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                                                                                               The Gables of Germantown Draws
                                                                                               Residents from Hometown and Beyond
                                                                                               By Mary A. Kane                                              The Gables offers a mix of spacious one and
                                                                                                                                                       two bedroom apartments which include walk-in
                                                                                                    The Gables of Germantown, the newest of the        closets, private patios and balconies. Oak woodwork
                                                                                               11 Capri Communities throughout greater                 and cabinetry are featured throughout, including
                                                                                               Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin, is drawing        spacious kitchens with ample storage and space for
                                                                                               raves at the same time that it is drawing back home     a dining table and chairs. All apartments are fur-
                                                                                               Milwaukee area residents who had been living else-      nished with self-cleaning ranges, refrigerators and
                                                                                               where around the country.                               dishwashers and most have laundry capabilities.
                                                                                                    The first phase of new construction at Himmel      There also are convenient same-floor laundries
                                                                                               Haus (“House of Heaven”) opened in mid-July with        throughout.
                                                                                               54 apartments, followed by another 54 the first              Each unit also has individually controlled cen-
                                                                                               week in September.                                      tral air conditioning and heat and a lighted entry
                                                                                                    “People are establishing friendships very quick-   with individual parcel shelf.
                                                                                               ly,” said community manager Denise Ryan. “Many               Like all its sister Capri Communities, one great
                                                                                               people have known each other from living in the         plus is the worry-free living The Gables affords.
                                                                                               Germantown community, so also have just carried         That means no enrollment or endowment fees and
                                                                                               their community friendships into The Gables. It’s a     insures a professional and caring management staff.
                                                                                               really positive thing.”                                 Ryan and all her staff members have strong profes-
                                                                                                    So is living in a first class independent living
                                                                                               apartment community brimming with amenities.                             (continued on page 3)

                                                                                               The Gables’ Ryan and
                                                                                               Her Staff Tops in Their Field
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                                                                                               By Mary A. Kane                                         with the opening of neighboring Engel Haus
                                                                                                                                                       (“House of Angels”), an assisted living apartment
                                                                                                    It appears that Denise Ryan is in heaven           building, in mid-2007.
                                                                                               working in her Himmel Haus office.                           Ryan is the oldest of five children. Given the
                                                                                                    Himmel Haus (“House of Heaven”) anchors            span of 14 years between herself and her
Custom House Publishers, 6797 N. High St., #213, Worthington, OH 43085

                                                                                               The Gables of Germantown community which                youngest sibling, Ryan helped out a great deal
                                                                                               began its phased opening in mid-July 2006.              around the house. From her birth until she was
                                                                                                    Capri Communities, which manages The               about age 10, her grandfather lived with the fam-
                                                                                               Gables and its 10 sister communities, regards           ily and she helped a great deal in providing him
                                                                                               Ryan highly for the singular dedication and             special care and assistance, as she did for her
                                                                                               expertise she brings to her position as manager of      step-grandmother.
                                                                                               The Gables. Her educational and career experi-               “It was at that time that I truly realized my
                                                                                               ence make her a rare asset to the campus, and her       special bond with seniors,” Ryan said.
                                                                                               presence there insures a quality and consistency             Those early years definitely were the pro-
                                                                                               of lifestyle and care that are invaluable and sel-      logue for what has been as much a calling as a
                                                                                               dom matched in their field.                             career.
                                                                                                    Capri Communities believes the results of               After graduating from Catholic Memorial
                                                                                               Ryan’s stellar credentials will become only more        High School in Waukesha, Ryan attended Mount
                                                                                               evident over time as The Gables campus expands
                                                                                                                                                                        (continued on page 3)
Himmel Cottage Residents Heap on the Praise
By Mary A. Kane                                 tage June 29 and by July 4 were enter-       ing. Nearby Pike and Cedar lakes mean      in Biloxi MS, but their favorite rental
                                                taining some 20 family members on their      the good fishing continues without a       home on the Gulf of Mexico was
     Bernie and Loretta Goecks were             patio. They have five children and seven     hitch.                                     destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. This
there the day in the autumn of 2005 when        grandchildren.                                    They also enjoy a yearly October      coming year, they plan to stay at another
ground was broken for the Himmel Haus                “We grilled on the patio and the kids   expedition to the Black Hills of South     destination they’ve already secured on
Cottage they now quite happily call             played games and wiffle ball and some of     Dakota to sightsee and join the crowd of   the Gulf.
home.                                           our grandchildren sat on the lawn and        10,000 that gathers to watch the annual
                                                                                                                                             “We are very fortunate. We’ve been
     In fact, they love every aspect of         played the guitar,” Bernie said, beaming                                                married 52 years and we sort of just do
their new life as part of the community of      proudly. “Other residents in the apart-
                                                                                                                                        everything together,” said Loretta as she
The Gables of Germantown. Indeed, the           ment building enjoyed watching our
Goeckses were so impressed with the             party. They said it made them happy!”                                                   offered a tour of their cottage.
floor plan for their new ranch style, free-          The Goecks clan is set to gather                                                        Fish they’ve caught hang on two
standing cottage that they put down a           again at The Gables Dec. 23, when they                                                  walls but further interior decoration still
deposit based on the design alone.              have reserved the community room on                                                     must be done in some rooms. They chose
     “Our son found The Gables on the           the first level of the Himmel Haus inde-                                                to live in the cottage for a bit before
Internet when it was in the planning            pendent living apartments just up the hill                                              selecting some paint colors – an option
stages,” said Loretta Goecks. “We chose         from their cottage. They’ll have a potluck                                              for all cottage residents.
it because we liked what we saw.”               Christmas dinner and exchange gifts in                                                       Loretta had great things to say about
     Goecks, the former Glendale WI fire        the festively decorated gathering place                                                 the ample storage space throughout the
chief, and his wife, a retired line supervi-    which also got a serious workout in a                                                   cottage and positively rhapsodized about
sor for a Mequon pharmaceuticals plant,         community-wide Thanksgiving feast that                                                  one bedroom’s walk-in closet which
had lived on Montello Lake for more             will have people talking about the dessert                                              boasts “two windows!”
than 20 years when, as Bernie, 82, puts         table for some time to come.                                                                 Bernie said he likes the long-term
it, “as we got older, the upkeep on the              Both Bernie and Loretta enjoy the                                                  options The Gables offers for moving
house, grounds, pier and beach got to be        weekly Tuesday morning coffee gather-                                                   from a cottage to the independent living
too much.”                                      ing at Himmel Haus. He also likes the
                                                                                                                                        and assisted living apartment buildings
     “Everything here is so close,”             weekly sheepshead games and she makes
Loretta added. “In Montello, we had to          use of the exercise room’s various pieces                                               as time goes on.
go 40 miles to Portage for groceries and        of fitness equipment.                        Bernie and Loretta Goecks hold the              “And, we think the staff is just fabu-
an hour to Madison to the dentist.                   Not having a lake home to maintain      plaque commemorating the ground-           lous!” he added, without the slightest
Everything here is within minutes and           year round doesn’t mean the Goeckses                                                    provocation.
                                                                                             breaking of their Himmel Cottage.
yet it’s still sort of out in the country. We   had to give up the things they enjoy                                                         Once more, with a big smile, Loretta
have little ponds all over and the geese        doing. Both are avid golfers and outdoors    buffalo roundup in Custer State Park.      summed it up: “We just love it here. We
come right up into our yard.”                   people, sharing a love of fishing in both    The Goeckses like to spend each March      liked our home in Montello, but we like
     The Goeckses moved into their cot-         summer and winter as well as deer hunt-                                                 this better.”

