23rd April 2010
The most important
   areas for the
   future are…….
  Community Involvement                 Employment &
    & Decision-making                     Education

    Built                                        Services
Environment              Crime &               (Principle –
                         Safety              Social Inclusion)
& Planning

              Health and Wellbeing & Youth
Community Involvement &
  Community Involvement & Decision-making

                          Linkages and                 Community
                         Support for the            Development –
   Group –
                         resident group            (i) more activities
and enhancing                                       (ii) more events

        Enable people to contribute to decisions
                     (i) processes
                      (ii) support

         Stigma of                           Social Inclusion
                Proposed Actions
    [Actions in bold included in current action planning]

•   Paid support for residents group
•   Ensure local acknowledgement of Res Group role
•   Res Group membership open public & private residents
•   More Community Education around Drugs & Alcohol
•   More events especially for youth & aged
•   Increase harmony between cultures
•   Promote Broadmeadows
•   Retain Olsen Place hub (interim)
•   Signage and enforcement (rubbish & drinking)
Employment & Education
         Employment and Education

            Holistic Approach to
          Employment and Training

Intergenerational                        Identify Barriers

  Local Network /                        Importance of Childcare
  Steering Group

                     Links to Industry
              Proposed Actions
• Engage all local providers in a specific response to
  this community
• Employment Support available locally (e.g. BEAT)
• Whole of Family approach (FCEP)
• Resident involvement in mentoring / information sharing
• Agency mentoring / placements
• Local jobs for local people
Built Environment and Planning
         Built Environment and Planning

                           Development of          Appearance
Community                   Olsen Place              of City

                         Interim Hub

   Impact of Central                        Location of Hub
   Activities District
              Proposed Actions - Hub
Planning for Long Term Hub
• Sort out parking issues
• Sort out site issues
• Design & schematics + cost plan
• Pursue funding
• Governance Issues
• Identify timelines for each step

More resident involvement in process, Need to address lack of information,
Community needs to be informed of the configuration (asap)
BAT residents to pass on information updates (asap)
More discussion with community (asap)
Community needs reassurance that this will definitely happen (asap)
Community needs to understand the issues of why it is taking so long
         Proposed Actions - Other
• Increase the range of shops / services
• Explore one way streets
• Agreed long-term plan/ program for change
• More police presence
• Multicultural activities
• More pro-active tenancy / property management – public housing
• Community events – giveaways & guest speakers
• Regular community safety and amenity audits
• Regular consultation with residents regarding appearance amenity
• Identify possible sites for interim hub e.g Campmeadows
  (peppercorn rent)
• Explore funding sources & access funding to sustain arrangements
  at Olsen Place
• Ensure community participation in CAD development
Crime & Safety
                    Crime and Safety

        Safety for
                                         Amenity of
      Residents and
                                        local shops

         Feeling comfortable in Olsen Place

                                              Reporting Crime
Alcohol and Prostitution
                Proposed Actions

•   Improve connections between neighbours
•   Train employees in handling conflict & aggression
•   Monitor Health and Safety of traders
•   Syringe disposal (training and containers)
•   Engage men in community events
•   Explore idea of Olsen Place as strip shopping centre
•   Enforce alcohol sales & consumption in line with law
•   Innovation around reporting of crime (dedicated line?)
Services (Social Inclusion)
             Services (Social Inclusion)

