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					Mentorware, Inc.
Corporate Presentation
 Mentorware Overview

 Mentorware is a leading provider of platforms and services for

                    Online                           Online
                    Conferences                      Training

             Portal Microsites
             & Webcasting
                                                     Coming soon
 Corporate Overview
 Mentorware is a leading provider of On Demand
  Platform and Marketing Content Services

 Mentorware’s strong development and delivery teams
  has experience in delivering large-scale
  implementations consistently to large customers.

 Core Technology is web content management system
  with built in analytics

 Founded in 1996, Mentorware is headquartered in
  Santa Clara, California with offshore development
  center in Bangalore, India
Key Mentorware Customers
Conference Online
 Conference Portal (registration, e-commerce, course catalog, community etc.)
 Audio Capture (complete end-to-end from the venue to website)
 Content Re-purposing to Online, On Demand Sessions (to extend the offline
  conference content to online after the event)
 Hosting, Application Maintenance & End-user Customer Support
 Online Training & E-Learning
 Training platforms that support tens of thousands of users all over the world.
 Content can be loaded dynamically depending on the user type.
 Course modules, demonstrations, marketing clips, podcasts, e-commerce,
  course catalogs and surveys. Create webcasts, podcasts, blogs and forums.
 Content is dynamic, user sensitive, time sensitive as well as collaborative.
 Users and content can be tracked using detailed statistics.
Portal Micro-sites & Webcasting

 Website Portals and Microsites

     Landing Pages, Online Catalogs...

     Online community with integrated support for blogs & forums

 Flash based Webcast Production

     Either Convert Webex based webinars into on demand webcast OR
       From Inputs: PPT Slides/Video File (MOV, AVI) and Audio Files

     Editing and Clean Up results in higher quality webcast

     Branded Flash Player with Ratings and Comments

     Hosting of Webcasts
Micro-sites Example1
Micro-sites Example 2
Micro-sites Example 3
Micro-sites Example 4
Mentorware Content Services

To help with the development of rich content, Mentorware
provides cost-effective services, viz,

   Web page designs
   Online seminar/conference archives
   Self-running demos & interactive simulations
   Microsites & Landing Page Design
   Marketing Flash Clips
   Banners & Banner-casts
   Podcasts, Video-casts & Webcasts
   Customized designs
Mentorware Virtual Event Solution

 Flexible Platform to support multiple use cases & applications

 Easy to customize as per client branding requirements

 Support live webinars and on demand webcasts

 Powered by Mentorware CMS Engine
Use Cases & Applications

  •   Trade Shows

  •   User & Developer

  •   Sales Conference

  •   Partner Summits &

  •   Product Launch

  •   Road Shows
 Key Features

 Portal Microsite (Customizable as per client branding)
      Invited attendees - log in, register, learn more about events
 Lobby - the entrance to an event with an audio or video
 Auditorium for key notes
 Exhibition Hall – booth areas
 Break Out Rooms/Sessions – Individual sessions
 Networking Lounge
 Virtual Booths – customizable
 Conference Sessions - Webcasts (live or on-demand), Live Q & A
 Customization, Integration, Analytics & Web-Based Reporting
Mentorware Virtual Expo - Lobby
Mentorware Virtual Expo - Lobby
Mentorware Virtual Expo – Break Out Rooms
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