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									Lesso   Title/ Content        Outcome                  Students Learn to:     Students Learn about:          Historical Skills       Possible ICT
n                                                                                                                                    Resources
One     Introduction to       P2.1 identifies          Describe and assess     - Archaeological          -      Historical Inquiry   Article:
        Topic: Archeology     historical factors and   different methods         sources and their       -      Examining            Bog People Article
        the science.          explain their            used by historians,       importance to the              Sources
                              significance in          archaeologist and         past.
                              contributing to          other specialists to    - Definitions of key
                              change in the            understand the            terms used in the
                              modern world.            past.                     study of archaeology
                                                                                 and forensic science.
Two     Preserved Remains:    P3.2 identify            Comprehend and          - Preserving and          -      Collecting         PowerPoint
        Stories without       relevant problems of     analyse a range of        reading Ancient                information from Presentation:
        words                 sources in               written and               Human remains in               an ICT source       Bog people
                              reconstructing the       archeological             the context of each     -      Historical Inquiry PowerPoint
                              past.                    sources in                case study.             -      Understand
                                                       reconstructing the                                       Historical Bias
Three   How they died: Case   P3.4 identify and        Ask appropriate         - Lindow Man,          -         Historical Inquiry   Youtube Videos:
        Study Allocation      account for differing    historical questions      Graubelle man,       -         Chronology           Tollund Man
                              perspectives and         and test hypotheses       Windeby Girl,        -         Questioning          Lindow Man
                              interpretations of       about the nature of       Tollund man:                   Sources
                              the past.                the sources, their        general introduction
                                                       reliability and           into preservation
                                                       usefulness and the        and events of
                                                       problems posed by         discovery.
                                                       sources in
                                                       reconstructing the
Four    What are the clues?   P3.1 locate, select      Describe and explain    - Preservation of the     -      Examining            Youtube Video:
                              and organise             the contributions of      bodies in peat bogs/           Sources              Bog Mummies
                              relevant information     science and other         ice etc                 -      Communicating
                              from a variety of        disciplines to the      - Intentional or non-            ideas about the
                              sources                  dating of evidence        intentional                    past.
                                                       and the provision of      preservation of the
                                                       information of the        body.
Five    What evidence do        P3.4 identify and       Discuss the ethical     - Possible causes of          -   Historical Inquiry     Article:
        we have?                account for differing   issues related to the     death for case study        -   Examining              Bog Body
                                perspectives and        excavation,               of choice.                      Sources.               reconstruction
                                interpretations of      presentation and
                                the past.               reconstruction of
                                                        historical sites,
                                                        human remains and
                                                        cultural property.
Six     What else could         P3.3 comprehend         Evaluate differing      - Various hypotheses          -   Understanding          Article:
        have caused this        sources and analyse     perspectives and          based on forensic               interpretations        National
        death?                  them for their          interpretations of        evidence and other          -   Chronology             Geographic Article
                                usefulness and          the past.                 sources of their            -   Examining
                                reliability.                                      body.                           technology’s
                                                                                                                  interaction with
                                                                                                                  the past.
Seven   Locating similarities   P3.2 identify           Describe and discuss    - Reconstructing the          -   Historical inquiry     Article/ Data:
        /differences            relevant problems of    the changing nature       lifestyles of the           -   Examining               Lindow Man
                                sources in              and uses of               individuals: physical           Sources                 Tollund Man
                                reconstructing the      archaeology and           appearance and                                          Grauballe Man
                                past.                   related disciplines.      clothing                                                Map of Graubelle
                                                                                                                                           Man and Tollund
Eight   Surroundings of         P3.3 comprehend         Comprehend and          - Evidence of the         -       Examining              Interactive
        Death                   sources and analyse     analyse a range of        environment;                    Sources                Program:
                                them for their          written and               possible cause of       -       Historical Inquiry     Bog Bodies
                                usefulness and          archeological             death; associated       -       Examining              Tollund Man’s
                                reliability             sources in                rituals                         technology’s           Death
                                                        reconstructing the                                        interaction with
                                                        past.                                                     the past.
Nine    Archealology            P3.1 locate ,select     Describe and assess     - Comparison to                    - Examining           Interactive Flash:
                                and organise            different methods         another find:                        Sources           Ten ways to Make
                                relevant information    used by historians,       Iceman, mummified                - Historical          a Mummy
                                from a variety of       archeologists and         schythians, Inuit                    Inquiry
                            sources                other specialists to       Boy, Peruvian             -   Chronology
                                                   understand the             mummies. Egyptian
                                                   contributions of key       examples.
                                                   people, groups,
                                                   events etc.
Ten      The Afterlife      P3.5 discuss issues    Discuss the ethical    - Religious beliefs and   -   Historical           Article:
                            relating to            issues related to        customs associated          Empathy              Museum of
                            ownership and          excavation,              with burial practices   -   Historical Inquiry   Manchester:
                            custodianship of the   presentation and         of this nature.                                  Representing the
                            past                   reconstructing of                                                         Dead
                                                   historical sites,
                                                   human remains and
                                                   cultural property.
Eleve    Modern Science     P3.6 plan and          Describe and discuss   - The role of science   -     Historical Inquiry Worksheet:
n                           present the findings   the changing nature      and written sources -       Examining          Rot or Not
                            of historical          and uses of              in reconstructing the       technology’s       Recording Finds
                            investigations         archeology and           past.                       interaction with  Be an
                            analysing and          related disciplines.                                 the past.           Archaeologist
                            information from a
                            range of sources.
Twelv    Presentations of   P3.6 plan and          Evaluate differing     -     Work effectively    -   Historical inquiry
e        Group Work         present the findings   perspectives and             in a group          -   Historical
                            of historical          interpretations of           environment to          Empathy
                            investigations         the past.                    communicate         -   Inclusivity in the
                            analysing and          Describe and discuss         information             group
                            synthesizing           the changing nature          about their case
                            information from a     and uses of                  study and its
                            range of sources.      archeology and               relevance to the
                                                   related disciplines          study of Ancient
                                                                                Human Remains.
Thirte   Review             N/A                    N/A                    N/A                       N/A                      N/A
Fourt    Topic Test   N/A   N/A   N/A   N/A   N/A

Fiftee   Conclusion   N/A   N/A   N/A   N/A   N/A

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