At 10:30am
              I'm the One Who Rules the School - Clive Webster
     (The Poetry Store Compiled by Paul Cookson, page 366 - Hodder)
         Class: K28 Group: 1
         1. Wan Lok Man                 2. Au Yeung Sze Ki
         3. Wong Mei Ngan               4. Lee Ling Ling
         5. Chan Hiu Wing               6. Ho Siu Hei
         7. (Withdrawn)                 8. Wong Siu Ying Mimi
         9. Cheng Yee Mam               10. Lu Ka Wai Christine
         11. Keung Tsz Chin             12. Hung Kwan
         13. Kwong Hoi Yan              14. Chow Tsz Ching
         15. Lau Sin Kei                16. Lee Fai Tung
         17. Ko Ching Yee Julia         18. Yip Ka Lai
         19. Fu Ka Yu                   20. Cheng See Wah
         21. Chan Pui Kam               22. Yung Choi Ping
         23. Tong Genice                24. Cheng Sau Wai
         25. Chow Sze Ki                26. Wong Tsz Yan
         27. Choi Lai Ling              28. ...
         29. Lee Yuen Shan              30. Chan Wing In
         31. Leung Po Ying              32. Wong Nga Sze
         33. Deborah Yan                34. Wu Hoi Yan
         35. Fong Ying Wai              36. Leung Wai I
         37. Wong Cho Yan
中華基督教青年會新界會所 (三樓禮堂)
地址:新界葵涌葵盛圍 32-40 號
交通路線:葵興地鐵站轉 37M 巴士(7-11 便利店下車)/ 葵芳地鐵站轉 89M 小巴 (近葵盛東村)

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