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					                                  CURRICULUM VITAE

                               RUTH WACHTER-NELSON


August 2004          University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
                     M.A. History

May 1985             University of Wisconsin-Madison
                     M.A. Library and Information Studies
                     Emphasis: Archives Administration

                     University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
December 1978        B.S. History
May 1978             B.S. Political Science


                    Manage the personnel, resources, services, and collections of the
                     University Archives.
                    Supervise staff including the Records Manager/Assistant Archivist,
                     student employees, and volunteers.
                    Appraise, collect, organize, catalog, and prepare finding aids for university
                     and Portage County Historical Society collections.
                    Teach two 3 credit archival courses as an adjunct of the History
                    Teach bibliographic instruction sessions as needed.
                    Provide reference service.
                    Serve as Area Research Center Coordinator for nine central Wisconsin
                    Additional responsibilities involve the daily operation of the department.
                    Active on library, university, and University of Wisconsin System

                     GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS
                    Responsible for the daily operation of the department including technical
                     processing of federal government material, supervising student employees,
                     and providing reference assistance to researchers.
December 1996         WISCONSIN
                     Managed the resources, budget, services, and staff of the Learning
                      Resource Center, a nursing and consumer health library.
                     Services were provided to employees, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
                      School of Nursing Marshfield Satellite Program faculty and students,
                      patients, and the public.

August 1990           STEVENS POINT, WISCONSIN (Part Time)
                     Managed library operations and provided reference service to health care
                      professionals, patients, and the public.

       &             LIBRARY, REFERENCE DEPARTMENT (Part Time)
January 1989 –      Provided service at the main reference desk utilizing print and electronic
June 1989            resources. Taught patrons how to use the online catalog, databases, and
                     paper indexes and abstracts.

       &              LIBRARY, ARCHIVES (Part Time)
August 1987 –        Managed public service and general operation of the Archives during the
December 1987         archivist’s absence.
                     Assisted patrons with research, answered reference correspondence, and
                      processed collections.

                     Managed the collections, services, resources, and staff of the Archives.
                     Reorganized faltering department. Arranged available space, made high
                      demand research materials available for reference, wrote the initial
                      collection development policy, and established policies and procedures.
                     Provided reference service.


Primary Responsibilities as Archivist

   Manage the personnel, services, and three major collections of the University Archives,
    which includes university records, Portage County Historical Society (PCHS) collections,
    and Area Research Center (ARC) collections.
   Appraise, collect, organize, catalog, and prepare finding aids for university and PCHS

   Responsible for compliance with federal and state laws that impact university and Area
    Research Center records.

   Supervise staff including the Records Manager/Assistant Archivist, student employees, and

   Serve as the Area Research Center Coordinator for nine central Wisconsin counties.
       o Oversee the transfer of archival materials throughout the state-wide ARC Network
           and maintain transfer transaction records.
       o Provide reference service to clients seeking archival materials held at UWSP, other
           ARCs, and the Wisconsin Historical Society (WHS).
       o Participate in WHS and ARC projects that benefit the state of Wisconsin.
       o Enforce and comply with WHS policies and procedures including meeting their
           security standards for archival material.
       o Serve on the University of Wisconsin System Archives Council.

   Additional responsibilities involve the daily operation of the department including compiling
    statistical data.


   Created and teach “Basic Archival Principles and Practices” as an adjunct of the UWSP
    History Department. History 399, 3 credits, fall 2005 to date

   Created and teach “Archival Internship” as an adjunct of the UWSP History Department.
    History 399, 3 credits, summer 2007 to date
       o Includes readings, assignments, 100 hours working as an intern in the Archives, and a

   Teach bibliographic instruction sessions to Learning Resources 101, History 290, English
    101 or English 150 each semester, and sessions for other classes as needed.


   Provide reference assistance in the archives a minimum of sixteen hours per week and
    up to thirty-seven hours per week based on need.

   Create hand-outs and pathfinders to enhance researcher’s understanding of our collections.

   Provide one-on-one archival resource instruction for students, staff, faculty, and community
Collection Development and Maintenance

   Responsible for the acquisition, legal transfer of ownership, appraisal, arrangement
    and cataloging, preservation, and security of archival material based on the collection
    development focus of the Archives, which includes university records, the nine counties
    served through the ARC Network including Portage County, and natural resource material.

