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					              Institutional Assessment Council Meeting Minutes
                              Monday, November 9, 2009
                            1:00 PM President’s Board Room

Present: Craig Wollner, Mirela Blekic, Bill Fisher, Grant Farr, Rowanna Carpenter, Ellen
West, Paul Van Halen, Shawn Smallman, Kathi Ketcheson, Leslie McBride, Dan
Absent: Carol Morgaine, Ken Peterson, Daniel Sullivan, Thomas Bielavitz, Matt
Livengood, DeLys Ostlund

Meeting called to order at 1:00 by Craig Wollner

Selection of meeting dates for remainder of fall term - Craig Wollner
     The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 7 from 1:00-2:30 PM

Co-chairs’ goals for the 2009-2010 school year - Craig Wollner and Rowanna Carpenter
(order listed is not a reflection of importance or priority)
    1. Gather information on what is already done on campus with respect to Campus-
        wide Learning Outcomes (CWLOs) and highlight best practices
    2. Approach campus stakeholders for ideas on implementing the outcomes campus-
    3. In keeping with the Provost's charge to the Council, review the three new CWLOs
        and define them more specifically

Discussion of council goals – All
    Kathi Ketcheson – the council did work relating to goal 1 last year, the
       assessment GA should review last year’s work and bring to the IAC
    Shawn Smallman – relating to goal 3, the council’s goals should go beyond just
       defining CWLOs to operationalize them
    Craig – the council should form sub-committees to look at the new CWLOs and
       address how these will be operationalized, these sub-committees should seek
       outside help from other campus resources and go to existing commmittes on
       campus and ask them to assist on taking on the charge of operationalizing
       CWLOs, because of his involvement with the committees Bill Fischer was asked
       to go to the Internationalization and Sustainability committees to get input on
       their thoughts for involvement with the IAC’s charge
    Kathi – speaking on behalf of DeLys Ostlund, DeLys was hopeful that the IAC
       would look at graduate outcomes as well as the established CWLOs for
    Kathi – the rubric used last year indicated where assessment was actually
       occurring on campus, this is useful in finding where units need additional support,
       supporting campus programs toward achieving assessment goals is separate from
       CWLO development
      Rowanna – CWLOs are already occurring in some form across the campus, the
       CWLOs emerged out of campus conversations about what is valued at PSU,
       therefore, there is a need to find out where CWLOs are already in place
      Leslie McBride – there is a need for the council to scan campus activity relating
       to assessment to identify best practices and to provide immediate feedback
      Kathi – redo CAE website to reflect best practices, departments will go to CAE
       for support, this is a return to the original charge of the Assessment Resource
       Network to provide a network of support across campus
      Shawn – to promote assessment, the council could create awards for departments
       on campus that are doing assessment well, this will highlight campus best
       practices and help change the campus climate about assessment
      Leslie – the granting of the awards could culminate in a year-end showcase which
       would disseminate information

Learning outcomes posters and discussion - Craig and all
    Craig - An action of the IAC will be to create and distribute posters highlighting
       the CWLOs to all of the campus departments for display, these will serve as a
       reminder that CWLOs are real and that they are being implemented across
    Leslie– need to make CWLOs more visible, other campuses that have promoted
       their learning outcomes have found that it generates conversation across campus
    Craig– if CWLOs distinguish PSU then everyone on campus should be aware of
       them and know what they are
    Kathi – campuses that have been successful in incorporating learning outcomes
       have found that they have not come from a top-down approach, but are a part of
       every class and what they do on campus
    Dan Fortmiller – when doing welcomes for orientation, some faculty expressed
       concern that they couldn’t find the CWLOs, students should be able to
       demonstrate where (in what class) they experienced CWLOs
    Rowanna – the CWLOs could be shown on campus tv’s and scrolled across
       screensavers in campus computer labs
    Leslie– is it appropriate for IAC to look at Tenure and Promotion guidelines and
       explore the possibility of inserting assessment
    Rowanna – DeLys’ interest in evaluating graduate goals will help the council look
       at what assessment looks like at the graduate level

   With no other suggestions for the goals of the IAC for the year, the meeting was
   ended at 1:50 by Craig Wollner

Meeting adjourned at 1:50 PM
Minutes submitted by Jennifer Smith

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