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									                                                                                                 Ne ws
                          Volume 49, Number 4

                         APAR TMENT
                          October-December 2009

            15 th Annual Awards of Excellence
                              Products & Service Showcase
                                     Thursday, November 5th, 2009
                               Honoring Excellence in the Multi-housing Industry
                                   Airport Hilton – Kenner, Louisiana
                Special Guest NAA Region 9 Representative Susan Truesdale.

     2009 Awards of Excellence honoring those in the metropolitan area who have
     been chosen for their outstanding contribution to the multi-family industry.
                The 2010 Officers and Directors will be sworn in.
                2009 CAM Candidates will receive their certificates.

           Products & Service Showcase                                        Awards of Excellence Banquet
          5:30 p.m. - 7:15 p.m. - Cost: Free                                           7:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
       Attend even if you do not attend the banquet.                             Cost: $40 per person. (Cash Bar.)

                              All Board Members Must Arrive by 6:45 p.m. for pictures.

In this Issue:
NAA in New Orleans . . . . . . . . . . . 2        HHCP Workshop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7    Green Building Laws . . . . . . . . . .   12
August Luncheon . . . . . . . . . . . 5           Green Building Standards . . . . . . . . 8     Card Check On Hold . . . . . . . . .      13
Members Directory. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6    Economic Stimulus Measure . . . . . . . 9      Homebuyer Tax Credit . . . . . . . .      14
Calendar of Events. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7   Livable Communities Act . . . . . . . . . 11   2009 International Fire Code . . . .      15
                     NAA Does Site Visit for
       Apartment     2010 Conference
       Association   AAGNO would like to thank Henry &
       Conference    Pat Shane and Stacey Shane-Schott for
                     hosting the reception for the NAA Board of
                     Directors at Cars of Yesteryears Museum.

August Luncheon
AAGNO would like to thank everyone who
attended the August luncheon.

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Calendar of Events
Thur., October 22                                    Tues., December 8
Fair Housing                                         Holiday Luncheon & Toy Collection
 Morning Class - 9:00 - 11:00 Afternoon               Chateau Golf & Country Club
  Class - 12:30 - 2:30                                Cost: $27.00 per person
 Instructors: Marilyn Trosclair w/
  1st Lake Properties and Katie Rigsby w/
  Apartment Homes by Tonti
 Cost: $35.00 per person per class
 Location: Eastbank Jefferson Parish Library                Do We Have Your Email?
 2 CEC for all NAA Designations
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Thur., November 5                                               and announcements
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of Excellence & Installation Banquet                        Please email aagno@bellsouth.net
 Airport Hilton
 Products & Service 5:30 - 7:15
   Cost: $0.00
 Awards of Excellence & Installation
   Cost: $40.00

HCCP Certification
 AAGNO held it’s first affordable housing certification
 in July 2009. Ruth with Theopro instructed the
 certification. AAGNO would like to thank all the
 members that attended. It was a huge success.
 Watch the calendar for more classes in 2010!

    Pool Safety                                        Green Building
    Law Scheduled                                      Standards
    To Go Into Effect                                  The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has
                                                       announced that it will introduce “the next major
    Firms are reminded that new pool and spa           evolution” of its voluntary LEED (Leadership in
    anti-entrapment devices are required by            Energy and Environmental Design) rating system
    December 19, 2008. Pools that are closed for       for commercial buildings. The 2009 version
    the season must meet the requirements prior to     incorporates “regional credits,” which are extra
    reopening. NAA/NMHC sent a letter to               points that have been identified as priorities
    the Consumer Product Safety Commission             within a project’s given environmental zone.
    (CPSC) requesting an extension for owners          According to the USGBC, this expanded version
    that are unable to comply because of a scarcity    of LEED “delivers against key environmental
    of product and labor, and we recently met with     and human health impacts, and puts in place
    CPSC officials. Until further notice, all owners   a transparent framework for weighting credits
    should strive to meet the deadline,                accordingly, based on the best available science.”
    but those who cannot meet the deadline should      More information is available at www.usgbc.org.
    keep detailed records and documentation of
    their compliance efforts in the event they are     Work is also complete on the forthcoming