   Serve as the library liaison for the Departments of Health Sciences and History.

   Select materials in the areas of history, records management, preservation, archives
    administration, and health care. Also select local histories and materials for the genealogical
    reference collection.

Other Responsibilities

   Serve on the University of Wisconsin System Archives Council, 1999 to date
       o Chair, May 2005 – October 2006

   Consult and provide expertise in the areas of preservation and archives administration
    to individuals, regional historical societies, and institutions seeking to establish archival
    programs or preserve artifacts and documents.

   Active on library, university, and UW System committees.

Special Projects

   Portage County Naturalization Index – Coordinating joint Stevens Point Area Genealogy
    Society – UWSP Archives indexing of the county’s naturalization records. When indexing is
    completed a database will be created. September 2007 to date

   Portage County Historical Society Photo Vertical File – Updated existing name, place, and
    subject indexes for this heavily used collection. Indexed and added 2 linear feet of photos.
    Added 403 new subjects, which included see and see also references. June – November 2007

   Michael Dombeck Collection
       o First phase – Appraised 21 linear feet of papers donated by the former Chief of the
          Forest Service and created an outline for arranging the collection.
       o Second phase – Drew up standardized procedures for the three students who arranged
          the collection based on the outline. (Funding for the student positions was provided
          by the College of Natural Resources.)
       o Third phase – Currently refining the student’s initial arrangement and draft finding
          aid. Also flagging materials that cannot be digitized due to copyright or privacy
       o Final phase – When phase three is completed, will apply to have the collection
          digitized by the UW-Digital Center.                       January 2004 to date
   UWSP Archives Credit Card Project Coordinator – Researchers request and pay for
    genealogical and local history information online, which saves staff time.
    2002 – completed spring 2005

   UWSP Campus-Wide Historic Artifact Inventory – Coordinated joint Archives-News
    Service Department-UWSP Historic Preservation Subcommittee project to create a
    photographic and written record of UWSP artifacts. September 2002 – May 2003 (copy
    available in Archives, UWSP Small Series 59)

   Cataloging Area Research Center Collections – Coordinated volunteer effort to copy and
    transfer all UWSP ARC cataloging records from the Wisconsin Historical Society’s online
    catalog to UWSP’s online catalog. Increased researcher access to ARC material located at
    UWSP. 2002 – November 2003

   Cataloging UWSP Collections – Coordinated volunteer effort to catalog UWSP small
    collections and small series. Increased researcher access to university history material.
    2002 –November 2003

   Cataloging Portage County Historical Society Collections – Coordinated the volunteer effort
    to catalog PCHS collections to increase researcher access to local history material.
    November 2003 – 2004

   Portage County Historical Society Vertical File Index – Created index that aids researchers in
    accessing local history and genealogical information. 2002 (copy available in Archives)

   Portage County Historical Society Vertical File Photographic Index – Created index for
    photographs that aids researchers in accessing local historical photographs. 2002 (copy
    available in Archives)


Presentations and Radio Interview

   “Crime and Punishment in Shooting Point: The Lynching of the Courtwright Brothers,” 40th
    Annual Northern Great Plains History Conference, Duluth, MN, 4 October 2007

   “UWSP Archives and Area Research Center Resources,” Life Course, UWSP, 27 September

   “Polish Genealogical Resources at the UWSP Archives,” Polish Heritage Celebration,
    Stevens Point, WI, 3 May 2007

   “From Stevens Point Normal School to UWSP: Campus and Greek History,” Phi Omega
    Sorority, UWSP, 24 April 2007
   “Accessing History through Wisconsin’s Area Research Centers,” Teacher’s Workshop,
    “Wisconsin in the Civil War,” sponsored by the UWSP Archives and the Wisconsin
    Historical Society. Funded in part by a grant from the Wisconsin Humanities Council,
    UWSP, 11 November 2005

   “Roderick Nash: Advocate for the Rights of Nature,” 40th Annual Northern Great Plains
    History Conference, Eau Claire, WI, 29 September 2005

   Wisconsin Public Radio’s “Project Central Wisconsin” series, interviewed about the
    historical roots of place names in Portage and Wood Counties, 9 September 2005

