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                       - ARTISANS OF BAROSSA –
You’ve probably heard of Barossa. It’s a beautiful region of undulating hills, complex soils and
wonderful and interesting people. You can imagine what the combination makes! Recently an
eclectic group of ‘garage producers’ (i.e. those making wines in relatively small amounts) came
together to promote their wines. I have to say all of the wines are as unique and unpredictable
as the people that make them. Here is a little more about the ones that we are lucky enough to
work with:

                                         MT BILLY
John Edwards makes three wines that we import. Each with a name as unique as its character
– and each with one thing in common…. All of his wines are amazingly complex, elegant and
powerful reds. They are hand crafted in small amounts. Wine Enthusiast has already highly
rated the Flagship wine – Antiquity (as do we!).

Harmony SMG (91 points Halliday)                      2003               $245
Circe Shiraz Viognier (93 points Halliday)            2005               $245
Antiquity Shiraz (93 pts Halliday, 94pts W. Enthust.) 2003               $455

                                         TIN SHED
Peter Clarke is the name behind Tin Shed. What can I say – a rather unpretentious name that
reflects the down to earth warm man behind the wine. Not only is he a classy wine maker he is
a wonderful chef and host at his Barossa restaurant – Vintners Bar & Grill. We all know that
MSG is bad for us, but not this one – Mourvedre, Shiraz, Grenache – a different twist on the
usually GSM blend. It displays a deep flavoured brooding slightly earthy wine.

Rose                                                 2007                $150
Melting Pot Shiraz                                   2006                $195
Wild Bunch Riesling (93 points Halliday)             2006                $160
Three Vines MSG                                      2004                $198
Single Wire Shiraz (93 points Halliday)              2003                $345

                                 TORZI MATTHEWS
Domenic Torzi and his wife Tracy Matthews are the creators of this 5 Star Halliday rated
winery. I met Dominic at the side of the road on rainy afternoon in Barossa – a dubious start.
As I followed him through the windy Barossa territory I did wonder what I was letting myself in
for – and now I can tell you. Some of the best value Shiraz I have ever tasted. A charming
man with even nicer wines!

Frost Dodger Riesling        (93 points Halliday)    2006                $185
Schist Rock Shiraz                                   2007                $140

A James Halliday 4 star winery owned by Tim Freeland and Dominic Torzi (of Torzi Matthews’s fame).
Their vineyard is very special due to the small parcels of Grenache, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon
vines it has. The wines are consistently high quality and great value for money.

Longhop La Quattro White                                        2007                       $140
Longhop Shiraz                                                  2007                       $140
Longhop Old Vine Grenache (90 points Halliday)                  2007                       $170
Longhop Old Vine Reserve Cab Shiraz (91 pts)                    2005                       $195
Power Of One Shiraz (93 points Halliday)                        2005                       $225

Cardinham Estate is uniquely positioned as the most northern cellar door outlet in the Clare Valley
Region. They are situated in the scenic Stanley Flat region - one of the oldest grape producing areas in
the district –some of the vineyards planted shortly after 1840 still being in production today.

Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot                                       2004                       $135
Shiraz (93 points Halliday)                                     2005                       $135

Polish Hill River, sub-region of the Clare Valley, is home to Neil and Alison Paulett and their 5 Star
Halliday rated winery. Neil Paulett graduated from the Roseworthy Oenology course in 1971 and began
working as a winemaker for Penfolds Wines in Sydney and then Rosemount in the Hunter Valley. With
10 years wine making experience behind him, Neil and wife Alison began their search for the place to
establish their own family vineyard.

Riesling (93 points Halliday)                                   2006                       $135
Stonecutting Merlot/Shiraz                                      2003                       $120
Cabernet Merlot                                                 2003                       $140
Shiraz                                                          2003                       $140
Andreas Shiraz (94 points Halliday)                             2003                       $285

This 5 Star Halliday rated winery comes from humble beginnings – infact the land was converted from
derelict dairy and run down piggery! The winery is a partnership between Roseworthy graduate
Stephen Stafford-Brooks and ex Southcorp and Knappstein winemaker, Ray Klavins. Their Riesling
was recently awarded TOP GOLD at the Royal Adelaide Wine Show and both the Cabernet Sauvignon
and Shiraz were awarded TOP GOLD at the Winewise Small Vignerons Awards.

