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Address Foreclosures

ARRA PROGRAM               COLORADO                  AGENCY            KEY DATES                        ELIGIBILITY                     TRAINING                   TIPS/UPDATES
                           ALLOCATION                CONTACTS
NSP II: $2 billion for     NSP II Competitive: HUD   HUD: (303) 675-   HUD notice/criteria regarding    HUD Rules – released May        HUD WebCasts - June        NSP II - July 17 Deadline:
Neighborhood               determines who and how    1600              NSP II expected May 4            4.                              9-11:                      //portal.hud.gov/portal/page?_pagei
Stabilization Program II   much will be funded                                                          http://www.hud.gov/recovery     HUD hosted a series of     d=153,7973319&_dad=portal&_sch
(funds to be expended      through the grant         Colorado HUD      Applications for NSP technical   /nsp2-nofa.pdf                  online technical           ema=PORTAL
within 3 years of being    application.              contacts          assistance will be due June 8,                                   assistance webcasts.
available). Funds to be                                                2009.                          DOLA program overview             //www.hud.gov/webcast      Innovative collaborations between
awarded through                                                                                                                         s/recovery/schedule.cfm    local government, housing agencies,
competition to                                                         Individual applications due to   Local government, nonprofit                                and non-profits and creative, green-
governments and                                                        HUD by July 17, 2009             entities, and consortia of      Recovery Webcasts:         focused uses will be most
nonprofits. Applications                                                                                nonprofit entities, which may   http://ms.istreamplanet.   competitive
due to HUD within 150                                                  HUD obligates funds by           submit proposals in             com/hud/
days of enactment.                                                     February 17, 2010                partnership with for profit                                Click here for an overview of
                                                                                                        entities.                       Webcasts:                  changes between NSP I and NSP II
+                                                                      Grantees must expend 50% of                                      http://www.hud.gov/web
$50 million in technical                                               funds within 2 years and    Housing units may be                 casts/
assistance grants                                                      100% within 3 years.        purchased and rehabilitated                                     Grants.gov Tips: Plan ahead when
                                                                                                   for resale or rental.                                           applying for a federal grant on
                                                                                                        Rating factors will include
                                                                                                        applicant capacity to                                      Your must first register and receive
                                                                                                        execute projects, leveraging                               a DCN number. It may take several
                                                                                                        potential, and concentration                               days to receive this number.
                                                                                                        of investment to achieve
                                                                                                        neighborhood stabilization.                                Don't wait until the last minute to file
                                                                                                                                                                   your grant application. Due to
                                                                                                        Applicants must meet 115                                   processing backlogs, allow for 72
                                                                                                        point minimum. Proposal
                                                                                                       must include at least 100                                      hours before the due date deadline.
                                                                                                       units and $5 million funding
                                                                                                       request.                                                       Try to file your application during off-
                                                                                                                                                                      hours (night or early morning) when
                                                                                                                                                                      the site is not as busy.

                                                                                                                                                                      Sign up for HUD list serve

NSP II:                       NSP II – CDOH “Super   CDOH:              DOH convenes consortium of     Local government, nonprofit      DOH will convene a            Sign up DOH Alerts:
                              Grant” to HUD          Lynn Shine, 303-   interested applicants by May   entities, and consortia of       meeting of interested         ryan.mcmaken@state.co.us
                                                     866-2046           15, 2009.                      nonprofit entities, which may    applicants, including
                                                     Lynn.shine@state                                  submit proposals in              those parties who             Sign up for DOLA alerts:
                                                     .co.us             DOH receives completed         partnership with for profit      submitted $141 million        dola.helpdesk@state.co.us
                                                                        template for insertion in      entities.                        in “letters of interest” in
                                                                        federal grant application by                                    NSP 1 grant process,
                                                                        May 30, 2009.                  Housing units may be             (date to be determined).
                                                                                                       purchased and rehabilitated
                                                                        DOLA submits Federal Grant     for resale or rental.            NSP II meeting – May
                                                                        request to HUD by June 30,                                      19, 9am, Centennial
                                                                        2009.                          Grantees must expend 50%         Building
                                                                                                       of funds within 2 years and      Room 318
                                                                                                       100% within 3 years.             1313 Sherman Street
                                                                                                                                        Denver, CO 80203