   “Analysis of the Works of Environmental Historian William Cronon,” 2005 Distinguished
    Master’s Thesis Program sponsored by the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Graduate
    Council and Office of Graduate Studies, UWEC, 25 April 2005

   “Origins of William Cronon’s ‘The Trouble with Wilderness; or, Getting Back to the Wrong
    Nature,’” 39th Annual Northern Great Plains History Conference, Bismarck, North Dakota,
    30 October 2004

   “Introduction to the Collections of the UWSP Archives and Area Research Center: Resources
    for Local History and Genealogical Research,” UWSP, Lincoln Senior Center’s “Get to the
    Point” series, 24 October 2003

   “Introduction to the UWSP Archives and Area Research Center: The Portage County
    Historical Society Collections,” Stevens Point, WI, 15 October 2003

   “Your House’s History Doesn’t Have to Be a Mystery,” UWSP Extension Learning Is
    Forever Program, the “A Lot You Know” series, UWSP, 1 October 2001

   “Using Written and Oral Traditions to Preserve Tribal Language and Culture in the
    Classroom,” given as a part of a group presentation, American Indian Studies Institute,
    sponsored by UW-Eau Claire and College of the Menominee Nation, Keshena, Wisconsin,
    25–29 June 2001

   “Finding Your Roots: The Genealogical Resources of the UWSP Archives,” Classified Staff
    Advisory Committee program, UWSP, 20 February 2001

Exhibits and Web Projects

   Wisconsin Historical Society Wausau Centennial Collection Digitization Project –
    Coordinated the digitization of the heavily used and deteriorating Wausau Centennial
    Collection in conjunction with the Wisconsin Historical Society and the Church of Latter
    Day Saints. Digitization completed Spring 2007

   History of the University of Wisconsin System – Researched UWSP’s history and compiled
    a list of resources for the University of Wisconsin System Archives Council digital project,
    approved by the UW Digital Center. Digitization in process. Fall 2003
   Index to 1850–1880 & 1900 U.S. Censuses of Portage County, Wisconsin – Served as
    project coordinator, edited web page introduction, and wrote terms of service for the
    database. Mounted on the web in February 2003

   Suzuki Digitization Project – Member of the joint American and International Suzuki
    Institute (AISI), UW Digital Center (UWDC), UWSP Archives and Library Digital Project.
    Videos of internationally known musician Dr. Shinichi Suzuki teaching institute students at
    UWSP in the 1970s were digitized.                         March 2002 – December 2006
        o During the writing of the memorandum of understanding (MOU), served as the
            arbitrator between the AISI attorney and director, and the UWDC representative.
            Rewrote the MOU based on all agreed upon revisions.
        o Served as editor for the website’s introduction.
        o Provided metadata for digitization and coordinated the transfer of the original

   Wisconsin Pioneer Experience: A Digital Collection of Original Sources Documenting 19th
    Century Wisconsin History – Joint Council of University Libraries and University of
    Wisconsin System Archives Council digital project. Reviewed collections and selected the
    George H. “Daddy” Salter Papers for inclusion in this UW System-wide project.
    October 2001 – December 2002

   Wisconsin in Wartime – Wisconsin Historical Records Advisory Board sponsored Archives
    Week, 20–26 October 2002. Co-sponsored and assisted with an exhibit entitled “Portage
    County at War: 1941-1945” at the Portage County Historical Society Museum.
    October 2002

   “Main Street: Building Wisconsin Communities,” Wisconsin Historical Records Advisory
    Board sponsored Archives Week, 22–28 October 2000. Created and researched web and
    library lobby photo exhibits entitled “Main Street Stevens Point.” September – October 2000


   Visions of Wilderness in the Works of Roderick Nash and William Cronon: 1965 – 2001.
        o University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, History Department, thesis, 2004
        o Winner of the UW-Eau Claire Distinguished Master’s Thesis Award, October 2004

   Health Care Update and Current Acquisitions List. Saint Joseph’s Hospital, 1990–1996.
       o Compiled and annotated current information from health care journals into a monthly
           newsletter. Subscribers included nursing faculty from UW-Eau Claire, UW-Oshkosh,
           and Mid-State Technical College; hospital and clinic nurses, and health care
           managers throughout Central, Northwestern, and Northern Wisconsin.