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                                            ior looking for a comfortable, carefree           • Choose from one and two-bedroom                            Fax: (614) 431-3324
                                            lifestyle, The Landmark of West Allis is                                                        
                                                                                                apartment homes.
                                            for you. Conveniently located in the                                                                              PUBLISHER

                                            Milwaukee area, this community special-           • 24-hour emergency system.                                       Leo Zupan
                                            izes in accommodating newly retired sen-          • Onsite hair salon.                                             Cheryl Zupan
                                                                                                                                                     VICE PRESIDENT, OPERATIONS
                                            iors with comfortable amenities and a             • Optional fireplaces and cable                               Kevin McNaughton
                                            security you can trust. Residents enjoy             television.                                                     Jim Stewart
                                            worry-free living in beautiful, luxurious                                                                    CREATIVE DIRECTOR
                                                                                              • Private balconies or patios, with                              Mark Touris
                                            apartment homes with solid oak cabi-                                                                          MAILING MANAGER
                                                                                                verandas for personal gardening.
                                            netry and views of glorious rose and                                                                              Lynne Hudson
                                            flower gardens, while building memo-              • Professional and caring management.                           Charles Cihon
                                            rable friendships in a social atmosphere.                                                                   MARKETING MANAGER
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                                            1700 for more information regarding this                                                                            Ally Green
                                            wonderful senior community. Experience            • Billiards room.                                            GRAPHIC DESIGN
                                                                                                                                                                Stacy Burns
                                            all the comforts of home and the conven-          • Woodworking shop and craft center.                            Drew Kimmel
                                                                                                                                                             Travis LaLuzerne
                                            iences of a community.                                                                                              Ryan Willi
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Gables (cont’d from page 1)
sional backgrounds in meeting the     home or grounds maintenance and             Cottage residents are wel-
needs of individuals age 55-plus.     outdoor areas for personal garden-     come to participate in all the on-
     Under construction and sched-    ing and enjoyment. Apartments          campus events and to use all its
uled to open in mid-2007 is Engel     have private balconies or patios.      conveniences.
Haus (“House of Angels”), an               The Himmel Haus community              The      Gables     community
assisted living community with 48     also offers: a community room and      already is sharing a full line-up of
spacious one and two bedroom          serving kitchen; reflection and        regular and special events which
apartments, 24-hour support staff     meditation center; full service bar-   include bridge, sheepshead and
and a range of what can only be       ber and beauty salon; café; onsite     poker games, special Mexican
described as resort-style amenities   banking; hobby and fitness cen-        Train Dominos and Canasta nights,
onsite. Two nutritious meals will     ters; a day spa with massage thera-    weekly coffees, monthly birthday
be provided as part of the rental     py, sauna and whirlpool; library       parties with movie matinees,
agreement – prepared in Engel         and technology center; and wood-       potlucks, wine tastings and special
Haus’s own restaurant. It also will   working shop. Optional services        speakers. The very first event held
be open to serve Himmel Haus res-     include cable television, house-       after Himmel Haus opened, fitting-
idents as well as members of the      keeping and linen.                     ly enough, was a Mass.
general public.                            Rounding out the living                The Gables participated in
     The Gables community is con-     options at The Gables will be 22       Germantown’s Dec. 2 Christmas
veniently situated on a well-         Himmel Haus cottages. The free-        parade.
designed campus at the intersec-      standing ranch style homes will             It’s all part of being part of a
tion of Mequon and Division           offer all the amenities of single-     community.
roads. Residents regularly remark     family homes without the concerns           “We have a lot of people com-
and marvel that they can find every   of home maintenance and repair         ing to us who have families who
shopping, dining and entertain-       such as landscaping and snow           have built homes in the
ment option they might want near-     removal.                               Germantown area,” Ryan said.
by.                                        A great room sets the tone for    “There are others who have moved
     Back at home, additional         gracious and spacious living. Each     away and are returning. We have
Himmel Haus features include          kitchen is fully equipped with a       people who have moved here from
heated underground parking and a      self-cleaning range, microwave,        Connecticut, Florida, Arkansas
car wash bay, an emergency com-       garbage disposal, frost-free refrig-   and Arizona!
munications system, a secure          erator with ice and water dispenser         “People have come back and
home-like environment with            and dishwasher. There is a full-size   are close to their families. They
locked lobby and exterior doors,      laundry room; each home has an         have their family in the larger com-
scheduled transportation to shop-     attached garage and central air        munity and they have their family
ping and community events, no         conditioning and heat.                 here.” I

Tops in the Field (cont’d from page 1)
Mary College in Wauwatosa, where she majored in                                                                      She created Greentree’s Alzheimer’s unit from the
Fine Art. Upon graduation, Ryan started a family –                                                                   ground up.
twin boys and a girl. Once she had devoted her time                                                                      During her time at Greentree, Ryan studied for
to their formative years, Ryan entered the workforce,                                                                and ultimately obtained her official license as a
starting in retail before returning to Mount Mary to                                                                 social worker. Soon, she was hired by River Hills
obtain a minor degree in Gerontology.                                                                                West, where she served as Director of Social
     In 1986, Ryan combined her knowledge and                                                                        Services and subsequently as Admissions
education in Gerontology and the arts when she                                                                       Coordinator. It was there that she began her long-
became Recreation Director at Northview, a                                                                           standing and productive association with Carol
Waukesha County-managed nursing home. Her                                                                            Dumke, who now works with her as the leasing man-
expertise helped her to truly enrich the lives of the                                                                ager at The Gables.
residents she served. That endeavor fortified her next                                                                   When Dumke went to work for Capri
role as volunteer coordinator for RSVP, the Retired                                                                  Communities in 1996, the two women remained
Senior Volunteer Program in Waukesha County.                                                                         close friends – ultimately leading to Ryan’s intro-
There, she recruited and placed volunteers who                                                                       duction to Jim Tarantino of Tarantino & Co. and
worked for various social improvement agencies                                                                       Capri Communities.
throughout that county.                                                                                                  Ryan quickly recognized that “Jim Tarantino’s
     Two years later, Ryan went to work as a social                                                                  philosophy of senior care – its structure consisting
worker at the Greentree Nursing Home in                                                                              primarily of providing community, activity and sup-
Milwaukee County, which at the time had a capacity                                                                   port – was right in tune with mine.”
of 410 beds. In addition to the challenges waiting for      The Gables staff gets in the holiday mood with life-         Ryan, Dumke and assistant manager Gail
her there was a growing recognition of what she had         size nutcracker Gus. From left to right, they are:       Skebba, who also possesses years of experience in
to offer because of her education and “hands-on”                                                                     Senior property management, are a professional
                                                            manager Denise Ryan, housekeeper Debbie Conner,
experience. At Greentree, Ryan worked closely with                                                                   and cohesive team providing unmatched quality of
                                                            assistant manager Gail Skebba and maintenance
Alzheimer’s patients and those with other disorders.                                                                 care. I
                                                            director Rick Meier.
                                                                                  |   page 3   |
                                                   from Jim Tarantino and the

                                                            Family of Employees
                                             Tarantino & Co. and Capri Communities