Making Home                   n/a                    Click here for     The program expires on June    Click here for eligibility FAQ
Affordable:                                          HUD approved       10, 2010.
Through the Making                                   Housing
Home Affordable                                      Counselors in
Program, up to 9 million                             Colorado
American families may
be eligible to refinance or
modify their loans to a
payment that is
affordable now and into
the future.
Meet Basic Needs for Housing and prevent Homelessness

ARRA PROGRAM                COLORADO                      AGENCY               KEY DATES                        ELIGIBILITY                   TRAINING                 TIPS/UPDATES
                            ALLOCATION                    CONTACTS
Strengthening               $50 million – Competitive     Eduardo              Due 07/07/2009                   Match: 20 percent of the                               Applicants interested in applying for
Communities Fund            – National                    Hernandez                                             total approved cost of the                             funds should visit
The Fund will strengthen                                                                                        project from non-federal                               http://www.acf.hhs.gov/grants/recov
nonprofit and faith-based   The Nonprofit Capacity        Administration for                                    funds (Cash or inkind)                                 ery.html.
organizations that aid      Building program: One-        Children and
families and communities    time, two-year awards of      Families                                                                                                     Submit application on line:
who are struggling in the   up to $1 million to lead      Office of                                                                                                    http://www.Grants.gov.
economic downturn.          organizations that will use   Community
                            the funds to support other    Services
                            faith-based or secular        Operations
                            nonprofit organizations.      Center

                            The State, Local and          Strengthening
                            Tribal Government             Communities
                            Capacity Building             Fund Nonprofit
                            program: One-time, two-       Capacity Building
                            year awards of up to
                            $250,000 to state, city,      1515 Wilson
                            county and Indian/Native      Boulevard, Suite
                            American tribal               100
                            governments.                  Arlington, VA
                            Governments will use          22209
                            these grants to strengthen
                            nonprofit organizations.
Homeless Prevention         State:                        DOLA: Lynn           DOH will convene meeting         Housing authorities and       HUD – HPRP               HUD HPRP FAQ
and Rapid-Re-housing        $8,154,036                    Shine, 303-866-      with Interagency Council on      nonprofit organizations are   Presentation
(HPRP)                                                    2046                 Homelessness and other           eligible to apply.                                     Sign up for HUD list serve
Short or medium-term        Total (with entitlement       Lynn.Shine@stat      stakeholders prior to April 30                                 DOH provides technical
rental assistance         communities):      e.co.us           to develop a plan.              60% of grant funds must be      assistance outreach –       Click here for opportunities to
First and last month’s    $15,491,118                                                          spent within 2 years of grant   June 8 – 12.                collaborate through other ARRA
rental payment, Utility                      Shannon           DOH submits Colorado’s plan     agreement.                                                  funding sources.
payments, Housing                            Picasso,          to HUD on May 18th.                                             HUD will host technical
relocation and                               Shannon.picasso                                   All funds must be spent         assistance meetings         Visit the Training Section of the
stabilization                                @state.co.us      DOH announces HUD funding       within 3 years of the grant     between May and June.       Housing Colorado ARRA page for
                                                               guidelines – June 1.            agreement.                      Click here to sign up for   Q&A notes from our 4/10 luncheon
                                                                                                                               program notices.
                                                               DOH mails applications to                                                                   The Department of Local Affairs
                                                               eligible grantees – June 1,                                                                 (DOLA) announced that it is now
                                                               2009                                                                                        accepting proposals for three
                                                                                                                                                           Continuum of Care (CoC) regions
                                                               HUD approves plans by July                                                                  effective June 11. To see the
                                                               2, 2009.                                                                                    Request for Proposals (RFP),
                                                                                                                                                           register with Colorado BIDS here.
                                                               State must obligate funds to
                                                               sub-grantees by September                                                                   HPRP - July 2 (HUD reviews),
                                                               30, 2009                                                                                    Award subcontracts/award letters -
                                                                                                                                                           July 8, Initiate contract process -
                                                               Applications will be accepted                                                               August 1, Distribution of Funds -
                                                               by DOH on an on-going basis                                                                 September 1
                                                               from June - December 2009