Riesling (91pts Halliday & Top Gold-Royal Adelaide show) 2007                              $135
Cabernet Sauvignon (previous vintage 94pts Halliday) 2005                                  $155
Shiraz (previous vintage 93pts Halliday)                 2006                              $155

In 1856, Hugh Reilly a shoemaker from Ireland arrived in the Clare Valley. His Cottage served as the
local Cobbler's Shop and now, almost 140 years later, the cottage has been restored to its former glory
and is once again a hive of activity, and home to Reilly's Wines. The Reilly's Wines philosophy is to
produce low volumes of premium, hand-made wines.

Watervale Riesling (91 points Halliday)                         2006                       $138
Dryland Cabernet Sauv (90pts Wine Advocate)                     2002                       $230
Dryland Shiraz (94 points Halliday)                             2002                       $230
Stolen Block Shiraz (90pts Wine Spectator)                      2002                       $325
        2006                                       $
"Wine is constant proof that God loves us and likes to see us happy." so said Benjamin Franklin,
and Hugh agrees. Hugh is the 5 generation of the family that first settled in 1837. All families have a
black sheep and Hugh Hamilton is it. You can expect therefore to enjoy the difference in his wines.
Hugh has a clear vision about the way he sees wines and he produces accordingly. He is a firm believer
in the wine and food experience. Neither is magic. Both are great, especially in the company of good
friends and lively conversation. His wines are therefore eminently drinkable and certainly more-ish.

‘The Scallywag’ Unoaked Chardonnay                                  2007                        $140
‘The Loose Cannon’ Viognier (90 pts, Halliday)                      2006                        $155
‘The Ratbag’ Merlot (91 pts, Huon Hooke, Syd Herald)                2004                        $155
‘The Villain’ Cabernet Sauvignon (90 pts, Halliday)                 200 5                       $198
‘The Rascal’ Shiraz                                                 2005                        $198

The Scarpantoni brothers built their successful winery from the labours of their 79 year old father,
Domenico, who emigrated from Italy’s Abruzzi region at age 19 and was one of the region’s largest
grape growers in the 60’s and 70’s. He settled in McLaren Vale because of the consistency and
reliability of the harvests. And to this day the brothers’ aim is to turn the best quality McLaren fruit into
approachable McLaren wines that people can’t get enough of. The 2006 barrel sample of Brothers
Block Cabernet Sauvignon has just been awarded the prestigious Jimmy Watson Award.

Pedler Creek Unoaked Chardonnay                          2005                                   $115
Sauvignon Blanc                                          2007                                   $140
Pedler Creek Merlot                                      2005                                   $115
Pedler Shiraz                                            2004                                   $115
School Block Cabernet Shiraz Merlot                      2004                                   $135
Block 3 Shiraz (winner Great Australia Shiraz Challenge) 2006                                   $205
Brothers Block Cabernet Sauvignon                        2005                                   $195
Brothers Block Cabernet Sauvignon                        2006                                   $235
Black Tempest Sparkling Shiraz                           2004                                   $218

Australia’s famous Terra Rossa soil weaves its way from Coonawarra into Stone Coasts 45 hectare
Wrattonbully Estate. Each wine is hand crafted by genius wine maker, Peter Douglas. Their unique
soil combination of limestone, rich terra rossa and gravel ensure intense flavours and complexity in
every wine. These are small batch hand made wine with a focus ion elegance finesse and balance.
100% estate grown and 100% hand picked.

Ten Ton Stone Chardonnay                                            2008                        $145
Ten Ton Stone Shiraz Cabernet                                       2004                        $145

Pinot Gris                                                          2007                        $160
Cabernet Sauvignon                                                  2003                        $215
Shiraz                                                              2003                        $215

The team at Sunset Peak have one goal in mind - producing premium quality wines at good value
prices. Wine maker Chris Hill has a wealth of experience that he now passes on to the Sunset peak
Label. ‘The Steps’ Cabernet Sauvignon is fast becoming a favourite among The Cellar Door Staff!