               Christine Affeldt                    Kathleen Hartman                       Rebecca Malone          Karen Schultz
               Susan Anderson                       Charles Harmann                        Leann Mansfield         Ann Schwabe
                Angela Avery                       Lawrence Hartmann                          Rick Meier       Sigurd "Butch" Skare
                 Vivian Bartz                        Renee Helback                            Lisa Moore          Gail Ann Skebba
                Margie Bissell                          Toni Henry                           Mary Morris        Monika Sobierajski
              Deanna Burgdorff                      Jammie Hennings                       Robert Mountcastle          Ann Spar
              Bonnie Clemence                        Dorthy Hopkins                       Genevieve Mursch      Dawn Stanislowski
            Deborah Lee Conner                         Gina Hopper                          Kristina Pagac
                                                                                                                 Jessica Stellpflug
                Robert Dudek                        Alan D. Huelsman                        Melissa Pagac
                                                                                                                    Nicole Stolz
                Carol Dumke                          Kati Huisheere                        Marybeth Pahule
                                                                                                                 Rebecca Surwillo
                 Jeff Fornear                            Steve Igl                          Kathryn Rambo
                Mike Franken                         Alicia Johnson                        Roberta Rezutek       Catherine Temple
               Chrystal Garcia                          Mary Kane                            Karen Rohde           Melissa Terry
             Mary Ann Glowinski                         Carol Kelly                         Doug Rodriquez          Lieana Thao
               Mario Gonzalez                        Jennifer Kessel                       Heather Ronczka          Erin Waters
            Encarnucion Grennier                     Yvonne Klepher                         Rosemary Rose        Gordon Whitaker
                Julie Hanson                         Sharon Larson                           Denise Ryan           Lynn Whitaker
               Richard Hackett                       Kathleen Lister                       Ramona Schmalz          John F. Worth

                                  Independent Living that
                                exceeds your expectations!
    Experience Old World charm in this           Gables of Germantown offers:
quality senior living community. Enjoy       • Luxurious one and two-bedroom
the many comforts of home without the          apartment homes.
worry. Carefree living has never tasted so
good, with a café to sip exquisite cappuc-   • Emergency communications system.
cinos and a restaurant featuring chef-pre-   • Walk-in closets, private patios and
pared entrees. The Gables of                   balconies.
Germantown is located close to many res-     • Private laundry hook-ups in most
idential and business communities, keep-       homes.
ing you abreast of all the local news and
                                             • Lighted entry into each home.
views. This community is certainly
unparalleled.                                • Prost! Pub
    You deserve all of these amenities and   • Reflection and Media Center.
more. Call today to find out about all of    • Hobby and fitness centers.
the wonderful activities and attractions
the Gables of Germantown provides. You       • Day Spa with massage therapy, sauna
won’t be able to wait to move in! Call         and whirlpool.
262-251-2725 and learn how you can           • Optional underground parking and
have the opportunity to live life to the       cable television.

                         Gables of Germantown
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Vintage Wedding Gown Embodies Long, Strong Tradition
By Mary A. Kane                                                  weighed 165 pounds as a bride. Her mother had weighed              “They wanted a small and simple wedding and almost
                                                                 180 pounds when she wore the dress and there began the eloped,” recounts Maria Pikuleff. “Instead they opted for a
     You’ve heard of the film “Seven Brides for Seven            garment’s long history of transformations.                    private church ceremony with the priest that Anne had
Brothers.”                                                            “I bleached it. A friend of mine                                               known her whole life. She chose to
     Now, how about “Seven Brides for One Dress”?                made all satin undergarments to go                                                  wear this vintage family dress to
     That could be the title of one chapter in Fran Bernau’s     underneath,” Bernau said, shrugging                                                 make her day extra special and feel
family history.                                                  practically.                                                                        more like a wedding day. In lieu of
     The Carnegie Place resident started something Sept.              Over the years, the dress has                                                  a big reception, the couple took off
27, 1941 when, as Frances Koenigs, she was attired in her        been resculpted and now meets the                                                   on a tropical honeymoon.”
mother’s wedding dress as she married Rollin Bernau.             requirements of someone roughly                                                          Mary Pikuleff’s sister JoAnn
     It was in 1915 that Gertrude Daniels married Phillip        weighing in the 125 lb. range.                                                      was the sixth bride to wear the
Koenigs. Frances is one of their nine children. Her parents      Bernau’s daughter Mary had a train                                                  dress. After 20 years of marriage,
were married 49 years. The Bernaus were married 36 years         attached to it when she wore it in                                                  she and her husband George Haven
and had six children.                                            1966 when she married Michael                                                       renewed their wedding vows in a
     In July of 1941, Bernau and her fiancé Rollin decided       Pikuleff.                                                                           group ceremony with several cou-
they weren’t seeing enough of each other because she lived            “The person who propelled this                                                 ples.
in Pewaukee and he was working a second shift job in             tradition was my mother, Mary,”                                                          “JoAnn naturally thought of
Milwaukee. Neither they nor her parents, who lived in            writes Maria Pikuleff. “In 1966, she                                                Grandma’s dress because it is a
Hartland, had much money. So, what has become a cele-            and my father, Michael, were getting                                                lovely garment, and with it come all
brated family tradition of wearing the dress began as a          by on a student budget at the                                                       the blessings of the earlier brides.
practical matter. The newlyweds soon moved into a                University of Wisconsin. As with her                                                I’m not sure why my great grand-
Milwaukee efficiency apartment where they paid $31 per           mother before her, making careful                                                   mother wore this particular dress,
month in rent.                                                   money decisions was one motivation                                                  but I do know that it is typical of
     A poster-size timeline with photos of some of the           for borrowing a dress. More impor-                                                  Edwardian-era apparel. I also
brides was prepared this summer by Maria Pikuleff, the           tantly, the garment is an heirloom                                                  believe that she would be delighted
seventh bride to wear the dress. The daughter of Bernau’s        and wearing it was a way for Mary to       Fran Bernau proudly displays the         that her descendants honor her and
daughter Mary, Pikuleff married James Myers Aug. 20 at           pay tribute to her mother and grand-        wedding dress that's been in her        remember her by wearing the dress
the Brown Deer Park Boat House.                                  mother. Another tidbit: Frances made                                               for their weddings.”
                                                                                                                     family since 1915
     “During our seven-month engagement, I had the               a tiered wedding cake and drove it                                                       The simple gown of cotton net-
pleasure of resurrecting this treasure and researching the       from Milwaukee to Madison on that hot June day.               ting with a scalloped bodice, lace sleeves and relatively
lives of the brides who wore it,” she says in a narrative that        “One of my earliest wedding memories is of dancing new satin-covered buttons has stood the test of time and no
accompanies the timeline.                                        the polka and having a grand time at my mother’s first small number of alterations during nearly a century that
     Prior to Fran Bernau wearing the dress to the altar, she    cousin Susie’s reception in 1977. Sue chose to wear has seen much change in the country’s social fabric and
and her siblings had made great use of it playing “dress-        Grandma’s wedding dress because she appreciated its sim- family patterns. It might have been destined for a histori-
up” as children. Her mother’s response to Bernau’s request       ple beauty. In a note to me, Sue wrote, ‘It also is a means cal society’s costume collection but the museum Bernau
to revive it for her own use as a bride met with a skeptical     of bonding the generations and honoring the values of the approached already had several wedding dresses. There
response along the lines of “that old thing? It is dingy and     past.’ I couldn’t agree more.”                                are no immediate women in the family line likely to wear
gray and stashed in the attic.”                                       The poster shows Sue and Oscar (“Bill”) Martinson it for at least another 10 years.
     By way of giving a complete history of the dress’s          on their wedding day.                                              Rescued from the rag bag and narrowly missing
renovations and restorations over time, Bernau readily                Next in line 10 years later was Sue’s sister Anne, who obscurity in a museum closet, it now remains a well-guard-
                                                                 wore the dress when she married Dean Smith. They have ed family tradition summed up in the timeline poster’s
admits that, while she is much slimmer now – due in no
                                                                 two children and just celebrated 19 years of marriage.        headline: “ONE DRESS...SEVEN BRIDES...91 YEARS.”
small part to her heavy schedule of ballroom dancing – she

                                                                                     Sharing the value of
                                                                                     fellowship and community…
                                                                                         Be part of a community that encourages                   Killarney Kourt offers:
                                                                                     an active lifestyle with resort-style amenities.   •   Onsite professional management.
                                                                                     With social and recreational activities,           •   Emergency communication system.
                                                                                     Killarney Kourt offers a wide range of oppor-
                                                                                                                                        •   A mix of one- and two-bedroom
                                                                                     tunities to meet new friends and enjoy care-
                                                                                     free living. Onsite conveniences include a
                                                                                     barbershop and beauty salon, general store,        •   Many styles with private patios and
                                                                                     exercise center, underground parking and               balconies.
                                                                                     cable television. Enhance the quality of your      •   Same-floor laundry facilities.
                                                                                     life with caring management services, all the      •   Lighted entry into each apartment
                                                                                     comforts of home and luxurious floor plans             home.
                                                                                     to meet you needs.                                 •   Private, individual storage available
                                                                                         Visit Killarney Kourt today to discuss
                                                                                                                                            for each unit.
                                                                                     benefits and options for your new apartment
                                                                                     home. Call 262-321-0802 and let us show
                                                                                                                                        •   Scheduled transportation to shopping
                                                                                     you new choices for your lifestyle!                    and community activities.