Homeless Prevention       Entitlement        Entitlement       Eligible applicants must     Click here for details.            Recovery Webcasts:          DOLA seeking Regional Program
and Rapid-Re-housing      Communities:       Community         submit a Substantial         DOLA program overview              http://ms.istreamplanet.    Coordinators to administer HPRP.
(HPRP)                    Adams County       Contacts:         Amendment to their           Activities: Financial              com/hud/                    Visit www.gssa.state.co.us for more
                          $836,047                             Consolidated Plan 2008       assistance, Housing                                            information. (Search for State
                                             Click here        Action Plan by May 20, 2008  relocation and stabilization                                   Purchasing Bids, then search by
                          Aurora                                                            services, Data Collection                                      Agency - Department of Local
                          $1,009,717                           July 2, 2009 - HUD completes and evaluation,                                                Affairs - for the listing). Bids due July
                                                               review- those disapproved    Administrative costs                                           1, 3pm.
                          Colorado Springs                     may revise and resubmit
                          $1,043,089                           within 15 days of first HUD  Participants: Below 50% of                                     Click here for opportunities to
                                                               disapproved notice           Area Median Income [AMI],
                                          Homeless or at-risk of       collaborate through other ARRA
Denver       September 1, 2009 - HUD will becoming homeless            funding sources.
$3,769,259   execute agreements no later
             than this date               60% of funds must be spent   Visit the Training Section of the
Pueblo                                    in 2 years and 100% in 3     Housing Colorado ARRA page for
$678,970     September 30, 2009 -         years                        Q&A notes from our 4/10 luncheon
             Grantees must obligate funds
                                          Match: NO match required
             to sub-grantees
                                          NOT a mortgage assistance
             October 10, 2009 - Initial   program
             Performance Report due
                                          NO fee to participants
                                          Administrative fees: 5%
Improve self-sufficiency of citizens living in poverty

ARRA PROGRAM                 COLORADO                    AGENCY              KEY DATES                       ELIGIBILITY                    TRAINING                TIPS/UPDATES
                             ALLOCATION                  CONTACTS
Community Service            $8,646,994 Total            DOLA: Lucia         DLG emails RFPs to eligible     Program details.               DLG provided training   Cannot co-mingle with Emergency
Block Grant (CSBG):                                      Smead - 303-        grantees – April 24                                            and technical           Service Grant funding
Assist Colorado citizens     CSBG County Allocations     866-3128                                            DOLA program overview          assistance outreach
residing in the state’s 64   – Click here (page 6)       Lucia.smead@sta     Joint Webinars with Colorado                                   from May 13-24.         CSBG Guidelines
counties who are living in                               te.co.us            Counties Inc. and Councils of   Support for non-profits and
poverty to become more                                                       Government.                     county governments to                                  CSBG FAQ
self sufficient.                                         Christy Culp –                                      provide services related to
                                                         303-866-2369       Regional county meetings         employment, nutrition,                                 Visit the Training Section of the
                                                         Christy.culp@stat  with DOLA Regional               housing and health.                                    Housing Colorado ARRA page for
                                                         e.co.us            Managers.                                                                               Q&A notes from our 4/10 luncheon
                                                                            RFPs due to DLG – June 15,       County governments submit
                                                         Contact your local 2009                             RFP for planned services.                              May 18 CSBG Presentation
                                                         human services
                                                         department or      DOLA Executive Director          Eligible citizens are at
                                                         county             announces approved plans –       incomes of 200 percent of
                                                         commissioner/s – July 1, 2009                       poverty ($21,600 for a
                                                         County links                                        family of one to $59,060 for
                                                                            Dollars must be spent by         a family of six).
                                                                            September 30, 2010
Preserve Affordability, Rehab Homes and Create Green Housing