Transport             Communication         Buildings for Services

            Services for Community Hub

  Community Development                  Rubbish / Syringes
                      Proposed Actions
•   Raise issue of transport – e.g. letter documenting the issue to DOT
•   Investigate access and use of community buses in the area (short term action)
•   Conduct familiarisation trips for bus route 902 top encourage awareness and use by older
•   maintain written material including translations, “sound” and face to face
•   Provide translation of key issues – “label” or heading with contact detail for translation
•   Promote the availability of free internet access hubs (and increase the number of computers)
    e.g coordinated single brochure
•   Provide targeted training sessions (one-to – one) for older people to assist with their computer
•   Extend hours of available internet hubs
•   Establish a register of people who need hard copy information
•   Continue to advocate for Service Village
•   Identify what is critical and important feature information for hub and have it available
•   Regular (frequency tbc) network meetings between community development programs
•   Agencies (e.g DNH, Diannella) commit to contribute important event details to regular
    community update
•   Community groups and Organisation (e.g. Choir, U3A, Progress Association) commit to
    providing regular community updates
•   Investigate the installation of a syringe disposal box in the area
•   Conduct regular (annual?) community education campaigns to change rubbish “dumping”
    behaviour followed by an enforcement campaign
Health & Well-being
    and Youth
          Health and Well-Being and Youth

Youth Specific           Health and Well-
   Health                 being Facility              Strategies to support
  Services                                            Children and Families

         Rubbish (Syringes, laneways, traders)

          Gaps in Services (local) for Youth with a
                     Disability (15-18)
                Proposed Actions
•   Establish local hub
•   Advocate for Service Village
•   Clarify Service pathways for priority groups (Youth, Aged,etc)
•   Response to Syringes
Residents group
                                Building a Residents Group

          Vision:                               How?                          Relationships &
•Ongoing voice                       •Support resources / guidance
•Get things for people in the area                                             Focus Areas
•Express opinions
                                     •Residents – increase              •Have an over-arching body
•To be incorporated                  membership                         (agencies / local government)
•Take on issues from survey          •Local government – info           •Sustainable shop front
results                              sessions re: grant applications    •Progress Association model –(use
•Be ongoing                          •Centrelink – can help promote
•Be an ear / support for people                                         of Camp Road premises)
•Making the place we live a better
                                     the group                          •Permanent Space
place                                •Produce a Resource Book –         •Provide transport (BPA approach)
•A multi-cultural area               what we do / have                  •Campaign to keep shopfront at
•A legitimate representative body    •DPCD – range of funding           Olsen Place
to be consulted & part of decision   programs
making of governments and
                                     •MCM – mentoring and grant-
•Be involved and part of things in   writing
community of local agencies,         •NR – P & P worker to support.
local government, and state          Proposal for activity funding to
governments                          build capacity
•Social justice Charter – have
input and info
                    Proposed Actions
•   Support Residents Group in becoming incorporated
•   Increase membership of residents group
•   Support Residents Group in identifying and applying for grants & funding
•   Produce publicity and promotional materials for the Residents Group
•   Support resident group in increasing skills of its members
•   Agree and document relationship between Residents Group and ongoing local
    governance arrangements
•   Agree and document relationships between Residents Group and other local
    networks and decision-making bodies
•    Secure interim hub as base for residents group and other volunteer / community
•   Run campaign to secure Olsen Place as interim hub
Maureen Leahy                Les Devine
Yilmaz Karadenizli           Susan McDowell
Jo-Anne Bray                 Carmel McMennemin
Irene Fitzpatrick            Elizabeth Young
Maria Axarlis Coulter        Angelic Kemsley
Derek Kosbab                 Helen Spence
Frank Sanders                Maria Kypruos
Ian Bailey                   John Rutherford
Maria Panuccio               David Hogan
Denise Shearer               Paul Bentley
Joy Nunn                     Tony Ryan
Wendy Moncur                 Narelle Staub
Ruth Mattiussi               David Peake
Ben Neil                     Remy Cormanes
Anita Lijovic                Mark Sullivan
John Cunneen                 Sally Beattie
Gulden Otar                  Marcus Bosch
Leanne March                 Maria Tuua
Viviane Lacey                Geoff Porter
Genia Sawcyn                 Ian Adotey
Carolynne Venn               Marie McLeod
Joanne Moore                 Sonia Rutherford
                             Dawn Noakes
           Next Steps
NR Place Manager - with support from
           BAT sub-group –
   to develop detailed Action Plan
          for BAT approval
BCNR – April 2010

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