   Register of the Leon Isaksen Papers, 1926–1978. Joanne Hohler, joint author. State
    Historical Society of Wisconsin, Archives Division, 1985.
   Register of the Sierra Club Mississippi River Task Force, 1969–1976. Joanne Hohler, joint
    author. State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Archives Division, 1984.

   User Fees and Intellectual Freedom. Deb Schneider, joint author, 1984. (Annotated
    bibliography compiled for the fall 1984 Wisconsin Library Association Meeting.)

Professional Activities and Research Consultations

   Lecturer and Resource Contact – Central Wisconsin contact and will serve as lecturer for the
    Teaching American History Grant Program operated by UW-Oshkosh and CESA 6.
    November 2007 to date

   Copy Editor and Research Consultant – Reviewed 16.2 linear feet of PCHS and UWSP
    photos to meet Pediment Publishing’s criteria for content and format for Portage County:
    The Early Years, a joint Portage County Historical Society – Stevens Point Journal project.
    Also researched and provided caption information for many photos and served as one of
    several copy editors. August – October 2007

   Wisconsin Historical Records Advisory Board and Wisconsin Historical Society Wisconsin
    Manuscript Collection Project – Surveying UWSP, PCHS, and ARC holdings for Wisconsin,
    regional, and local manuscripts in order to improve the collecting of post-World War II state
    history. WHS will publish the collected data in an analytical report, and a web based
    Wisconsin repository directory will be created. October 2007 to date

   University of Wisconsin Records Officer Council – As Chair of the UW-System Archives
    Council worked with Laura Dunek, UW System Office of General Council, to create a UW
    System records management group and co-wrote its charge. Fall 2006

   Copy Editor – Edited UWSP Professor Emeritus Gerald Chappell’s manuscript “A Walk
    Down Memory Lane,” February 2006

   Copy Editor – Edited Kevin Knitt’s article “The Breweries of Weyauwega,” which was
    published in Weyauwega Remembers: Weyauwega, Wisconsin, Waupaca County History,
    January 2006

   Research Consult – Researched newspapers, and found photos and artifacts relating to
    Cardinal Karol Wojtyla’s (Pope John Paul II) visit to Stevens Point on 23-24 August 1976
    for Dave Malm of CBS Affiliate WFRV, Green Bay, WI. 4-6 April 2005

   Archival Consult – Advised Miles Benson, Forest History Association of Wisconsin
    (FHAW) President regarding the Banzhaf Corporation papers. Appraised the records for
    potential research value to historians and foresters. Helped write a statement of gift to meet
    Banzhaf’s and FHAW’s criteria. Advised FHAW on how to organize the collection.
    July – December 2004

   Archival and Preservation Consults – Marshfield Clinic Archives, Alana Ziaya, Library
    Manger. Advised them on how to begin establishing their archives. Continued to assist by
    making onsite visits at each stage of its development. July 2000 – 2004
   Research Consult – Researched New York City based Lion Television’s topic for a segment
    of PBS’s History Detective. Acted as their community liaison when they filmed in Stevens
    Point. January – February 2004

   Research Consult – Researched Chicago based Tower Production’s topic for an A&E
    Network Biography segment. Acted as their community liaison when they filmed in Central
    Wisconsin. November – December 2003

   Research Methodology Consult – Advised Badger Breweries: Past and Present author
    Wayne Kroll on possible documents and photos for expanding the revised edition of his
    book. Advised contributing researcher Kevin Knitt on how to correct inaccuracies found in
    the first edition. October – December 2002 and 12 November 2003

   Archival Consult – Met with Sherin Bowen former Executive Director of Wisconsin-
    Nicaragua Partners of the Americas, Inc. and Director Nancy Mischnick to evaluate and
    advise them on how to organization and preserve their records and photographic collection.
    28 April 2003

   Preservation Consult – Advised Bob Tomlinson on basic textile preservation for his World
    War II “silk” escape map. Found preservation and background information on these types of
    maps, and then put him in contact with a reputable Central Wisconsin textile conservator.
    April 2003

   Copy Editor – Served as editor for UWSP Professor Emeritus Gerald Chappell’s essays
    “College President William C. Hansen, 1940-1962: A Review” and “Early History of
    Communicative Disorders at the UWSP, 1962-1974: Faculty, Program, and Facilities.”
    February 2001 – February 2003 (copies available in the Archives, UWSP Small Collections
    20 & 21.)