ARRA PROGRAM                 COLORADO                     AGENCY               KEY DATES                       ELIGIBILITY                    TRAINING                   TIPS/UPDATES
                             ALLOCATION                   CONTACTS
Weatherization: $5           Colorado portion $80M        Subgrantees:         The GEO will be submitting      From $3,055 max/house to       Contact your local         GEO seeking administrator of the
billion for weatherization   (over three years) up from   Click here for a     Colorado’s State Plan for the   $6,500 max per house           service agency - Click     multifamily component of the
program at Department        $9M/year                     list of local        Weatherization Assistance       eligibility changed from       here for a list of local   Weatherization Program.
of Energy                                                 service agencies     Program ARRA funds on May       150% Federal Poverty Level     service agencies           All parties intending to apply for this
                                                                               12, 2009.                       to 200% FPL                                               MUST send an email to
                                                          GEO: Seth                                                                                                      [mailto:multifamily.wx@state.co.us]
                                                          Portner          Multi-family RFP available in       Activities Include:                                       to express their intent as soon as
                                                          303-866-2201     July, 2009                          Energy Audits                                             possible in order to remain informed
                                                          Seth.Portner@sta                                     Checking for carbon                                       of all relevant information to this
                                                          te.co.us                                             monoxide poisoning and                                    application. Mandatory meeting July
                                                                                                               gas leaks                                                 17.
                                                          Chris Fuller                                         Adding insulation to attics,                              The solicitation can be found by
                                                          Chris.fuller@state                                   walls and crawl spaces                                    clicking here.
                                                          .co.us                                               Furnace repairs and
                                                                                                               replacements                                              Sign up for GEO newsletter
                                                          Click here for a                                     Sealing your home against                                 www.colorado.gov/energy/index.php
                                                          list of local                                        outside air leaks                                         ?/about/newsletters/
                                                          service agencies                                     Replacing Inefficient
                                                                                                               Providing energy
                                                                                                               conservation information
                                                                                                               about your home to reduce
                                                                                                               your energy bills

                                                                                                               Rental properties are
                                                                                                               eligible with landlord
                                                                                                               Click here for details

EECBG: Energy-             $42,765,600                   Contact your        The GEO is in the process of      Click here for eligibility    Click here for event   Sign up for GEO newsletter
Efficiency Conservation    This funding is distributed   city/county         developing a plan to distribute                                 schedule               www.colorado.gov/energy/index.php
Block Grant –              to Colorado's cities and      County links        the $9.5M allocation by May       Activities include Energy                            ?/about/newsletters/
transportation, building   counties                      GEO: Contact        15th, 2009. Information           Efficiency Retrofits and
and other appropriate      Click here for allocations.   Angie Fyfe          available by early June. Click    conservation programs
sectors                                                  303.866.2059        here for updates.
                           $9,593,500 – statewide.       Angie.fyfe@state.
                           At least 60% ($5,756,100)     co.us
                           to cities and counties who
                           do not receive a direct
                           allocation of EECBG
State Energy Program       SEP: $50 Million over 3       GEO: Seth           The GEO anticipates               Click here for the GEO’s      Click here for event
(SEP): Funds for energy    years.                        Portner             receiving the first installment   SEP plan. Published May       schedule
efficiency and renewable                                 Deputy Director     of this funding by April 1,       13.
energy projects over the   GEO will invest SEP           303-866-2201        2009
next three years.          ARRA funding with a           seth.portner@stat                                     Waiver of 20% Matching
                           focus on the following:       e.co.us                                               Requirement
                           Direct and immediate
                           investment for fast                                                                 Waiver of restriction on
                           economic impact,                                                                    capital investments
                           Investment in business
                           development,                                                                        Primary development focus
                           Investment in reducing                                                              on debt-capital for shovel-
                           barriers for widespread                                                             ready projects. Investments
                           adoption and access to                                                              in revolving-loan funds.
                           efficiency and renewable
                           resources.                                                                          GEO definition of shovel-

                                                                                                               Click here for details.
HUD Energy Retrofits:       Energy Efficiency             HUD                 Full detail of how to apply, and Investments for existing       Recovery Webcasts:         Sign up for HUD list serve
$250 million for energy     Retrofitting allocation                           grant and loan terms             Section 202, Section 811       http://ms.istreamplanet.
retrofitting and greening   notice from HUD –             Colorado HUD        published May 13.                and project-based Section 8    com/hud/
federally assisted          Published May 13              contacts                                             developments.
housing                                                                       Accepting Applications June
                                                                              15.                                                             Webcasts:
                                                                                                               HUD Funding Notice             http://www.hud.gov/web
                                                                              Click here                                                      casts/

