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Drop Add FAQ's_Exchange


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									Drop/Add FAQ’s…

What is Drop/Add? Drop/Add is the period of time during which students determine their course schedule.

During the drop/add period, students can drop classes which they have decided not to take and add classes or
are added to the waitlist for classes they would like to take.

Drop/Add is first come/first serve.

Out of consideration for fellow classmates, students should not "hoard" seats. If you know you do not plan to
keep a class, please be considerate and drop the course.

Drop/Add also occurs during the first week of class for each module, giving students time to make final
changes to their schedules. Refer to the MBA Academic Calendar for exact dates.

How does Drop/Add work? When one student drops a class, the next student on the waitlist moves into the
newly opened seat. This process updates automatically throughout the entire Drop/Add period.

How are the initial waitlists determined? MBA students are added at the end of their bidding/registration
process; all losing bids automatically generate the waitlist for a class. The initial waitlist is determined by
ranking the highest losing bid to lowest.

Students can also add their name to a waitlist during the Drop/Add period.

What if I never formally added a class in Enterprise? Students must secure enrollment through enterprise
by the drop/add deadline. Students, who are not enrolled, will not receive a grade for the class even if the
student sat in every class session.

What if I never formally dropped a class in Enterprise? Students must drop a class they do not want to
take by the drop/add deadline. If a student does not drop a class by end of drop/add the student will receive an
Incomplete that converts to a failing grade (F) for the course. This failing grade will become a permanent part
of their official transcript.

How does full time status policy apply to drop/add? All students must maintain full-time status. Part-time
status is not permitted. To achieve minimum full time status all students are required to take at least three
courses and earn 4.5 credits each module.

When I try to register for a certain course, I keep getting a message that states, "Cannot register at this
time." What does that mean? When you receive this message, it is because this course is not open for
registration because it has certain restrictions such as "open to 1st years only" or "open to 2nd years only" or
“professor approval required for enrollment.”

What happens if I attempt to add a class that conflicts with one I already have? The system will prevent
you from having 2 classes at the same time or 2 sections of the same course. The system will not allow you to
add a class if it creates one of these 2 conflicts. You must either first drop yourself from the section in conflict
or you must perform Waitlist Mgmt. Refer to the Waitlist How To’s for more information on managing your

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