    challenged. More information is available at       National Green Building Standard (NGBS), the

    www.naahq.org/governmentaffairs/Pages/             first consensus-based standard for residential

    default.aspx.                                      green building that, thanks to NAA/NMHC, also
                                                       covers apartment properties. The final document,
                                                       which was supposed to be released early this fall,
                                                       is awaiting approval by the American National
                                                       Standards Institute (ANSI) and is expected to be
                                                       published next spring. The new standard will
                                                       offer apartment executives uniform guidance
                                                          on green building practices and will provide
                                                            an alternative to non-standardized green

                    ID YOU KNOW
                                                              rating systems such as LEED. The April 11
                                                               AIMS Building Codes Update examines
                                                               the NGBS to explain how it differs from
                    A $15 water heater                         other green building guidelines and
                    insulating jacket can                      how apartment firms can use it to their
                    reduce energy used
                    by 25-40%
                                                        Source: http://www.thedailygreen.com/
Responding to the President’s call for “swift         interest to apartment firms, including several
and bold” action, Congressional Democrats             tax provisions related to net operating loss,
have put the massive $800-$900 billion stimulus       bonus depreciation, cancellation of
package on a fast track for enactment. The House      indebtedness and enhancements to the Low-
passed its version of the measure, the American       Income Housing Tax Credit. It also authorizes
Recovery and Reinvestment Act Bill of 2009            energy-efficiency tax incentives and increased
(H.R. 1) last Wednesday on a straight party line      funding for the Section 8 program and lead-
vote. As Washington Update went to press,             based paint abatement.
the full Senate was debating its version and
                                                      A summary of the apartment-related elements
was expected to make changes to the package.
                                                      of the two bills is available at www.naahq.org/
Assuming Senate passage, lawmakers will
                                                      governmentaffairs/Pages/default.aspx and will be
still have to resolve the significant differences
                                                      updated to reflect final action on the Senate floor
between the two versions.
                                                      this week. President Obama has asked Congress
While the package is mainly focused on non-           to complete action on the package by February 16.
real estate issues, there are several provisions of

           The National Conference
                       of All Conferences
                            ...Right Here In

                     New Orleans
        The Apartment Association of Greater New Orleans is proud to
         be the host city for the National Apartment Association 2010

         Education Conference. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend
              the largest education conference in your backyard!

              June 24, 2010 thru June 26, 2010
     Morial Convention Center and Riverside Hilton Hotel
       Opening Party at: Blain Kern Mardi Gras World
                  featuring: Rockin Dopsie
          Opening Session Speaker:        George W. Bush
                     300+ vendor Trade Show
             The education sessions are top notch geared
                 toward every aspect of management

        A AGNO will be sending letters out to each Owner/Management
             Company for volunteers and working with NA A for all
            the details. Companies will be notified at a later date for
                         volunteers and incentive details.

                          Visit NA A website at
                        http://w w w.naahq.org

Livable Communities Act
Senator Christopher Dodd, Chairman of the          Communities, consisting of the HUD Secretary,
Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs         the Secretary of Transportation and the
Committee, has introduced the Livable              Administrator of the Environmental
Communities Act of 2009 (S. 1619).                 Protection Agency.

The bill would create a grant program              NAA/NMHC will continue to educate policy-
for communities to plan for housing and            makers that apartments are the most sustainable
transportation projects, including public          form of housing and a key
transportation, transit-oriented development,      ingredient in
redeveloping brownfield sites, and affordable      smart
housing. Communities could then receive            growth.
challenge grants to implement their plans.