EETC: Extension of          N/A - Federal tax credit to   The GEO will        Click here for more             Click here for more
energy efficiency tax       individual homeowners         provide up-to-      information.                    information
credits on existing         and small business            date incentive
housing                     owners                        information to                                      Click here for an overview of
                                                          Colorado’s                                          federal tax incentives
                                                          consumers and
                                                          service providers

Lead Reduction: $100        Competitive                   HUD Denver                                          Click here for details          Webcasts:                  N/A
million for lead hazard                                   Regional office:                                                                    http://www.hud.gov/web
reduction program.                                        (303) 672-5440                                      First priority for available    casts/
Funds will first go to                                                                                        funding will be given to 2008
qualified 2008 applicants                                 Colorado HUD                                        grant applicants who were
who did not receive                                       contacts                                            qualified but unfunded due
funds.                                                                                                        to funding limitations.
Update Public Housing

ARRA PROGRAM                COLORADO      AGENCY             KEY DATES                     ELIGIBILITY                  TRAINING   TIPS/UPDATES
                            ALLOCATION    CONTACTS
Public Housing Capital      $17,603,292   Click here for a   Competitive Round: HUD        Funds go directly from HUD              Public Housing Capital Fund
Fund: $4 billion for the                  list of Colorado   Funds shall be obligated      to PHA’s                                (Competitive) -
public housing capital                    PHAs.              through competitive funding                                           //portal.hud.gov/portal/page?_pagei
fund ($3 billion is to be                                    by September 30, 2009.        The funds cannot be used                d=153,7940934&_dad=portal&_sch
distributed by formula                                       Click here for details        for operations or rental                ema=PORTAL:Revised NOFA,
and the remainder                                                                          assistance.                             //www.hud.gov/offices/pih/programs/
through competition).                                                                                                              ph/capfund/ocir.cfm:Q and A
Repair and replace aging                                                                   HUD FAQ                                 Categories 1-3: Round 1 is July 6 -
housing. To make capital                                                                                                           July 3, Round 2 is August 1 -
repairs and                                                                                HUD Funding Notice                      August 18
improvements to public                                                                                                             Category 4: July 21, 2009
housing, including
energy conservation
Produce Affordable Housing (could include rehab or new construction); funds in many cases could also be used for non-housing community development activities
ARRA PROGRAM            COLORADO                   AGENCY             KEY DATES                    ELIGIBILITY                  TRAINING            TIPS/UPDATES
                        ALLOCATION                 CONTACTS
TCAP: $2.25 billion for $45.1 million (TCAP and CHFA: Tax-            Deadline TBD.                Projects will be required to                     Go to
HOME, federal housing   TCEP)                      Credit Assistance                               submit a letter of intent, a                     http://www.chfainfo.com/documents/
block grant funds. This                            Program            Accepting applications for completed TCAP priority                            arrahandout.pdf
amount will go to state Tax-Credit Assistance      Natasha Weaver, eligible applicants.            checklist, and an updated                        for program overview
governments only by     Program will be            tweaver@chfainfo                                timeline for project
HOME formula for Low    distributed through a      .com               Click here for CHFA’s ARRA completion.                                        Sign up for CHFA tax credit alerts
Income Housing Tax      competitive process                           Implementation plan. (August
Credit projects.                                                      3 edition).                  According to the program’s                       Visit the Training Section of the
                        http://www.treasury.gov/re                                                 guidelines, CHFA must                            Housing Colorado ARRA page for
                        covery/LIH-grants.shtml.                                                   award 75 percent of the                          Q&A notes from our 4/10 luncheon
                                                                                                   TCAP funds by Feb. 2010,
                                                                                                   and 100 percent of the                       · TCAP funds may be used in
                                                                                                   TCEP funds by Dec. 2010.                         conjunction with the exchange
                                                                                                                                                    funds, at the discretion of the
                                                                                                   Only programs receiving tax                      housing credit agency.
                                                                                                   credit awards in federal
                                                                                                   fiscal years 2007-2009 are