‘The Steps’ Padthaway Unoaked Chardonnay                         2006                       $90
‘The Steps’ McLaren Vale Cabernet Sauv                           2004                       $90

RM Sem/Chardonnay                                                2005                       $70
RM Merlot                                                        200 7                      $70
RM Cab Sauv                                                      2007                       $70

Everyone has a slightly rebellious side and winemakers are not different. Little Rebel reminds us of that
– it’s a reminder that it is okay to walk the beat of your own drum, drink Chardonnay with a steak and
occasionally turn up to work late – if at all! The wines are made by the team that make Punt Road –
they take wine making very seriously – but very little else!!

Chardonnay                                                       2005                       $135
Pinot Noir                                                       2006                       $135
Cabernet Merlot       (90 points James Halliday)                 2004                       $135

Punt Road winery is located on St. Huberts Road in Coldstream – the heart of the Yarra Valley. Their
wine maker, Kate Goodman has worked for some of the great names in Australia and has, in addition,
managed vintages in Champagne and California. In 2005 She traveled to Spain to work a vintage with
leading wine maker, Telmo Rodriguesz. She believes the satisfaction and rewards for producing quality
wines are endless.

Pinot Gris (90 pts, James Halliday)                              2006                       $180
Chardonnay (90 pts, James Halliday)                              2004                       $180
Cabernet Sauvignon (92 pts James Halliday)                       2005                       $195
Botrytis Semillon (91 pts, James Halliday)                       2005                       $190

Hurley Vineyard is a 5 Star Halliday rated winery that wraps around the north-eastern crest of a small
sheltered hill in the cool-climate region of the Mornington Peninsula. The hill is capped by volcanic,
stony, red-brown earth. This soil type both retains moisture and drains very well. The Peninsula is very
well suited climatically to the production of Pinot Noir, and the sub-region Balnarring (in which their
vineyards are planted) is situated perhaps particularly so. Within the Mornington Peninsula Hurley is
somewhat unusual: it has a low altitude but a southerly latitude, it receives reasonable spring and
summer rainfall and it has ironstone-based rather than sand-based soil. Hurley Vineyard is the epitome
of terroir by dividing 9 acres into three vineyards, based on aspect alone.

Lodestone Pinot Noir (prev. yr 94 points Halliday)               2005                       $410
Homage Pinot Noir (94 points Halliday)                           2005                       $445
Garamond Pinot Noir (90 points Halliday)                         200 5                      $498

                                         - HEATHCOTE –

  "... Heathcote…is generally recognized as one of Australia's finest for shiraz" … " These are wines with
  awesome depth of flavour, richness and ripeness, a vinous brocaded tapestry. Typically 13.5 per cent to
  14 per cent alcohol, they are extremely long-lived." James Halliday, Light hidden under an organic bushel,

  The Heathcote Wine Region adjoins the Bendigo Region and enjoys a similar, but slightly cooler climate.
  A unique feature of the region which many commentators mention is the soils which have developed on
  ancient Cambrian rocks. In fact Heathcote sits on a geological fault line and there are many different soil
  types originating from a complex local geology. The undulating topography has generated a variety of
  microclimates suitable for viticulture

  RED EDGE             Degree Shiraz (90 points, Halliday)               2005            $218
  RED EDGE             Tempranillo/Monastrell (90 points, Halliday)      2006            $295
  RED EDGE             Reserve Cabernet (90 points, Halliday)            2005            $398
  RED EDGE             Reserve Shiraz (93 points, Halliday)              2005            $415

  SHADOWFAX            One Eye Shiraz (94 points, Halliday)              2004            $345


Shadowfax has the most interesting Cellar Door, designed to fit into and compliment its natural
surroundings – Werribee Park – a beautiful area just 20 minutes from Melbourne. Their philosophy is to
produce wines that express the vineyards in which they were grown. Careful site selection and a strict
policy of low yield are all measure undertaken by the group that have earned them a 5 star rating from
James Halliday.

Pinot Gris (90 points James Halliday)                      2006                        $165
Chardonnay (previous year 94 points Halliday)              2006                        $210
Pinot Noir (94 points James Halliday)                      2004                        $210
One Eye Shiraz (94 pts James Halliday)                     2004                        $345


Owners Michael and Kim O’Brien inspired by a passion for wine and the love of the Margaret River
region purchased the land in 1999. The creation of the Celestial Bay brand was a result of dedication
and hard work by vineyard manager Sam Juniper and winemaker Bernard Abbott (ex Vasse Felix and
Ambereley Estate). The Shiraz is winning several awards nationally and internationally as is the
Semillon Sauvignon Blanc which is also a sell out. Not surprisingly this is now a 5 star rated winery by
James Halliday.

