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Q: I'm having problems with any form

         A: Ensure you are using Adobe Reader 9 or above Click here to down load it.

Q: Where do I send this form?

       A: check boxes and submit buttons will guide you to the right submission address. Most
forms will be sent to ndscs.payroll@ndscs.edu (paysheets, special payment forms, flex
reimbursement, etc) other HR forms go to ndscs.hr@ndscs.edu (benefit changes or other forms).

Q: How can I sign a form and email it without saving it to my computer?

         A: If you open a form in a web browser you can sign the fields and use the mail icon next
         to the save button. Enter your recipient and carbon copy yourself if need be. Not all
         versions of     acrobat include this option (this method does not work on forms that you
         have been sent).
Q: The paysheet is not calculating when I enter my hours

       A: The calculations in this sheet are programmed in JavaScript and only calculate after a
       different field has been filled with data. If you would like to see the correct numbers
       in the calculation fields, although it is not advised for time purposes, place a 0 into
       any blank field and hit enter. JavaScript is one calculation behind when you are entering
       time and other data. Entering zero and hitting enter catches the form up to where you are
       in your entry. The only time you should worry about correct calculations is after
       you sign. Call HR or use live support if you have COMPLETELY filled in all
       time for the week and errors persist.

       Scroll to the top of this page and select the paysheet training link

Q: How do I send other information like receipts with my electronic form?

       A: You can scan the receipts and send them in an email to ndscs.payroll@ndscs.edu Or
       fax them to 3-2499 please indicate what form they relate to and when you sent it.

Q: When I try to sign the form I get a message that there is something wrong with the
security rights.

       A: the person that signed the form before you may have been using an Acrobat
       Professional or Standard product to sign. Email the individual and ask them to sign the
       form through Adobe Reader 9.0 or above. Signing a document using Pro or Standard can
       take away the extended rights to reader users. This is true of some but not all versions of
       Pro and Standard.

Q: Is my information secure?

       A: sending the form through email has the same encryption protocols as other messages sent by
       the NDSCS.NODAK server. The digital signature used with the forms is approved by the
       Department of Defense, Food and Drug Administration, and follows federal legislative
       requirements for digital signature acceptance. Additionally, the North Dakota State Auditors
       have been consulted about the process. The information sent through the paperless process is
       vastly more secure than paper copies. It is important to note that there are only a handful of
       forms that are not open record according to the North Dakota Century Code. Click here for the
       White paper from Adobe on digital signatures.

Q: When I click to submit through outlook, my email is returned and a mail message never opens
for me to add comments or other recipients.

        A: Some outlook systems send the form to the recipients address without showing you the
       message before it is sent. It is supposed to open an email message with the TO: address as
       their supervisors email. We are testing out new ways of sending the email that prompt the user
       before sending.

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