                                                                                                  Priority will be given to 9%
                                                                                                  projects, but 4 % projects
                                                                                                  are also eligible

                                                                                                  Gap financing for
                                                                                                  those most far along in their
                                                                                                  development process

                                                                                                  HOME-like funding is
                                                                                                  expected to include rules
                                                                                                                   like Davis-Bacon,
                                                                                                                   environmental review, fair
                                                                                                                   housing requirements etc

    TCEP:                      Competitive Process          CHFA: Tax-Credit TCAP and TCEP applications            Eligible recipients include                 Go to
    Tax provision to enable                                 Assistance       released July 30                      low income projects as                      http://www.chfainfo.com/documents/
    states to swap 9% tax      http://www.treasury.gov/re   Program                                                defined in Section 42 with or               arrahandout.pdf
    credits, up to 40% of      covery/LIH-grants.shtml.     Natasha Weaver,        ARRA                           without a tax credit                        for program overview
    their 2009 and unused                                   tweaver@chfainfo          Implementation Plan          allocation
    pre-2009 credits, for cash                              .com                   ARRA Application                                                           Sign up for CHFA tax credit alerts
    from Treasury at rate of                                                                                 ·     Colorado will give priority to
    85 cents on the dollar                                                   TCAP applicants will have to          projects receiving                          Sign up for CHFA tax credit alerts:
·                                                                            meet federal cross cutting            allocations under CHFA’s                    http://visitor.constantcontact.com/m
Wi Will allow CHFA to                                                        requirements which are                2009 credit ceiling (projects               anage/optin/ea?v=001_E1ee4Kj9gD
   exchange eligible                                                         explained in Appendix A of the        that received reservations in               b9v389i7i2g%3D%3D
   portions of its tax credits                                               Implementation Plan and in            2008 for 2009 credit)
   for cash grants to make                                                   the application instructions. It in                                               Visit the Training Section of the
   sub awards to eligible                                                    should be noted that the        ·     Receipt of a previous tax                   Housing Colorado ARRA page for
   projects                                                                  requirements of National              credit reservation does not                 Q&A notes from our 4/10 luncheon
·                                                                            Environmental Protection Act          automatically entitle an
   Since the intent is to                                                    (NEPA) may negatively                 entity for the Exchange
   engage investors to the                                                   impact the project timelines          program
   greatest extent possible,                                                 until clearances are obtained.
   program will not                                                          TCAP applications must
   monetize to the max                                                       include draft environmental
                                                                             review documents. TCAP
                                                                             applications cannot be
                                                                             approved until NEPA
                                                                             clearances are obtained.

                                                                                Click here for CHFA’s ARRA
                                                                                Implementation plan.
    CDBG-R: $1 billion for       $2,861,220 - State         DOLA:               June 15th – deadline for           Projects must be “bid-ready” DOLA Program   CDBG – R funds Awarded – click
Community Development        CDBG-R (In addition to       Becky Murray -    submitting applications           – contractible within 120      overview                   here for details.
Block Grant program to       state’s $10M CDBG)           303-866-2818                                        days of funding availability
be distributed through                                    Becky.murray@st   DOLA will retain 1% ($28,612)                                    Recovery Webcasts:         Visit the Training Section of the
existing formula (priority   Total CDBG-R                 ate.co.us         of the award for administration   Funding must be spent by       http://ms.istreamplanet.   Housing Colorado ARRA page for
to be given to projects      For Colorado:                Lucia Smead -     and to use 99% ($2,832,608)       Sept. 30, 2012 (date           com/hud/                   Q&A notes from our 4/10 luncheon
that can move within 120     $10,125,130                  303-866-3128      to fund public facility           extended)
days of funds being                                       Lucia.smead@sta   infrastructure projects in non-                                                             Strong emphasis on accountability
available).                                               te.co.us          entitlement communities.          Projects must be consistent                               in examining whether grantees are
                                                                            DOLA’s intent is to supplant      with the goals of the                                     achieving the intent of the legislation
                                                                            CDBG-R funds with                 recovery bill                                             with respect to economic stimulus
                                                                            regular CDBG funds and to                                                                   and appropriateness of the projects
                                                                            follow the award process                                                                    funded.
                                                                            already in place. CDBG
                                                                            applications already in the
                                                                            application pipeline, which
                                                                            most closely met the
                                                                            Recovery Act
                                                                            purpose and were “shovel-
                                                                            ready”, were reviewed and
                                                                            prioritized, using Recovery Act