Goose Chase Rose                                                2007                       $125
Goose Chase White Diamond (Chardonnay/Sem)                      2007                       $125
Goose Chase Ruby Red (Shiraz/Cab)                               2007                       $125
Semillon Sauvignon Blanc                                        2007                       $150
Cabernet Merlot                                                 200 5                      $170
Cabernet Sauvignon (prev. yr 90 points Halliday)                200 5                      $180
Shiraz (prev. yr 90 points Halliday)                            2005                       $180

The enterprise was established in 1977 by Erl Happ and his family. Former schoolteacher turned potter
and winemaker Erl Happ is an iconoclast and compulsive experimenter. Many of the styles he makes
are unusual. The award winning wines are produced from grapes from Dunsborough vineyard and
Karridale vineyard, Margaret River.

Cabernet Sauvignon                                              200 4                      $108

Tranquil Vale lies in a beautiful setting on the banks of the Hunter River opposite Wyndham Estate. Phil
and Lucy Griffiths bought the site unseen from a description in an old copy the Weekend Australia found
in the High Commission Office in London! Phil quit the city and Lucy banking then teaching to follow the
dream of owning and establishing a vineyard, producing quality fruit and award winning wines. It is fast
establishing itself as one of the up and coming wine producers in the Hunter Valley.

Semillon                                                        2003                       $158
Chardonnay                                                      2004                       $158
Shiraz                                                          2005                       $220illon
Cabernet Merlot


Auntsfield Estate is the home of Marlborough's first colonial vineyard and winery. The original vineyard
was established in 1873 and made highly regarded wine for over 50 years. The dramatic hillside
yineyard with its unique variety of soils is again producing premium wines under the guidance of the
Cowley family. Every wine is nurtured from the grape right through to the bottle with the utmost care
and attention. Not surprisingly Steven Spurrier MW had this to say about their 05 Pinot Noir ‘This
superb Pinot Noir stood out at the recent New Zealand tasting for it’s depth of colour, richness
of fruit, purity, length and sense of place – a wines to rival the very best from Central Otago.

Long Cow Sauvignon Blanc (3.5 stars Michael Cooper)2007                                    $140
Cobb Cottage Chardonnay (4 stars Michael Cooper) 2006                                      $198
Hawk Hill Pinot Noir (4 stars Cooper, Silver, IWC London)2005                              $275

Clayridge Vineyards is an exciting concept based around a steep hillside vineyard hand planted by Mike
Just (ex Lawson’s Dry Hills Chief wine maker) and his wife Paula - on one of the highest sites
Marlborough. These vines, unlike most on the low flat plains of the region, have never been irrigated
and as such have established a natural deep rooting system that will maximize the flavour potential of
the low vigor clay-based soils on this unique site resulting in concentrated bunches producing wines of
great character and individuality.

Rose (Pinot Noir) (4 stars Wine Magazine)                       2006                       $125
Sauvignon Blanc (4 stars Michael Cooper)                        2008                       $145
Excalibur Sauvignon Blanc (4 stars Michael Cooper)              2006                       $188
Pinot Noir (3.5 stars Wine State Magazine)                      2006                       $188
Excalibur Pinot Noir (4 stars Wine State Magazine)              2006                       $245

Tin Pot Hut (named after an old mustering hut in the remote hills between the Wairau and Awatere
Valleys) is a new brand from Marlborough. It is the brainchild of winemakers Fiona Turner and Matt
Thomson and U.K. importer David Gleave MW. Their 2006 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, has won
awards in New Zealand, the UK and in Australia including GOLD medal - Air New Zealand Awards
2006, SILVER Medal - Decanter World Wine Awards 2007, SILVER Medal - International Wine
Challenge 2007. This wine is classically Marlborough in style: vibrant and intense with a Sauvignon
pungency that is leavened by a lovely minerality on both the nose and palate.

