Saturday Competition by Odr5Ma


									Saturday Combined Summer Competition 2012
Round 1                                      Round 2

04 Feb   1v2    3v4    5v6   7v8      24 Mar   2v1    4v3   6v5   8v7
11 Feb   4v1    2v7    6v3   8v5      31 Mar   1v4    7v2   3v6   5v8
18 Feb   1v6    2v4    5v7   3v8      14 Apr   6v1    4v2   7v5   8v3 (5.33)
25 Feb   5v1    3v2    7v4   6v8      21 Apr   1v5    2v3   4v7   8v6 (5.25)
03 Mar   1v7    3v5    4v6   2v8      28 Apr   7v1    5v3   6v4   8v2 (5.17)
10 Mar   7v3    6v2    4v5   8v1      05 May    3v7   2v6   5v4   1v8 (5.11)
17 Mar   5v2    7v6    1v3   8v4     12 May    2v5    6v7   3v1   4v8 (5.05)

1. Bye
2. Pitts               Sue Thompson          Panania 5
3. Sand People        Monette Huxley         Panania 1
4. Buccaneers          James Anderson        Cintra 6
5. Swingers           Alvin Maple            Cintra 6
6. Four Aces 1        Andrew Corbett         Auburn 3
7. Court Jesters      Vicki Gollan           Moxon 6
8. Misfits            Alan Wilcockson        Cintra 5

1. Long Shots          Carol Pater           Auburn 2
2. CBT&BC              Pat Mitchell          Moxon 6
3. Restrings           Rosanne Clough        Ryde 3
4. Mixed Match         Tracy Millman         Panania 4
5. Tie-Breakers        Linda Parry           Cintra 3
6. Super Sixes         Carolynne Wark        Parramatta 2
7. Tennisee            Frances Bluhdorn      Cintra 4
8. Survivor            Kerry Martin          Panania 1

1. Four Aces 2         Nestor Boscan           Auburn 3
2. Southpool           Phil Bickerstaff        Cintra 4
3. Zodiac              Dorothy Booth           Cintra 5
4. Bass                Merv Blatch             Auburn 1
5. Aces                Owen Munn               Panania 4
6. RacQ PacQ           Brian Shipp             Auburn 2
7. Mood Swings         Jan Homewood            Panania 5
8. Deuce Bags          Lauren Rouse            Panania 3

        Sunset times shown in brackets from 14 Apr. Play must cease 10 min after sunset.
        During daylight savings, play must cease at 6pm
      Teams are required to enter the court at 1pm, have a 5 min hit-up and then commence
       the match. If a gent and lady are present from a team they must commence the first set
       even if they are not the intended pairing. If no pair is present by 1.15pm then the late
       team shall be deemed to have lost the first set.
      Short tie-breaker at 5 games all (first to 7, no advantage)
      No play 7 Apr Easter weekend
      Semi- finals 19 May for all divisions, venues to be advised
      Finals 26 May for all divisions- to be held at Panania. Next competition to start 02
       June 2012
      Strictly no swearing, racquet throwing or sledging. Tennis Australia “etiquette rules”
       for non-umpired matches must be followed. Racquet throwing is a safety issue and
       players reported may be called to appear before the committee and a suspension could
      by-laws, scores and information

Starting time: Please note that starting time is 1pm. Teams should have a pair on the
court and then have a 5 minute warm-up only.

       Court Locations and Wet Weather numbers
       Auburn       181 Chisholm Rd Auburn 9649 7151
       Cintra Park Gipps St Concord             9744 2767
       Moxon Rd     Moxon Rd Punchbowl          9790 6583 (behind Bowling Club)
       Panania      Marco Ave RSL Panania       9792 8474 (behind Panania RSL)
       Parramatta   Barton St Nth Parramatta    9683 1703
       Ryde Tennis Weaver St Ryde               0407 247780 (behind Ryde Pool)
                                       Read signs when parking at courts!

Combined Competition Committee Representatives
Carol Pater (Berala Carramar)    Steve Clough (NorthW)

Noel Baker (Canterbury BTA)          Alan Wilcockson (WS)

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