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									           Things I can…
   See    Smell   Hear    Taste   Touch

Create this chart on your own paper.
Setting & Mood
•The time and place in which events of a narrative occur.

•The setting may be specific and detailed and introduced at
the beginning of the work, or it may be merely suggested
through the use of details and scattered through the work.

Details that describe:
   Time of day
   Time of year
      Elements of Setting

     Time        Place       Atmosphere

Date          Location       Weather
Time of Day   City           Noise level
History       State          Darkness
Life Style    Country        Feelings
Customs       Buildings      Mood
Era           castle,        Word Choice
              mountain, or
Setting is important because…

  •It may have an effect on the
  events in the plot
  •Reveal character traits
  •Create a certain atmosphere or
    What do we learn about the
    setting from these excerpts?
“The dark sky, filled with      “I knew a man – let me see
   angry, swirling clouds,         – it’s forty years ago now
   reflected Greg Ridley’s         – who took an old, damp,
   mood as he sat on the           rotten set of chambers, in
   stoop of his building. His      one of the most ancient
   father’s voice came to          Inns, that had been shut
   him again…”                     up and empty for years
                                   and years before. There
                                   were lots of old women’s
                                   stories about this place,
                                   and it certainly was very
                                   far from being a cheerful
                                   one; but he was poor,
                                   and the rooms were
The prevailing emotional
attitude in a literary work or in a
part of a work.

In movies, mood is usually
created by colors, music, body
language and camera angles.

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