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ILT Development - Handouts


									                                           ILT Action Tool
                             Step 1: Reflect upon ILT Effectiveness
                           What are our strengths and challenges as an ILT?
                         Use the ILT Reflection tool to identify your strengths and challenges
                              in both the ILT’s Critical Work and Conditions for Success

                     Step 2: Set ILT Goals to Improve Effectiveness
                          Identify 1-2 areas your team commits to improving

                          Step 3: Commit to Strategies for Success
        Plan 1-3 strategies your team to commit to in order to reach your ILT goals
                                Strategies                                              Owner            Due Date
What are the specific actions your team will take in order to reach your goals?   Designate ONE person

                                        Step 4: Monitor Progress
 Decide how your team will monitor execution and effectiveness of chosen strategies

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                                             ILT Reflection Tool
What is the critical work that the ILT must lead and do that will lead to improved student outcomes?

                      Critical Work                                     Team Reflection
 1. Develops the school’s plan for instructional
    improvement and monitors progress on the plan

 2. Learns through the analysis of data about what is and
    isn’t working and makes adjustments to school-wide
    improvement strategies accordingly
 3. Support and builds capacity of teacher teams

 4. Facilitates two-way communication between the ILT
    and engages all staff in participating in decision-making
    that advances the school’s strategic focus
 5. Engages in regular reflection upon its own team
    processes and effectiveness and takes actions to
    improve its functioning

What are the ways in which the ILT functions that supports effectively executing on the critical work?

                 Conditions for Success                                 Team Reflection
 1. Team members have a clear understanding of the
    team’s purpose and meetings are focused on the critical
 2. The team meets regularly and frequently (at least twice
    a month)

 3. Roles and responsibilities are assigned to team
    members (permanently or on a rotating basis)

 4. Team members know and follow team norms

 5. An agenda with clear objectives is created for each

 6. Data and evidence inform decision-making

 7. Meetings end with next steps (action items) with
    responsibilities and due dates

 8. The team has a systematic way to track action items
    and consistently monitors both their success and

What are one or two areas that we will commit to improving upon in the next two months? What will
we do?

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