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Holidays Evoke Milwaukee’s Proud Trad
In All Kander: Lizzie Wrote the Book for The Ages
By Mary A. Kane                                                         years, she would recount the story of her encounter with a 12-year-     venture.’”
                                                                        old boy who sold matches on a street corner to help support his                Undaunted, Lizzie approached local printery owner Merton
      One woman’s very large heart and philanthropic determina-         family instead of attending school.                                     Yewdale whose enthusiastic wife urged him to find a way to print
tion in 1901 continues to warm and illuminate the lives of several           Her first work was with the Ladies Relief Sewing Society as        the book, the first edition of which appeared in 1901, officially
generations circa 2006, with no end in sight.                           one of 50 women who prepared new and used clothing and bedding          titled “The Settlement Cook Book: The Way to a Man’s Heart.” At
      Anyone who possesses any edition of The Settlement                for impoverished families.                                              50 cents a copy, it was a rapid fire success, quickly selling out and
Cookbook clings to it as much as to the memories it generates. Not           On May 17, 1881, Lizzie married Simon Kander, a traveling          requiring a second printing of 1,500 in 1903. Never in all of its sub-
everyone, however, knows its full history, particularly the motiva-     clothes salesman. Her engagement announcement had depicted her          sequent editions was there contained a recipe for the humble pie
tions of Mrs. Simon (Elizabeth, “Lizzie”) Kander and her unswerv-       as “one of the prettiest and most accomplished young ladies in          eaten over the years by the men who witnessed its proceeds give
ing zeal to help Jewish immigrants and others in Milwaukee. The         town.” Yet, fun and food loving though they were – growing ever         rise to increasingly larger Jewish community centers. Lizzie would
story of the woman behind the book – who became known as the            plumper over the years testing Lizzie’s recipes – Simon and Lizzie      become known as “The Mother of the Jewish Center.”
“Jane Addams of Milwaukee,” after the founder of Chicago’s Hull         shared the profound urge to contribute to the betterment of society.           Improvements and embellishments to the book were a contin-
House – is at equal turns uplifting, inspiring and humbling.                 Simon became a successful realtor, volunteered for the             uing theme over the years, racking up 40 editions and selling more
      The most successful fundraising cookbook in history,                                                                   Wisconsin          than two million copies by 1991. Other turning points were
The Settlement Cookbook has sold more than two million                                                                       Association        Lizzie’s 1925 report to The Settlement’s cookbook committee that
copies and raised several million dollars. Proceeds from                                                                     for the Blind,     the volume was in kitchens as far flung as China, Hawaii, Palestine
its sales helped build Milwaukee’s first immigrant settle-                                                                   served in the      and Australia. The 1976 edition won the laurel of being named to
ment house and, later, its Jewish Community Center.                                                                          state legisla-     the James Beard “Cookbook Hall of Fame.”
      “A Recipe for Success: Lizzie Kander and Her                                                                           ture and on               Milwaukee’s heavily German populace – both Jews and non-
Cookbook” by Bob Kann has just been published in the                                                                         t     h       e    Jews – found the recipes appealing and Jewish women the world
Wisconsin Historical Society Press’s Badger Biographies                                                                      Milwaukee          over regard the cookbook as one of their all-time favorites. Updates
Series for young readers. It makes a brisk and fascinating                                                                       School         over the years ranged from the inclusion of a “Chinese Menu” and
read for adults as well.                                                                                                                        innovations in Scandinavian smorgasbord fare. Lizzie tested
      Born in Milwaukee on May 28, 1858 to John and                                                                                                recipes until the very day she died in 1940.
Mary Black, Lizzie was one of the first girls to attend the                                                                                                              Archives at the Wisconsin State, Milwaukee
Fifth Ward School a short distance from her home on the                                                                                                               Jewish and Milwaukee County historical soci-
city’s south side. At the end of eighth grade, she passed a                                                                                                                     eties are fairly bulging with information
test that allowed her to attend East Side High School, then                                                                                                                      on The Settlement Cookbook, but it
the only high school in Milwaukee.                                                                                                                                              doesn’t stop there. Milwaukee native
      Lizzie’s childhood experiences and family influences                                                                                                                     Barbara Haber served as the archivist at
clearly made a lasting impression. She exhibited bravery                                                                                                                      the Schlesinger Library that is now part of
from an early age, including on the occasion of her meet-                                                                                                                   the Radcliffe Institute at Harvard
ing Gen. Ulysses S. Grant who would go on to lead the                                                                                                                      University, where there is a room dedicated
Northern states in the U.S. Civil War and then serve as                                                                                                                   to culinary history and its role as documenta-
President. The war made a lasting impact on everyone of                                                                                                                 tion of women’s history in general. She said
the era, of course, but when leaders of the Settlement                                                                                                                she has always been a reader and scholar of
House wanted to name a new facility in her honor in 1910,                                                                                                            cookbooks.
she declined and requested that it be named Abraham                                                                                                                      “My relationship to that book is a relationship
Lincoln House instead because he was “the great                                                                                                                    to my background and my mother. It’s like a letter
American who was raised in even worse poverty than any                                                                                                            home, a way of communicating. It was THE cook-
of the immigrants.”                                                                                                                                              book in the Jewish home I grew up in, the only cook-
      Although the Blacks were middle class Jews who                                                                                                           book my mother had. People should value it as a fam-
operated a store, they were conscious of those less fortunate and       Board. Though the Kanders                                                             ily memento and it IS seen as valuable because
taught Lizzie the necessity to help those in need and make the          never had children of their                                                         women’s relationship to food is so important,” Haber
world a better place. When Lizzie was a young woman in the late         own,      the     Milwaukee                                                        said.
1800s, middle class women didn’t work for wages. However, she           Sentinel once paid tribute to                                                        Jan Longone, Curator of American Culinary History at
married and was a successful homemaker who would go on to               Lizzie for her “heart big enough to                                              the Clements Library of the University of Michigan at Ann
make her mark by devoting her lifetime to helping other people.         mother every child.”                                                            Arbor, holds the only such academic appointment of its kind
      In all, she filled more than one role at any given time – from         Her work as a truant officer for the South Side                          in the world and oversees a collection amassed with the help
author, teacher, newspaper columnist, truant officer, school board      School Alliance took her into the darkest realities of life for              of some 25,000 volunteer hours. The Settlement Cookbook fig-
member and community center president to founder of                     immigrant families too poor to clothe their children to send them          ures prominently there and in presentations she’s given around
Milwaukee’s first nursery school and playground.                        to school but so desperate they sent 10-year-old girls into the work-   the country in which she has traced its history for everyone from
      One spunky gal?                                                   force. She used $75 of her own money to start the “Keep Clean           the National Beef Council to the International Association of
      You betcha. And, as a woman with a sense of humor from a          Mission” to “see that the children of our poor be kept clean and        Cooking Professionals.
very early age, she’d probably have been the first to assign that       sent to school regularly.” Its name evolved into the Milwaukee                 “It’s an enduring classic, one that will never be outdated,
moniker to herself while being self-effacing at the same time.          Jewish Mission and its programs rapidly expanded into providing         absolutely one of the pillars of American cooking because of prop-
      As her high school graduating class’s valedictorian, Lizzie       such services as a public bath house which offered hot showers and      er updating,” Longone said.
chose to address those gathered for the ceremonies on the topic         baths for a penny apiece and lessons on cleanliness for children.              Over the years, Lizzie’s contributions and horizons always
“When I’m President,” urging the audience to place her name on               Just before the turn of the century, Lizzie and others began       expanded – including attending classes at UW-Madison while
the next national presidential ballot. She also advocated abolishing    conducting cooking classes for girls ages 13-15. The classes            Simon served in the state legislature and serving on the Milwaukee
every high school in the land, particularly so that girls would have    became wildly popular, more room was needed and the Mission             School Board and taking a mere 18 months to launch the Girls’
more time to spend reading novels.                                      and the Sisterhood of Personal Service joined forces in May 1900        Trade School. The cookbook also underwrote the first nursery
      So full of humor and zip was her speech that the Milwaukee        to form “The Settlement,” first located at 507 Fifth St., between       school in Milwaukee, housed at what is now UW-Milwaukee.
News printed it in its entirety the next day. A reporter described it   Galena and Cherry streets. Lizzie quickly became its president.                Jolly woman that she reportedly was, Lizzie undoubtedly
as “THE event of the evening...certainly the best satire on                  Lizzie wasted little time in taking the simple idea of giving      would have loved knowing that the Jewish Community Center’s
American politics I have listened to or read.” The speech reported-     her cooking students printed copies of recipes to practice at home      Jewish Jubilee one year celebrated her in word, song and dance in
ly drew long, loud applause and netted Lizzie several baskets and       to the next level – that of producing a cookbook. Any presidency        a tribute written by the late Robert Weiss and Harriet Dizack. Judy
bouquets of flowers.                                                    anywhere has its uphill moments. It’s worth quoting directly from       Edelstein, who portrayed Lizzie, still loves to tell about singing
      While Lizzie didn’t go to college and wasn’t required to work,    Kann’s book: “Lizzie asked the men of the Settlement Board for          lyrics adapted from “The Music Man,” giving the recipe for action
her family expected her to engage in volunteer work until she mar-      $18 to pay for a booklet of recipes and household tips. It was a        in the kitchen: “Mix a little, chop a little.”
ried. She looked around and quickly seized upon the cause of the        worthy project, they said, but they refused her request because the            Toward the end of his book, Kann quotes Lizzie giving a new-
recent crop of Russian Jewish immigrants who were vastly poorer         money had not been set aside in the year’s budget. They jokingly        lywed friend her own recipe for life: “Like to do what you have to
than her parents had been as new arrivals to the U.S. Over the          added that they would gladly ‘share in any profits from your little     do, but do what you like to do.”

