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									Internet Basics Tutorial
A comprehensive introduction to
    the Internet for Seniors.

          Andy Weber
          Jen Friesen
          Nicki Taylor
          Purpose of Project
Many senior citizens visiting the Senior
Center in Boulder have expressed interest in
learning to use the Internet.

Experience with seniors in computer courses
has been difficult due to the variation of
computer experience and the pace of the

Building a self-paced tutorial on paper and
CD ROM seemed relevant.
       Who is involved?
Boulder Senior Services Center
Sandy Hollingsworth, from the Senior
Senior citizens who are interested in
learning to use the Internet
Jen, Andy, and Nicki (from class)
   Boulder Senior Services
Seniors have computer facilities at the senior
center if they would like to use the Internet or

Sandy wanted a self-paced tutorial to have in
the computer labs for seniors to use

Sandy gave valuable information about
Seniors’ previous computer classes and
          Who We Are
Jen Friesen

Andy Weber

Nicki Taylor
           Jen Friesen
Major: Political Science
  Meetings with Sandy, and seniors
  Creating, editing tutorial text
  Cognitive walkthrough
  Thinking aloud sessions with seniors
           Andy Weber
Major: Marketing
  Meetings with Sandy
  Creating, editing graphics and text
  Cognitive walkthrough
  Thinking aloud sessions with seniors
          Nicki Taylor
Major: Communication
 Meeting with Sandy, and seniors
 Creating graphics, editing text
 Cognitive walkthrough
 Thinking aloud sessions with seniors
               Senior Tasks
Before creating the tutorial, we developed a
 list of tasks to cover that would be
 beneficial to the seniors.
To develop tasks:
 Met with Sandy to discuss seniors’
 computer knowledge.
 Sandy provided ideas about concepts
 seniors wanted to know about.
               Task List
Seniors wanted to know:
  how to open internet browsers such as Netscape
  Navigator and Internet Explorer
  basic functions of the browsers such as
  Forward, Back, Home, etc.
  how and where to set up an email account
  how to search for various topics on the Internet
         Design of Tutorial
To create our tutorial, we borrowed certain
 images and words from programs, manuals
 and other tutorials in order to make it look
 like the actual program seniors would be
          Resources Used
Researched many different senior tutorials on the
market currently.
Internet browsers instructions

Our mission after analyzing other methods:
   To develop a more cohesive and thorough tutorial
   More in depth descriptions
   More images and screen shots of tasks
We started out with a CD version of the
 tutorial developed with Macromedia’s

  Included Netscape basics
  Setting up and learning email
  Learning how to search the Internet
     Cognitive Walkthrough
After our group evaluated the prototype, we
 found a few things that needed to be
 Consistent vocabulary and naming
 Order of instructions
 Needed more detail and directions
  Thinking Aloud with Seniors
After we fixed the prototype, we met with
 various seniors for their evaluations.
They suggested:
    Needed even more detail
    Better word association
    Better explanations of steps
    Color code to differentiate items
    Printed versions instead of CD
              Final Result
Our final product teaches:

  Netscape basics
  Setting up and learning email through
  Searching the Internet using
             The Product
The physical product:

  Fully colored 47 page tutorial
  CD ROM version of the tutorial

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