   Preservation Consult – Advised the Church of the Intercession, Stevens Point, WI how to
    preserve the Church’s mid-1800’s constitution and meeting logbook. September 2002

   Research Consult – Researched and provided information about the Medford Campus to
    UW-Baraboo/Sauk County Dean Aural Umhoefer for a book she is writing.
    17 – 25 January 2002

   Research Consult – Provided extensive research assistance to Joan North, Dean of the
    College of Professional Studies, in preparation for the UWSP Department of Home
    Economics Centennial. March 2000 – December 2001

   Research Consult – Researched topic and provided artifacts for Wisconsin Public
    Television’s Wisconsin Stories segment “School Days” on internationally known educator
    Helen Parkhurst. May – November 2001

   Research Consult – Researched the history of the UW System merger for Mary Williams and
    Lee Sherman Dreyfus for a speech he was giving to commemorate the event. October 2001
   Research Consult – Researched and acted as community resource person for WSAW
    Channel 7 Wausau for the development of a four part Our Town story on Stevens Point and
    Portage County. June – September 2001 (copies of the videos are available in the Archives,
    UWSP VT 3, #113 – #116)

   Research Consult – Researched and found artifacts, memorabilia, photos, and information for
    College of Letters and Science Development Officer Holly Voll for an exhibit
    commemorating the college’s 50th anniversary. August 2001

   Research Consult – Provided research assistance to Central Wisconsin Environmental Station
    Director Patti Dreier for the station’s 25th anniversary celebration. Fall 2000

   Archival and Preservation Consult – Visited and advised the Adams-Friendship Historical
    Society Museum and Archives on how to organize and preserve their collections.
    27 April 2000


   Exploring possible venues for publication of “Crime and Punishment in Shooting Point: The
    Lynching of the Courtwright Brothers.”

Distinctions and Awards

   Nominated for the Governor’s Archives Award by Tim Siebert, President of the Portage
    County Historical Society, June 2007

   Winner of the UW-Eau Claire Distinguished Master’s Thesis Award, October 2004

   Honorarium Recipient, UW-Eau Claire Women’s Studies Student Research Project
    Competition, graduate student category, 1990

   Graduate Assistant, UW-Stevens Point History Department, 1987 – 1988

   Internship, Wisconsin Historical Society, Conservation Service Center, January – May 1985

   Honorarium Recipient, UW-Stevens Point History Department, 1977

Professional Memberships

   American Society for Environmental History
   Forest History Society
   Midwest Archives Conference
Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, and Meetings Attended

   Northern Great Plains History Conference, Duluth, MN, 3-6 October 2007

   Wisconsin Public Records and Open Meeting Laws, Attorney General J. B. Van Hollen,
    Wisconsin Department of Justice, Stevens Point, WI, 18 September 2007

   University of Wisconsin System Archives Council Meetings, twice per year 1999 to date

   UWSP College of Natural Resources, Biology Colloquium Series:
      o “History in the Wilderness: Preserving the Legacy of the Apostle Islands,” Robert
         Mackreth, 30 November 2005
      o “Perspectives on Conservation in the 2007 Farm Bill,” Tom Weber, 7 April 2005
      o “From the Forest to the Faucet: Water the Most Important Forest Product,” Mike
         Dombeck, 6 April 2005
      o “Ethics: Beware of False Idols,” Michael Nelson, 2 March 2005

   “Wisconsin’s Traditional Building Materials and Methods,” Jim Draeger, UWSP College of
    Professional Studies, 17 November 2005

   Northern Great Plains History Conference, Eau Claire, WI, 29-30 September 2005

   Northern Great Plains History Conference, Bismarck, North Dakota, 27-30 October 2004

   “Soaring to Excellence Teleconference Series,” UWSP:
       o “Making Copyright Work for Your Library,” 24 September 2004
       o “Internet Power: How to Get It, How to Keep It, How to Pass It On,” 14 January 2000
       o “Periodical Database Teleconference,” 26 February 1999
       o “Tools of Our Trade III: Books, the Internet & Beyond,” 8 January 1999
       o “Techno-Lust, Techno-Stress and Techno-Babble,” 20 November 1998