CDBG (Entitlement):          Click here for Entitlement   Entitlement                                         Projects must be “bid-ready”
                             Community Allocations        Community                                           – contractible within 120
                             $7,513,921                   Contacts:                                           days of funding availability

                                                          Click here                                          Funding must be spent by
                                                                                                              Sept. 30, 2010
Native American          $1,117,257                       HUD (303) 675-                                      Eligible applicants include    Webcasts:
Housing Block Grants     Native American Block            1600                                                Indian tribes or tribally      http://www.hud.gov/web
(NAHB): $510 million for Grants                           Colorado HUD                                        designated housing entities    casts/
Native American Housing                                   contacts
Block Grants for rehab                                                                                        The competitive grants will
efforts (half by formula                              Mike Boyd             go to support projects that
and half by competitive                               Grants                spur construction and
grants).                                              Management            rehabilitation of homes and
                                                      Director, Office of   eligible projects, and create
                                                      Native American       employment opportunities.
                                                      (303) 672-5170,       HUD Funding Notice
                                                      ext. 1296

Project Based Rental       $35,545,846                HUD Denver            HUD will use the money       Webcasts:
Assistance (PBRA): $2      This is not new money.     Regional office:      provided to fund contract    http://www.hud.gov/web
billion for full-year                                 (303) 672-5440        renewals on a full twelve-   casts/
payments to owners         The funds will go to                             month cycle. This will avoid
receiving Section 8        renewing existing          Colorado HUD          the payment disruptions that
project-based rental       contracts with operators   PHA Contacts          have occurred in recent
assistance.                of subsidized housing.                           years and enable owners to
                                                                            maintain their properties in
                                                                            an acceptable condition.
Community                  CDFI and New Market                              Must have applied in 2008                             Go to
Development Finance        Tax Credits are                                  to increase the original                              http://cdfifund.gov/recovery/ for
Institution (CDFI):        distributed by national                          request for the additional                            more information about the CDFI
Funding was made           competition                                      CDFI loan funds                                       funding
available to support an
additional $100 million                                                                                                           If CDFI proposal is not successful,
for the Community                                                                                                                 you may apply for a supplemental
Development Financial                                                                                                             round
Institution (CDFI) loan
fund pool and $3 billion
in New Market Tax
Help People Buy Homes including expanding financing for home mortgage loans

First Time Home Buyer        COLORADO            AGENCY             KEY DATES                     ELIGIBILITY                        TRAINING   TIPS/UPDATES
Credit: Extend and           ALLOCATION          CONTACTS           Available for purchases until
expand existing credit for                                          12/1/09.
first time homebuyers to
$8,000, non-repayable if
buyer stays in home
three years, and
available for purchases
until 12/1/09.

Rural 502 Loans: $200        N/A                 N/A                Effective Dates: January 1,   10 percent of home purchase,                  CHFA JumpStart and CHFA
million to support rural                                            2009 to November 30,          up to $8,000                                  HomeOpener.
Section 502                                      Contact your local 2009                                                                        http://www.chfainfo.com/documents/
homeownership loans.                             housing                                          Any single-family residence                   CHFA_JS_overview.pdf
                                                 counseling                                       (including condos and co-ops)
                                                 agency (ie. CHFA                                 that will be used as a principal
                                                 or the Colorado                                  residence
                                                 Housing                                          Adjusted Gross Income
                                                 Assistance                                       of no more than $75,000
                                                 Council).                                        ($150,000 on a joint return);
                                                                                                  phases out above
                                                 Click here for                                   those caps ($95,000 and
                                                 HUD approved                                     $170,000, respectively)
                                                 Counselors in                                    Click here for details

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