                                                                                                |   page 6   |
dition of Culinary Excellence
 “An Occasion to Gather”
 By Mary A. Kane

     “As our lives become busier and more complicated with each passing year, we treasure the opportunities we have to relax and
 spend time with those closest to us.”
     Could those words from the cover of "An Occasion to Gather" offer any more fitting summary of our thoughts as we find
 ourselves immersed in yet another joyous and jam-packed holiday season? The Milwaukee Junior League’s 2004 cookbook, the
 group’s fifth, is brimming with 250 festive recipes from some of Milwaukee’s best home cooks and restaurants.
     “Capri Lifestyles” obtained permission to reprint some simple, yet thoroughly authentic recipes to help you put new zest into
 entertaining your family and friends this holiday season.
     “An Occasion to Gather” is available in most Milwaukee area bookstores. Proceeds from the sales of the book go to the Junior
 League’s participation in a wide array of philanthropic endeavors including The Blood Center, Penfield Children’s Center, Curative
 Rehabilitation Center and, of special interest to the age 55-plus community, Second Time Around, a support program for
 grandparents raising their grandchildren.

                  Baked Brie Deer Market)
                  (Courtesy of Larry’s Brown
                                             Bites                             Marinated Feta and Olives
 I 8 oz. Brie cheese                                                    I 1 Tbsp. cumin seeds
 I 24 to 30 canape’ shells or miniature phyllo shells                   I 2 tsp. coriander seeds
 I 1 10-oz. jar mango chutney, slightly chopped if chunky               I 1 tsp. crushed red pepper
 I 4 oz. roasted salted cashews, chopped                                I 3⁄4 c. extra-virgin olive oil

                                                                        I 2 garlic cloves, minced
                                                                                                                                                              Cranberry Pecan Pie
 Remove the rind from the Brie’s edge, retaining the top and bot-       I 4 tsp. grated lemon or orange zest                                        ⁄ c. sugar
                                                                                                                                                 I 12

 tom rinds. Cut Brie into 1⁄2-inch cubes. Arrange the shells on a       I 1 1⁄2 c. brine-cured green and black olives, pitted                       ⁄ c. (1⁄2 stick) butter, softened
                                                                                                                                                 I 14

 baking sheet. Layer the Brie, chutney and cashews in each shell.       I 5 Tbsp. chopped fresh basil
                                                                                                                                                 I 3 eggs
 Bake at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes, until cheese melts and                                                                                   I 1 c. dark corn syrup
                                                                        I 3 Tbsp. chopped fresh cilantro
 chutney bubbles. Cool 5 minutes before serving.                                                                                                 I 2 Tbsp. cornstarch
                                                                        I 1 c. (4 oz.) cubed Feta cheese
                                                                                                                                                 I 1⁄4 tsp. salt
                                                                        I 1 baguette, sliced
            Tangy Blue Cheese Dip                                       Combine the cumin and coriander seeds and red pepper in a
                                                                                                                                                 I 1 c. coarsely chopped cranberries

                                                                                                                                                 I 1 c. pecan halves
 I 7 slices bacon, cubed                                                small skillet. Cook over medium heat 1 minute, shaking the skillet       I 1 unbaked 9-inch pie shell
 I 2 garlic cloves, minced
                                                                        constantly. Remove seed mixture to a bowl. Add olive oil, garlic         I whipped cream
 I 8 oz. cream cheese, softened
                                                                        and lemon zest to the cumin mixture, mix well. Add olives, basil,        I pecan halves
 I 1⁄4 cup half-and-half
                                                                        cilantro and cheese, mix gently. Chill, covered, 24 hours or longer.
 I 4 oz. blue cheese, crumbled                                          Served with sliced baguette. Serves 6 to 8.                              Beat sugar and butter in a mixing bowl until creamy. Add eggs,
 I 2 Tbsp. chopped fresh chives
                                                                                                                                                 beat until blended. Add corn syrup, cornstarch and salt, beat until
 I 3 Tbsp. chopped smoked almonds
                                                                                           Turtle Nut Bars                                       blended. Stir in cranberries and 1 c. pecans. Spoon the cranberry
                                                                                                                                                 mixture into the pie shell. Bake at 375 degrees 45-50 minutes,
 Fry bacon until almost crisp. Drain pan. Add garlic to skillet, cook   BARS
                                                                                                                                                 until knife inserted in center comes out clean. Cover the crust
 until bacon is crisp, stirring frequently. Beat cream cheese in a      I 1 c. (2 sticks) butter                                                 with foil to prevent overbrowning if needed. Cool on wire rack.
 mixing bowl until smooth. Add half-and-half, beat until blended.                                                                                Garnish each slice with a dollop of whipped cream and pecan
                                                                        I 2 c. sugar
 Add bacon mixture, blue cheese and chives, mix well. Spoon the                                                                                  half just before serving. Serves 6 to 8.
                                                                        I 3⁄4 c. baking cocoa
 mixture into a 2-cup baking dish. Bake, covered with foil, at 350
                                                                        I 4 eggs, lightly beaten
 degrees for 30 minutes or until heated through. Sprinkle with the
                                                                        I 1 tsp. vanilla extract
 almonds. Serve hot or at room temperature with sliced apples,
                                                                        I 1-1⁄4 c. flour
 pita chips or sliced French bread. Serves 8 to 10.
                                                                        I 1⁄4 tsp. salt