Sauvignon Blanc                                                 2007                       $130
Stopbanks Sauvignon Blanc                                       2008                       $110
Syrah                                                           2006                       $195

Once again, this wine exhibits our “trade mark” seductive, silky texture due to thier ability to fully ripen
the fruit without allowing sugar levels to become out of balance. It was obvious during the barrel
selection process that this wine was of such superior quality, that the decision was made to neither fine
nor filter it. So, it can truly be said that the wine went straight from the barrel into the bottle! No
surprisingly it has be awarded the following: GOLD – Air New Zealand Wine Awards; GOLD – Royal
Easter Wine Show; 5 STARS Cuisine Magazine and Wine State Magazine, 4.5 STARS Michael

Goldfields Pinot Noir                                  2006                                    $265
Barrel Selection Pinot Noir (4.5 stars Michael Cooper) 2006                                    $335

The name Desert Heart was chosen to pay tribute to the land, because Pinot Noir, more than any other
grape reflects where it is grown, and to the historical reference to the name of Bannockburn, “Heart of
the Desert”, from the gold rush era and due to its atypical climatic conditions. Bannockburn has a
climate of extremes with long hot dry summers and harsh cold winters. Rainfall is minimal bordering on
desert conditions which makes for superlative growing conditions for the Pinot Noir grapes

Riesling                                                           2007                        $248
Chardonnay                                                         2006                        $265
Pinot Noir                                                         2005                        $365

GOLD Star Mondial du Pinot Noir, Switzerland,
SILVER Medal - Royal Easter Wines Show 2006,
90 points - The Top Wines, Joe Czerwinski, Wine Enthusiast, December 1, 2005
18 1/2 Jancis Robinson MW “Very Charming”
New Zealand Pinot Noirs - mainly 2003s ‘Highly Recommended’ Huon Hooke, Sydney Morning
                                                    Herald’s ‘Good living’ section, 1st April 2005
****Winestate Canterbury, Nelson, Central Otago July/August 2005 issue

Pinot Noir                                                         2005                        $345

Beach House is made in under the watchful eye and explicit direction of Douglas Green’s
Oenologist. Each variety is handled separately to bring out the typical expression of ripe
friendly fruit flavours synonymous with our signature style;
Lemon grass and gooseberry aromas layered with hints of honeysuckle and tangerine that
race across the palate in a refreshing burst of tantalizing citrus fruit finishing with vibrant
crispness. It’s deliciously drinkable with or with out food!

Sauvignon Blanc Semillon                                   2006                     $70

Vilafonte is in Paarl, one of South Africa’s warmer grape growing regions, thus is idea for
producing premium reds. The vineyard site was chosen by Californians’ Phil Freese,
designer of the first Opus One Vineyard, and former Mondavi and Simi winemaker Zelma
Long. Add to the mix import Bartholomew Broadbent and Vilafonte GM, Mike Ratcliff, who
hails from Warwick Estate, and you have loads of international talent, experience and regional
know how. Vilafonte Series C is Cabernet dominant and Series M is more Merlot and Malbec
dominant, though both bottling utilize multiple Bordeaux varieties. The 2003 Series C was
selected wine Enthusiasts Worlds Best Cabernet, and the vineyard was nominated for New
World Winery of the Year.

Series M (94pts Wine Enthusiast)                           2005                     $435
Series C (95pts Wine Enthusiast)                           2005                     $548

The name Sterhuis – meaning “star house” dates back to the 17 Century when early
Capetonians mistook the light shining from a farmhouse high on a distant hill for Venus.
Sterhuis is a boutique winery owned by the Kruger family since 1980. Their mission is to
place each vine in accordance with its own individual needs so that it may prosper. Yields are
kept small and the results speak for themselves. It’s no wonder that in 2005 Johan Kruger
was     awarded       Diners    Club      Young       Wine     Maker       of    the     Year.

Sauvignon Blanc                                            2007                     $128
Chenin Blanc                                               2006                     $140
Merlot                                                     2005                     $198

Warwick is situated in Stellenbosch at the heart of South Africa’s recognized ‘Golden
Appellation’, The Simonberg, named after the mountain whose slopes price terroir exists.
The appellation is conferred on a remarkable conjunction of altitude, aspect, temperature and
drainage, creating idea growing condition. Warwick Estate have been pioneers in balancing
traditional wine making knowledge with modern thinking and technology to produce wines
which are often described as displaying “a rare combination of old and new-world nuance”.