It would also create an Office of Sustainable
Housing and Communities within the
Department of Housing and Urban
Development (HUD). And as mentioned
in the August 5 AIMS Update, it would
establish the Interagency Council on Sustainable

     Implementation of Mandatory
     Green Building Laws Problematic
     Implementation of mandatory green building           Developers also note that the new law’s high
     requirements is proving to be problematic at         costs and complexity undermine the city’s smart
     the state and local levels, underscoring NAA/        growth policies by incentivizing development
     NMHC’s ongoing concerns with mandatory               in surrounding communities that do not have
     programs.                                            green building requirements and instead offer
                                                          incentives for sustainable building.
     The latest example comes from Baltimore
     City, where as of July 1, all new and renovated      NAA/NMHC have previously raised these issues
     commercial and multifamily buildings over            at the federal level as Congress considers various
     10,000 square feet are required to meet the city’s   green building and energy code mandates. We
     green building standards under a two-year-old        have voiced support for voluntary, incentive-
     law. However, the city’s green standards remain      based green building initiatives and stressed
     incomplete and no guidance has been produced         the importance of using national consensus
     to help developers comply with the new law.          codes and standards, such as the National
     As a result, Baltimore’s development community       Green Building Standard, to establish minimum
     is calling on the City Council to reconsider         efficiency or sustainability benchmarks.
     the legislation.
                                                                In addition, NAA/NMHC have
     Until final standards and guidance are                           emphasized the need to marry green
     provided, developers must follow                                      building policies with land-use
     the U.S. Green Building                                                     and smart growth efforts
     Council’s LEED criteria                                                           promoting density,
     (although LEED                                                                         mixed-use
     certification                                                                               and infill
     is not                                                                                          projects.

The proposed
                     “Card Check”                                                           Reid’s
Employee Free
Choice Act (S.          On Hold                                                             spokesperson
                                                                                            reiterated that
560, H.R. 1409)
has been put
on hold in the
                       in Senate                                                            the senator
                                                                                            remains a
                                                                                            strong supporter
Senate for now, according to a spokesman for          of the bill and it is still a top priority. Even without
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV).             the crowded schedule, however, it is unlikely that
                                                      the bill would come to the Senate floor because
Instead, the Senate is focusing on the three
                                                      Democrats lack the 60 votes needed to overcome
legislative priorities—healthcare, climate
                                                      a Republican filibuster. All 40 Republicans and at
change and financial regulatory reform—
                                                      least two moderate Democrats oppose the measure.
that will likely consume the remainder of the
legislative calendar for the year. The Senate         In addition, reports that closed-door negotiations
also has yet to act on 10 of the 12 must-pass         led by Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) have forced out
annual appropriations bills and an extension          the bill’s card check provision have raised further
of estate tax law.                                    uncertainty about the bill in its present form.

