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									Newcastle Fairtrade Partnership
Held on 8th June 2010
Room 701, Civic Centre, Newcastle City Council

Present :

Partnership Members:
Audrey Marshall (AM)               Community (Chair and Member)
John Marshall (JM)                 Community (Member)
Stina Dodds (SD)                   Shared Interest (Member)
Margaret Hunter (MH)               Newcastle University (Member)
Kathleen Haldane (KH)              Community (Vice Chair and Member)
Laura Lowther (LL)                 Northumberland Wildlife Trust (Member)
Also present:
Stella Rose Carmichael (SRC)       City Council
Shirley Garvey (SG)                City Council (Minutes)
Laura Gower (LG)                   Fairtrade PHD student, Northumbria University
         Item                               Comment / Decision                        Action
1.     Introductions   Apologies from Norma Henderson
       & Apologies
2.     Codes of        There were none.
3.     Minutes of last Agreed as a correct record.
4.     Matters         SRC still awaiting confirmation from Stephen Savage
       Arising         regarding carrying over funds from last year.
       History Leaflet Current leaflet to be circulated and signed off at next
       Update          meeting. SRC stated that she has to ensure that
                       representation of local Fairtrade organisations is balanced
                       as well as adhereing to corporate council policy for design
                       and print. The latest policy does not permit images
                       throughout a leaflet and also favours an A5 size.
       Mini Mela –     It was reported that there has been no response to the Mini
       Grainger        Mela from any local businesses so it won’t be possible to
       Street 29-31    attend this on our own, Oxfam were keen but are unable to
       July            make it.
       Jarrow          It was agreed that this was a very good event to support for
       Crusade 75      next year. Bruce Crowther who set up the Fairtrade Towns
       Anniversary     movement is the impetus behind this. SRC will be meeting
       October 2011 with Bruce to explore this further.                               SRC
       TUC             The TUC conference which SRC and Charley attended on
       Conference      Saturday 22 May was an excellent opportunity to promote
       NE Fairtrade    SRC ordered 2000 more Guides at a cost of £300, as it was
       Purchasing      advised by the South West Fairtrade group that 1000 didn’t
       Guide           last very long.
5.     Workplan for    No changes to report. However AM requested a copy of the
       2010 - 2011     current plan to be re-circulated at the next meeting.          AM
6.   Newcastle &      Final planning and arrangements were discussed. SRC has          SRC
     Gateshead        previously circulated a timetable to all those who are
     EAT Festival -   volunteering. Security will be on site from Friday afternoon.
     update           Steve Brock has been booked to take photographs on
7.   Campaigners      SRC fedback on the Campaigners Advisory Group (CAG)
     Advisory         which she attended on 3 June. She will send out written
     Group &          feedback in time.
     Review           A list of CAG members can be found on the Fairtrade
                      Foundation website, and in time more information will be
                      posted there as the Foundation are keen to operate

                      The next meeting of CAG is Tuesday September 14 which
                      clashes with the September meeting of this group. SRC
                      suggested to the Chair that the meeting go ahead in her
                      absence and this was agreed. Minutes will need to be sent
                      to the Chair for approval before they are sent out by the
                      minute taker. SRC will also be attending the Fairtrade
                      Foundation AGM on Monday 13 September.

                      The date of the Fairtrade Fortnight conference will be either
                      Saturday 9th or 16th October in London, near Waterloo
                      Station. SRC suggested that as many members as possible
                      should attend as it was a very successful event and an
                      excellent venue. Travel expenses are paid out of the
                      Fairtrade budget.

                      Next years Fairtrade Fortnight in February 2011 will focus on
                      cotton. The possible theme will be “Show your label”.

                      SRC will attend 4 meetings a year at the Fairtrade
                      Foundation offices, for the next 2 years. Given this
                      commitment and her reduction to working 3 days it was
                      suggested that work is better planned throughout the year to
                      work more proactively and to protect against taking on too
                      much. SRC agreed to produce an outline of core work that         SRC
                      can be brought to a future meeting.                              Agenda
8.   Local and / or   The South West booklet “Fair and Local” was referred to for
     Fairtrade -      discussion.
                      It was suggested there could be a list of pros and cons of
                      Fairtrade as it was felt by some that consumers can be put
                      off by believing there is a conflict with local businesses. It
                      would be helpful to demonstrate how people can give their
                      support to Fairtrade alongside local businesses.

                      A debate is planned next year at Newcastle University by
                      students around climate change and this could include a
                      debate on the topic of Fairtrade Vs Local Trade. MH also
                     mentioned that the Northumbria Larder, Northumbria’s
                     regional fine food group, would be a good avenue for
                     engaging local producers.

                     Carlisle Fairtrade group maybe holding a conference on the
                     subject of Fairtrade and Local, next Fairtrade Fortnight.
9.    PhD Update     LG has suffered problems in trying to speak to teachers in
                     order to write up interviews and St Mary’s School is now not
                     a viable choice. SRC agreed to pass LG a list of schools
                     who were involved in the Estelle event in 2007. St Bede’s         SRC
                     Primary and St Cuthberts Primary were also recommended.
10.   AOB / Good     Within the Environmental Health Department where SRC
      Ideas          works there is an initiative called Scores on the Doors which
                     gives a star rating to catering outlets. SRC has been asked
                     if it would be possible to provide a Fairtrade logo to those
                     local outlets who support Fairtrade. She has also been
                     asked by businesses if they can use the logo to show their

                     Following discussion with the Foundation SRC was advised
                     that the “we are a Fairtrade City logo” can be used by
                     businesses but campaign groups should set some criteria
                     for them to reach which goes beyond them providing two or
                     more different Fairtrade products. As well as inventing a
                     strap line to go with the logo such as “We support Fairtrade
                     in Newcastle”. This will be put on the next agenda for
                     discussion and decision.                                          Agenda
                     Sunderland Fairtrade and Scottish Fairtrade have requested        KH /
                     a visit to attend one of NFP’s meetings. A reminder was           SRC
                     given that visitors should attend the meetings from 12 noon.
                     Following on from last year it was agreed by MH that she
                     would host the August meeting at Newcastle University and
                     again she would be happy to provide a buffet. Given this
                     would be a network opportunity it was suggested that
                     visitors be invited to this meeting in particular. The date for
                     August meeting is 10 August 2010.

                     It was suggested that photographs relating to Fairtrade
                     activities in Newcastle be sent to MH who will pass to her        SRC
                     PA to display at the August meeting.
11.   Date of Next   Tuesday 13th July - Newcastle City Council, Civic
      Meeting        Centre. Room 701


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