Sauvignon Blanc                                            2008                     $160
Chardonnay                                                 2007                     $220
First Lady (Cabernet Merlot)                               2006                     $135
Three Cape Ladies (Cape Blend)                             2004                     $220
Trilogy (93pts Wine Spectator)                             2006                     $335
Veneto is among the foremost wine-producing regions, both for quality and quantity. The
region counts over 20 DOC zones and a variety of sub-categories, many of its wines, both dry
and Spumanti, are internationally known and appreciated. Puglia is “the heel” of the boot of
peninsular Italy. It is bordered by both the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, giving it one of the
longest coastlines of any region in Italy. Puglia is also one of the most fertile regions in all of
Italy. The La Piazza wines offer the best value from these two regions in two fruit driven easy
drinking styles.

Pinot Grigio, Veneto                                         2006                      $95
Primitivo, Puglia                                            2005                      $95


Castello Banfi is a family-owned vineyard estate and winery in the Brunello region of Tuscany.
Together with its sister estates in Piedmont, Vigne Regali and Principessa Gavi, it has
become recognized the world over for its dedication to excellence and sparking a renaissance
in the art of Italian winemaking. The Mariani family proprietors credit education, dedication
and discipline for the success that has accorded honors including:

       11 Consecutive Years ~ Italy’s Premier Vineyard Estate at the VinItaly wine fair
       Winery of the Year by both Wine Enthusiast and Wine & Spirits Magazine and Top
        Ten Wines (Castello Banfi Brunello di Montalcino Riserva Poggio all’Oro) by Wine

Perhaps most gratifying of all is the praise of neighboring vintners who acknowledge Banfi’s
role in pioneering a new era in Brunello and bringing the wine world’s attention to Montalcino.

Le Rime (Chardonnay/Pinot Grigio)                 2007                                 $110
San Angelo Pinot Grigio                           2007                                 $185
Rosa Regale Branchetto d’Acqui DOCG               2007                                 $175
Col di Sasso (Cabernet/Sangiovese)                2007                                 $110
Centine (Sangiovese Merlot Cabernet)              2006                                 $135
Chianti Classico DOCG                             2006                                 $180
Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG                     2005                                 $245
Cum Laude (Sang/Cab/Mer) DOC (92pts Wine Enthus.) 2006                                 $245
Rosso di Montalcino DOC (90pts Wines & Spirits)   2005                                 $235
Brunello di Montalcino DOCG(90pts Wines Spectator)2003                                 $475
Brunello di Montalcino Poggio all Oro Res DOCG 1999                                    $1245
SummuS (Sang/Cab/Syrah) DOC (92pts Wine Enthus.) 2004                                  $495

Brunello di Montalcino DOCG                   2003                                     $1065
Brunello di Montalcino Poggio alle Mura DOCG 2003                                      $1435
Brunello di Montacino Poggio all Oro Res DOCG 1999                                     $2620

Le Rime (Chardonnay/Pinot Grigio)                            2007                      $80
Col di Sasso (Cabernet/Sangiovese)                           2007                      $80
Chianti Classico DOCG                                        2006                      $108
Brunello di Montalcino DOCG                                  2003                      $268
Rosa Regale Branchetto d’Acqui DOCG                          2006                      $125

Bodegas Navajas is a family-run winery in the village of Navarrete, Rioja. It was founded in
1918 as Bodegas Arjona, but in 1983 the Navajas family changed its name to Bodegas
Navajas and rebuilt the original winery.

The Navajas family have preserved the same architectonic style for all the buildings on
premises with the goal of making Bodegas Navajas, not only a winery, but an integral part of
Spain’s long standing historic wine industry.

2006 we saw the first release for some years of their delicious, Navajas Rosado which has
been ageing in oak casks for seven months. In addition the Crianza has a reputation for its
outstanding quality after being awarded ‘Best Value Red’ in the ‘New Wave Spanish Wine’
awards in London. The judging panel was made up of 16 experts and 824 wines took part in
this edition.

Rosado                                                   2007                    $88
Blanco                                                   2007                    $88
Crianza                                                  2005                    $115
Reserva                                                  2004                    $140
Gran Reserva                                             2001                    $275



Sauvignon Blanc                                          2008                    $65
Chardonnay                                               2008                    $65
Cabernet Sauvignon                                       2007                    $65
Carmenere                                                2007                    $65
Gran Reserva                                             2001                    $65


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