HUD and Treasury Convene Industry
Meetings on Multifamily Finance
NAA/NMHC were among the limited number of             properties, especially those serving moderate-
industry stakeholders invited to attend a special     and low-income households, amidst equity
meeting convened last week by HUD and the             losses and rental income volatility.
Treasury Department to explore the issue of
                                                      NAA/NMHC will continue to work with
defaults and potential disinvestment risks in the
                                                      policymakers to ensure they understand the
apartment sector.
                                                      full consequences of any proposed actions and
The meeting was designed to help federal officials    to oppose earlier efforts by Congress to create a
better understand conditions in the apartment         program that would force properties considered
sector where property owners have seen declines       to be “at risk” for
of up to 30 percent in property values and are        disinvestment into
facing growing uncertainty about the ability of the   foreclosure so they
financial markets to help recapitalize properties.    can be converted to
                                                      federally assisted
Federal officials indicated that they are
                                                      affordable housing.
exploring what role the government should
have related to distressed assets and ensuring
financially stable and well-maintained
     Homebuyer Tax Credit
     Extension/Expansion Urged
     Congress is being pressured by the National              because 1.7 million of the 2 million who have
     Association of Home Builders and the National            taken the credit would have bought a house
     Association of Realtors to extend and even expand        without the tax break.
     the existing $8,000 homebuyer tax credit. Without
                                                              At this time, an expansion of the credit seems
     action, the credit will sunset on November 30.
                                                              unlikely given the high price tag (the current
     A pending measure (S. 1230) would extend the             credit is expected to cost $15 billion) in an age
     program through the end of 2010, almost double           of exploding budget deficits. Lawmakers may,
     the credit to $15,000 and make it available to all       however, elect to extend the credit without
     buyers; the current credit is available only to first-   modifying it--perhaps through the end of
     time buyers who earn less than $75,000 ($150,000         2009 and possibly into 2010. There is also
     for couples).                                            discussion of a legislative fix to allow buyers who
                                                              have a sales agreement in place by November
     NAA/NMHC are educating lawmakers that
                                                              30 to take the credit instead of requiring the
     an expanded credit is an ineffective and costly
                                                              purchase to have closed by then as well as a
     stimulus measure. Economists have estimated
                                                              variety of provisions that will make the credit
     that the current tax credit has cost taxpayers
                                                              more usable by military members.
     more than $40,000 for each additional home sold

            By advertising here, your ad will be seen by hundreds of Apartment
            Association Members that receive the newsletter, just like you, and
                          by even more on the world wide web at
                                                Call 888-2492 for details

The 2009 International Fire                                         Code
and the Apartment Industry
Apartment operators and developers should           Apartment firms are strongly
be aware of organizational changes in the 2009      encouraged to familiarize
edition of the International Fire Code (IFC) that   themselves with Chapter 46 and
have brought increased attention to fire safety     determine whether the 2009 IFC has
requirements for existing buildings by code         been adopted in jurisdictions where they operate.
enforcement officials.
                                                    Localities have the option of adopting the
Specifically, the 2009 IFC consolidates all         model building codes as written or making
provisions related to existing construction in a    modifications to them in the adoption process.
new chapter: Chapter 46 Construction                In addition, some localities have their own codes
Requirements for Existing Buildings. Previously,    not based on the model codes or elect not to
they were spread throughout the body of the code.   “upgrade” to new codes when they are issued.

Although none of these provisions are new,          As a result, firms are encouraged to monitor
this organizational change has made many            local code adoption to ensure that if the 2009 IFC
local code and fire officials more aware of         is adopted, that it is not modified in a way that
these requirements and may result in                makes it more onerous. By reviewing the new
increased enforcement.                              chapter, members may also identify some code
                                                    provisions that they would like to attempt to
                                                    modify to make the codes less onerous.

                                                    NAA/NMHC have prepared a white paper that
                                                    summarizes several items identified as areas of
                                                    concern by local apartment association affiliates.

                                                    It includes requirements related to:
                                                     • Smoke Alarms              • Stairs
                                                     • Sprinklers                • Handrails
                                                     • Fire Alarm Systems        • Ramps
                                                     • Emergency Lighting        • Self Closing Doors
                                                     • Exit Signs                • Common Path,
                                                     • Guards (Banisters &         Dead-end & Travel
                                                       Railings)                   Distance Limits
                                                     • Openings in Guards

                                                    More information on the 2009 IFC is available
                                                    at http://bit.ly/G1Hut. NAA/NMHC’s
                                                    White Paper is available at www.naahq.org/
                             The Apartment Association
                                 of Greater New Orleans, Inc.
                                        3017 Harvard Avenue
                                             Suite 201
                                         Metairie, LA 70006


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                                                                Apartment Association of Greater New Orleans.
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                                                                multifamily housing industry. We thank our members
                                                                who advertise in this publication; they make it possible
                                                                for you to receive this at no cost.
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                                                                Immediate Past President . . . . . . . . David Abbenante
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                                                                Asst. Associate Director . . . . . . . . Steve Catalano
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