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									Companion Project Information
               Companion projects are those projects on campus that may be initiated by a
               department or unit outside of ITServices and/or the QUASR project and plan to
               integrate with the campus technology infrastructure. It is important that plans and
               priorities be visible to everyone involved so that support and integration requirements
               from ITServices and/or future QUASR systems are known as early as possible.

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Project Overview

               Please provide an overview of your project here. What are key areas of functionality?

               Integration With Current/Future Campus Technology

               Please describe what campus technology you will be integrating with and any data
               sources you will need to interact with. Please provide some information about how you
               may use any of the information or services below. Feel free to indicate N/A (not
               applicable) to those you will not use.
                      or N/A      Information/Services
                                    Single/Common sign-in (NetID)
                                    Online Credit Card payments
                                    You want to use student/staff linked to common name
                                    You want to use Queen's email address
                                    You want to use program/enrollments/appointments
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                                      You want ITServices to provide a supported database (Oracle
                                       DB, MySQL, Microsoft SQL server)
                                      You want ITServices to provide a supported environment
                                       (Windows server, PHP, Java)
                                      Your application or service will use/store personal or private
                                       information, examples:
                                            Name, address, telephone, email (personal, not
                                            Race, ethnic origin or religious political beliefs or
                                            Age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status or family
                                            Any identifying number or symbol (examples: Queen's
                                               ID, SIN, credit card, health insurance, driver’s license)
                                            Fingerprints, blood type, or inheritable characteristics
                                            Medical or personal history
                                            Educational, financial, criminal or employment history
                                      You will need to transfer or receive files or reports (i.e. to a
                                       backend system like SIS?)
                                      Your systems will need backup of data
                                      You would like a review or advice on acquisition such as code
                                       ownership, code escrow, technical evaluation or the legal
                                      You would like a security assessment (Vulnerability
                                       Assessments) of the 3rd party applications.
                                      Possible PCI level requirements if collecting, storing, or
                                       processing credit cards.

               Please try to describe if these interfaces/exchanges will be manual or automated, in real
               time or batch jobs, daily, weekly or some other cycle. If the admin systems resources
               are not available when you plan, what is the impact?


               When will you begin implementation of this project? When do you envision the
               integration/interface work with the admin systems will take place?

               Resource Requirements

               Departmental Resource Requirements
               How many/what type of your departmental resources will be required? How much
               effort will they need to contribute?

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               ITServices Resource Requirements
               How many/what type of ITServices resources will be required? How much effort will
               they need to contribute? Who provided you with this information?

               QUASR Resource Requirements
               How many/what type of QUASR resources will be required? How much effort will they
               need to contribute? Who provided you with this information?

               System Impact

               What will the impact of your project be for:
                  Student Systems
                  Human Resources Systems
                  Finance Systems
                  Research Administration Systems


               What will the benefits be to:
                  Your department/unit
                  Other departments on campus
                  QUASR
                  End users

               Additional Information

               Please provide any additional information you feel is pertinent.

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