                                                                        I 1⁄2 c. (3 oz.) milk chocolate chips
         Door County Cherry Crisp
 (A favorite from “Gatherings,” an earlier Junior League cookbook)      TOPPING
 I 3 Tbsp. cornstarch                                                      ⁄ c. each, cashew and pecan pieces
                                                                        I 13

    ⁄ c. sugar
 I 12                                                                      ⁄ c. (3 oz.) milk chocolate chips
                                                                        I 12

 I 2 1⁄2 c. undrained, pitted Door County tart cherries                 I 1⁄4 c. caramel sauce

 I 1 c. brown sugar

 I 1 c. flour                                                           For the bars, microwave the butter in a microwave-safe bowl until
 I 1⁄2 c. butter, melted                                                melted. Stir in a mixture of the sugar and cocoa. Add eggs and
 I ice cream or sweetened whipped cream                                 vanilla, mix well. Add a mixture of the flour and salt, mix just until
                                                                        blended. Stir in chocolate chips. Spread batter in greased 8x8-              It’s an enduring Milwaukee classic of nearly 80 years’
 Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Lightly butter an 8-inch square pan.      inch baking pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes, until wood-         standing, alright, and it’s just been reissued – featuring
 In a medium saucepan, combine cornstarch, sugar and cherries.          en pick inserted in center comes out clean. For the topping, toss        recipes dating back to 1939. If you missed the recent round
                                                                        cashews, pecans and chocolate chips in a bowl. Spread the                of special limited-time distribution events for the WE
 Simmer 7-10 minutes, until thickened. Pour into prepared pan.
                                                                                                                                                 Energies 2006 Cookie Book, put down your rolling pin and
 Mix brown sugar, flour and butter until uniformly crumbly. Sprinkle    caramel sauce over the hot baked layer and sprinkle with cashew
                                                                                                                                                 log onto to find downloadable ver-
 evenly over cherries. Bake 25 minutes. Serve warm topped with          mixture. Bake 5 minutes longer. Cool in pan on wire rack. Cut into
                                                                                                                                                 sions. And may your Kolaches be merry and bright!
 ice cream or whipped cream. Serves 6.                                  bars. Makes one dozen bars.
                                                                                                    |   page 7   |
                                      t The Heritage of East Troy, residents are hitting the road in style, thanks in a big way to their recent “Seasons”
                                      fundraising galas which brought in more than $8,000 toward the price of a nine-passenger, 2005 Dodge Sprinter
                                      van. Because The Heritage is a nonprofit community owned in part by the Kiwanis Club of Greater East Troy,
                                the fundraisers were readily orchestrated, according to Mary Ann Glowinski, community manager. She has been with
                                Capri Communities nearly nine years and has observed several residents of The Heritage cease driving but still enjoy
                                a very active lifestyle in recent years. The new van is the perfect answer for everything from weekly shopping trips
                                to autumn excursions to apple orchards, gatherings at other Capri Communities and a holiday outing to take in the
                                Grand Geneva Christmas in Lake Geneva. The “Seasons” gatherings featured a Friday evening cocktail party with
                                festive hors d’oeuvres prepared by Glowinski and others. She was back in the kitchen the next day to prepare a
                                Saturday evening feast of Four Seasons Salad, Vintage Wine Chicken and all the trimmings; fabulous desserts were
                                whipped up by table sponsors. Each evening’s event was filled to the capacity of 45 attendees. Table sponsorships,
                                raffles and auctions and event ticket sales helped make the evenings a financial success and created festive, commu-
                                nity-spirited events that will be long remembered. At left, guests are seated at the “Spring” theme table. Below left,
                                unflappable hostess Mary Ann Glowinski and, right, the “Winter” table – both aglow with holiday splendor!

                                                                                                              (Carrie Williams photos)

Summit Woods
Waukesha, WI • 262. 521.1388

       Natural Beauty and a Peaceful
          Surround yourself in nature at Summit Woods. Serene, natural beauty offers you
       peace, comfort and security. This community offers many indulgences to its resi-
       dents, age 55 and older, and encourages an independent lifestyle with carefree apart-
       ment living. Feel at home and welcomed as you are embraced with an atmosphere
       of beauty and wooded magnificence.
          Conveniently located near shopping and medical facilities, Summit Woods offers
       a perfect community for you to enjoy life. With musical performances, cultural out-
       ings and festive parties, the choices are endless. Call today to discuss all the benefits
       and options of this adult community! 262-521-1388.

            Summit Woods offers:
        •   Option of a 2 BR, 2 BA or 1 BR              •    Air conditioning.
            1BA apartment home.                         •    Appliances included.
        •   Professional, knowledgeable staff.          •    Scheduled group activities.
        •   Emergency pull-cord stations in             •    Professionally manicured grounds.
            every bedroom and bathroom.                 •    Onsite banking.
        •   Fireplace.                                  •    Wellness center.
        •   Balcony or patio.                           •    Massage therapy.

                                                |   page 8   |
   utumn has been a sizzling
   season at Wilson Commons. At
right, the Nov. 13 Quarterly
Birthday Bash Potluck Luncheon
honored residents whose birthdays
are in October, November and
December. Residents brought deli-
cious food to share and a special
cake was provided. Below, the
Wilson Commons Holiday Craft
Fair is an annual highpoint and
wildly successful.

Volunteer Peg Katzfy, far left, makes the rounds with a tray of doughnuts. The view of the event from on
high in the chapel makes it clear just how extensive and expansive the fair has become. On the right, from
left to right, the top notch coordinating team members are assistant coordinator Penny Pomeroy, craft
coordinator Toni Henry and coordinator Marilyn Kotarek.