   Legal Issues Seminar, UW System Council, UWSP, 11 March 2004

   Wisconsin Library Association Annual Conference, Madison, WI, 31 October 2002:
       o Photo Collection Preservation Basics Workshop
       o Photo Collections and Digital Solutions Workshop

   “A New Harvest: Revealing Hidden Resources with the Open Archives Metadata Harvesting
    Protocol,” UWSP, 26 March 2002

   “Seminar on Successful Grant Seeking,” UWSP, 15 November 2001

   “Beginning Access,” UWSP, 7–8 August 2001

   American Indian Studies Institute, College of the Menominee Nation and UW-Eau Claire,
    Keshena, WI, 25–29 June 2001

   Grant Writing Workshop, UWSP, 14 July 2000
   American Records Management Association Seminar, “Electronic Records: New Tools &
    New Rules,” Madison, WI, 2 May 2000

   American Library Association Online Copyright Tutorial, February – May 2000

   “Advantages to Grant Writing,” UWSP, 11 November 1999


University Of Wisconsin System and the Wisconsin Historical Society

   Coordinated accommodations for two Wisconsin Historical Society Workshops held at
    UWSP, fall 2005

   Chairperson, University of Wisconsin System Archives Council, May 2005 – to date

   “Wisconsin Historical Society Client Needs Survey,” provided input on the survey’s
    structure and compiled a UWSP Archives’ client list for the mailing of the survey.
    January 2002

   ARC outreach project coordinated with Virginia Fritsch, Public Records Archivist of the
    Wisconsin Historical Society, the transfer of legal custody and the physical relocation of
    thirty-two boxes of deaccessioned Waupaca County tax rolls to the Waupaca County
    Historical Society Library and Museum. December 2001 – January 2002

   Planned and hosted the two day spring University of Wisconsin System Archives Council
    meeting held at UW-Stevens Point. 26–27 April 2001

   Wrote UWSP’s response to UW-Milwaukee’s request for “Entitlement to Plan a Master of
    Science Degree in Archival Studies.” September 1999

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

   Historic Preservation Committee, University Affairs Subcommittee, January 2000 to date

   University Planning Committee, September 2000 – May 2002

   Faculty Affairs Committee, September 1999 – May 2000

   Women in Higher Education, 1997 - 2004

Library Committees and Subcommittees

   Collection Development Committee, 1999 to date
       o Library liaison to the Departments of History and Health Sciences, 1999 to date
   Salary and Merit Committee, 1999 to date (secretary, 1999-2000)

   Search and Screen Committees
       o Access Services Librarian, spring – fall 2007
       o Serials Librarian, spring – fall 2005
       o Technology/Instruction/Reference Librarian, fall 2004 – February 2005
       o Records Manager/Assistant Archivist, spring – fall 2004
       o Reference and Instruction Librarian, fall 2000
       o Librarian Objective, Main Circulation, spring 2000

   Staffing Structure Committee, 2000 – 2004

   Building Committee, December 1998 – September 1999

   Circulation Committee, January 1997 – August 1999


   Consult and provide expertise in the areas of preservation and archives administration
    to individuals, regional historical societies, and institutions seeking to establish archival
    programs, or preserve artifacts and documents including but not limited to the Marshfield
    Clinic, the Adams County Historical Society, and the Portage County Historical Society.
    1999 to date

   History Day Judge, regional competition, UWSP
       15 April 2007
       9 April 2005
       5 April 2003
       6 April 2002

   Gave the Northern Pines Genealogy Society permission to publish my genealogical how-to
    handouts and pathfinders in their newsletter. 28 February 2002

   Initiated and assisted with setting up the criteria to host the Portage County Historical Society
    website on the UWSP Library server. April 2001

   History Day Judge, state competition, UWSP, 28 April 2001

   Established contact with the Stake Family History Center in Wausau to provide better service
    to genealogists. We now update one another on changes in hours, exchange brochures, and
    notify one another of events. January 2001 to date

   Project Feeder participant – Collect data on birds feeding at my home for the Cornell
    Laboratory of Ornithology, Ithaca, New York, November – April, 1994 to date

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