DIGNITY & RESPECT STEERING GROUP

                           TERMS OF REFERENCE 2009

                            Review Date February 2010

PURPOSE: To lead and oversee the World Class Commissioning Project ‘Dignity &
Respect’ to ensure that all services commissioned by CECPCT can demonstrate
high standards of dignity and respect in care.

MEMBERSHIP: (Core Members in bold)
Fiona Field, Director of Governance and Strategic Planning
Chair - Yvonne Lochhead, Associate Director for Governance and Patient
Tracy Ault, Commissioning Manager
Cathy Fulham, Clinical Quality Project Manager;
Diana Bishop, Community and Patient Engagement Co-Ordinator
Betty Wright, Older Persons Champion Representative and LAY rep
Ruth Williamson/Ruth Knighton*, HR Advisor
Stephanie Lawley, Project Manager, Equality & Diversity
Bernadette Bailey, Commissioning Manager
Alison Phillips, Joint Commissioning Facilitator
Rose Smith, Community Services Manager, CECH
Philippa Pordes/Jayne Hartley* MCHfT
Audrey Fitzpatrick Deputy Director of Community Services CECH
Hayley Reading Essence of Care Matron East Cheshire Trust )*
Lyn Bailey, Patient & Public Involvement Manager, ECT               )
Helen Kershaw East Cheshire Trust
Ken Clemens Age Concern Cheshire, Policy and Campaigns Manager
Marie Nelligan/Helen Wilcock,*, Cheshire & Wirral Partnership Trust
Dawn Colvin, Primary Care, CECPCT,
Sandra Murphy, Cheshire East Council
Christine Pickthall, LAY rep
* indicates one rep to attend from each organisation

1) To ensure that the Project delivers the following outcome:-
It is expected that by the end of year one that all major contracts will have standards
and targets in place with year on year increases in the number of provider service
contracts involved so that by year 5 every contract will have dignity and respect
embedded within.

2) To lead and oversee the project as delivered through the three/four work-streams
as follows:-
a) Identify core standards of care in relation to dignity & respect based on local
patient and public consultation and learning from national/local studies & initiatives;
b) Agree targets and ways of monitoring and evaluating dignity & respect with local
service providers through contract monitoring;
c) Influence professional behavior by a) linking with SHA/Universities re-
commissioning/provision of professional training to ensure dignity and respect are a
core element in the curricular; b) developing plans to ensure dignity & respect remain
high on everyone’s’ agenda.
3) To monitor progress against objectives and timescales as identified in the action
plans from year one through to year five.

4) To receive updates from the Project Manager at each meeting.

5) To meet monthly and report through minutes and Project Lead to the PCT
Leadership Team.

6) To regularly review membership to reflect priorities of the Group.


Members will be responsible for taking a lead in implementing the objectives and,
within their own organisations, reporting on the work of the group and its implications.

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