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 John Gurda: A Name
‘Synonymous With Milwaukee History’
By Mary A. Kane                                 Gurda’s history marking the one hundred-          Milwaukee’s past than John Gurda, and a half-million dollars from Milwaukee
                                                fiftieth anniversary of Northwestern              ‘Cream City Chronicles’ readily displays foundations and I was heavily involved in
     Milwaukee has been making history          Mutual Life Insurance Co. is due out in           his gifts as a historian and a writer.”          the fundraising. ‘Cream City Chronicles’ is
since the 1830’s and Milwaukee historian        July 2007.                                             – “Gurda’s stories present not merely history by the slice – 1,000-word essays
John Gurda has spent the last 25 years set-          He also is a lecturer, tour guide and        the outline but the essence of a proud and that provide a slice of life from a society
ting much of the record in print in his 15      local history columnist for The Milwaukee         ever changing city.”                             wedding in 1881 to the lives of mill work-
books.                                          Journal Sentinel. An eight-time winner of              – “The name John Gurda is synony- ers or a day in a beer garden. It is a kalei-
     Now, Gurda is the force behind “The        the Wisconsin Historical Society’s Award          mous with Milwaukee history. ‘Cream City doscope of Milwaukee impressions.”
Making of Milwaukee,” a documentary             of Merit, Gurda holds a master’s degree in        Chronicles’ is perfect for classroom use or           The timing for the third reissue of the
series that is an outgrowth of his 1999 book    cultural geography from UW-Milwaukee.             for anyone interested in Milwaukee history print version of “The Making of
by the same title, published through the        His bachelor’s degree is in English, from         delivered       in     small,                                Milwaukee” – the first general
Milwaukee County Historical Society.            Boston College. He credits the UW-M pro-          digestible bites.”                                           history of Milwaukee since
     Gurda, a Milwaukee native, who has         gram as “a very strong department, a very              “Sprawling”         and                                 1948 – and its sister documen-
been making a living and a life by making       eclectic discipline, very heavily oriented        “epic” are not cliches                                       tary appears to be good.
a study of Milwaukee since 1972, likes to       toward urban geography” and seems to              when applied to Gurda’s                                              “There has been a pat-
                                                           have only built on that solid aca-     documentary series which                                     tern for our parents to ignore the
                                                           demic background over time.            takes nine encyclopedic                                      past,” Gurda said. “World War
                                                                    Steeped, soaked and           chapters in the book and                                     II erased interest in the old.
                                                           dyed and otherwise grounded in         reshapes them into 17                                        Now, there has been more of a
                                                           the history of Milwaukee, Gurda        smaller, more focused top-                                   return to old neighborhoods and
                                                           appears to have been more than         ics which range from clas-                                   ethnic patterns in the Baby
                                                           a little primed to make the leap       sic narratives of the arrival                                Boom generation. It’s the law of
                                                           to the voluminous “The Making          in Wisconsin of French                                       ‘the third generation returns.’
                                                           of Milwaukee” – with its 450           explorers and traders and                                    What the grandparent forgets,
                                                           pages, more than 500 illustra-         their effect on the native                                   the grandchild remembers.”
                                                           tions and legions of Milwaukee         Potawotami tribes to the                                             While he speaks highly
                                                           denizens both famous and               waves of German immi-                   John Gurda           of Milwaukee’s increasing
                                                           obscure. The MPTV documen-             grants’ arrivals. Highly par-                              diversity, Gurda also admires ear-
                                                           tary has had two complete air-         ticularized stories are told of various indus- lier efforts – particularly among
                                                           ings and is available on DVD           tries and their captains as well as the titans Milwaukee’s Jews, who felt strong empa-
                                                           free of charge to libraries and        of Milwaukee’s breweries. Mansions, the- thy for the city’s African American com-
                                                           educators. It is available to          aters, suburbs, various wars and their veter- munity. He characterized the tie as “the
                                                           MPTV Friends as an exclusive           ans, the city’s bumper crop of singing may- instinct of sympathy among the oppressed”
                                                           membership benefit.                    ors and the post-industrial reinvention still and cited the late Marty Stein and Ben
                                                                    “During the first broad-      underway all receive their fair share of Marcus as two such examples.
                                                           cast in October, it was the high-      attention.                                            Asked who some of his favorite
                                                           est rated television show in the            Gurda produced, wrote and hosted the Milwaukee figures are, Gurda responds
                                                           nation’s family of public televi-      series which is narrated by Milwaukee without a moment’s hesitation, “Frank
                                                           sion stations – all three nights! It   stage veteran James Pickering.                   Zeidler (the late mayor) is a hero of mine.
                                                           felt good! It felt great!” Gurda            Milwaukee Public Television’s web He was a model of good government, a
                 Milwaukee City Hall                       said.                                  site link for “The Making of Milwaukee” paragon of civic virtue. He didn’t collect a
                                                          Also just out this year is “Cream       contains a special “In the Classroom” sec- pension. He supported himself as a labor
casually joke that he hasn’t had a “real job”   City Chronicles: Stories of Milwaukee’s           tion that will serve students of Milwaukee arbitrator and occasional teacher. Frank
since then. But he’ll also tell you that        Past,” which actually has a 2007 publica-         in perpetuity in tandem with the documen- Zeidler lived and breathed a life of princi-
combing through “miles of microfilm” and        tion date through the Wisconsin Historical        tary series and the book. Downloadable ple. He really was a model citizen. He
news clippings housed at the Milwaukee          Society Press. It is a collection of Gurda’s      classroom curriculum materials will be knew this city’s history better than anyone.
County Historical Society can be “ardu-         Journal Sentinel columns which have               available within six historical themes. We team-taught a course at UW-M and
ous.”                                           appeared Sundays since 1994, somewhat             Interactive lessons and an image library between 80 and 100 people enrolled.”
     His books run the gamut from this          updated and rewritten.                            also will be available.                               Gurda dedicated “Cream City
expansive one which fueled an equally                The dust jacket’s advanced praise in              “‘The Making of Milwaukee’ is a Chronicles” to Zeidler, memorializing him
comprehensive five-part television project      the form of capsule reviews for “Cream            broad treatment that gives the full sweep of as “mayor, mentor, and model
to more esoteric, niche subject matter          City Chronicles” are laudatory, to say the        Milwaukee’s evolution,” Gurda said. “It Milwaukeean.” I
including historic cemeteries, heavy indus-     least:                                            was a project of about five years from
try, Frank Lloyd Wright and life insurance.          – “No living person knows more about         fundraising to finish. We raised more than

                                                                      EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES
                                                   Were you intrigued by the stories you read in this publication? Is this the kind of organization you
                                                   would want to be a part of? For more information on opportunities in the area of management,
                                                   property management, leasing agents, care giver, restaurant staff and general office, please con-
                                                   tact us through our Web site or fax a resume with confidential salary requirements to:

                                                                                     Tarantino & Company/Capri Communities
                                                                                               Attn: Human Resources
                                                                                     20711 Watertown Rd. • Waukesha, WI 53186
                                                                                                 FAX: 262-798-1119
                                                                          • An Equal Opportunity Employer

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Holiday Magic Touches
St. Catherine Commons Yet Again
By Mary A. Kane                                                      “We’re back in the office and everything is back to           Catherine Commons bus, monthly lunch and breakfast
                                                                normal,” said Jen Kessel, community manager. “All the              trips, holiday shopping, movie matinees, card clubs and
     It was a holiday season kick-off with a special home-      North Wing residents are in and some South Wing resi-              the popular resident-managed café and store.
coming feel Nov. 30 as St. Catherine Commons residents          dents are living temporarily in the North Wing and in                   Another Commons favorite, meals catered in by the
in Kenosha celebrated with an evening of thanksgiving.          some of the villas. Almost everyone will be returning.             Nautical Inn, is back two days a week and set to increase
     As activities and home life at St. Catherine               This is their home. Their family is here. They want to             to four or five days because of its popularity.
Commons resume their natural flow, residents and repre-         return. Their needs were addressed as best we could.                    Kessel offered her own word of thanks to those who
sentatives of Capri Communities gathered for cocktails,              “Also, in October and November, we’ve had about               have helped in many different ways since Aug. 24: the
hors d’oeuvres, a full dinner and dessert buffet. It was a      five brand new move-ins and there is a lot of interest             Kenosha police and fire departments, Red Cross,
joyous blend of North Wing residents and those whose            being expressed to pre-lease units on the south side for           Kenosha County Health and Human Services and
South Wing apartments will open again in the spring of          when they reopen.”                                                 Division of Aging, Woodstock Health and
2007.                                                                Many special holiday events are slated throughout             Rehabilitation Center, Washington Middle School,
     By mid-November, most regular activities were in           the season. A bell choir is just one of several performing         Larsen-Mayer Pharmacy, Walgreen’s, the Kenosha post
full swing and the St. Catherine Commons camaraderie            arts groups expected to add to the holiday cheer.                  office, Holy Rosary Parish, Johnson Bank, Southport
was flourishing in new ways following the Aug. 24 fire               Among the typical round of activities that are back           Bank, Home Run Restaurant, First United Methodist
caused by lightning.                                            up and running are weekly shopping trips in the St.                Church and Avon.

                          St. Catherine Commons: ‘A National Model’
     Glowing praise is being heaped upon        NARY – not just different! I absolutely          contacts with assisted living facilities. We       was no suffering at all. We were true to our
St. Catherine Commons and Capri                 think that how this management company           have a thorough list of resources in the com-      word.
Communities for its management of events        responded is absolutely a model for the          munity. We also have an equipment loan                  “We had a debriefing two weeks ago
in the days following the Aug. 24 fire caused   country,” she continued.                         closet, so that people staying temporarily         and the fire battalion chief explained how
by lightning.                                        Kessel was equally complimentary            with adult children could have walkers, bath       they did what they did. There was a lot of
     The efforts of Capri Communities           about the Red Cross’s swift involvement in       benches and whatever else they needed. We          follow-through. This will be an example of
founder and owner James Tarantino and St.       the early morning hours of Aug. 24: “How         also provided assistance with temporary            how we can plan well into the future. I
Catherine Commons community manager             quickly they stepped in – having an emer-        shelter for those who didn’t have another          would agree that it can be a national model.
Jennifer Kessel quickly became the topic of     gency site set up almost immediately –           place to stay after the Red Cross payments         The management company did as much as
statewide buzz among government and non-        made a big difference, along with how they       stopped.”                                          they could do. They were always there, very
profit agencies whose job it is to provide      worked with Kenosha Human Services and                Doreen Martinez, Director of Disaster         helpful. There was a lot of excellent com-
services in situations such as the fire. So     the Division of Aging. When they respond-        Services for the Red Cross in the region,          munication going on.”
much so, that Kessel was slated to be a fea-    ed, they didn’t immediately know that peo-       said, “It definitely is a good example of how           Schoening described numerous exam-
tured speaker at a statewide conference Dec.    ple needed medication and oxygen, but they       the private St. Catherine’s management, the        ples of instantaneous response and fast
6-8 at the Wisconsin Military Academy at        handled it right away. They handled all the      county government and the nonprofit Red            thinking on the part of all involved, includ-
Fort McCoy WI.                                  special needs – whether it was finding tem-      Cross came together.”                              ing the St. Catherine Commons and Capri
     “They were great. I couldn’t say           porary shelter for people with cats to finding        She is a liaison with the Wisconsin           team.
enough about Jim and Jen. How they man-         rooms at assisted living buildings or in         Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters,            “They had tenant lists immediately
aged really changed our ideas on how man-       hotels with handicapped access.”                 sponsor of the December conference along           available to help account for everyone, made
agement companies can work to make                   Among those agencies springing into         with Wisconsin Emergency Management.               available to the fire department and the Red
things more expedient,” said Julie              immediate action were the Kenosha County              Dennis Schultz, director of Kenosha           Cross,” she said. “We were able to account
Schoening, Director of Response for the         Division of Aging and its Disability             County’s Department of Health and Human            for where everyone went. They were willing
American Red Cross in Southeast                 Resource Center. Director Laverne Jaros          Services, called the collaboration at St.          to share information and provide updates on
Wisconsin.                                      said, “There were not enough handicapped-        Catherine Commons “extraordinary. We all           habitability and a schedule for residents to
     “What they did was EXTRAORDI-              accessible hotel rooms, so we helped with        met immediately the next day at 10 a.m. and        return. They coordinated the retrieval of
                                                                                                                           had resolved 95 per-     belongings. They had a phased reentry that
                                                                                                                           cent of the issues       was well communicated and organized.
                                                                                                                           within 48 hours. The     There was no confusion. Volunteers and
                                                                                                                           county      executive    other agencies were able to help the resi-
                                                                                                                           authorized me to         dents. There were boxes and a coordinated
                                                                                                                           expend the dollars       tagging system for belongings. There were
                                                                                                                           necessary so that        regular meetings with Capri, HHS, Aging,
                                                                                                                           people were not          crisis counseling and the Red Cross. They
                                                                                                                           homeless. It was         saw what needed to be done and they did it.”
                                                                                                                           seamless. The Red             Kessel spoke simply about the task set
                                                                                                                           Cross did an excel-      before her: “The residents’ needs were
                                                                                                                           lent job. The school     addressed as best we could.”
                                                                                                                           had opened its gym            “This really was different from any-
                                                                                                                           by 4 a.m. to receive     thing we’ve seen,” Schoening summed up.
                                                                                                                           people. The city had     “The needs were different. And, the relation-
                                                                                                                           the buses there by 5     ship Jim and Jen have with the residents was
                                                                                                                           a.m. to transport the    very evident throughout the entire response.
                                                                                                                           residents. The watch-         “A lot of eyes around the state right
                                                                                                                           word the whole time      now are looking to St. Catherine Commons
                                                                                                                           was that we were so      as a model for how management companies
                                                                                                                           fortunate that no per-   can be involved with the recovery of their
                                                                                                                           son was harmed and       tenants.”
                                                                                                                           we wanted to contin-     – Mary A. Kane
                                                                                                                           ue to be sure there

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                            DECEMBER                                   Fri., Dec. 15   1:30 and 2:30 p.m. – Christmas par-
                                                                                       ties, Wilson Commons, Milwaukee.

            Mon., Dec. 4 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. – Red Hat Society
                                                                       Wed,, Dec. 20 3 p.m. – Wilsonaires Christmas
                            Luncheon, Wilson Commons,
                                                                                       Concert, Chopin Community Room,
                                                                                       Wilson Commons, Milwaukee.

            Fri., Dec. 8    10:15 a.m. – Trip to “Christmas in         Thur., Dec. 21 6:30 p.m. – “‘Twas the Night Before
                            Bethlehem” at Elmbrook Church,                             Christmas” party, Summit Woods,
                            Brookfield, for residents of Summit                        Waukesha.
                            Woods, Waukesha.
                                                                       Sun., Dec. 31 4-6 p.m. – New Year’s Eve Dinner,
            Fri., Dec. 8    6 p.m. – Annual Christmas party,                           Prelude Restaurant, Wilson
                            with cocktails at 4:30 p.m., Summit                        Commons; 7 p.m. – New Year’s Eve
                            Woods, Waukesha.                                           Party, Wilson Commons, Milwaukee.

Mulberry Glen
Whitewater, WI • 262. 473.4515

       Quality Living by Design
          Spacious and luxurious describe the apartment homes at Mulberry Glen. Senior
       community living enables residents worry-free living, while having all the comforts
       of home. Take advantage of this centrally located community, with destination
       transportation available to take you to shopping centers, restaurants or entertain-
       ment events. Be a part of the elegance in one of the city’s most beautiful areas.
            Mulberry Glen offers:
        •   Choose from one- and two-            •   Balconies or patios.
            bedroom apartment homes.             •   Appliances included.
        •   24-hour emergency                    •   Baseboard heating.
            communication system.                •   Verandas with outdoor gardening.
        •   All doors secured and a              •   Optional underground parking.
            locked lobby.                        •   Onsite banking.
        •   Fireplaces, dining rooms and         •   Social and recreational activities.
            solid oak cabinetry.

          Remain active in the local community by being close to your house of worship,
       events at the University of Wisconsin and stores and restaurants. Call to find out
       more about the quality, caring management staff and all the benefits you could be
       experiencing. 262-473-4515.

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